Starting 1996 BMW E36 316i Compact After 13 Years + Test Drive

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  • Only 142tkm?

    jore jerejore jere2 órája
  • Это канал про эстонский перекуп? Я правильно понимаю?

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  • Он че немой

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  • That is awsome, best car ever made and best pantion I have ever seen before

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  • Мог бы и угла дать 😏

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  • Но видео у тебя классные

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  • На каждом видео ты всегда молчишь, почему?

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  • Cool. Ich mag solche Videos

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  • 14:13 like it's never been stopped

    zimone89zimone894 napja
  • abandoned car ??? lie

    volvoescarabajovolvoescarabajo6 napja
  • ахуеть тюбик на тракторе дернул!1! crazy

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  • BMW je Super.

    Bratislav JankovicBratislav Jankovic8 napja

  • Супер! Это-BMW!

    антон макарантон макар10 napja
  • We have that M-Version of it. Its such a good car, never had any engine or gearbox problems and the it can still keep up with modern cars.

    KimiislandKimiisland11 napja
  • You live in germany???

    QefiGamingQefiGaming12 napja
  • A lot of work for that particular type of BMW. Good job...

    Ian MacDonaldIan MacDonald12 napja
  • Good job

    Nightfly1957Nightfly195712 napja
  • Suena hermoso ese auto me.encanto

    Juan Manuel ItarteJuan Manuel Itarte13 napja
  • Cloth interior in a BMW without woodgrain

    Lucas PerttuLucas Perttu14 napja
  • Here in finland we call this model The Wombat

    Fuck offFuck off15 napja
  • Türkiyede 142.000 KM de E36 bulamazken adamlar çöpe atmış

    Yakupcan DağYakupcan Dağ17 napja
  • See masin väärib taastamist, läbisõit on üsna olematu! Kust sa nii väikse läbisõiduga BMW leidsid? Üleüldse kuidas sa leiad vanu masinad mis nii kaua seisnud?

    Paavo ToosPaavo Toos18 napja
  • My big question is, and I don't know if it will be answered: ¿Where do those cars come from with those kilometers and in that state of abandonment? jsjsjsjs

    •IvanxXito ••IvanxXito •18 napja

    Dan ȘovaDan Șova20 napja
  • Как же ровно он работает.. Залипла корзина)))

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  • Quê Maravilha ver pessoas recuperando essas jóias, ADELSON DE RIBEIRÃO PIRES SÃO PAULO Brasil

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  • Мне бы такую свалку!!! 🤤🤤😪

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  • sa neid pille maha ei müü?

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  • Wow engine works perfectly :O

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  • WTF, this car is from my hometown! did you ship it to the states

    Niels HäßNiels Häß27 napja
  • Немцы хвалятся своим продуктом!!!!

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  • it's quieter than Tesla! amazing

    RoMo 17DZRoMo 17DZ28 napja
  • Put the VIN plate on such a registered car and you can still sell it to Poland

    FizykaTVFizykaTV29 napja
  • Hayret bizim burda olsa calismaz nasil yapiyorlar ki 😊😊 ??

    Veli GumusVeli GumusHónapja
  • Considering its been sat in that mud for 13 years the underbody is not bad at all !! - My 1997 E39 535I Auto gets used every week and washed regularly and both rear jacking points have still rotted away lol ! :(

    Joseph DJoseph DHónapja
  • The guy with the Traktor wrecked the bumper 🤦🏿‍♂️

    El ProfessorEl ProfessorHónapja
    • No, bumper is good as new. One thing is a bit bent and its easy fix

  • do 0-100 times

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  • Where are you from??

    • Thank you!!! I from Spain, thank for your videos!!!

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    • From Estonia

  • Brazil ok from Brazil

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  • 3:41 I did this to my wife before she went to work, I am now writing to you from prison.

  • Вухахахахахаахахааххххх......морду порвали когда вытягивали,реаниматоры х......вы)))

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  • Lot of snow and you dont even try drift??

  • На ней еще ездить и ездить. Треть ресурса не исходила)))

  • kto przed milionem

  • 200k subscribers special soon?!

  • 😍 👏 👍

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  • I have a question, what do you do with these cars afterwards. Selling?

    Kacper GrabiaKacper GrabiaHónapja
  • If You would add some comments in the style of ChrisFix, this channel would skyrocket 🚀

  • Yeah, but all rubber bushes/hoses are done. Also, so much rust because it was sitting for so long. Very dangerous and very expensive to fix everything

    Dodo MDodo MHónapja
  • lmao i drive this car for like 5 years now. Well and Ill never change it because my grandfather bought it new in germany 1995. and this car brings so many memories like traveling with my family.Now my bmw is on 160k km. and u cant find a better bmw compact here in Bosnia.

    Be thenBe thenHónapja
  • Not 13 years 👌👏

    Rabbit- GamerRabbit- GamerHónapja
  • Do you have any toyota corolla left and forgoten years 1987 to 1999

  • I just started my e36 97 convertible and standing four years on the drive in the elements , big pound and grass inside mind but started first time on jump leads

    Richard tamlinRichard tamlinHónapja
  • Откуда у автора канала столько машин, которые так долго стояли? Или ему досталась от кого-то эта площадка?

    Lac FilioLac FilioHónapja
  • fuucking legend!

    Blackx BlackxBlackx BlackxHónapja
  • I genuinely love the amount of respect you give these cars. Everything's checked and topped up, nothing's abused and it's driven gently after years of sitting. I especially liked how you replaced that air inlet pipe so the mass air flow sensor didn't give false readings, and so it didn't suck bits of rubber in! Yes the bumper got a bit of damage but the car needed a big tug to get it out of that hole. Excellent video as always!

    British & Swedish RestoBritish & Swedish RestoHónapja
  • letzte prais?

  • this was gas or diesel ? On a gas take out spark plugs and spray fogging oil in there to lubricate the cylinder walls... that many yrs the engine cylinder walls are bone dry....

  • Molto bello il video io sono un tuo grande fan

    Emanuele de pasqualeEmanuele de pasqualeHónapja
  • Love your videos greetings from NL!

    Koni JoniKoni JoniHónapja
  • Мотор по моему - шепчет...

    Иван КомаренкоИван КомаренкоHónapja
  • Amazing Videos! I learned car and truck electrician in Germany and like your videos much. Great, how you bring them back to life. And equal what brand, you knew them all well! :-) But where do you get all that cars? I saw, the 316i Compact came from "Freiburg" in Germany and someone brought it to Estland, just to let them rust? :-) Would like to do the same, but I don´t know anybody with such old unused cars.

    C. B.C. B.Hónapja
  • Super vlogs!!!

    Andi MateiAndi MateiHónapja
  • Надеюсь все жидкости сменил перед началом эксплуатации, помимо бензина... Со старой тормозной жидкостью езда опасна

    Марат КашаповМарат КашаповHónapja
  • Where to find that fuel tank who was on audi 80 on top of the car? who to search on google?

    Dj SniperDj SniperHónapja
  • 04:21 nice driving tractor rider

    Lord TharogarLord TharogarHónapja
  • BMW M43 Engine 👌🏽👌🏽 old cars are the better cars!

    Zelt MoPfZelt MoPfHónapja
  • Красавчик)

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  • sa eestlane

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  • Отличная работа! 👍☺️☺️

  • Polish people can fix everything.

  • Wieso hat man das Auto aufgegeben

    Valentin WaslmeierValentin WaslmeierHónapja
  • This god damn car is more cleaner then my room.

  • Why did they quit driving such a great car like that?

    Michael SacksteinMichael SacksteinHónapja
    • @Flexiny smh that’s ridiculous

      Michael SacksteinMichael SacksteinHónapja
    • Because hood flew into windshield. Windshield has one crack and hood is bent.

  • After 13 years still same problems, tank pump and abs sensors XD

  • What are the plans with E36? Very interested in getting one.

    Austin RooseAustin RooseHónapja
  • He mean 13 days or 13 weeks, he wrote it wrong 13 years😟

    Jalal OthmanJalal OthmanHónapja
    • Nope, its 13 years. Looks like you never seen cars that been standing for years. 😀

  • And all the American car channels: BmW iS sOOo unReLiAbLE! Never had an issue with those Beemers, especially from that era and before. Warm em up bevore revving, don't skip you oilservices and change plugs and filters in time. Will run for 300.000km. And if something fails still you can repair it with the most basic set of tools. Cars that fail are mostly those which haven't been looked after properly. And those make for the stupid "I bought the cheapest XYZ in America and that's what's wrong with it!" videos. No car of any brand will last forever without service.

    • True, older BMW's are really reliable, newer (F Series and G Series) has engine problems. And they are pretty easy to repair.

  • Adamların çöpe attığı araba bizde 50.000 - 60.000 lira arasında satılıyor.

  • "BMW E36 316i Ep.2 The Drift Project" 😂😂😂

  • This is why i like old cars from the 90s and early 00s not a huge amount of ECU electronics just basic mechanics , if you left a modern BMW for 13 years you would definitely need to replace the ECUs and all the other fancy wiring

    John AyresJohn AyresHónapja
  • 👍

    Sylwester Mikołaj Olejniczak Praga PółnocSylwester Mikołaj Olejniczak Praga PółnocHónapja
  • its not sad cuz its a compact lmao

  • 👍

  • Tabi km yüksek satılmıyor araç bu yüzden böyle çürüyor

    Uğur EkiciUğur EkiciHónapja
  • Max 13 Mont

    Tommy SchelpyTommy SchelpyHónapja
    • Even with 5 years of standing fuel tank would not be like this. And its been 13 years sitting.

  • After 13 year 🖕🖕

    Tommy SchelpyTommy SchelpyHónapja
  • good job!

    Vali ManVali ManHónapja
  • Love e36 and love the compact one, such a great little car, I hope you save this one, they are getting rarer and rarer.

    Jason InterceptorJason InterceptorHónapja
  • Why would you try to crank the engine without turning it by hand first and without completely draining all the old fuel?

    George AustersGeorge AustersHónapja
  • Where do these people find these cars that haven't been started for years? I never see any for sale and would love to do one on my channel!

    George AustersGeorge AustersHónapja
  • واو روعه اجمل عمل. البيم دبليو احلى سياره بالعالم

    akel maxakel maxHónapja
  • BMW❤️

    Adrian PantilicaAdrian PantilicaHónapja
  • You sell this car?

    Ion StoicanIon StoicanHónapja
  • 14:10 Great condition after 13 years. BMW 4 ever. Only ABS is on....

    Beadgie RodrigezBeadgie RodrigezHónapja
  • can i recommend a car that u recovered old how much would you charge me ?????


    Vanja StefanovicVanja StefanovicHónapja
  • when I see that, I think of my megane gasoline from 1998 which does not want to start despite having changed all the ignition ... I think a short circuit but I do not see how to restart it.

  • Gepflegter Garagenwagen, fast wie neu zu verkaufen