stacked spring traps 😍

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we love hacked maps! a hacked map finally won the competition slot! stacked spring traps are amazing.
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  • use szely

    Julien BoiseauJulien Boiseau2 napja
  • Spring trap 😍. That makes me feel bad for the people who know fnaf.

    JenJenPlayzJenJenPlayz3 napja
  • Hé was probably raging when he cut of his camera 😂😂

    Beastnaam 11Beastnaam 113 napja
  • 1:39:11 My Team is amazing 😀SURE IS

    Atharv ManjrekarAtharv Manjrekar3 napja
  • Say hello

    Xxcrisxx 1o516Xxcrisxx 1o5164 napja
  • Hello

    Xxcrisxx 1o516Xxcrisxx 1o5164 napja
  • Why... 6.9k likes..

    Jhon Michael OlivaJhon Michael Oliva4 napja
  • 4:23 insert dynamike here

    Gamer RexGamer Rex6 napja
  • What a beautiful modded map

    idotidot6 napja
  • there a spring trap that points to the center in the end

    Teh ChinmayTeh Chinmay7 napja
  • The dislikes are from the ppl who got cheesed

    FlashFlood YTFlashFlood YT7 napja
  • ok

    Poké PowerPoké Power7 napja
  • 😂😂😂

    Mark EdwardsMark Edwards7 napja
  • there is one that brings you to the mid

    Juno Lau Kar Junn *Juno Lau Kar Junn *8 napja
  • Dynamite after teleportation be like: I am better at moonwalk than MJ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 1:50:20 when you use heal sp gene in solo

    ToxicBSToxicBS8 napja
  • walk diagonally with 8bit will make you win.

    huey laihuey lai8 napja
  • There’s 1 spring trap that leads you to the middle at the top

    Dez HDez H8 napja
  • 07:50 the other surge is me :)

    mushroommushroom8 napja
  • In the spring trap map the best to use is mortis

    Радостин МариновРадостин Маринов8 napja
  • Fun fact: this map’s name was 8bit’s nightmare, which is also the first Chinese community map and a glitched(or hacked) community map. I know that firsthand since I’m Chinese. Another fact is I won first place as 8 bit ten times

    Proe aware • 69 years agoProe aware • 69 years ago8 napja
  • 1:19:27 *Boings* Aaaaaah. A man of culture😏😏

    Himangshu BharaliHimangshu Bharali8 napja
  • that map means 8-bit's nightmare

  • h jhg . i

    Ericka Mhey Dela CuestaEricka Mhey Dela Cuesta9 napja
  • toaster

    Ericka Mhey Dela CuestaEricka Mhey Dela Cuesta9 napja
  • I used bibi on this map and I felt evil til I see Brock in the middle. I felt cheesed

    DuckieDuckie9 napja
  • Me: **about to sleep** OJ: **uploads stream** Me: **click-click**

    Itz just KitItz just Kit9 napja
    • Lol

      Liam LazarovichLiam Lazarovich6 napja
  • I tried 8 bit And won!

    carlos guerracarlos guerra9 napja
    • With teleport gadget

      carlos guerracarlos guerra9 napja
  • I love oj

    tay ah chotay ah cho9 napja
  • u should use edgar

    noobnoob9 napja
    • btw that means 8bit's nightmare

      noobnoob9 napja
  • Hi oj

    Margarito AguilarMargarito Aguilar9 napja
  • I make it to the center once on this map

    Ricardo LunaRicardo Luna9 napja
  • um use code oj in the shop i guess?

    Pasang BaiataPasang Baiata9 napja
  • What is the best cheese you've done

    Tima No17Tima No179 napja
  • Hihiihihihiihihihihihiihihihihiihihihyou

    Liz PaulinoLiz Paulino9 napja
  • use el primo

    Abdullah AlgashamiAbdullah Algashami9 napja
  • max is good on this map cuz of the speed and because theres a spring trap above the middle that allows you to jump in there

    ツиɪχ litツиɪχ lit9 napja
  • In my view the real one is I used it today "4:11"

    Stacey BatesStacey Bates9 napja
  • I used dynamike and i reached mid

    4 MD WOLF4 MD WOLF9 napja
  • Chat: "How long have u been playing Brawl Stars? " Oj: 12 minutes :/

    Chao MingChao Ming9 napja
    • ee

      Fraut TMDFraut TMD7 napja
  • He did notice the spring trap the goes inide the middle right t? 18:00 in the video rosas went to the spring trap but I guess she did not notice...._.......see up from screen

    Yoshio Bros.Yoshio Bros.9 napja
  • Hi Orange Juice Cheesers

    Adriano GianniniAdriano Giannini9 napja
  • Be bebe

    Devin TorresDevin Torres9 napja
  • there’s only one spring trap that allows you to get in the middle at 18.00

    Edward HoEdward Ho9 napja
    • I see it yeh

      Lydia KimLydia Kim8 napja
  • who is your vavorite football player

    Rafi KolodnyRafi Kolodny9 napja
  • All brawler can go to middlw

  • There is a spring trap that's take to you middle

  • The thumbnail got me. 😂

    DeltataleDeltatale9 napja
  • 5:13 bro u glitched to the wall

    The DevilThe Devil9 napja
  • hey oj i got 5 epics within my 2nd day of playing (espresso cookie,herb cookie,sparkling cookie, spicy cookie and tiger lily cookie) im f2p very lucky

    Y NGY NG9 napja
  • last game with tick was a 4v6 at the start

    Chen JianruChen Jianru9 napja
  • أنا سعودي ومسلم Hi

    عبير ام لمىعبير ام لمى9 napja
  • I tried 8bit in that map and i won 1 place no cap

    adijan cuberadijan cuber10 napja
  • hi oj. i am 20.000 trophies ,and i am only 13 years old

    aggelos alibertisaggelos alibertis10 napja
    • I’m 12 and I hav 27 k

      Jaden ChungJaden Chung8 napja
    • I went to 24k and im also 14☺️

      Himangshu BharaliHimangshu Bharali8 napja
  • headphone users 👁💧👄💧👁

    Nenei GuiteNenei Guite10 napja
  • 2:07:27 torchy goes the wrong side

    mhafiy fairulmhafiy fairul10 napja
  • use dynamyk

    Manisha PrasadManisha Prasad10 napja
  • Mortis go shwing shwing

    Amjad DeenAmjad Deen10 napja
    • title of carnage game video

      mhafiy fairulmhafiy fairul10 napja
  • There is like a secret springtrap you can use to get Middle

    Rainer KohlmorgenRainer Kohlmorgen10 napja
    • Where is the springtarp so the secret one

      Gianfranco CapettiGianfranco Capetti3 napja
    • I was once mid with Brock and and bibi somehow came in and crushed me

      ProDudeThGodProDudeThGod7 napja
    • @Naznin Mustari This is it

      Jimm TanJimm Tan8 napja
    • @Naznin Mustari 1:12:32 you can see oj go on it

      - Fury- Fury8 napja
    • Where

      Naznin MustariNaznin Mustari8 napja
  • I just win this game with 8-bit.Legit no lie!!

    yiap yong loongyiap yong loong10 napja
  • ur welcoem oj

    Mohd EliasMohd Elias10 napja
  • i am getting oj to 100 coments

    Mohd EliasMohd Elias10 napja
  • i didn't saw a single 8-bit in this map xd

    M. FarazM. Faraz10 napja
  • on 13:53 bee got shield on 800 life

    IBRAHIM Brawl_StarsIBRAHIM Brawl_Stars10 napja
    • @mhafiy fairul oh thanks for telling really i dont know that

      IBRAHIM Brawl_StarsIBRAHIM Brawl_Stars9 napja
    • if u slow mode it at the right time,u will see that bea took a powercube

      mhafiy fairulmhafiy fairul10 napja
  • Oj is noob

    Garima AwasthiGarima Awasthi10 napja
  • 9:44 OJ it was me elprimo and see in battle log my name was i want leon

    IBRAHIM Brawl_StarsIBRAHIM Brawl_Stars10 napja
  • Max was so good in this cause she is so fast and can easily defeat brawlers

    Zain Plays MinecraftZain Plays Minecraft10 napja
    • Max is super squishy

      * I B U K I ___ M I O D A ** I B U K I ___ M I O D A *9 napja
    • Mortis is faster.

      * I B U K I ___ M I O D A ** I B U K I ___ M I O D A *9 napja
    • Bruh mortis.

      * I B U K I ___ M I O D A ** I B U K I ___ M I O D A *9 napja
  • They should've played mr p with new gadget

    Arik WiserArik Wiser10 napja
  • my profile pic is soo cute just click on it

    bananaship2gaming gamingbananaship2gaming gaming10 napja
  • No the solo entry maps r sfill good even if we don't get tropgies i abusrd it to get 1000 dsolo wins

    Red PalladinRed Palladin10 napja
  • 3:28 the tile tale says 8bit's nightmare

    Chan Jia YiChan Jia Yi10 napja
    • @ShohJ you didn't make sense that's why...

      Ninja - Brawl StarsNinja - Brawl Stars8 napja
    • @Ninja - Brawl Stars if you don't understand , you won't

      ShohJShohJ8 napja
    • @ShohJ ??

      Ninja - Brawl StarsNinja - Brawl Stars8 napja
    • Title not tile tale

      ShohJShohJ9 napja
  • Short title for vid: Spring Trap ASMR

    imH4PYimH4PY10 napja
  • ME: can't jump with dynamike OJ: casually jumping with dyana as a pro

    AshwinAshwin10 napja
  • ╭∩╮(ಠ_ಠ)╭∩╮

    Matthew Chan 2039013Matthew Chan 203901310 napja
  • Actually u can get in the middle without using the gadgets or star powers because there is a hidden spring trap beside the middle u just have to look for the spring trap

    pierce tanpierce tan10 napja
    • He did use it at some point in 50:00 to 55:00 Don't know the specific time

      Mystical STDMystical STD6 napja
    • @gamer bs no

      Zane YesZane Yes9 napja
    • Really

      gamer bsgamer bs10 napja
  • OJ I want to join your club orange juice

  • There is a pad to go mid but everyone did not see

    Kenrick AustinKenrick Austin10 napja
  • OJ responded to me at 1:27:23 and at 1:06:15 I think!

    JamnotJellyJamnotJelly10 napja
  • I cracked the code for this map. If you used Max with her Super Charged star power you can easily get to the outside of the middle. There's a spring trap in the 2nd to top row, 4 spring traps from the left of the wall. If you go up to it from the bottom you can jump into the middle.

    • You thought it through

      thandie chitiyo kurevathandie chitiyo kureva8 napja
  • I'm maiby gonna by sandy. Is it good?

    Anthony LeckmanAnthony Leckman10 napja
  • why is the machmaking taking long, because nobody plays it anymore because there is no trophys :)

    EimantasEimantas10 napja
    • People Who dosen't know what is fun

      Erick gamingErick gaming8 napja
  • Dynamike first starpower is so nice on this map

    Joos BrunsJoos Bruns10 napja
  • Which country are you from

    Nihal NizarNihal Nizar10 napja
  • I want 69 comments

    Philip KaiserPhilip Kaiser10 napja
  • i used dynamike. i used him and i won. you just need to aim for your next step

    The pancakersThe pancakers10 napja
  • Oj you cheese king

    steph xgamersteph xgamer10 napja
  • I played with 8 bit I won 1 plays!

    Musa eidMusa eid10 napja
  • Hello oj

    Nathaniel erico lnfante InfanteNathaniel erico lnfante Infante10 napja

    Stupid Mario GamerStupid Mario Gamer11 napja
  • Now even if I walk in real life and stop Then i am afraid that jump pad will blow me 😥😥😥😖😖

    VirussViruss11 napja
    • oh sure it’ll “blow” you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Kwai Huat ChenKwai Huat Chen10 napja
  • I got first as 8 bit it took like 35 tries

    Itz JT UniQueItz JT UniQue11 napja
    • Honestly probably much more than that

      Itz JT UniQueItz JT UniQue10 napja
  • I win with 8-bit in this map lol

    Barnabás SzántóBarnabás Szántó11 napja
  • Actually this map's name is "8 bit's nightmare"

    Teoh Jia WeiTeoh Jia Wei11 napja
    • They found that out a long time ago 😡

      4shler4shler6 napja
    • I know

      BotNoProBotNoPro10 napja
  • 28:33🤣🤣

    Ahmed AlkhatibAhmed Alkhatib11 napja
  • Try with colt and its gadget . Make a tunnel in there. Nobody can touch you..😎😎

    Faria FerdouseFaria Ferdouse11 napja

    minibearYTminibearYT11 napja
  • yt:37 comments me:can i see tnem? YT:nope

    李展陽Neil Lee李展陽Neil Lee11 napja
  • Me: LOT OF SPRING TRAP MAKES ME LAG OJ: Demolishing everybody

    CyanCyan11 napja
    • Jo

      Suwannee SaensitthiSuwannee Saensitthi8 napja
    • @Rekha Devasenapathy me to the map are bad and lag

    • Same here 😂😂👍👍👍👍

      Rekha DevasenapathyRekha Devasenapathy10 napja
  • OJ you in what countries?

    • @Joshua Miranda oh thanks

      TAN ZHENG KAI MoeTAN ZHENG KAI Moe10 napja

      Joshua MirandaJoshua Miranda10 napja
  • How they do the spring glitch

    YAP KENT WEN MoeYAP KENT WEN Moe11 napja