Sprint Qualifying Explained! New Format Coming To Three F1 Races in 2021

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New race weekend format, new challenge. Three races in 2021 will involve Sprint Qualifying races - but how will this shake-up of the agenda spice up the racing? Let's take a look...
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  • But how is the starting grid is defined in this sprint qualiying races ?

    daniel yanezdaniel yanez13 órája
  • This will age like a bad wine

    Vaka ProductionsVaka Productions5 napja
  • When does it starts ?

    Jérôme DorJérôme Dor7 napja
  • Race one = crash into the Merc (and RB) Race two => more fun...

    UnimatrixOneUnimatrixOne8 napja
  • Parc Ferme also applies on second free practice on satueday?! That doesn't make much sense, does it?

    Leo WLeo W9 napja
  • It's going to be more racing to watch so i'm kinda looking forward to it.

    GroundpenguinGroundpenguin10 napja
  • Sprint qualifying predictions for me: Silverstone Italy brazil

    Christabelle MabhenaChristabelle Mabhena10 napja
  • How does engine allocation work?

    rotrohanrotrohan10 napja
  • So if you crash in sprint race you have to build up a car in 1 day...F1 will get much more expensive...

    Dar1oDar1o11 napja
  • Feel like an Old SAMSUNG smartphone that keep on Hanging because of it's own over worked but unnecessary Software updates! Unprofessionalism is Bad! Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is Even Worse! Use Logic & Common Sense! F1 already lost so many Fans who crossed over to MotoGP Races which are Easier to Understand & Less BS Racial Politics! ... 🕯🌷🌿

    Toma HawkToma Hawk11 napja
  • Why Fix It if It Ain't Broken?! 🙏🌷🌿

    Toma HawkToma Hawk11 napja
  • Ay Layke it a Lot

    KaFiKaFi11 napja

    PJ LuddaPJ Ludda11 napja
  • What if anyone crashes the car during sprint race? Is he allowed to race from the back Sunday?

    Cristian DinuCristian Dinu12 napja
  • Dont Fix what aint broken!!

    Vasudev ReghuramVasudev Reghuram12 napja
  • ive still no idea what this is all about after watching it twice ??

    richard johnrichard john12 napja
  • I thought the drivers would be running 100kms and whoever wins will take pole followed by others to come in 2nd 3rd and all

    KnightWolfKnightWolf12 napja
  • So, two races to increase ad revenue and give Mercedes even more points. Got it.

    InvoxInvox12 napja
  • i dont think this will add anything at all to the weekend, Mercedes - probably Hamilton will win these races, then a toss up between Bottas and Max as to who is second, there is no point in this format. it would have been better to keep Friday as it is and run the sprint race in reverse championship order maybe with some sort of shootout system and time limited with greater reward.

    Chris AChris A12 napja
  • Absolutely TERRIBLE plan, just a gimmick laden distraction. So you can get punted out at corner 1 of a sprint race by your competitors team mate and start the main race at the back. Anyone who thinks this system won't get abused is dreaming.

    Daniel ManleyDaniel Manley12 napja
  • Can you guys do a video explaining track limits?

    Ein KOntoEin KOnto12 napja
  • They're trying to fix the only thing that's not broken in the sport. Qualifying is not broken. Ironically it point to EVERYTHING that's wrong in F1, the insistence on changing the rules every 1.5 years, because...?

    Number 9Number 912 napja
  • So long F1 history / stats.

    rodrricorodrrico13 napja
  • where will it be applied?

    genebrogenebro13 napja
  • Me like 😎 switch it up baby 🔥

    Yunus Emre UluocakYunus Emre Uluocak13 napja
  • Only soft compounds for Friday qualifying. What if its raining??

    Ashish KaisareAshish Kaisare13 napja
  • Looks like a load of people with flipcharts convinced a boardroom of suits to do something neither really understands..

    jefcharlesjefcharles13 napja
  • people work on a friday so quali will be missed by a lot of people

    Kevin HoggKevin Hogg13 napja
  • Way too confusing and useless. Just devalues the Sunday race.

    ChadoSamaChadoSama13 napja
  • i don’t get it

    ZenGamer97ZenGamer9713 napja
  • This format is dumb just imagine if big crashed happened during the day of sprint race.

    HelloHello13 napja
  • how many laps is a sprint qualifying race? ( 100 kilometer )

    mark nvtmark nvt13 napja
  • i love this idea because the fridays for me was always a bit boring and i can't understand why fans would buy tickets for the friday practice. You see a lot of sandbagging, most of the time they don't practice ( with the former 90 minutes sessions ) and you don't see any real results. As a fan you want too see where the teams stands the whole weekend, so no more games played, its time for the real deal

    mark nvtmark nvt13 napja
  • Just no

    angus TDHangus TDH13 napja
  • Sounds kinda like a gimmick Nascar would come up with, but hopefully it won't cost teams too much additional money.

    Chuck NorrisChuck Norris13 napja
  • Dont like it.

    JoKeRJoKeR13 napja
  • Feels so strange after a sprint race friday to be practice on saturday.... so odd.

    0108daniel0108daniel13 napja
  • Soo basically we are gonna be qualifying to race to see how we qualify to race??

    DR. AculaDR. Acula13 napja
  • What a load of horseshit. Isn't 1 race enough?

    Michiel de RuyterMichiel de Ruyter13 napja
  • What’s the purpose of a sprint race if 95% of the tracks don’t really allow overtaking? Isn’t that the actual problem, that you need things like DRS because the tracks don’t allow overtaking?

    Marcin MalinowskiMarcin Malinowski14 napja
  • I,d give an extrapoint to the pilot that gains more positions in race.

    Ramón OteroRamón Otero14 napja
  • Questions: What tires will the cars use on Sunday? Who is regarded as poleman? As far as I know, the man starting the race from the 1st position, is regarded the poleman. But what happens now? Do the Sprint Qual. win count as race wins?

    Spiros ArgiriouSpiros Argiriou14 napja
  • Hamilton on pole... Hamilton wins sprint... Hamilton on pole... Hamilton wins Race... 😃

    Chetan PangamChetan Pangam14 napja
  • This, I like this.

    Steve CSteve C14 napja
  • So sprint race qualifying on a Friday afternoon, they do know people actually work on a Friday afternoon and can't spend it watching TV????????

    Stephen ThompsonStephen Thompson14 napja
  • More points for Hamilton and Merc.

    DarkWater4EvaDarkWater4Eva14 napja
  • Which 3 races

    Balaji RajagopalanBalaji Rajagopalan14 napja
  • This could get very interesting and very messy as they are basically bonus points for Red Bull and Mercedes unless they get punted off by "accident" and I doubt either team will risk race points for sprint points should things get aggressive with a mid pack team car.

    Irrational GeographicIrrational Geographic14 napja
  • I love this! Can't wait

    Marc RoyMarc Roy14 napja
  • Why is it so confusing!??!?!

    Jon IrenicusJon Irenicus14 napja
  • What if there is a massive crash during the sprint race???

    Gohtdi NuetahGohtdi Nuetah14 napja
  • I miss those days where quali was 1 hour free for all...

    Jean-Philippe BrissonJean-Philippe Brisson14 napja
  • Imagine crashing on Friday for qualification then crashing on Saturday for the BS spring... now you’re over budget cap or penalized for Sunday race..... why the teams agreed to this? we’ll see, is only 3 times this year

    Jesus VargasJesus Vargas14 napja
  • So three exciting days and 2 races then! Will be super fun.

    Dr Srikanth TirumalaDr Srikanth Tirumala14 napja
  • So more points to RB and Merc

    TUBE YOUTUBE YOU14 napja
  • Crashing cars one day before the main race. Who thought this out?

    Piete KooPiete Koo14 napja
  • Now it's getting bizarre. Losing interest.

    Piete KooPiete Koo14 napja
  • how does this make it fair for the lower teams?

    tbone8tytbone8ty14 napja
  • People work on a Friday. How can we watch qualy when we are working? Saturday morning qualy instead of FP3 is a better option IMO

    BIGredFREAKBIGredFREAK14 napja
  • So you have fp1, a mini race, fp2, qualifying 1-3, longer mini race, then grand prix? The mini race can effect the start position of the grand prix? Qualifying is technically mute then? I'm confused.

    mageofthestorm1mageofthestorm114 napja
  • ill bring the popcorn when a championship win is on a saturday 8) and all the fans that came out too see the sunday race i robed that experience

    SmishSmishSmishSmish14 napja
  • They should test the reverse grid format on the sprint-quali-race. Either without it affecting the qualifying order for Sunday's race or have some type of algorithm based on the finish of said sprint-quali-race... IJS

    BigMic69BigMic6914 napja
  • I don’t need them ruining cars for a fake race two or 3 lap quali like Indy would be cool and most fair but knockout is a lot of fun to watch having sprint races on top of regular qualifying to determine the order of the race to determine the order of the race wrong direction imo

    It's Probably the feds, butIt's Probably the feds, but14 napja
  • i hate this format, but... i love that F1 are trying new things

    SnowmanSnowman14 napja
  • F1 drivers are very pumped up about this Sprint driving. Makes fans excited and I'm excited for it... Great job F1! 👍😁

    Andre ForceAndre Force14 napja
  • What a nasty and loud music, or was it noise?

    Nanne Jan de JongNanne Jan de Jong14 napja
  • i like it very much

    WasGeeehtWasGeeeht14 napja
  • I love it

    Andrew RayAndrew Ray14 napja
  • Was it canceled?

    Papote YataPapote Yata14 napja
  • The only reason F1 is doing this is that TV companies are being forced to pay for a 3 day race week instead of 2 days because if they don't they will lose out on the friday quali.

    thomas fieberitzthomas fieberitz14 napja
  • boring! no overtakes on sunday, as all is sorted on Saturday already. Better let them start in reverse championship order on saturday

    Daniel MayrDaniel Mayr14 napja
  • What happened to the reverse grid???

    The Adult LifeThe Adult Life14 napja
  • So the reason for this is a greater spectacle for the fans at the track?? Tell you what F1, there ARE none at the track!?

    WillBillWillBill14 napja
  • it's pointless in terms of competition or show, it's just based on pressure by TV broadcaster in order to fill their timetable and have people watching also on friday

    DomDom14 napja
  • fans will like it, but casual fans wont understand anything.

    rcmanizationrcmanization14 napja
  • "it's a yoke"

    siemensohmsiemensohm14 napja
  • Needs one shot qualifying, current qualifying. Sprint race and a 20 lap shoot out start in reverse grid based on championship standings: and after every lap the last place driver gets eliminated. So the fastest cars will have to really fight for pole and the slowest cars might get a surprise midfield start

    jack jonjack jon14 napja

    Joshua OdeyemiJoshua Odeyemi14 napja
  • A W S O M E

    TAMER CTAMER C14 napja
  • I am not even going to comment.......dang it!

    Den End StudiosDen End Studios14 napja
  • Oh... warm-up session is back but with points! Aside joke, I hope this could be great for the another drivers too

    Wiru BozuganWiru Bozugan14 napja
  • this is why the group of people that make the rules should not be the same group of people that get the money 🙄

    Joe V. NatsyJoe V. Natsy14 napja
    • How tf would that work? You'd just be working for free at that point

      David SykalaDavid Sykala13 napja
  • “Practice 2 has been replaced with a three part Qualifying session normally seen on a Saturday afternoon” Is this even accurate? I’m watching FP2 and there are no Q3,2,1 sessions and not one mention of this setting the grid for Saturday.

    M I K E Y   MOM I K E Y MO14 napja
  • When this new rules will applied in 2021?

    Jai ThakurJai Thakur14 napja
  • So a qualy for a short race that is essentially another qualy for the big race. It'll be a busy night for the mechanics if any car hits a wall or another car.

    DadsSkateShopDadsSkateShop14 napja
  • Could you put an English subtitle? 😀

    rafaakmalrafaakmal14 napja
  • Sounds very interesting.. looking forward to it👍

    santanu sircarsantanu sircar15 napja
  • This is a typical yank thing. F1 dies this year

    dannyx27dannyx2715 napja
  • Imagine both Grosjean and maldonaldo race on Saturday then nobody left to race for Sunday 😜😜

    Swaran GsSwaran Gs15 napja
  • It’s worth a try. I remember the 2 session, 1 lap qualy shootout in 2005. It didn’t last long. This may have legs but should maybe be limited to half of the GPs, if it’s made permanent.

    Luke's DadLuke's Dad15 napja
  • Honestly just dumb. Want to make it interesting? The sprint race is reverse standings order...meaning lower teams at the front. Now we have something.

    CoachRuffyCoachRuffy15 napja
  • 👎🏼

    Cartoon HeadCartoon Head15 napja
  • What is the name of the narrator?? Her voice is soothing

    Atharva LeleAtharva Lele15 napja
  • More tv time, more money

    David VesseurDavid Vesseur15 napja
  • I LIKE This changement , we will see which car will risk more for 3 points ;) on saturday ;)

    Christophe RibeiroChristophe Ribeiro15 napja
  • Ridiculous, it’s like paying to watch a heavyweight fight, and then being told the fighters are actually going 15 rounds the day before... Drivers need to be at their best on race day. Let’s see what happens I guess.

    talen4talen415 napja
  • How do they determine who start in the front of the sprint race?

    Young-bie SotshaYoung-bie Sotsha15 napja
  • Awful

    Eric LopesEric Lopes15 napja
  • Why not reverse the grid of the top 10? That would be interesting for Sunday...

    MrQmieMrQmie15 napja
  • What happens in sprint qualifying when an aggressive also-ran takes out a top 10 car, or two leaders collide and their cars are wrecked? Do they retain the position they had at the accident, or go to the back of the pack? The first time that happens to a Mercedes, that'll be all she wrote for this little experiment.

    Richard JefferiesRichard Jefferies15 napja