SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie

2021.ápr. 3.
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SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie
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  • This commie worshipping yutz stars in this??? Screw this movie.

  • Ayoooo RL Grime on the soundtrack

    Mason SayreMason Sayre2 órája
  • I know it's getting old to hate on everything... But seriously, this looks awful. The furry, lifelike 3D versioning of classic animations and video games always ends up looking so disgusting

    WW3 órája
  • sorry lebron james is not that level of MJ he is a glory hunter moving around nba team so he can win champs not like MJ one man playing for one team.

    brian65058brian650586 órája
  • I cant wait

    Antonio StanAntonio Stan7 órája
  • Did anyone else noticed in the back they used the models of the scooby doo gang and blue falcon from the scoob movie

    Nick AllisonNick Allison7 órája
  • What they did to Lola Bunny is called "desexualizing". Which is just another word for "body shaming"!

    M .W. KM .W. K7 órája
  • W A F

    Melvin MumfordMelvin Mumford10 órája
  • Ready player 1: Man we’re gonna make the most movie references ever Space Jam 2: Hold my beer

    Can PolatCan Polat10 órája
  • I seriously can’t wait for this movie . Here for like the 20th watch. I need this new theme released lol 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Brick CityBrick City11 órája
    • Seriously and need. Great values!

      ValenValen12 perccel
  • I'm glad it is live action

    Monty RayMonty Ray11 órája
  • The greatest basket ball player of all time guys..i’m hyped

    Maga023Maga02314 órája
    • Valen what?

      Maga023Maga0239 perccel
    • And forgot racist.

      ValenValen11 perccel
  • either gonna be real trash or real good the original always better doe

    Dominic Mackenzie-MorseDominic Mackenzie-Morse15 órája
  • My childhood when it was space jam the first one lol

    Alina GabrialAlina Gabrial16 órája
  • I see pennywise or IT in 1:46 look

    Mohammad Zabih ZargariMohammad Zabih Zargari18 órája
  • The original was far better they have just ruined it

    C cC c18 órája
  • This looks sh*t

    TinmenShakezoTinmenShakezo19 órája
  • It's Lebron so at halftime he'll switch side and play for the Monstars

    TinmenShakezoTinmenShakezo19 órája

    Steven JoannidisSteven Joannidis19 órája
  • looks dumb

    chance manchance manNapja
  • Michael jodon my 90s kid memories space jam🤩😍😍

    Peace RPeace RNapja
  • Its going to be a tragedy if M.J. doesn't show up to save the day at the end just like Bill Murray!! Hell, bring them both back at the end!

    Lee RoyLee RoyNapja
  • I'm going watch this theater July 16 2027

    Chris SanchezChris SanchezNapja
  • Dam King Kong making all the cut in every movies now “lol”

  • George Floyd 💖 Kimberly Brinks

  • 0:54 James Rhodes Iron Patriot War Machine

    Luis XLuis XNapja
  • Ew there 3 D

    я лисицая лисицаNapja
  • Yooo granny got them moves

  • This literally looks like the stupidest shit ever. Thank you for running the original. Hope everyone is happy.

    Joker Vs Batman33Joker Vs Batman33Napja
  • Looney Tunes doesn't look right in 3D

  • i watched space jam just now with my class, beautiful.

  • they need to put big chungus in this movie

    Percival_ SaladPercival_ SaladNapja
  • Bron trying to be Mj so fkng hard!

    Joaquin PhoenixJoaquin PhoenixNapja
    • The trailer proves the whole movie will be trying too hard

      FrostFrost12 órája
  • Not keen ngl

    Greg BevingtonGreg BevingtonNapja
  • Give me my thick Lola bunny back

    Xnoid 37Xnoid 37Napja
  • 2:17

    Joe MAmaJoe MAmaNapja
  • Man take LeBron and give us back Kobe! He would have been so perfect for this film.

    M&N DistributionM&N DistributionNapja
    • But Kobe is already died!

      Jatek Vadas170Jatek Vadas17021 órája
  • Go to 1:46 Look to the right You will see pennywise


  • Why is it not looney toons its a better name in my opinion

    Its_IsaIts_Isa2 napja
  • Looks horrible and boring but i could be wrong.

    Kaitlyn EdwardsKaitlyn Edwards2 napja
  • OMG this Cgi and Design crazy

    Andrej RaicevicAndrej Raicevic2 napja
  • I'm actually excited 😆

    NurProductionsNurProductions2 napja
  • How curry not in this movie man he’s like the next best player after Lebron

    Captain ColdCaptain Cold2 napja
  • this looks so dumb too much cgi

    Falc0Falc02 napja
  • The strange aftermath noteworthily test because battle opportunely sigh round a ubiquitous pisces. cloistered, teeny-tiny novel

    Shawns HasteyShawns Hastey2 napja
  • 1:17 If DC comics was in Kingdom Hearts, that is what the world design would look like.

    Zazzel The GamerZazzel The Gamer2 napja
  • 0:33 why did those "worlds" look like what Kingdom Hearts would make when it comes to "worlds" from that game?

    Zazzel The GamerZazzel The Gamer2 napja
  • Riding coat tails LeBron much? And he says he's not trying to be Michael Jordan 🙄

    RobinRobin2 napja
  • 2:23 that’s Damian Lillard...

    RonzellRonzell2 napja
  • I swear this movie was announced in 2015 it took 6 years to make because WB wanted every WB movie and TV show character and reference in this movie so WB could kill fans by trying to count all the references and characters and I bet every time they got the rights to a character they added into the movie.

    Lorenzo RigLorenzo Rig2 napja
  • I have a theory that the doom squad are video game characters.

    Lorenzo RigLorenzo Rig2 napja
  • Ready Player One 2?

    Boris ArtworkBoris Artwork2 napja
  • If the Animaniacs aren't in this, I'm going to cry.

    FortunateScoobyFortunateScooby2 napja
  • I saw batman signal look close

    My vid 2021My vid 20212 napja
  • Okay Guys on Aliexpress they have Space Jam 2 Legacy Figures and apparently have the new villains name. The Snake girl is named White Mamba, The Spider girl is Arachneka, The Water one is actually 2 in one basically it become water or fire and his name is Wet/Fire. The gold one I don't know his name. This may not be there real names but it might be I dunno 🤔.

    Cinnamon SunCinnamon Sun3 napja
  • Ready Player Three

    SpreadingtheMuseSpreadingtheMuse3 napja
  • They couldn’t have thought to make it with Kobe when he was alive?

    Kaden ClarkKaden Clark3 napja
  • No. Can't replace the original with some clown pawn.

    LegenDustyLegenDusty3 napja
  • I want to see Roger Rabbit ,and Jessica Rabbit cameo ,and the Hex Girls from Scooby Doo ,and the witches Ghost. Static Shock

    Samuel Blaster DrixSamuel Blaster Drix3 napja
  • Daffy: Shoot the ball! *Sam LITERALLY shoots the ball* XD

    Video games And stuff!Video games And stuff!3 napja
  • I’m hoping that they introduce Tina in this 🤔

    Video games And stuff!Video games And stuff!3 napja
  • im just happy to see my boy Speedy 😭

    Daft PetalDaft Petal3 napja
  • This ready be stupid hard

    BMO Rich SliccBMO Rich Slicc3 napja
  • Meh. I dunno. The first one was so good. Now they're cgi tunes?

    Sean BlakelySean Blakely3 napja
  • Why the fuck did they make a part 2. Looks stupid ass shit

    Dave MychajlyszynDave Mychajlyszyn3 napja
  • Lola Bunny imitating DWade on that alley oop has me 😂😂

    Moon MoonMoon Moon3 napja
  • I’ll pass

    frosty lfrosty l4 napja
  • Idk about this after lebron james post a comment about a white officers gotta take accountable for ma khia Bryant situation.. 😳

    Yawg rog MinnesotaYawg rog Minnesota4 napja
  • pepe le pew got cancelled

    Jacob RommelJacob Rommel4 napja
  • Even in the movie Lebron James still flops.

    Jj AvJj Av4 napja
  • Congrats LeBron James

    marky villasenormarky villasenor4 napja
  • They better have atleast an Animaniacs cameo

    Silver KirbySilver Kirby4 napja
  • Space jam 3:Tom Brady and gronk

    Captain ColdCaptain Cold4 napja
  • Where’s Bill Murray!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

    Danny RodríguezDanny Rodríguez4 napja
    • This ain't part 1 ¬¬

      FrostFrost12 órája
  • No monstars and MJ - I'm out

    Craig BaileyCraig Bailey4 napja
  • Is This Richard Gear Dream Again? Helppppppppppp

    TwitchTv QuagyTwitchTv Quagy4 napja
  • 🦖🦍

    DababyDababy4 napja
  • Wait, why do they want his son, so bad!?

    真空真空4 napja
  • I’m DEFINITELY going to the theaters to see this.

    R KnollmanR Knollman4 napja
    • Me too!

      Annie N.Annie N.Napja
  • Is this Space Jam or Ready Player One?

    zach newmanzach newman4 napja
  • yeah, nahhh mate.

    Shadow FoxShadow Fox4 napja
  • This is such a bastardization. Its like no one wanted to back a Roger Rabbit remake or something. That Id watch.

    Rachel MillardRachel Millard4 napja
  • I miss old Lola bunny 😕🥵

    Red KingRed King4 napja
  • Please god no

    queenvie808queenvie8084 napja
  • this movie got hit high

    winedanwinedan4 napja
  • So what LeBron is basically saying is that , this might not be in OUTERSPACE, but it’s in CYBERSPACE.

    Kylie LoyalKylie Loyal4 napja
  • I know he is getting paid a shit ton of money for this movie, but c'mon Lebron, why? You don't need the money and it makes you look like a copycat. He will never be the GOAT folks.

    1bcordell1bcordell4 napja
  • My God. I love Lebron but this looks fucking awful.

    KMT15KMT155 napja
  • Ready player one vibes

    SquidySquidy5 napja
  • Wow is tat the mystery machine@ 1:37

    Prasanna VenkateshPrasanna Venkatesh5 napja
  • Nope

    JJ MendJJ Mend5 napja
  • Not interested in a movie with the biggest racist socialist around

    JoeJoe5 napja
    • I haven’t in over a year.

      JoeJoe3 napja
    • I haven’t in over a year.

      JoeJoe3 napja
    • I haven’t in over a year.

      JoeJoe3 napja
    • Don't watch anything on TV then lol

      Moon MoonMoon Moon3 napja
  • Ok just by curiosity would any of you want cartoon powers?

    Calebe PaixaoCalebe Paixao5 napja
  • Idk I'm gonna watch it, but as a massive fan of the original I'm not getting any good vibes from this trailer, looks a bit shit.

    MSwain84MSwain845 napja
  • If Marvin is not in here I'm gonna burn my house down

    Boba fett7Boba fett75 napja
  • Seems Ligit

    Andre SimpsonAndre Simpson5 napja
  • Ready Player One: The cartoon version

    Nate TaylorNate Taylor5 napja
  • Micheal Jordan should be the coach of the team

    OU_ ItsYaBoiHexOU_ ItsYaBoiHex5 napja
  • 2:28 omg god granny is crazy how do s she able to do that if she is old plus how old even is she

    cheick tireracheick tirera5 napja