Soviet style piroshki (пирожки) with Komrade Kat - Christmas special

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Piroshki are small pies. This time filled with meat or jam. Always remember to cook salty ones before sweet ones. Sweet ones like to fall apart in the oil and spill contents.
Soviet style piroshki (пирожки) with Komrade Kat
For dough:
50g yeast block
50ml warm water (30-60°C)
100g unsalted butter
85g sugar
half teaspoon salt
300ml milk
600g flour
For filling:
400g beef minced meat
salt and pepper for taste
1 boiled egg
some boiled rice
For cooking:
1 liter sunflower seed oil. Can use some other oil if needed.
Serve salty ones with mayonez and sweet ones with milk.
Good luck!
Hardbass music in yeast clip:
uamee - The Sausage

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  • 16:16 That is typo. You actually CAN now pay with card. Go check it out. And happy shopping!

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    • @ben smith Czech is a slavic nation

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    • Boris is a CZECH imposter!

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  • 14:32 i havent tasted this but i can say this got my mouth watering and im hungry for some slav pirotchki

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  • Май инглиш из ту перфект ту ватс зис видео визоут текст

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  • the savory filling recipe is exactly my grandma's empanada filling recipe. altho sometimes she also adds lentils if she's trying to feed a lot of people and doesn't want to buy enough meat

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  • A dab of water on the join helps it stick together. Top tip from my babushka.

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  • Lada in Malay means pepper. So when he said "salt from the Lada Shaker" my Malay brain translated it into salt from the pepper shaker and I laughed a little.

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  • Nooooooooo the christmas tree box is sol, a south american beer, i was looking for real slav things, boris i hateeee you 😭😂

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  • Norway style Piroshki: 1. skip the sugar 2. add dried cod, bacon and potato 3. deep fry

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  • 5:22 _For next step you dip cat in flour_ 😂

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  • He should make a video called "Christmas with Artyom".

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  • Boyfriend cooked this today and it was amazing. Fun to do this together! We always watch your videos together much love from Belgium !

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  • legit makes me hungry

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  • Komrade Artyom ❤️🐈

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  • plot twist, Boris is actually Yuri's (Plisetsky) grandpa from Yuri on Ice.

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  • I made piroshki with potato, and they came out very tasty. I recommend everyone to try them.

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  • What a god damn adorable cat.

  • Instead of dipping the sweet ones in mayonez, can probably dip it in condensed milk for best Slavic Effect.

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  • Boris: Ah... Finally. Now I just have to go out and take a walk before I eat my piroshki. Vadim: OUR piroshki Boris: Vadim Blyat

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  • Western people ask the slav: - What do you eat in slav coutries ? - Pies (piroshki). - What is it? - Meat in dough. - Ah ... And what else? - Chebureks. - What is it? - Meat in dough.. - Oh, okay ... What else? - Hmm .. Dumplings (pelmeni)... - What is it? - Meat in dough... - Oh ... Well, what else? - ... Manty ... P.S.: thx youtube for recomendation of this channel, it's great. Boris is true slav. Proud of him)

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  • For next step dip cat in flour Ah I see this is a Chinese recipe.

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    • @Marik блин вот только не понятно он русский или каво?

    • ага

  • I prefer piroshki stuffed with mashed potatoes and onions and some sour cream on the side.

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  • I may be one year late on this, but that is Cerveza Sol, a beer I have only seen with regularity in Mexico. So either Boris imports piss beer, or he has a fan that sent him something from Mexico...

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