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Boris the space plumber.
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Welcome to Life of Boris HUworld channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
Stay cheeki breeki!
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  • RED!!

    Venusia TidVenusia Tid32 perccel
  • "You've proven worthy for what lies in the stars." Boris: *_s t a r_*

    Ana Banana :3Ana Banana :3Órája
  • You need to play Into the Radius Boris! You will not be disappointed.

    Stybek BStybek B3 órája
  • Blin

    FrancoFranco4 órája
  • Like my share pls Boris...❤️

    Life of AygunLife of Aygun4 órája
  • Day 1: More War Thunder, Boris, more War Thunder

    UKBall OfficialUKBall Official5 órája
  • Please play teardown ..

    Di 989Di 9895 órája
  • breeki cheeki

    BloopyBloopy6 órája
  • I enjoyed this video

    TenAte108TenAte1088 órája
  • If we have this game, then why don't we have spiderman VR game

    TenAte108TenAte1088 órája
  • Blin

    CloakerCloaker10 órája
  • no retreat comrad

    Julius PainJulius Pain10 órája
  • "...merging of the 3 channels" Soviet Union 2: Radioactive Boogaloo

    Sujal GurungSujal Gurung11 órája
  • I submit blin in support of merger of the three channels

    Evan MeyerEvan Meyer13 órája
  • Comrades never die, they just get taken to the respawn screen. [muffled 'And that's when the dead men are marching again' in the distance] BLIN FOR CHANNEL MERGE!

    George SmagaGeorge Smaga14 órája
  • me realizing the boris theme didn't play at the beginning

    chOco lattechOco latte14 órája
  • channel-merging блин in the comments, as requested.

    clockworkTailbeastclockworkTailbeast15 órája
  • YES! Video fits perfectly in old 4:3 monitor!

    Yoshiguy35Yoshiguy3515 órája
  • what attack on titan movement gear should have been

    Kenzi MarcelKenzi Marcel15 órája
  • Came in here, not knowing what to expect. Left satisfied. Stay cheeky breeky.

    I Am PixelI Am Pixel16 órája
  • God i wish i had an index

    nem tudomnem tudom16 órája
  • just wait until he plays Pavlov VR

    J.williumfluxfergJ.williumfluxferg16 órája
  • All Boris, one stop! Why not?

    ToonNoonToonNoon17 órája
  • What font is that for the thumbnail?

    BrickerG2BrickerG217 órája
  • Anyone else miss the fan mail series?

    Jarrett BobbettJarrett Bobbett19 órája
  • You should try out KSP Mods

    Discord Space AgencyDiscord Space Agency19 órája
  • *dusts off vive*, finally an AAA title after Alyx

    cyberbeticacyberbetica19 órája
  • blin

    Adrian AAdrian A20 órája
  • Nice "delet this nahui" reference comrade Boris

    RokkedahlRokkedahl20 órája
  • Blin!

    Solomon PopovichSolomon Popovich21 órája
  • Can anyone help me to get some Boris merch? I’m trying to get some from the site but it says it’s temporarily offline can anyone tell me what’s the problem?

    Shang TsungShang Tsung21 órája
  • I demand to hear that "War and Peace" hardbass track.

    SenSen21 órája
  • Hello tovarisch Boris, can you please do for me 400-600 shots of vodka? I had an a birthday, pozavchera.

    Ky4ka KataKy4ka Kata22 órája
  • American: We pay millions of dollars to build jetpack. Soviet Russian: We just use plunger.

    imran hazimimran hazim23 órája

    Lexa43Lexa4323 órája
    • @Shulmin sama xD

      Lexa43Lexa4318 órája
    • so it wasint only me

      Shulmin samaShulmin sama22 órája
  • lol

  • boris is both space plunger and ded bodi cleaner he is the one who cleans all ded bodi in among us thats why he is not uploading alot

    paul zetpaul zetNapja
  • Me: a plumber, what space plumping was always an option?!

  • Loving the Freeman’s Mind vibe on this


    Michael TravenyMichael TravenyNapja
  • slavic bodybuilding supplement

    KAY B 14KAY B 14Napja
  • Hey Boris, what do you think of this pandemic crap?

    Miguel DuguayMiguel DuguayNapja
  • Decorations? No funding for decoration on Space station, everything has purpose!

  • *_"remember, radiator in space station is the best choice for cooking at 105 degrees when the "gas" runs out"_*

    Ayushgaming 007Ayushgaming 007Napja
  • 6:14 “Ah,the things I do for country.”

  • Soo, it's Portal, but made by Slavs..... I can dig it. :)

    CK's channel.CK's channel.Napja
  • you seem a wee bit too stressed about new fuel. Release your inner babushka

  • Merge the channels! Nice video BTW!

    СССР АnthемsСССР АnthемsNapja
  • are sunflower seeds... how do you write that? seme... semet... no?

  • Plumberman boris

    Lord GabenLord GabenNapja
  • You know it's gonna be good if it's 4:3 (well that's what it look like from me)

  • If you have a plunger for a hand, you are a Dalek.

    Patrick HoltPatrick HoltNapja
  • So this is what would happen if Attack on Titan was set in the CCP

    Craciun MihaiCraciun MihaiNapja
  • This is hilarious, OMGoodness yes!

  • Why is this video square? Edit: blin, merge the channels.

    SUPERj 850SUPERj 850Napja
  • I have absolutely no idea what I have just watched, but...I need more...

  • Boris please Budget living 2021 Basic Edition

  • Plumber Boris in search of the lost Vadim.

  • so Usada Kensetsu is building space stations now

    Anfelvain WitstondAnfelvain WitstondNapja
  • +1 for ogórki luksusowe ! :D

    Adam WichłaczAdam WichłaczNapja
  • Blin

    Bryce WickhamBryce WickhamNapja
  • Way to make a shitty game look fun! [Edit] Seriously, creating games like that is probably one of the most difficult things to do.

    Tyrone BTyrone BNapja
  • Cosmokrats plz play it

    Bruh dudeBruh dudeNapja
  • wow that was that attack on titan gear without the gun

    mas joymas joyNapja
  • 5:27 "i have still not played doom eternal" wake up boris, we have to rush demons

  • love how the editor forgot to put the intro in

  • Anyone else remember Windlands? This reminds me of Windlands. That's also a blast in VR.

  • Poland

    The Flying CowboyThe Flying CowboyNapja
  • Make food with shovel blyat

    casual 99 dexcasual 99 dexNapja
  • Blin

  • Soviet Attack on Titan looks lit!

  • *Roll for initiative *

    John MarksJohn MarksNapja
  • There is but one plunger, however you’ve not filed the appropriate state paperwork.

    John MarksJohn MarksNapja
  • The soviets are truly ages ahead of our time. They have made the toilet version of the 3D Maneuver Gear!

    John TrohnJohn TrohnNapja
  • whats that aspect ratio

  • Gonna try this game looks fun

    Rafael Gonçalves DiasRafael Gonçalves DiasNapja
  • You do good tovarish

    Tuffu MCTuffu MCNapja
  • “Shit, temperature outside -150C, still not as cold as your heart, девушка” True. True.

  • "Keep 2 meters away my friend" *DELET THIS NAHUI flashbacks

    Kadyn SouthernKadyn SouthernNapja
  • Pickles jar is from Poland it says - Luxury Pickles (ogórki luksusowe)

  • Comrade can also be found when heels are on ground.

    A'den KyramudA'den KyramudNapja
  • what da BLIN

    PhantomStrykke _PhantomStrykke _Napja
  • Hello Boris what is music in background?

  • So basically Russian Super Mario simulator.... or in the west Super Boris simulator.

    G I RG I RNapja
  • Blin

    Cody TyndallCody TyndallNapja
  • Happy Boris laugh can cure cancer you get from Chernobyl.

  • Boris pls stop with such maniacal laughing. It seems that you are overacting.

    Дмитрий МостовщиковДмитрий МостовщиковNapja
  • Yes it’s the time get out the vodka!!

    America’s Mochi Animates :3America’s Mochi Animates :3Napja
  • Wait, 3 channels? Gopnik Gaming, main channel, what's the 3rd?

    Ghost the StormcallerGhost the StormcallerNapja
  • Russian spiderman. I want this.

    lone wrecchelone wreccheNapja
  • Ah the MEETING chamber. blin!

    Alex ApolAlex ApolNapja
  • this..... just this.....

    lone wrecchelone wreccheNapja
  • Gosh blin it

    Robert VillardRobert VillardNapja
  • It's as if Doom and Portal had a baby, then dropped it on its head repeatedly and at high velocity! -:D

  • Boris the Space Plumber

  • Pekol slot

    Mike KMike KNapja
  • soviet spiderman

    Rhys De GuzmanRhys De GuzmanNapja
  • I love his "OOOHAHA!" It warms me inside

    Plague Doctor PlaysPlague Doctor PlaysNapja
  • ahh finally freed from capitalist 16:9 aspect ratio

  • Opa!