SONGBIRD Trailer (2021)

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Official Songbird Movie Trailer 2021 | Subscribe ➤ | K.J. Apa Movie Trailer | Release: 2021 | More
Set two years in the future during a pandemic lockdown, we follow the budding love story between a motorbike courier named Nico, who has rare immunity, and Sara, a young artist.
Songbird (2021) is the new thriller starring K.J. Apa, Sofia Carson and Demi Moore.
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  • Why does 1:02 sound like Trump?

    michael lynchmichael lynchÓrája
  • 0:42 Me in the year 2023 trying to go home after work.

    Rip Van WinkleRip Van Winkle2 órája
  • Trash

    Shoo PigShoo Pig3 órája
  • I wonder if Funds from EVENT 201 were used to film this ??? PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING

    Aaron FrenchAaron French6 órája
  • A lot of programming going on👀🧠

    Cj BeanCj Bean8 órája
  • The bob Marley song 🇯🇲 This is a message of what’s to come btw.

    One piece is the worst animeOne piece is the worst anime8 órája
  • This movie looks dope af!! Super excited

    Jacob HarleyJacob Harley8 órája
  • a failed plan

    outcast23 diamoutcast23 diam8 órája
  • Covid 23 wtf is happening

    Bruce LeeBruce Lee9 órája
  • Why would anyone in their right Mind watch this movie for entertainment ? Plus who in their right mind would make this content for gain? The truth is right in front of us. The ones with eyes will see.

    JCJC9 órája
  • Jesus is coming back soon, please repent!!! •Why Salvation?: So I’m sure your probably familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, (them disobeying God, committing the original sin eating the fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil). Us, being their earthly descendants we are all vulnerable to temptation to sin and have sinned (sin: which is a moral flaw/crime against God). In the story of Moses, God gives what is called the moral law(the Ten Commandments) the Bible says “the wages of sin is death” breaking these laws we are punished by death/hell. We’ve all broken at least one of these commandments. So God sends Jesus(the son of God) who lives a perfect and sinless life. Jesus offers himself as a sacrifice in place of the punishment that we deserve for breaking the Moral Law. So right before Jesus passes away on the cross, he says “it is finished” which means the punishment for our sins was fulfilled. Then Jesus dies. He raises from the dead, three days later, signifying he had defeated death, which is the wages for sin. (John 3:16) sums up why God offered his Son as a sacrifice for our sin. ••How to get saved: Romans 10:9 “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Ask God for forgiveness, repent and ask him into your Heart and Life in the name of Jesus. Repent: to feel such regret for sins or crimes as produces amendment of life, to be sorry, regretful. When you do this God will begin to make changes in your life, this means you are “born again” When you actually pray and try to get rid of sin your life, you’ll start to see a change. This process will last throughout you whole life if you are really committed. God knows our hearts and intentions better then we know ourselves. I hope this is a major blessing. I hope you really take into account what I said and really think and pray on these things. God Bless!

  • The truth is in your face yet nobody is going to give a damn about it 🤦‍♂️

    AzraelAzrael10 órája
    • Finally someone who isn’t an idiot

      One piece is the worst animeOne piece is the worst anime8 órája
  • 1 Corinthians 15 :1-4

    Junior MazibukoJunior Mazibuko10 órája
  • Wow predictive programming at it's finest

    john doejohn doe10 órája
  • Art IMITATING Life!!!!! Coming to your Biden’s AmeriKKKa

    Can ThonnCan Thonn11 órája
  • This movie tells us how messed up we really are! Sad to live in these days!

    Lostin MIALostin MIA11 órája
  • Well we know what to look for in 2021

    ANITA FlemmingANITA Flemming14 órája
  • Predictive programming. Hollyweird have been at it for decades.

    Heaven 7Heaven 714 órája
  • Michael Bay really be out here writing the script for 2021

    Jed HalvorsonJed Halvorson15 órája
  • Every little thing is guna be alright

    David FrayDavid Fray17 órája
  • Every little thing is guna be alright

    David FrayDavid Fray17 órája
  • 2:40 Me: looks at the credits* Me : KJ Apa and Sofia Carson? Yall know this gonna be a good movie.

    Gracie GloshayGracie Gloshay19 órája
  • The Purge + A Quiet Place = this movie

    parnupong prasertsungparnupong prasertsung22 órája
  • This Gaved Me Headache and Goosebumps

  • Damn This is Predictive Programming

  • Dieser Trailer sollte auf dem Kanal der Bundesregierung online sein und nicht diese Helden Gaukellei

  • How bout a movie where the masses hunt down and publicly hang the globalist elites who are treating the 99.9% like animals and controlling our lives?

    boss ladyboss ladyNapja
  • I'm just here to dislike this garbage. Very distasteful to make a movie like this in this very climate where millions of lives are lost.

    Sneaker ClawSneaker ClawNapja
    • @Eversful says someone who can't use your and you're properly

      Sneaker ClawSneaker Claw3 órája
    • Your dumb

      EversfulEversful8 órája
  • Democrats have declared civil war. Democrats colluded with communist worldwide to use corrupt voting machines and to infect the United States with Covid so that democrats could then scare people from voting in person to instead vote by easy to manipulate mail ballots.

    Drink WaterDrink WaterNapja
  • Okay but how’d they film an entire movie during lockdown or did they just know covid was coming.

    Danny SolisDanny SolisNapja
    • The truth is right in our faces.

      JCJC9 órája
  • They show u what they doing

  • Thanks Dumbass Democrats this is what it will look like under Biden

    Ron SessnoRon SessnoNapja

    JuJu FamJuJu FamNapja
  • Predictive programming 😬

  • Y'all better wake up🧿

    Chip SkeetlarkChip SkeetlarkNapja
  • This is nice

    Miguek EchagueMiguek EchagueNapja
  • I can’t wait for Covid to be fixed and then these idiots realise that a random movie is going to predict the future.

    • Mr.SmoothieHuman you dont know whats gonna happen, plus no one is gonna take that Covid vaccine

  • Do y'all notice they always have Bob Marley music in these types of movies bruh why they keep using my homie music

    Flairoh MusicFlairoh MusicNapja
  • January 2021 permanent lockdown begins for the great reset

    Daymion andersonDaymion andersonNapja
  • “LG WING” hmm right right 🤨🧐🤔

    Screwston Tx 713Screwston Tx 713Napja
  • Always telling us what they're planning to do with us....... hope everybody is waking up by now......

    Martina BriskiMartina BriskiNapja
  • COVID PROPAGANDA: The Movie coming soon... to a front door near you...

    Kevin DaskalKevin DaskalNapja
  • How are these people able to be around each other and act without masks during a pandemic? And filming in L.A... you're considered a terrorist there if you don't wear a mask.

    S MS MNapja
  • This did not predict Covid-19. The makers wanted to make a Covid INSPIRED movie. They started writing in mid to late March 2020.

    Gabriel GrahamGabriel GrahamNapja
  • Incredibly insensitive...incredibly wrong timed. Wow. Disgusting.

    Sp McNallySp McNallyNapja
  • forbidden 2021 footage

  • So china....

    Jona ThonJona ThonNapja
  • Americans would never take a virus that seriously lmao

    Jeremy DunnJeremy DunnNapja
  • They left out the best part. The part where covid disappears. Everyone says fuck this. And starts burning shit lol. Riots all over. People on top of people on top of people. Massive mass gatherings. And yeah. Were not all dead lol. If this was even a remotely dangerous virus? We would all be dead. America has become the worlds joke

    Prick WhitePrick WhiteNapja
  • A documentary for 2021.

    Al Masih Ad DajjalAl Masih Ad DajjalNapja
  • i cant even finish this terrible trailer for a shit movie thats stealing music from post the apocalyptic movies before it. this is fucking disgusting

    Death b4 BondageDeath b4 Bondage2 napja
  • Every conspiracy theorists nightmare come true

    Meghan SullivanMeghan Sullivan2 napja
  • looks like u got a heads up about this plandemic before everyore else

    Elena GoodsonElena Goodson2 napja
    • u dumb. its just a movie.........

      Worthy MemesWorthy MemesNapja
  • Predictive Programming

    Elena GoodsonElena Goodson2 napja
  • This lightweight pissed me off fuck Hollywood

    FederalWildlifeMarshalFederalWildlifeMarshal2 napja
  • Don't take the vaccine

    KunleKunle2 napja
  • So unrealistic. Not one mention of toilet paper.

    Pooby1000Pooby10002 napja
  • Btw the movie is actually coming out December 11

    Scorpiongamer 16Scorpiongamer 162 napja
  • I do not consent to this predictive programming agenda.

    Sheng SunSheng Sun2 napja
  • Can anyone spot the freemason number 33 order out of chaos in these movie? If you don't see it I will show you. These people are mind fuking with us.

    people r drainingpeople r draining2 napja
  • This is Australia right now.

    Sam SungSam Sung2 napja
    • Why is this not on the news?

      Camel NutCamel Nut2 napja

    dwb289dwb2892 napja
  • So your telling me it Took two years to film a movie OK now that’s where the sky suspicious they’re training us to except that this is going to happen one day when I’m not excepting anything yeah I could except it but I’m not they wrote this down this is all fake nobody’s getting sick there in. The government is injecting people with viruses and killing them how did it take two fucking years o make A FUCKING MOVIE THAT HAS THE SAME NAME AS THE VIRUS THATS GOING ON RIGHT NOW JUST 23 INSTEAD OF 20 STUPID PPL

    UwU LolUwU Lol2 napja
    • They been fooling humanity for years, our life is slavery but heavily modernised and its so well done that only a hand full of us will see it is bs.

      people r drainingpeople r draining2 napja
  • What is everyone chatting this looks amazing

    Elizabeth HamiltonElizabeth Hamilton2 napja
    • It’s amazing till you have to go thru this shi 🤦🏽🗣

      KingEuonyKingEuony5 órája
    • I agree, can’t wait to watch.

      Camel NutCamel Nut2 napja
  • It takes two years to create and complete a film. 🤔 Now we will know how the Agenda will play out.

    a thousand sunsa thousand suns2 napja
    • @a thousand suns Yes. Nothing in the film is original. Not the concept, not the writing, so therefore it wont take a long time. Hell even the songs are stolen from other post apocalyptic movies.

      Worthy MemesWorthy MemesNapja
    • @Worthy Memes So this filmed was cranked out in 100 days or so? Probably over the summer then.

      a thousand sunsa thousand sunsNapja
    • Thats false, romance movies take up to 92 days to make.

      Worthy MemesWorthy MemesNapja
    • This movie took months to make.

      Camel NutCamel Nut2 napja
    • Yup if only everyone could see it.

      people r drainingpeople r draining2 napja
  • Just another plague-esque film....probably took them longer to make the decision to rebrand it as COVID-23 than to actually refilm the scenes where the virus was talked about specifically by COVID-23 name .

    SrMofoSrMofo2 napja
  • Radio Lady: *don’t go outside or you’ll be shot on sight* Gen Z: YOU WANNA SEE SOME REAL SPEED BI-

    QuinxieQuinxie2 napja
  • Predictive programming. Get ready people. Don’t say you weren’t warned when the time comes from the “tinfoil hat people”.

    • @people r draining mockingbirdddddddddddd brotha

    • The funny thing is created that tin foil hat phrase? People are quick to use it but how did it circulate worldwide lol. They are regurgitating the shit they've been programmed to say when they wanna stay in denial.

      people r drainingpeople r draining2 napja
  • Hopefully the official electoral vote in a few weeks keep us safe from this shit happening.

    Ricky CRicky C2 napja
  • Covidiot Michael bay film poo poo head

    Alexander DeNardoAlexander DeNardo2 napja
  • Predictive programming

    ufokenufoken2 napja
  • Wake up people this is not a movie it's propaganda programming is into this reality

    May JamesMay James2 napja
  • I don't get all the downvotes. Too realistic?

    Freedom Lovin'Freedom Lovin'2 napja
    • They're called dislikes you redditor

      A StrawberryA Strawberry2 napja

    Raf WavvYRaf WavvY2 napja
    • No cap 🗣

      KingEuonyKingEuony5 órája
    • Lol exactly

      Flairoh MusicFlairoh MusicNapja
  • Better than zombie apocalypse

    Reine Kharl BalisbisReine Kharl Balisbis2 napja

    _mynewcareer_mynewcareer2 napja
  • Hopefully this is only shown in America so they keep their Psychosis to themselves.

    ched surferched surfer2 napja
  • What the shit is this?

    MarieMarie2 napja
  • how did they produce this movie so quickly is hollywood is shut due to covid, its all pre planned

    Gerald SDGerald SD3 napja
  • 2:36 Joe Biden

    Kirby SixtyfourKirby Sixtyfour3 napja
  • Ah! So this is the plan Joe Bidens been talking about

    Kirby SixtyfourKirby Sixtyfour3 napja
  • Where’s the best place to hide something? In plain sight

    Marc BMarc B3 napja
  • They should have wrote, BASED ON CURRENT AND FUTURE EVENTS

    RickyRicky3 napja
  • Yawn 🥱🥱 just typical predictive programming.

    FullOfBedFullOfBed3 napja
  • Brah... Way too soon... For fucks sake, nutjobs have been screaming PLANDEMIC for more than 6 months already...

    Sinisteris S.Sinisteris S.3 napja
  • Hollywood and all of its degenerate demons will burn in the hottest part of hell

    Jake GJake G3 napja
  • I think that it is a good idea, but not in the middle of the pandemic. On the bright size tho, they are showing light on the fact that this might be is soon.

    Nathaniel MacGregorNathaniel MacGregor3 napja
  • Not In Africa

    Philani DladlaPhilani Dladla3 napja
  • Stupid when people allow the government to have that much control over their life! And some people actually think that’s cool! Freaking retarded!

    Isaiah NicholsIsaiah Nichols3 napja
  • what.. THE FAQ...... is dis SHITE!?! lol

    Kurtis DeakinKurtis Deakin3 napja
  • uh uh.... nooooppppeeeeee, this is nooottt it!!!! WHHHAAATTTTT!!! i don't think i have ever been more upset at hollywood, i mean seriously??? what a great way to give us hope! one of the comments i read said this is like them making a horror movie about the holocaust a year after it happened. straight up disrespectful. people are dying of boredom in their homes and some are literally dying, and they still thought oohh lets make a movie while its STILL happening!!!

    Star CharriezStar Charriez3 napja
    • Because our life is a movie. Check out the word person but the etymology of person, it means actor or character. We are actors on the world stage. Ps. I searched it up for you sis, Middle English: from Old French persone, from Latin persona ‘actor's mask, character in a play’, later ‘human being

      people r drainingpeople r draining2 napja
  • Bastard has chicken arms!

    TheAngryPolack 97TheAngryPolack 973 napja
  • This is going to be our future... This is what is going to happen! i swear im fucking scared.

  • Hopefully people took the red pill to know whats going on people save your money this year don't buy all these material things we must fight back against this crap satan knows his time is short

    VilatoroVilatoro3 napja
  • Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom... Boris Johnson: Aw, sh*t. Here we go again

    Toa SullyToa Sully3 napja
    • Carl Johnson

      FederalWildlifeMarshalFederalWildlifeMarshal2 napja
  • Ordo Ab Chao

    mauss9mauss93 napja
  • Hang on is it just me or does this sound and look really realistic bc the world is coming to shit if so 😂

    RealYungOathRealYungOath3 napja
  • I thought there was a thing called hope. What the hell happened to that???? I thought we were supposed to get over COVID-19 and not to be reminded about this bullshit!!!!!!!

    Derpy SaguaroDerpy Saguaro3 napja
  • Naaa Iets not

    ZestyZesty3 napja
  • The Hollywood luciferains gotta show us , wake up sheeples.

    James HooverJames Hoover3 napja