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  • This is the most stupidest and funniest thing i ever seen

    rudi gruenbergrudi gruenbergÓrája
  • as a gamer we can all relate to this moment where... When we were playing Black Ops 2 zombies in 2015 and the "connection interrupted" while you were getting horded by zombies

    Demon_Slayer 245Demon_Slayer 2453 órája
  • When you are about to get the raygun in cold war zombies but then you go to a different dimension 0:53

    Evan LangerEvan Langer5 órája
  • Chonky

    Rápsin zinRápsin zin6 órája

    GrimmGrimm7 órája
  • dude the kitchen scene fucking killed me

    Justin SagdullayevJustin Sagdullayev10 órája
  • Saladan: *haha get noob*

    Saudi_ GamerSaudi_ Gamer11 órája
  • I don't know why, but I have for a very long time had this idea of *what if the world could get laggy, and what if you could lag in real life*, this video is just gold, when he cant go through a door 😅

    Lars-Erik BylundLars-Erik Bylund11 órája
  • Is it me or my PC is lagging.

    Eggordon XDEggordon XD14 órája
  • #blameitonlag

    PuNkin OiPuNkin Oi17 órája
  • black ops 2 connection interruption?

    Elijah JElijah J19 órája
  • Father: AH H H H HH

    ᄃΛᄂᄂIӨPΣᄃΛᄂᄂIӨPΣ21 órája
  • when gamer reach 517 ping

  • i dont care if it is laggy i want to play it

    gayathri ravikirangayathri ravikiranNapja
  • Black Ops II icon at the end after audio cuts HAHA! Takes me back.

    JadeStep 96JadeStep 96Napja
  • I saw that Sriracha on the counter 😮

    Aaron BellAaron BellNapja
  • I hope god fixes this in the next update im also experiencing extreme lag

    Eternal ScreamingEternal ScreamingNapja
  • When your ping is 420

    The Roblox MusicianThe Roblox MusicianNapja
  • The ending should have had "migrating hosts" because that's when most people leave

    Mysta KunMysta KunNapja
  • Lol

  • *L A G*

    friky playfriky playNapja
  • Fixed

    Matias AMatias ANapja
  • When you lag so much you can’t even leave the game...

  • Father: We're going on the crusades this time Everyone: *Bring us with you*

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno GiovannaNapja
  • Lmfao masterpiece

    Gattsu BrandoGattsu BrandoNapja
  • the lagging in the kitchen was gold 😭😭😭

    dumb kiddumb kidNapja
  • switching from a 5.45mm to a 7.62mm magazine on a AK somehow... makes me feel uneasy...

  • The doors in the house really suffer

    Sam MaxisSam MaxisNapja
  • Father:"LAG, BUT THIS IS REAL LIFE" Npc:"Howdy partner would you... are you ok" Player:"Yea. I just lagged a bit" Npc:"Lagged, but this is real life" Dev:"Yea. To you. But to us, this is a world we created and you are our creations. Bow to us or die peasant" Its is odd how "real life" works.

    Richard CrookerRichard CrookerNapja
  • Everytime I want to make a PB&J this happens to me 🙄 then the peanut butter jar glitched into the fridge

  • what happens is that they have lag

    Diego Bernardez GarciaDiego Bernardez GarciaNapja
  • This is black ops 2 multiplayer in a nutshell

    Matthew RaynerMatthew RaynerNapja
  • El Dylan xD

    D n AD n ANapja
  • Dang their ping is so crazy.

    ForkFork2 napja
  • Someping is very wrong, I can feel it

    Dharc DanielDharc Daniel2 napja
  • 0:53 my discord every time I log into an online game

    Ricky TickRicky Tick2 napja

    Sameer HasanSameer Hasan2 napja
  • I guess this is how my video game characters feel on the daily basis

    LifeLife2 napja
  • Lag in VR must be terrifying

    I do it for the memesI do it for the memes2 napja
  • I'm watching this on internet that can't run a stream at 144p.

    MyPasswordIsRushBMyPasswordIsRushB2 napja
  • 0:52 bearDEAD expense when he gets backstabbed by jose.gonzales.2004

    Omega Knight 64Omega Knight 642 napja
  • Why is this not an Adult Swim show?

    InquisitorClockInquisitorClock2 napja
  • its a deja vu

    Gabriel CastroGabriel Castro2 napja
  • “JUST AS PLANNED " is what I would have said but I do not know what curse these guys are under

    Magnus The RedMagnus The Red2 napja

    N3oNN3oN2 napja
  • 0:17 is this a JoJo reference ?

    Nights walkerNights walker2 napja
  • 0:54 Imagine walking in your kitchen and you find this

    BluprintBluprint2 napja
  • Is it just me or these videos are lame?

    spiliop88 tsiouspiliop88 tsiou2 napja
  • Any lil peep jumper :)

    Not Jackal 199Not Jackal 1992 napja
  • How have you managed to keep this fresh for so long? I'm extremely impressed.

    A Gust Of WindA Gust Of Wind2 napja
  • I bet this video was funny to bad my phone is super laggy

    Jackson KarneyJackson Karney2 napja
  • nbn in a nutshell

    Maix MaMaix Ma3 napja
  • The best anime

    2001 Honda civic2001 Honda civic3 napja
  • this is actually a representation of drdisrespect complaining about the ping

    Kennedy LemonKennedy Lemon3 napja
  • Do y’all use actual guns or how do you do that???

    nickfiggy28nickfiggy283 napja
  • l like your hoodie of lil peep

    Aidan DunnAidan Dunn3 napja
  • Korega.. Wanga King Crimson nu noruku *if you know you know*

    Meeni xdMeeni xd3 napja
  • 0:53 Hey look, a David Lynch film

    Matt WardMatt Ward3 napja
  • I liked that at reload

    jonathan wallackjonathan wallack3 napja
  • I think the first magazine for an AK-74, evidenced by being less curved. The second magazine is for an AK-47, which the gun actually is, judging by the muzzle.

    DecidedlyNinjaDecidedlyNinja3 napja
  • * Insert BO1 disconnect meme here *

    Hey It's K A R M AHey It's K A R M A4 napja
  • It comes for us all

    Parallel RedwingParallel Redwing4 napja
  • Me having horrible internet in my room at night. That is what this is.

    Darth NubDarth Nub4 napja
  • Man I wish my dad (like I have one) would come out of nowhere and give me an ak

    tryourbest56tryourbest564 napja
  • Why is he watching joshua weismann

    dread gemdread gem4 napja
  • wer does he get thos guns from the 2000s jeez he got every gun

    Dominic baccayDominic baccay4 napja
  • 0:52 LOL

    SomeoneElseSomeoneElse4 napja
  • why did it take me so long to find the two incredible gentlemen

    OnyxTheGoblinOnyxTheGoblin4 napja
  • 0:52 I love how everything else just got cut out and BITCH came out in the end💯👌🏾

    Chahino FedriesChahino Fedries4 napja
  • I think you're confusing lag with packet loss.

    JustASeagullJustASeagull4 napja
  • When you forget you were updating warzone

    GreeZyGreeZy4 napja

    akiaki4 napja
  • 0:36 that's some smooth editing.

    SuperGamer2219SuperGamer22194 napja
  • xD

    Marwal ComshesunareMarwal Comshesunare4 napja
  • *swaps 5.56 mag with 7.62 mag

    Ben VenardBen Venard4 napja
  • five nights at fathers

    Pedro OrellanaPedro Orellana4 napja
  • 0:53 when you play Mordhau with more than 6 players

    VeclarVeclar4 napja
  • These small videos are neater than 14 mins of vines

    Sohan ChakrabortySohan Chakraborty4 napja
  • Daniel Labelle joined the chat

    AbdullahAbdullah4 napja

    Klaus KochKlaus Koch4 napja
  • What the he- eh- he- hell

    bushman 701bushman 7015 napja
  • Me playing TF2 during afternoon:

    DrafOrggDrafOrgg5 napja
  • 0:52 Me in FPS Games

    Doom_the_Guy 668Doom_the_Guy 6685 napja
  • Good times lagging in my childhood

    Leon TalulaLeon Talula5 napja
  • 1:08 Me playing COD BO Cold War Zombies.

    Commander JasonCommander Jason5 napja
    • Lol

      Evan LangerEvan Langer2 napja
  • 0:53 Fnaf 6

    Vales72 ́Vales72 ́5 napja
  • lol, you got my keyboard. as for lag..................AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

    adonianadonian5 napja
  • Is this a dystopian future?

    Mitchell SecchiMitchell Secchi5 napja
  • 1328(idk) failed crusade colorized

    ryan rongryan rong5 napja
  • Whos the lag switcher

    ThatGuyWhoCommentsThatGuyWhoComments5 napja
  • do these people have gun licenses, or are those airsoft guns

    Pablo RojasPablo Rojas5 napja
  • WTF!!

    Daniel MachadoDaniel Machado5 napja
  • trying to take pictures of ghost in phasmophobia the ghost: 0:53

    Pizza ClockPizza Clock5 napja
  • WOAH... Is that a real AK-47

    Maribel AgsanoMaribel Agsano6 napja
  • Son: "I fixed it" Father: "Did you turn off the modern?" Me: 1:07

    RadonEeveeRadonEevee6 napja
  • I'm just glad they have helmets

    Dragon BrosDragon Bros6 napja
  • my wifi anytime i play online games xD

    Tar OsbTar Osb6 napja
  • I can imagine their wifi is called God so are they technically losing connection from god???

    Logic_ ExurLogic_ Exur6 napja
  • Dat reload doe 0_0

    IanYTIanYT6 napja
  • Ah- AH- AH-

    DragonMaster9817DragonMaster98176 napja