Smart Construction Ideas From Most Ingenious Workers

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We are proud to share with you a special review of some amazing and incredibly bold construction ideas. Our skilled researchers have scoured the globe to bring to you the best ideas possible to innovate and improve construction processes that may a bold leap to undertake. We here at Quantum Tech HD applaud and appreciate every business that is working towards more economical, environmentally friendly ways to work smarter and adapt with the times.

We hope you enjoy this review of Smart Construction Ideas!

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  • Just ridiculous. A lot of "revolution technics" are very old "tricks" of ancients maçons, like cutting a brick with mark all faces kindly, and the plaster plaster is just usual for the one pass method (opposite to the old three pass), and without metallic wire mesh... on cinder block its the same. For platerboard... invented in 1894.... thanks, but all workers now this technics since.... awwwwww. Just ridiculous. A French bricklayer, granite stone specialist ;-)

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  • WTF was that first one? Cut a hole, install a piece of wood, then plaster over it? For what? 2nd "corrosion resistant durable materials"...uuhhh, it's called plastic, moron who compiled this channel, and btw, yeah, you're right, those bright yellow slotted runners are COMPLETELY invisible to the eye...waste of time

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  • 0:14 - 1:08 is stupid. Just use a butterfly patch. 3:08 - 3:42 won't work on today's compressed cardboard doors, the material is too weak and the screws will tear out before the steel hinges bend.

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  • I suggest that if you're only cutting a few bricks you might as well just use an angle grinder. Bricks that cut cleanly from a chisel should never be used in a wall, you want a nice clean edge there are disks for that, and special square-cut water and diamond table saws precisely for bricks that cost less than having to re-do the wall.

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  • 3:15 That’s not a “Crescent “ wrench. It is a Knuckle Bender by FASTCAP. Specifically made to adjust hinges without damaging doors or trim. Look up at FASTCAP website

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