Smart And Cool 3D-Pen DIYs For Any Occasion || Repair Tips, Mini Crafts And DIY Jewelry

2021.ápr. 5.
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00:00 Coffee mug cap
00:46 Toothbrush holder
01:50 Golden plant pot
03:14 Geometrical necklace
03:48 DIY 3D-pen hairbrush
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  • 9:01 why would draw with a 3D pen on your phone

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  • Five minute crafts actor: meets their parents for the first time in a while Parents: so what’s your job rn? Five minute crafts actor: well ummm😳

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  • Go to 6:37 Her: oH nO wHaT sHaLl I eVeR dO? Me: THE IMPORTANCE OF A NIGHTSTAND Her: makes a useless contraption Me: realizes she could’ve just put it on the floor bc the cord is long enough Also me: wHaT wHaS tHe ReAsOn FoR aLl Of ThAt?

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    • I think you mean “Buy and new pop don’t make a cover” right?

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  • It’s called getting a tooth brush cover / cap ;-;

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  • I love the 3D pen 🖊

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  • 15:12 its awful

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  • 15:06 ... It looked like Maggie !! 😂😂😂

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  • Oh so when you go for an outing ... You have 3d pen but not slippers !! 🤷🏻‍♀️ But 3d pen is useful too ! 😂


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  • 10:43 can someone tell me what is the purpose of this

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    • 14:56 you cant afford a cheap mask but u got em expensive statue? The mask didnt look good anyway!

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    • 11:20 just buy a new one 11:22 dirty? GETA TISUE AND 𝐁𝐀𝐌 YOU DONT NEED TO WASTE THAT INK THING

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