Slav snacks - Slav party tutorial

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Here are 34 snacks, drinks and desserts for your slav theme party. Never again you have to offer popcorn and mozzarella sticks to friends. Throw away the chips and dip. Bring out the pickles and blins.
Here are videos of how to make the things:
Russian potato salad:
Herring under fur coat: coming soon!
Garlic rye bread:

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  • bruh sushiki are no joke fucking amazing I have my Russian friend bring like 5 bags every time he visits the U.S

  • So true!!!!!! The best video ever !!!!!

  • Adidas table Adidas table

    jimmy lundblomjimmy lundblomNapja
  • You know Isler from Croatia, those are good

    Truth FinderTruth Finder2 napja
  • Did Russians invent Ajvar and Cvarci ?

    Truth FinderTruth Finder2 napja
  • Мужик, если ты русский то ты гений

    mrironman 048mrironman 0482 napja
  • The Best snack on 1:47 Holodets.njami

    Dejan PetkovicDejan Petkovic2 napja
  • Very nice!👍👍

    Derro FarmDerro Farm3 napja
  • Salt sticks Ingredients : Salt and sticks Ah yes , the negotiator

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  • Hi

    Unknown GuestUnknown Guest4 napja
  • So about the western sugar water also isn’t homeland of adidas closest to Russia from the east of Russia anyway we have (thanks to mama) supply of dry ginger ale sich is not alcohol and is homemade also I do sometimes have western sugar water but only when I can pay in battleships because I need to get rid of stole- KGB Open up

    charles o'shannassycharles o'shannassy4 napja
  • as a slav, i can confirm that this is indeed true

    Akapulko 06Akapulko 065 napja
  • Boris has probably worked as a chef before, his cooking is just too good

    Ralph SaavedraRalph Saavedra5 napja
  • Butter, bread, and sugar are literally the only things you need for breakfast. It probably goes well with coffee. I do not know, as I am 13 and hate coffee.

    Keaton HuynhKeaton Huynh6 napja
  • BEHOLD, PORK RINDS or as I like to call them "THE ONLY REASON TO GET UP IN ZE MORNING" this guy is a mood, I'm subscribing lol

    Keaton HuynhKeaton Huynh6 napja
  • everybody talks about slav snacks he makes but why don't we talk about the fact that he is a slav snacc?

    Наталия ЛепешкоНаталия Лепешко6 napja
  • ishleri is from Serbia VADIM BLYAT you told Boris its Croatian

    Matija Bogićević VII2Matija Bogićević VII26 napja

    vibe dogvibe dog6 napja
  • Stalin would be so proud

    DanDan7 napja
  • This video constantly reminds me to go grab smoked cheese, some good, hard sausage and pickles when I'm out of them at home.

    Chuky UniqulChuky Uniqul9 napja
  • Kvass anyone?

    Gregory RuslavageGregory Ruslavage9 napja
  • Now okay, say you've got that one friend coming who you know is a Western Spy but is just too nice to turn away - there is a snack for him too. Beer and vodka-battered onion rings, fried in semechki oil. The greatest union of Western and Eastern cultures since the Berlin Wall came down.

    twotailedavengertwotailedavenger9 napja
  • More i watch your videos more I think my parents is more Russian then I thought

    LethalAssassin V3LethalAssassin V39 napja
  • Oh eastern Europe the land with food that looks like shit but tastes like god

    milan *-*milan *-*9 napja
  • Is the thumbnail a furry pickle with caviar on top of a rice crispy treat topped with sour cream?

    gsxr braaapgsxr braaap10 napja
  • shit. this made me hungry ;-;

    Daniel PunctureDaniel Puncture11 napja
  • This video is a nice index of Boris's food videos

    Gabriele BerselliGabriele Berselli11 napja
  • Fun fact: butterbrod is russian for sandwich

    .Think.Think12 napja
  • #10 pilipinos call it chicharon

    Mikhail YeltsinMikhail Yeltsin12 napja
  • xD

    CodeVoxCodeVox13 napja
  • Eaaaaeeeeting seeds~ Is the best time activity. . .

    Helix JovianHelix Jovian13 napja
  • 0:24 boris what is that

    Matis HMatis H13 napja
  • I will forever call popcorn detonated corn

    Outdoor AdventururOutdoor Adventurur13 napja
  • I am polish and kabanosi is amazing

    Dark Zombie192Dark Zombie19213 napja
  • Me: ooh this looks good, how do I make it. Boris: Link in the description Me: BLyaaatttt

    DaBoiDannyDaBoiDanny13 napja
  • Most of those i have eaten in Romania

    Alec MAlec M14 napja

    RΔΨΣΠRΔΨΣΠ15 napja
  • I searched for slav snacks, And your video is on the top of playlist.

    Tarun SachdevaTarun Sachdeva15 napja
  • confused vietnamese fish sauce noises

    8 Bit Samurai Guy8 Bit Samurai Guy15 napja
  • Here in Brazil one is the best snacks is the "pão de queijo" or "cheese bread" in english. I am not a coffee guy, but here we drink a lot of it. For dessert we like a carrot cake with chocolate syrup.

    f3lpssz sszf3lpssz ssz17 napja
  • fun fact: i was drinking baikal while watching video

    dukIzCikendukIzCiken18 napja
  • Boris you forgot in drink vodka

    Petros gamer CWGPetros gamer CWG19 napja
  • Your enggglissh is blowing my mind

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  • Не знаю почему, но это прекрасно

    MusicChanel это мой плейлист для музыкиMusicChanel это мой плейлист для музыки20 napja
  • Tarhun is my favorite drink btw it tastes so good

    Riko PõldRiko Põld22 napja
  • Well that means that eastern gemany is still slavic

    sethseth23 napja
  • Of anyone reads this comment, I REEEAAALLY suggest you go to a camp with a bunch of Slavs.

    Anton SaikoAnton Saiko24 napja
  • number 10 is called chicharon in the philippines

    GM PHGM PH26 napja
  • Where is the vodka

    CyanCyan26 napja
  • Wódka and pickles.

    Mr MothMr Moth27 napja
  • After watched this many times i just realised that hot single in your area at 00:25 😂

    purnomo mulyawanpurnomo mulyawan28 napja
  • That's my kind of food for sure

    AA TSAA TS29 napja
  • Sushi: *exists* Russian: Comrade Sushki: Comrade

    と び おと び お29 napja
  • you know, it might be surprizing but Holodez was very popular in USA for a long time. Its called Aspic. It was more loaded then russian version and often contained vegetables, but still.

  • Slav King, please check out a great Pakistani dessert (or Indian? Fuck, I dunno) called Meetha Paratha (Sweet Paratha). It's like a blin's overseas cousin, but pan fried and crispy. We also have lots of halwa/halva, my favorite is carrot halva. I have a feeling you'll like Meetha Paratha a lot! LOVE dipping it in milk tea (chai actually), highly recommended. Best way to have breakfast!!

    Bill LodhiaBill LodhiaHónapja
  • Us croatians also have Russian potato salad but for some reason we call it "French salad" and its a meal everybody must have at their tables on Christmas

    Mia LeviMia LeviHónapja
  • 3:04 In the Philippines, it is called "chicharon". 😊

    Teacher JohnTeacher JohnHónapja
  • Hello.

    crying dancrying danHónapja
  • 0:25 Oi what ya searching mate? Boris:im searching f-for snacks

    Joseph RecoletoJoseph RecoletoHónapja
  • Ja jestem ze Szczecina w Polsce ( i from Poland in Szczecin)

  • i eat semechki everyday

    Mimi MoslumeMimi MoslumeHónapja
  • Боря опять наебывает западных шпионов

  • Ah yes nothing like Serbian čvarci

  • Comrate forget about polish fameous dish Tatar.

    Mike CountryMike CountryHónapja
  • Those are fake cvarci tho

  • bread, butter, with sprinkle of sugar on top made me sad.

    Gus LookGus LookHónapja
  • Where is vodka on drinks!

    WISNIAK btzWISNIAK btzHónapja
  • Love the intro so much Like if you to

    Ranser GamingRanser GamingHónapja
  • I just want to say that you are the only HUworldr my Mama laughed to. 😊😊😊

    Derek Blin The GreatDerek Blin The GreatHónapja
  • 0:32 i want a 1hr long video made out of this

    Federico AsheidoFederico AsheidoHónapja
  • Yeah cvarci

    Mladen NikolicMladen NikolicHónapja
  • Where is medal blyat

  • Tri poloski

    Juan José BJuan José BHónapja
  • Number 1: The pickle Number 2: The pickle Number 3: The pickle Number 34: The pickle Number 45: The pickle Number Boris: The pickle

  • it is all so simple... if i have many beers, and you have none ill give you one. tomorrow it may be the opposite. i have none, and you have plenty... i have one.... we are all trying... love

    Anders IzralzzonAnders IzralzzonHónapja
  • the human taste goes beyond borders. dont forget the vodka :) viva la gopniks!

    Anders IzralzzonAnders IzralzzonHónapja
  • im from sweden .some dishes i know from swedish food. many are knew. i sense some culture in common here, a red thread. we are all gopniks!

    Anders IzralzzonAnders IzralzzonHónapja
  • Где оливье?

    Tim's_Lab 1Tim's_Lab 1Hónapja

  • Хардбасс топовый

    Eva BraunEva BraunHónapja
  • Борис! Про сгущённое молоко и мармелад забыл.

    Konstantin MuravskiKonstantin MuravskiHónapja

  • 08:32 im polish and ill say this: the way you pronounce it is "pash-te-chik shche-chin-skee

  • How to not make a Ajvar pleaseee !!!!!!!!

  • He finally made zefir!

    Emmanuel RosasEmmanuel RosasHónapja
  • Ок

    SharkLe DolbaebSharkLe DolbaebHónapja
  • 3:43 Polish kabanosy are normally much thicker than this. But we have also dog snacks which are thin like those...

  • А русских , собственно , здесь нет

    Марк МунтянуМарк МунтянуHónapja
  • "sugar bread" *Mom, i guess there is a part of slav in me right??* "using butter not margarine...." alright cancel it...seems not then....

    RuA Honey BadgerRuA Honey BadgerHónapja
  • Me, nine minutes and eleven seconds ago: Why is it so impossible to find a Russian restaurant anywhere? Me, now: Oh.


    Pebbles 2: eletric boogalooPebbles 2: eletric boogalooHónapja
  • it seems like "dubious looking brick" is a very versatile and commonly used sentence used to describe food in Russia.

  • Where is vodka? Its missing.. Where you ask? In everything! This is vodka! Its dessert food snacks its all

  • respect for pasztecik szczeciński its regional food sold only in Szczecin

  • I like CUMPOT

    DoU Valakhit?DoU Valakhit?Hónapja
  • незнаю что сказать...

    нолап калапнолап калапHónapja
  • *4:19* 21 savage *4:20* 21 snacks

  • Прикольно

  • Борис-еврей

    Феликс ДзержинскийФеликс ДзержинскийHónapja