Slav school of driving - driving instructor Boris

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Slav school of driving with driving instructor Boris
Part 2:
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This is Boris showing basics of learning how to drive. Slav style. Here with student Anatoli we go through basic exercises like:
Learning the car
Taking off
Reverse parking
Parallel parking
The getaway
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  • Driving instructor: wow you are really good! Where did you learn to drive? Me:

    I_Like MemezI_Like MemezÉvvel
    • My driving instructor was rally driver he became driving instructor for part time and my driving test at abandoned land and yeah drive like rally driver dude I'm so so so scared

    • "drunk is naught a place it is a star ovv mind?". Yes. Yes it is. So is existence. Not drunk but a state of mind. It's like physics except it's called philosophy applied to sciences yes? No? Just me. ... Okay. Easy college credit. (If I gave a beer about colleges)

      Oliver HelOliver Hel4 hónapja
    • Drunk. I learned to drive drunk and young.

      Oliver HelOliver Hel4 hónapja
    • @Panzer 2 Historian the good old Wüstenfuchs? Nice!

      WaldemarWaldemar7 hónapja
    • Finn is the best one in the whole time

      Destruction TimeDestruction Time8 hónapja
  • I wan the cars name pls

    Alah Is 1Alah Is 19 órája
  • While there is this video I can confirm that this is similar to how I was taught to drive a stick shift. 1 hour of practice in an isolated field. And then on populated roads in the city.

    Stymphalian BirdStymphalian Bird9 órája
  • just bought a lada 1200 and plan on restoring it

    Florea MihaiFlorea Mihai10 órája
  • Actually as a true slav i can tell u no one use seatbelts, this thing is used in mother Russia only to recognise murican spies

    D. MikhailofficialD. Mikhailofficial4 napja
  • Boris I can't believe watching your driving videos help me pass my test

    jester aka princejester aka prince5 napja
  • 5:14 You breaking the car Samir.

    Shivansh SinghShivansh Singh5 napja
  • Thank you Boris.... Just because of you my 5 year old son can drive now.... He drives his school bus back home everyday.... So proud of him

    HeManShoeHeManShoe5 napja
  • The samir reference made me :dead:

    azmodanpcazmodanpc6 napja
  • hey boris are you wearing a unshaka

    Shiella Dela CruzShiella Dela Cruz8 napja
    • do you wear that every day?

      Shiella Dela CruzShiella Dela Cruz8 napja
  • "You are breaking the car Samir!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i lost it! Best reference ever!

    Sacm93Sacm9313 napja
  • Vasya is going to be very excited when he see how well you treat his car... Shuka

  • You need a PKM mounted too the roof.

    Randell DarkyRandell Darky13 napja
  • 5:10 i laughed so hard 😂😂

    Bmw RacingBmw Racing13 napja
  • 4:26 - FFS, can you decide when M really means M, not T??

    AnvilshockAnvilshock13 napja
  • Russians are second best drivers in whole world. First is Chinese.

    Moto RickMoto Rick14 napja

    Th3Mavr1ckTh3Mavr1ck17 napja
  • Have we been wearing masks for a year now?

    Service NJService NJ18 napja
  • 5:15 that reference blin 😎

    Alberto PAlberto P19 napja
  • I am eating potatoes while watching this :)

    Gamesniper 102Gamesniper 10219 napja
  • Boris: So tell me, student Anatoli, how many time you're driving already? Anatoli: *tries to explain with hands* Boris *ah its not problem is my first time also*

    ProNoobTRProNoobTR20 napja
  • you are breaking the car samir is a legandary video

    Dannyb35Dannyb3520 napja
  • me and my friend had both bought our own c230 kompressors because of this video. thank you.

  • Boris: FEEL THE POWER OF VASYA Anatoli: *holds on for dear life*

    Julienne BallartaJulienne Ballarta21 napja

    Алексей ЛомаевАлексей ЛомаевHónapja
  • let me guess. are you from chichan?

    Mr. WildMr. WildHónapja
  • Boris has a supercharged mercedes Very nice 👍!

    Boris PernichevBoris PernichevHónapja
  • Why did Boris call anatoli samir

    Oscar SanfilippoOscar SanfilippoHónapja
  • whenthestick came of

    Palash MorchhalePalash MorchhaleHónapja
  • My face hurts from laughing 😂😂

  • Boris please play minecraft

    Fat ManFat ManHónapja
  • That how I drive averyday

    Royal GarageRoyal GarageHónapja
  • i actually wanted to learn how to drive but ok

    montero miguelmontero miguelHónapja
  • *rips rearview mirror off* "Mirror adjustment complete" :))))))

    Daniel's Game VaultDaniel's Game VaultHónapja
  • Who is samir?

    You don't have to know my nameYou don't have to know my name2 hónapja
  • Why every school of driving have mercedes car

    bad boybad boy2 hónapja
  • 5:10

    Elektronika dla początkującychElektronika dla początkujących2 hónapja
  • I now know how to drive

    ZeroBroZeroBro2 hónapja
  • Americans - right side European - left side Australia - upsidedown backwards left side Russian - road is road, dirt is road, snow is road, ice is road, hell sky is road.

    Luke ChartersLuke Charters2 hónapja
    • European left side? What are you on?


    Swagger YTSwagger YT2 hónapja
  • where lada

    Henry WennbergHenry Wennberg2 hónapja
  • "and i am driving already 5 weeks now, and 7 of those weeks, have been driving instructor" -Boris 2019

    oscar madejskioscar madejski2 hónapja
  • 3:14 annotoli looks so scared I'm so sorry for how bad I just butchered his name

    Ninga 353Ninga 3532 hónapja
  • 5:10 is the best moment i have ever seen

  • Tebya smotrit hotyadu odin rusians chelovek???? Esli da to postav odin laik

    Docter ZDocter Z2 hónapja
  • 5:12 Anatoli tried not to laugh😂

    Shark 2524Shark 25243 hónapja
  • potato gang

    NeubaufahrzeugNeubaufahrzeug3 hónapja
  • Super Slav slippers it aka gopnik iron sandals

    Doom slayer is gamer BlyatDoom slayer is gamer Blyat3 hónapja
  • Borris why are you not driving a lada

    the furry communistthe furry communist3 hónapja
  • Kinda wanted to hear Antanoli’s voice

    A_literal_pebbleA_literal_pebble3 hónapja
    • *Anatoli

      A_literal_pebbleA_literal_pebble3 hónapja
  • I'm German and my sister makes her driving lessons and she showed it to her driving instructor

    stupsi Lizardstupsi Lizard3 hónapja
  • 5:15 (indian accent) *SAMIR YOU’RE BREAKING THE CAR!*

    RuotaRuota3 hónapja
  • >Driving instructor >lesson two: taking off oi pizdek....

    Sar PtolemySar Ptolemy3 hónapja
  • WhAt YoU lEaVe BrAiN aT hOmE ???????????? lmfao

    César OrtegaCésar Ortega3 hónapja
  • “If this your first time...” *proceeds to look like he’s humping the car door* *breaks off mirror and yet s it out the window* “Mirror adjustment made” “Plus five points for no shifter knob” Now that, comrades, is impressive.

    OP8OP83 hónapja
  • 5:10 blyat

    Andreas StephanAndreas Stephan3 hónapja
  • Right now I’m 12 years old 13 days ago when I was like 3 to7 Years old I also had a Mercedes fuckin miss that car

    100.000 Subscribers with no videos Yes100.000 Subscribers with no videos Yes3 hónapja
  • Vadim is me here

    Titli4Titli43 hónapja
  • Can someone tell me exactly what type of mercedes is this one?

    P e u lP e u l3 hónapja

    JQJQ3 hónapja
  • im so late, the soviet union put missiles in cuba.

    Failed SfmFailed Sfm3 hónapja
  • Moments before disaster 5:08

    VibeSVibeS3 hónapja
  • Anatoli, The best student you'll ever want. Boris, the best teacher you'd want.

    ConstantBit9ConstantBit93 hónapja
  • You can't see anatoli's face but you can deal the fear

    kingTigerkingTiger3 hónapja
  • Which car is he using

    MahbusMahbus3 hónapja
    • Mercedes C200 Kompressor W202

      Miko 00Miko 003 hónapja
  • But driving with flip-flops is forbidden where I live

    AV CuberAV Cuber3 hónapja
  • Boris: oh hold on Ad: CaRs PleAse bUy TheM

    cupcake kittencupcake kitten3 hónapja
  • 5:14 - ah-hah!! I caught you! "Vadim" is an alias! The Adidas white-clad bloke is SAMIR! SAMIR, I tell you! Not Vadim! 😺😺😺

    0ldCat0ldCat3 hónapja
  • So, since you Slav, you drink Vodka. If I only had beer, would you accept German Liquid instead?

    Kees DriesenKees Driesen3 hónapja
    • I am German. We only drink beer!

      Kees DriesenKees Driesen3 hónapja

    The Old BarnyThe Old Barny3 hónapja
  • This vid was a wild ride all the way through 😂😂😂

    A WA W3 hónapja
  • 5:11 haahahahah

    One Unit Of Chicken ProduceOne Unit Of Chicken Produce3 hónapja
  • every where i go i see his face, because he's always catching up to me

    MuffinmanMuffinman3 hónapja
  • You don't need to go to driving school to know how to drive, I have 13 and I am driving Lada samara 1500L and it's my dream car.

    Petar TatićPetar Tatić3 hónapja
  • Boris calls Anatoli Samir 5:11

    LoonLoon3 hónapja
  • 4:43 money baby 💵💵💵💵

    Hannah DHannah D3 hónapja
  • Good to know that not only is the Mercedes supercharged, the important bits are indestructible. I mean, everything that broke off isn't 100% necessary.

    CAPT. SparkyCAPT. Sparky3 hónapja
  • YOU ARE BREAKING THE CAR SAMIR this meme Was Trully Very Amazing

    DynamiteDynamite3 hónapja
  • Парень жжет напалмом

    Александре СафаровАлександре Сафаров3 hónapja
  • 3:13 anatoli is holding on for dear life, lmao

    Luke ChartersLuke Charters3 hónapja
  • If you end up in friend's car which has automatic transmission, then Run Blyat

    JoelSam2006JoelSam20063 hónapja
  • Student Anatoli: *crashes Mercedes into a wall* Driving Instructor: Oh no, cyka! You've just damaged a perfect Soviet wall! Yes, I'm Russian (look at my account name)

    Григорий ПерфильевГригорий Перфильев3 hónapja
  • Ah yes, the video that first introduced me to The Shashlik King Boris

    Lonely KoopaLonely Koopa3 hónapja
  • That poor s-class 😂😂

    Aeld AllkushiAeld Allkushi3 hónapja

    Paul J. Brazzle Jr.Paul J. Brazzle Jr.3 hónapja
  • Why they drive mercedes BMW Fucin slav car

    PrimoPrimo3 hónapja
  • So we aren’t going to say anything about the fact that he has a Mercedes with no plates

    Square body Master 1987Square body Master 19873 hónapja
  • Anatoli is like : *bORIS SLOW DOWN BLYAT*

    Pan DequesoPan Dequeso3 hónapja
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 flashbacks, блять!

    IgorTheLightIgorTheLight3 hónapja
  • Boris, ti i twoj paren otshen horoshije Woditeli! Klassnije Widosi u tebja. Ostowajsa tak kak ti jest! Slawa!!!

    Lennart JilkaLennart Jilka3 hónapja
  • Does all russians talk english like this? Its beautiful

    YeetifyRS _YeetifyRS _3 hónapja
    • yea

      MarikMarik3 hónapja
  • I have been driving 5 weeks now And 7 of those weeks are driving instructor Well done Boris😄

    YeetifyRS _YeetifyRS _3 hónapja
  • samir youre breaking the car!

    FREEZ gFREEZ g3 hónapja
  • What kind of stupid filth is that supposed to represent ??? It has been a long time since we saw such large garbage !!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Come to drift lesson

    ali cengizhan Ersözali cengizhan Ersöz3 hónapja
  • No Lada? Где Лада???

    Дядя ФедяДядя Федя3 hónapja
  • Surprised I hadn't seen the crank starting of a Lada Niva on here yet.

    Jason SummitJason Summit3 hónapja
  • How much are your services?

    меня зовут тимменя зовут тим3 hónapja
  • If u are a Merc fan like 🖕BMW

    AllTheStuff :AllTheStuff :3 hónapja
  • R.I.P manual gear ????-2019 lol

    Sg08Sg083 hónapja