Slav school of driving - driving instructor Boris

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Slav school of driving with driving instructor Boris
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This is Boris showing basics of learning how to drive. Slav style. Here with student Anatoli we go through basic exercises like:
Learning the car
Taking off
Reverse parking
Parallel parking
The getaway
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  • Driving instructor: wow you are really good! Where did you learn to drive? Me:

    I_Like MemezI_Like MemezÉvvel
    • "drunk is naught a place it is a star ovv mind?". Yes. Yes it is. So is existence. Not drunk but a state of mind. It's like physics except it's called philosophy applied to sciences yes? No? Just me. ... Okay. Easy college credit. (If I gave a beer about colleges)

      Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
    • Drunk. I learned to drive drunk and young.

      Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
    • @Panzer 2 Historian the good old Wüstenfuchs? Nice!

      WaldemarWaldemar4 hónapja
    • Finn is the best one in the whole time

      Finn SheridanFinn Sheridan5 hónapja
    • i have my driving exam tomorow :v

      Friedrich Wilhelm von PreußenFriedrich Wilhelm von Preußen10 hónapja
  • what car is that?

    HattushaHattusha9 órája
  • Boris calls Anatoli Samir 5:11

    Abbi WerlAbbi Werl3 napja
  • 4:43 money baby 💵💵💵💵

    Hannah DHannah D3 napja
  • Good to know that not only is the Mercedes supercharged, the important bits are indestructible. I mean, everything that broke off isn't 100% necessary.

    CAPT. SparkyCAPT. Sparky3 napja
  • YOU ARE BREAKING THE CAR SAMIR this meme Was Trully Very Amazing

    Dynamite 45Dynamite 453 napja
  • Парень жжет напалмом

    Александре СафаровАлександре Сафаров4 napja
  • 3:13 anatoli is holding on for dear life, lmao

    Luke ChartersLuke Charters4 napja
  • If you end up in friend's car which has automatic transmission, then Run Blyat

    JoelSam2006JoelSam20066 napja
  • Student Anatoli: *crashes Mercedes into a wall* Driving Instructor: Oh no, cyka! You've just damaged a perfect Soviet wall! Yes, I'm Russian (look at my account name)

    Григорий ПерфильевГригорий Перфильев9 napja
  • Ah yes, the video that first introduced me to The Shashlik King Boris

    Lonely KoopaLonely Koopa11 napja
  • That poor s-class 😂😂

    Aeld AllkushiAeld Allkushi11 napja

    Paul J. Brazzle Jr.Paul J. Brazzle Jr.11 napja
  • Why they drive mercedes BMW Fucin slav car

    PrimoPrimo11 napja
  • So we aren’t going to say anything about the fact that he has a Mercedes with no plates

    Rebel Sam 13Rebel Sam 1312 napja
  • Anatoli is like : *bORIS SLOW DOWN BLYAT*

    Pan DequesoPan Dequeso13 napja
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 flashbacks, блять!

    IgorTheLightIgorTheLight14 napja
  • Boris, ti i twoj paren otshen horoshije Woditeli! Klassnije Widosi u tebja. Ostowajsa tak kak ti jest! Slawa!!!

    Lennart JilkaLennart Jilka14 napja
  • Does all russians talk english like this? Its beautiful

    DJ YeetDJ Yeet14 napja
    • yea

      MarikMarik14 napja
  • I have been driving 5 weeks now And 7 of those weeks are driving instructor Well done Boris😄

    DJ YeetDJ Yeet14 napja
  • samir youre breaking the car!

    FREEZ gFREEZ g16 napja
  • What kind of stupid filth is that supposed to represent ??? It has been a long time since we saw such large garbage !!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Come to drift lesson

    ali cengizhan Ersözali cengizhan Ersöz18 napja
  • No Lada? Где Лада???

    Дядя ФедяДядя Федя18 napja
  • Surprised I hadn't seen the crank starting of a Lada Niva on here yet.

    Jason SummitJason Summit19 napja
  • How much are your services?

    меня зовут тимменя зовут тим19 napja
  • If u are a Merc fan like 🖕BMW

    AllTheStuff :AllTheStuff :19 napja
  • R.I.P manual gear ????-2019 lol

    Sg08Sg0819 napja
  • R.I.P mirror ????-2019

    Sg08Sg0819 napja
  • Tank:pulls them out. That guy with an ak47 taped up:so u know why I pulled you over ? That dude:no Ak47guy:u don’t have a driver licence Russian dude: do i rlly neadvone Guy -.-

    AdamBlast GamingAdamBlast Gaming20 napja
  • 7:00 It was at this moment that Anatoli knew he messed up.Boris be like AH WHAT THE BLYAT. Anatoli ruined that beautiful soviet wall. *MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR SOVIET WALL*

    Classified SlayerClassified Slayer20 napja
  • 5:10. Anatoli pulls out stick and looks so innocent.Anyways its Vasya's car.

    Classified SlayerClassified Slayer20 napja
  • me:is there any open fields parents:yes me:

    Selvia EvasariSelvia Evasari22 napja
  • Drive a Benz instead of Lada you are no real SLav

    Masterr LasterMasterr Laster23 napja
  • ur breaking the car samir my fav line

    Dianty WidodoDianty Widodo23 napja
  • Why does russian ppl love Mercedes and Lada ??

    medo amirmedo amir23 napja
  • It brutally offends me that the car is not a Lada

    SamSam24 napja
  • driving instructor? why u think that? @ 5:09 Shiftstick dies "you breaking the car samir, how the blyat" best slav moment, you made me laugh hard thnx

    Don DottaDon Dotta24 napja
  • Boris dorifto

    ThiagoPrateziThiagoPratezi24 napja
  • It should be a BMW

    : dominikofficial69: dominikofficial6924 napja

    les larmes coulentles larmes coulent25 napja
  • They thought they defeated us but we are everywhere now ;)

    FS GamingFS Gaming25 napja
  • How many Times you driving? 1 No problem its my first time also. Lol

    helohelo25 napja
  • Boris can you do a slav motorcycle driving school? if it is done then thx bro

    PetmopPetmop26 napja
  • Instructor: For how long have you been driving Me: Euh [...] Instructor: Nah it's Ok.. it's my first time also Me: That's a relief.. Allo Babuchka cancel the.. (crash)

    Ysf YAYsf YA27 napja

    just a Random guyjust a Random guy27 napja
  • Boris has put on weight

    Liam CliffordLiam Clifford27 napja
  • What model car is this?

    Bram VeningaBram Veninga28 napja
    • Mercedes C-class W202

      JimmyJimmy13 napja
  • Poor ryba😂

    Fatza GamingFatza Gaming28 napja
  • This video is so funny lol

    AminAmin28 napja

    Harvester Of SoulsHarvester Of Souls28 napja
    • Yess

      Harvester Of SoulsHarvester Of Souls28 napja
  • whos samir

    Naithan John MatuguinaNaithan John MatuguinaHónapja
  • Boris: looks over In the middle of a phone call Anatoli: keeps on breaking the car

    Dwayne The Sloth JohnsonDwayne The Sloth JohnsonHónapja
  • and thats what happen if u say forget everyone

    Marko BosnicMarko BosnicHónapja
  • i like chikens

    Emilio PervojEmilio PervojHónapja
  • 😕😕Эм накоком он говорит языке????

    Евгений ВакулинЕвгений ВакулинHónapja
  • Only legends will understand 'you are braking the car Samir !' part 😂😂

    Ninad NaikNinad NaikHónapja
  • These guys wore masks before it was a thing

    Thomas FudalaThomas FudalaHónapja
  • This video is the best. I'm watching it like 10th time.

    Mr. StarlukoMr. StarlukoHónapja
  • Bodka fuel

    Juan José BJuan José BHónapja
  • I wonder what the thought were of peiple who drove by

    The weissling mobileThe weissling mobileHónapja
  • Boris I could beat that time easy

    luis villarrealluis villarrealHónapja
  • My Slavic/Australian family taught me to drive much like this. The experience is universal

  • what's the thing with the fish? :))

    Marius NicoaleMarius NicoaleHónapja
  • I think this was the video what made me start the salv lifestyle

    Jari SirkkoJari SirkkoHónapja
  • Maybe you make Blin-playlist for spotify?

  • "Targeting device" is that star in the middle pf the hood, you mistakingly called "crash detector". You see, it is crosshair for aiming at things and dudes you want to hit with your car.

    Ivan StepanovicIvan StepanovicHónapja
  • Boris my favourite car is the mighty and most slav car every made the lada

    General squirrelGeneral squirrelHónapja
  • the fact that i got a bentley advertisement before this made it more interesting

    Libertin NijelLibertin NijelHónapja
  • Прям как наш мерс

    Nematullo SayfulloevNematullo SayfulloevHónapja
  • Now we know how the torpedo learned to drive.

    aydan khaliqaydan khaliqHónapja
  • Anatoly real name is Samir?

    Emanuel BonitoEmanuel BonitoHónapja
  • 3:15 - 3:22 I can't get over the fact that Anatoli looks so terrified 😂

    Nic0 _200Nic0 _200Hónapja
  • Thank you as always for wonderful moments of your time and my laughter's and happiness. Yuh huh. Hahahha

    Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
  • What was that noise? Bmw runflat tires

    Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
    • At roughly the 5:00 mark thereof just because vadims...

      Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
  • Make me a pie crust. Fold the butter into the flour like God does naught hate pies... And make for me a pie crust

    Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
  • So diesel and benzine are different grades of distillates. ? Yes plural thank you. Different grades of distillates?

    Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
  • He just called me urod".. the .. .. blin. Yes blin is what I was taught to say..

    Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
  • Is Grammarly slav??

    CrazySaints F4N!CrazySaints F4N!Hónapja
  • Anatoly drifting

  • Anatoly drifting

  • that's a really nice car actually

    Hussein HorackHussein HorackHónapja
  • Haha boyfriend had the same car 😂 was so broken it sounded like a kalashnikov 😂

    Bass AddictBass AddictHónapja
  • Самир?

    Михаил ХолодильниковМихаил ХолодильниковHónapja

    Hollie DuncanHollie DuncanHónapja
  • Tech me to drive Boris

    Random person from WisconsinRandom person from WisconsinHónapja
  • 4:59-5:20 is my favorite

  • By the way Anatoli drive pose looks, looks like he drive trucks....or a drift car :v

    cat jack IN thA boXcat jack IN thA boXHónapja
  • What Mercedes is this?

    Drawing PadDrawing PadHónapja
  • Imagine Anatoli quietly saying"Idk how to drive" with you as a passanger

  • What is stronger: Sovjet wall or german car

    HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulHappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulHónapja
    • Soviet wall

      Monika KujawaMonika KujawaHónapja
  • Nice drive 😁

  • You are breaking the car samir 😭

    Ball PoolBall PoolHónapja
  • That was the funniest thing I’ve seen!! 😂 I wish I had Boris as my driving instructor... I drive like a 102-year-old babushka

    Edd VCREdd VCRHónapja
  • Anatoli is looking adorable!!, like a squarel see unknown thing! 3:17 Edit: i forgot to out the video number on

    Mr. SheltyMr. SheltyHónapja
  • First part of learning to drive: buy a bmw!

    Affi ÅkerlundAffi ÅkerlundHónapja
  • Best driving school in the world

    maxx1991maxx19912 hónapja
  • My dad had je same car he sold it 3 years ago I want to kill my self

    StacyStacy2 hónapja
    • What is this Mercedes called

      Drawing PadDrawing PadHónapja
  • 5:11 There ya go

    Z3R0 The AssassinZ3R0 The Assassin2 hónapja
  • To be honest, i want him to teach me how to drive.

    Copyright GamingCopyright Gaming2 hónapja