SKINS - A Movie So Painfully Weird It's Almost Unwatchable

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seriously wtf is this movie
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you guys already know I used banjo kazooie music in this
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  • note: this movie wasn't released in 2020, rather it was popularized by Netflix in 2020, that's why I said it was the weirdest movie of 2020 Also new merch let's gooo!! :

    Elvis The AlienElvis The Alien6 napja
    • random movie request. Red canyon. Its not to bad as it is just plain. There's times were it tries to deal with sensitive topics (ptsd/grape with no g) Times were it just doesn't make sense. Memory just doesn't exist sometimes other times it comes out of no were. I think the worst thing is that Norman reedus is in it. Such a good actor in such a shit movie. Once again its less bad its funny and more just plain. You can watch it on HUworld easily. Also the merch looks cool👍

      remy leeremy lee2 órája
    • Video request: alien apocalypse

      Benito ProductionsBenito Productions3 órája
    • You should do Kuso by flying lotus

      the jelly fox cunte buntethe jelly fox cunte bunte9 órája
    • Me n my bro had a good laugh!

      T RobT RobNapja
    • OMG!

      T RobT Rob2 napja
  • I stopped watching the video when she put the tube in her butt. The visual image of that is appalling. 🤮

    BlueCorpBlueCorp10 perccel
  • nope nope nope i refuse to watch mouths be replaced with assholes

    Conner JukesConner JukesÓrája
  • I loved this movie. You should review I Care A Lot my boy. It's the biggest pile of shit I've had the disfortune of seeing in a long while.

    sul141sul1412 órája
  • Ok yeah but wHY WHYYYYh

    Clara NadineClara Nadine2 órája
  • my dog farting while i watched this made it even more disgusting

    Allen OlivieriAllen Olivieri3 órája
  • Will you react to Salo? Also know as 120 days of sodom. I’ve heard it’s the most disturbing film ever made, and I’m curious but too chicken shit to watch it

    Lee FaithLee Faith3 órája
  • Elvis, you really need to watch and review the movie Stitches from 2012. It’s about a clown that dies and comes back to life and starts killing teenagers

    DG’s Music CornerDG’s Music Corner3 órája
  • Love how the director compared dwarfism, burn victims and Body Integrity Identity Disorder to.....a buttface😐......

    Haley WagnerHaley Wagner4 órája
  • Are ya winnin, son? -chubbyemu, lol. Never drink a lava lamp.

    Laura GravesLaura Graves4 órája
  • So... John Waters without the charm?

    flickflackflickflack4 órája
  • This movie literally makes me feel pain

    The red SpyThe red Spy5 órája
  • When I saw the thumbnail I thought “Live-Action Coraline”

    Sonic101lightSonic101light5 órája
  • It's not a diamond in the rough, it's a diamond in the shit

    Choco bearChoco bear5 órája
  • you should review the new tom and jerry movie, apparently its pretty bad. Or thats what i’ve heard.

    Sham RamSham Ram6 órája
  • as an asexual who knew nothing about his film, I almost cried

    RantAndArtRantAndArt6 órája
  • where is the unsee button ? i can´t find it

    leonardo barriosleonardo barrios6 órája
  • so who's the girl with bieber hair at the end there?

    Raymx slapped y'allRaymx slapped y'all7 órája
  • I want to commit suicide I really want to commit suicide

    AaronRyan jr.AaronRyan jr.7 órája
  • HAHAHA she needs a liquid cake!!?

    Raymx slapped y'allRaymx slapped y'all7 órája
  • why would u ever go to a public diner if u gotta eat like that?

    Raymx slapped y'allRaymx slapped y'all7 órája
  • Hey I'm spanish and I think that you were just a little close-minded. Yeah the movie try to be shocking but in european movies is completly normal to see nudity or rape scenes and that type of things as you can see in Gaspar Noe's films. Idk but I think that american people are too used to american cinema and when they see something different they just didn't give an opportunity

    Gema RodríguezGema Rodríguez7 órája
  • Why is jshlatt referenced in the video 😂

    Oh Yea yeaOh Yea yea7 órája
  • Somehow nothing seems to have disturbed me since I found out about the human centipede movie.

    Grace LewisGrace Lewis8 órája
  • Fun fact: The director spent a million of euros to make the movie (not of his own, but public money). It earned 80 thousand euros at the box office here in Spain. And yet, the director had the audacity to ask for more "public money" to make "their" movies in the Goya's awards ceremony. "We need more money. More public money to make our movies" (this is literally what he said). I didn't watched it (nobody did), and now I can understand why. Thank you :D

    La guarida de PantoniLa guarida de Pantoni8 órája
  • Pleeeeeeease watch house shark

    Faith JohnsonFaith Johnson8 órája
  • Love the iron chic poster in the back!

    Nikki CusackNikki Cusack8 órája
  • 7:31 someone please explain

    jo3ljo3l8 órája
  • Wtf

    Kawaii Cooki UwUKawaii Cooki UwU8 órája
  • I watched this shit when I was like 9 and I remembered bits of it throughout my life (mainly anus lady) and I was too fucking scared to look it up.

    DaBonkinatorDaBonkinator9 órája
  • I cant tell if theyre clowning on disabled people or if this is inspiration porn or both

    Bee kBee k9 órája
  • this is definitely the weirdest movie i've ever seen

    YourLocalAlienYourLocalAlien10 órája
  • Watch killer sofa

    numericaljarl5519numericaljarl551910 órája
  • I wish you would do commentary on the movie "The Cell" like if you agree!

    D RossD Ross10 órája
  • Do willys wonderland next

    Memphis REEEMemphis REEE10 órája
  • "You can deliver a powerful message without being pretentious" Someone should have said to this movie director!

    Drizzt Do UrdenDrizzt Do Urden11 órája
  • Why do they allow idiots to make shitstorms like this?

    Insanarchy MediaInsanarchy Media11 órája
  • Review the movie nerve (2016) ?

    Jessica MaddenJessica Madden11 órája
  • Hey Elvis, could you review Host on Shudder?

    M AllocerM Allocer12 órája

    MegatronMegatron12 órája
  • You need to do a review on Tetsuo The Iron Man and Tetsuo II: Body Hammer they are insane!!! A fan from Argentina 🙌

    KresbokKresbok13 órája
  • What the absolute hell?

    TheDawnIsMyEnemyTheDawnIsMyEnemy13 órája
  • *insert rhinestone eyes joke here*

    GorbGorb13 órája
  • Please review the night comes for us 2018

    Destructive RangerDestructive Ranger13 órája
  • 7:29 Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

    Obamanana BananaObamanana Banana13 órája
  • 5:25 the waiter laughs too Samantha's face 😑

    Dein AnführerDein Anführer13 órája
  • Elvis, please please pleeeease review “The Hole in the Ground”. It’s on amazon prime and it is such a magnificent movie, definitely underrated imo

    Kaytee SKaytee S14 órája
  • * I watched your vid within last week. Was just in shower. Some reason this popped into my head. And I came up with "Gives new meaning to 'kiss my ass'." 🤣

    Lily Maria WhiddonLily Maria Whiddon14 órája
  • I just watched a movie called: "High Rise" on Tubi was pretty fuckin odd but I got through it 😂

    π iKROODUM ππ iKROODUM π14 órája
  • Hey Elvis, there's an new movie (or at least it's new to me-) called "SON" that has just came out in 2021 and I was wondering if....You could watch it and see what happens? it might be somewhat of a actual good movie but I wouldn't know

    Israelle DreherIsraelle Dreher14 órája
  • Hey, Elvis! Have you watched Hardcore Henry? Ilya Naishuller, 2016? Great movie in POV....

    Courtney's EnglishCourtney's English16 órája
  • I can't tell who's better between Elvis The Alien and PayMoneyWubby.

    Vaddix 99Vaddix 9916 órája
  • i feel so bad for mrs. the alien

    loizerzloizerz18 órája
  • Such kissable lips

    Labrax OrientalisLabrax Orientalis19 órája
  • heh heh heh huh huh heh heh

    GastoneGastone20 órája
  • Pls react to the movie titled "truth or dare"

    KARO?KARO?21 órája
  • Bruh, try making a review of Eli. It's an Netflix btw

  • Guermo is a fallout ghoul lol

    James PhilipJames Philip21 órája
  • I like all the characters and events ar connected in ways

    Sphere GuanzonSphere Guanzon22 órája
  • I am almost ashamed to say I liked this movie.

    babsywomanbabsywoman23 órája
  • Elvis should review the really bad movie Gamer

    SWB TrainsSWB TrainsNapja
  • Does anyone have eye bleach?

    Patrick MadlaPatrick MadlaNapja
  • This movie would of been 2000 times better if they didn't have butt hole girl

  • I was on board with the deformed people and even the asshole mouth thing (I've seen a lot of weird art movies so it doesn't phase me) until the brothel offered the children... that I cannot abide by. The fact that it was making the pedophile a sympathetic character really squicked me out. This feels kind of like A Serbian Film in terms of it being shock value just for the sake of shock value, with some fake pretentious BS tagged onto the end of it.

    Matthew C.Matthew C.Napja
  • Can you watch killer alien clowns

  • Review croods 2 it feels like I took a tab of acid

    Eli BryanEli BryanNapja
  • So when we are gonna see your face reveal? surely you're an alien with human skin in it

    AJ CantubaAJ CantubaNapja
  • You should absolutely watch Gummo. It’s so fucked up and weird

  • Considering what I watched today, this movie looks great and easy on the eyes. I mean that literally, I don't what this other movie did, but they really f*cked up the colors and brightness. Everything was this weird muddy orange color, and I mean everything, the grass, the trees, the people, and it was all very bright, like they took the bright technicolor of My Little Pony or something like that and cranked it up by 11. It physically hurt to watch. Compared to that, this movie seems like a godsend. How does one procure this film to view?

    Cameron DodgeCameron DodgeNapja
  • I love the color palette though.

    heck Noheck NoNapja
  • 7:28 i wasn't expecting Schlatt to pop up kinda scared me ngl

    leech bankersleech bankersNapja
  • I feel kinda sick rn

    anja Kanja KNapja
  • who ever thought this was a good way to teach tolerance should not make movies ever again edit this was way worse than i could have ever imagined

    faxpax swagworthfaxpax swagworthNapja
  • What a waste of aesthetic. This movie was too chaotic for this photography.

    Blue LavenderBlue LavenderNapja
  • honestly the part about the kid with the body identity disorder is a really cool idea, especially the scene where he gets run over the car. could have been something cool, a shame it had to be part of this shitshow

    spookadoodle ytspookadoodle ytNapja
  • Where can I watch this? Please anyone? PLEASE??

  • To be fair, butthole-mouth makes sense, since lips are the same kinda skin as buttholes...?

  • I like how this movie kinda asks. “What is worse? Being physically deformed or mentally?” Would you rather look a certain way that shocks people but be completely sane? Or would you rather look “normal” but be completely insane? Yeah if you have a butthole for a face you’re doomed in a lot of social ways but at least you have your sanity, you can still make something of yourself. If you’re completely insane mentally, you’re gonna do insane stuff like ya know.... have your legs run over by a car, which is worse?

    Death Metal MusicianDeath Metal MusicianNapja
  • So his mom boots him out for stroking it to a picture of his girlfriend? I mean.... if anything that’s about the most normal thing I’ve seen a person do in this movie, yet she cheats on HIM?! Imagine the blow to your self esteem to have a girl like that cheat on you. I’d grab the nearest bed sheet and hang myself.

    Death Metal MusicianDeath Metal MusicianNapja
  • If it's weird and shocking, this is the movie for you!

    Max BrandtMax BrandtNapja
  • This movie is Korea's fever dream

    God Of TrashGod Of TrashNapja
  • Part of me wants to use Kodi to find this one. Part of me wants to sleep tonight

  • Wait what’s with the Schlatt icon at 7:32?? What the hell did he do?? Did he run over someone??

    Ruby BitesRuby BitesNapja
  • It would be so cool if you did a video on The Divide (2012)

  • U should review brimstone with guy Pearce

    Ben StewartBen StewartNapja
  • Say whatever you wanna say, Samantha's story was disgusting, illogical and kinda ruined a good movie

    Pardon Me!Pardon Me!Napja
  • you should do Hanger

    Justin GibsonJustin GibsonNapja
  • that movie spawned from the 10th circle of hell

  • are sure that the end scene where they kiss isn't actually from the directors other movie "eat my s**t"? it would make more sense.

    Jacoby DodgeJacoby DodgeNapja

    Z E K EZ E K ENapja
  • 5:54 live action Pokémon bad guys

    Wizzy SnahkayWizzy SnahkayNapja
  • This movie is FUCKING WIERD

    Wille KullbergWille KullbergNapja
  • God this looks like a more wholesome version of The Thing lmao

    B U C K OB U C K ONapja
  • One word, one painful experience for me even though I never did watch it: tusk

  • Please, do a review of the movie: "HEREDITARY" I heard it's a pretty good one.

    Sky ReniaSky ReniaNapja
  • Great... now I'm not gonna be able to eat for two days atleast.

    Let's LearnLet's LearnNapja
  • I actually liked this movie

  • Why would she not shave or wax the the ass hair? Like it's all brown and shit

    RatSchlong 903RatSchlong 903Napja
  • I totally didnt gag multiple times

    Reverb SpeaksReverb SpeaksNapja
  • Bro i recommend you haunted house 1 and 2 its a horror comedy with cringe

    Angry VildredAngry VildredNapja