Sketch Comedy on Tik Tok

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Sketch Comedy on Tik Tok
Cody Ko
Edited by Noah Samsen

  • 0:15 Girls in his DM's: "Don't mind if I do"

    Tiffany RuizTiffany RuizNapja
  • Tik tok is bad.

    Furkan BağFurkan BağNapja
  • 3:50 is scarily accurate now lmfao

    BobbehBobbeh2 napja
  • im 90% sure shes shopping in a 5 below

    Eilir MilstedEilir Milsted2 napja

    Sofia Andrea SantosSofia Andrea Santos3 napja
  • Bro its 4 in the morning and that fucking door knock sound affect actually made me jump

    SamuraijiggsSamuraijiggs4 napja
  • its a 5 below not a walmart old man

    Charlie BriggsCharlie Briggs5 napja
  • Bruh...The ourtro tho

    Flamez_ PhoenixFlamez_ Phoenix5 napja
  • They were at a 5 below in one of the videos. I dont know if all of the 5 below's look the same but I think that's the same one that I live by

    TheGamingBoy40TheGamingBoy406 napja
  • I got as far as "24 days a week, 7 weeks a year". I need to sleep on this and finish in the morning.

    LowraithLowraith6 napja
  • They're lizard people

    y ygy yg6 napja
  • Fuck you for the knocking sound lol, I was freakin out

    Trippy TimesTrippy Times6 napja
  • Anyone else wearing earphones and get shit scared at 1:35 at the knocking sound? Made me jump so hard

    Naaz ShaNaaz Sha7 napja
  • 4:25 is really just An Avocado thaanks

    In honour of Beckys mindIn honour of Beckys mind8 napja
  • We need a full version of loco contigo cody cover

    HamDerDanskerenHamDerDanskeren9 napja
  • Ew

    Brandon WoodBrandon Wood9 napja
  • 5:32 Is she imitating what she thinks her haters think of her? A ditsy mom who doesn't understand comedy? Because it almost comes off as sarcastic on purpose. As in, she wants us to know that the situation she is in is unrealistic, even though it's a pretty accurate representation of the way she acts in her videos. Same thing with the charger video. Was she implying that her "content" is a type of charger and her son was asking "why do we need your " content" when we have all of this other "content"? And her taking 5 steps back is a metaphor for scaling back her own content to appease her haters? The way that she says "wow, amazing" and drops it was meant to be symbolic of the disrespect she has for that content, like it isn't good enough because its not her type of content?

    ValtielValtiel10 napja
  • Ableton best

    milesmiles11 napja
  • o kurwa marti renti xdvgxhdhdjd co jest

    suckmydicksuckmydick11 napja
  • Why the dad dresses like a 12 year old wanna be ‘cool kid’😭😂

    Helena hHelena h13 napja
  • Bold of u to call it comedy

    Em IsNotOkayEm IsNotOkay13 napja
  • Damn she really do be changing accents in mid sentence

    Harry ObikiliHarry Obikili14 napja
  • coady would make a really good tik tok e boy

    air thugginair thuggin14 napja
  • I like that you tried to be nice and say this might be the comedy of the future, but as someone who laughs at almost everything, these sketches are part of the reason it’s only almost everything

    seth hilesseth hiles15 napja
  • Trump didn't just take away the biggest teens' creative outlet, but most of the hilarious HUworld commentary topics too

    mariam al saidmariam al said15 napja
  • The kids are white, husbands black? hahah

    Boo JayBoo Jay16 napja
  • they're trying so hard to have sitcom-style quirky lines and quips that they skip a plot, make their "skits" totally unrealistic and in no way resembling real conversation, just to present a bunch of (probably copied) lines they think are genius. case in point "take five steps back and you've got your iPhone chargers" - that neckbeard brand of trying to sound like you're thinking outside the box but coming off awkward and weird...?

    GeorginaGeorgina16 napja
  • Let's be honest, we know why those videos have so many views and likes

    Christina GoreChristina Gore16 napja
  • Why is all America kids fat?

    Johan AhonenJohan Ahonen16 napja
  • "Androids are trash". Shut the fuck up I still have a shitty ass SamsungJ2 and I'm offended as fuck. God damn kid. If he wants a better iPhone he should tell his dumbass mom to get a job and buy his ass one...

    Eduardo DiazEduardo Diaz18 napja
  • I’m still waiting for you to tell me what the best thing about punchlines are

    Sad CatSad Cat18 napja
  • Bruh that knock at like 1:35 scared me

    Toby SToby S18 napja
  • 6:04-6:20 I legit cried laughing

    Sarig HasenfeldSarig Hasenfeld19 napja
  • This video is the second one where you've decided to put a high quality knocking sound panned right, just absolutely freaking me out thinking i'm hearing a knock

    gin forkgin fork21 napja
  • its a joke about her nails

    Elza MooreElza Moore22 napja
    • not funny tho lol

      Elza MooreElza Moore22 napja
  • the acting is making me very ✨𝓊𝓃𝒸𝑜𝓂𝒻𝑜𝓇𝓉𝒶𝒷𝓁𝑒✨

    tuatua22 napja
  • I feel weirdly out of the loop watching these even though i know there is no loop to be in

    StrawberryStrawberry23 napja
  • His reaction at 4:36 has the same energy he as “an avocado.....thanks”

    Aleena 23Aleena 2324 napja
  • the knock at 1:33 scared the hell outta me

    phph24 napja
  • Cody is so incapable of making content as bad as these TikToks that he turns "not having a punchline" into a punchline.

    TekdrakeTekdrake24 napja
  • I’m ... Confused

    Kabam MikeKabam Mike24 napja
  • W e h a v e s o m u c h c h a r g e r s

    Aayush VarmaAayush Varma24 napja
  • Angelmamii rules!!!!!! Lmao she's on like 10 levels of irony it fucking rules

    partly cloudypartly cloudy25 napja
  • bro my door is to my right, you did me dirty

    Kami ManKami Man25 napja
  • That bitch look like a Harley Davidson with big saddle bags hanging off her legs. YUCK.

    kalob huntkalob hunt25 napja
  • Good thing that woman in the beginning has a fat ass because her acting is trash.

    kalob huntkalob hunt25 napja
  • bruh this is low key child abuse

    Kicker62Kicker6225 napja
  • This family is the peak of komedy

    nutshell ina nutshellnutshell ina nutshell25 napja
  • That knock scared the shit out of me

    David SalganicoffDavid Salganicoff26 napja
  • Lol the beginning it self is so funny keep up the awesome work!!

    havvecerhavvecer26 napja
  • The fact that Cody said TikTok videos are just gonna be people who point at words that other people wrote and now people do that thing where they dance and point to a tweet-

    Mxx_lika 247Mxx_lika 24726 napja
  • Chill out Cherdley lol

    2nD-to0sDaY oF-nExt-WeEk2nD-to0sDaY oF-nExt-WeEk27 napja
  • The skit at 8:40 is a skit about a guy using bait money and then waiting for hot women to bend down to pick it up. I'm guessing that's the joke even though it gives no explanation as how he gets the coin to stick when the girls try and pick it up

    sirius black7sirius black727 napja
  • They’re all women...

    Noah SNoah S27 napja
  • That outro was fire tho

    Brandweerman VoorhoofdBrandweerman Voorhoofd27 napja

    Abishay ForysAbishay Forys28 napja
  • Gave it a like and this comment for the very last sentence. #Priceless @CodyKo

    MattG OfficialTVMattG OfficialTV29 napja
  • jokes without punchlines are like what straight sex is like for women

  • Thank god my country blocked tik tok..

    Rajashekar D VRajashekar D VHónapja
  • daddy :)

  • ok that freaking door knock sound effect at 1:33 really freaked me tf out yo! was about to book a hotel and get tf outta this bishhh.😅

    Santiago GurrolaSantiago GurrolaHónapja
  • That mom thinks she's so hot lol

    the running manthe running manHónapja
  • the editing in this one is great

    oliver addisonoliver addisonHónapja
  • The “candy” sounded like Danny Gonzalez

    Potato PugPotato PugHónapja
  • candy!

    Apex PredatorApex PredatorHónapja
  • That loco contigo part tho im dead

  • Why does she seem to have an accent sometimes and not others? 🤔 is that just me...or???

    AlyssaMarie 1294AlyssaMarie 1294Hónapja
  • It’s a five bel°w

  • She couldn't pick it up b/c of her nails. Acrylics aren't worth the money. love you

  • These videos make me feel like I've slipped into an alternate reality where jokes mean something else. What am I watching??

  • I feel like its porn tbh. Intro in the porn actually every sketch

  • That Mom in the first video is so thick God damn!

    Master KiefMaster KiefHónapja
  • She do be thicc tho

    shaunty hangrusshaunty hangrusHónapja

  • 24 days a week, 7 weeks a year

  • watch peyton king. he is actually hilarious

    Aiden LocastroAiden LocastroHónapja
  • Anyone else get their shit knocked on at 1:33 that scared the livin shit outta me

    Bob Darrel MateBob Darrel MateHónapja
  • I'm getting Thats Cringe: Matt Rivera vibes from the editing of this video

    Bob Darrel MateBob Darrel MateHónapja
  • c a n d y

  • 8:35 the transition to cody singing in spanish *killed* me 😭 baby boy, your spanish is the cutest thing i’ve ever heard. release the full cover, bro, i need that shit.

    miki minachmiki minachHónapja
  • That mom dumb thick

  • The mom looks like she wears applebotom jeans and boots with fur for a living

    Physically thicc Mentally siccPhysically thicc Mentally siccHónapja
  • that man's enthusiasm with the candy reminded me of that avocado kid from vine

  • notice how there are only females?

  • Smashed the like when he said candy😂😂😂

    Vaisakh Vinod KumarVaisakh Vinod KumarHónapja
  • “Tiktok in a few years is just gonna be people pointing at words other people wrote” That one trend where people point at other people’s tweets: *always has been*

  • I was freaking out on 1:34, thought someone knocked on my window

    Sebbe BlanckeSebbe BlanckeHónapja
    • same

  • saw angel mami in the thumbnail and i knew

    Jacob EubanksJacob EubanksHónapja
  • maybe it's just a long ad for 5below

    Lannan G.Lannan G.Hónapja
  • Cody gives off annoying frat boy and 45 year old dad vibes at the same time. Its so weird.

  • 24 days a week 7 weeks a day

    Reid GeorgeReid GeorgeHónapja
  • “It’s not your birthday angel mami” 💀💀

    Kristie GucciardoKristie GucciardoHónapja
  • The mini Cody in the chair is one the best things I have ever seen

    Swagedy FoxSwagedy FoxHónapja
  • she really does feed her kids well

    Isaac DanielsIsaac DanielsHónapja
  • 24 days a week 7 weeks a year ! ? what !!!

    mental illnessmental illnessHónapja
  • “Videos on tik tok in 2 months are gonna be pointing to what other people wrote” HE PREDICTED ALL THE POSTS OF PEOPLE JUST SITTING IN FRONT OF TWEETS LMFAOOOO

  • I thought you said she was an actor

  • @1:35 i really thought someone was knocking on my door at 1:30 in the morning i was spooked

    Mary WilliamsMary WilliamsHónapja
  • 1:35 you making me freak out

    Optimistic DemonsOptimistic DemonsHónapja
  • That knocking sound at 1:35 sounded so really in my headphones I thought someone was knocking on my bedroom door I was like hello??

    Ella StantonElla StantonHónapja