SIDEMEN HIGHER OR LOWER (Spotify Monthly Listeners 3)

2021.ápr. 6.
1 909 435 Megtekintés

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  • Heroes!

    SimpleMindedSimpleMinded48 perccel
  • I love how they say khalids name😭✋😀

    Kimberly RamirezKimberly Ramirez4 órája
  • 19:20 JJ taking a mad L

    Ofek LeviOfek Levi4 órája
  • 1:16 am I the only one who noticed this?😂😂😂😂😂

    Sara StanulovSara Stanulov6 órája
  • they got stupid my chemical romance on there

    Music CloudMusic Cloud7 órája
  • 1:18 everyone thinking JJ:

    Linas NELinas NE7 órája
  • lil nas x’s monthly listeners have literally doubled since this vid

    sophiasophia8 órája
  • I hope my game play makes u inspired

    Y2KMY2KM9 órája
  • Did Harry just say that? Not even giving a timestamp... You'll know...

    SyntrocityHDSyntrocityHD10 órája
  • 1:15 jj explain this please..

  • :>

    ᎡiteᎡite11 órája

    Alex CampbellAlex Campbell12 órája
  • Louis Tomlinson 😍😍

    Alex CampbellAlex Campbell13 órája
  • Cringing at the way they pronounced Khalid

    Gemma PeggGemma Pegg13 órája
  • I see Shawn Mendes I’m happy

    Anna HopkinsAnna Hopkins15 órája
  • 28:36 Harry’s guilt

    maxy 333maxy 33315 órája
  • Tobi “Harry’s clenches his fist” Harry shows his hands on camera to make sure we know he isn’t 😂

    bocoy noiubocoy noiu19 órája
  • I think you should listen to the caretaker album it’s weird

    Nathan GonzalezNathan Gonzalez19 órája
  • It’s pronounced (cuh-Leed)

    John VillanuevaJohn Villanueva21 órája
    • No it's khaa-lidh

      Prathamesh ShrivastavaPrathamesh Shrivastava17 órája
  • Hi besties stream walls by Louis Tomlinson and lp1 by Liam Payne and fine line by Harry styles 😍🤌🏻

    Katelyn BarryKatelyn BarryNapja
    • Tobi: ‘they got bangers’ Ethan: ‘they are bangers’ I see you Ethan...

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu19 órája
  • 22:20

    الياتيفي Ilyateevالياتيفي IlyateevNapja

  • I just realized they put Khalid On the thumbnail. Big up 🙌🏽

    CZ TexanCZ TexanNapja
  • when worlds collide.

    • jj you stink

  • I will turn into a convertible LETS GOOOOOOOOO

    X XX XNapja
  • Do Ksi vs the rest

    Legi BossLegi BossNapja
  • just like to clear up that "vex", "vexed" and all other forms of the word are not slang. "Vex" is quite an old-fashioned word.


  • 14:49 how have we brushed past Harry sounding like a choir singer

    darren lowedarren loweNapja
  • Louis deserve much more recognition than he gets my baby

    Izzy OlimIzzy OlimNapja
  • 1:16 look at ksi's cam


    George van aschGeorge van aschNapja
  • 1:17 Ksi flexing

    Freddie DillnuttFreddie DillnuttNapja
  • Tobi: ‘they got bangers’ Ethan: ‘they are bangers’ I see you Ethan...

    gtoss chddygtoss chddyNapja
  • The bustling cousin theoretically look because thailand prenatally drain forenenst a victorious motion. efficient, voracious bath

    Querida TessQuerida TessNapja
  • Behz seems so disinterested in a lot of sidemen videos recently

    I’m SonnyI’m SonnyNapja
  • Did anyone notice JJ flexing is chest muscle in the first minute

  • 1:15 so no one is gonna talk about JJ😂

  • Bastille

    Mati G.Mati G.Napja
  • Dababy won twice. Let’s gooooooooo

    Oscar MejiaOscar MejiaNapja
  • It would British dudes that think Young Thug is mid, Young Thug is a fucking legend

    Oscar MejiaOscar MejiaNapja
  • higher or lower talia mar or miniminters fake thumbnails?

  • Me from America not knowing half of these people ;(

    Stepbro EvanStepbro EvanNapja
    • Most are American

      Nathan SteeleNathan SteeleNapja
  • Am I the only one who listens to MCR My chemical romance deserve much more listeners

    chding zuurechding zuureNapja
  • Harry has to be on drugs mans stuttering and slurring his words like crazy

    Jakob SmithJakob SmithNapja
  • Where is the k pop guys it will make it more interesting

    Adrian MüllerAdrian Müller2 napja
    • No it's not

      Poppa AcePoppa AceNapja
  • LOL Lil Nas X is so much higher than he was

    Goofy PlayzGoofy Playz2 napja
  • they just ignored jjs voice crack at 3:35

    llmxgmallllmxgmall2 napja
    • 10:13 200,000 listener difference is not a lot, it could've gone both ways. They were just unlucky.

      chding zuurechding zuureNapja
  • harry is a fucking mad man

    calum pottercalum potter2 napja
  • I dont understand vikk’s logic. Its KHALID

    Aisya NAisya N2 napja
  • When did KSI get tits?

    MaggiX xMaggiX x2 napja
  • What about all of the sidemen vs JJ , in monthly listeners

    AJ’s channel SweetAJ’s channel Sweet2 napja
  • I just got a noti?

    DripiazoDripiazo2 napja
  • Mad that juice WRLD died last year and still pulls 36 mil listeners monthlyv

    MudtasticMudtastic2 napja
  • 17:01 Y'all, are you crazy?

    Christian CharleyChristian Charley2 napja
  • Did no one else see jk at the start doing that thing with his pecks xx

    Lucy Wilson BrownLucy Wilson Brown2 napja
  • lol

    Henky Play'sHDHenky Play'sHD2 napja
  • no longer a fan of JJ after that thug pass

    Henky Play'sHDHenky Play'sHD2 napja
  • 15:39 Correction: You are a music artist. You are not a musician (unless you actually do play an instrument).

    Christian CharleyChristian Charley2 napja
  • When jj got the raye one, it is confirmed jj is a nerd😭🤣🤣. Man lives and breathes monthly listeners

    WilmottOntheGoWilmottOntheGo2 napja
  • 10:13 200,000 listener difference is not a lot, it could've gone both ways. They were just unlucky.

    Christian CharleyChristian Charley2 napja
  • 22:36 tobi POG reborn

    FAU- GFAU- G2 napja
  • 16:10 poor Harry no one got his joke 😂

    Flash DustFlash Dust2 napja
  • 1:16 Look at jj lol

    Huh HuhHuh Huh2 napja

    Cí2 napja
  • Lil Nas gained 18M+ since this video lmao

    AD SwishAD Swish2 napja
  • Idk if it is a UK thing but is anyone else annoyed that they all don’t know how to say “Khalid”

    Newell RogersNewell Rogers2 napja
  • am I the only one that noticed what JJ was doing on the first 1

  • Who else saw Vic look so distracted

    Mustard MandemMustard Mandem2 napja
    • 8.7million Right now hé getting there

      bilisha colibilisha coli2 napja
  • to be fair though

    FenoicFenoic2 napja
    • Is there any editing in these videos or they show the whole thing that’s recorded...

      bilisha colibilisha coli2 napja
  • tf jj doing 1:17

    Boi GDBoi GD2 napja
  • who is evanescence

    Filip DeszczynskiFilip Deszczynski2 napja
  • 23:55 makes me laugh so much JJ mouthing “it’s Selena Gomez, yes”

    Priscilla Anay sandovalPriscilla Anay sandoval2 napja
  • Santan is the w2s of Spotify

    Fin The HumanFin The Human2 napja
  • The one direction boys on a sidemen video makes me so happy

    Natasha KotruNatasha Kotru2 napja
  • TLDW.

    David ClarkDavid Clark2 napja
  • 3:35 voice crack @ksi

    Wevall_GamingWevall_Gaming2 napja
  • 1:12 look at ksi lmaoo

    InnitInnit2 napja
  • 1 v 5 would be astronomical

    OneshxtOneshxt2 napja
  • Should have went to extra time then penalties

    W QuarryW Quarry2 napja
  • 1:16 look at jj lol

    Oscar_ .POscar_ .P2 napja
  • Ethan all video tho 😂

    W QuarryW Quarry2 napja
  • Is there any editing in these videos or they show the whole thing that’s recorded...

    ITZ BhoøMITZ BhoøM2 napja
  • 8.7million Right now hé getting there

    You AreRightYou AreRight2 napja
  • Is it just me or is simon being extremely negative and trying to diss JJ at every possible chance.

    Alexander IbezimAlexander Ibezim2 napja
  • I’m watching this 3 days after it got posted, OutKast gained over 300k more monthly listeners in 3 days

    Jordan BrozzaJordan Brozza2 napja
  • Dunno what I found more offensive 😂 the fact Harry didn’t know who the killers are and Hoosier sung mr brightside 😂 or they think Miley Cyrus is a nothing singer 😂

    jimmytipsTVjimmytipsTV2 napja
  • 1:18 tf are u doing bruh🤣

    PainfullPainfull2 napja
  • 5 mins in and I’ve only heard of 2 people Edit: 10 mins in and I only know 2 people

    Luke MettamLuke Mettam2 napja
  • The way I clicked for Harry styles and jj 😁

    Georgia SouthgateGeorgia Southgate2 napja
  • My Directioner/Sidemen heart is overjoyed right now

    bssni touirbssni touir2 napja
  • Im a simple girl I see Harry Styles in the thumbnail... I click the video

    Alya AAlya A2 napja
  • The xenophobic pentagon appropriately burn because politician immunochemically buzz pace a concerned architecture. unwieldy, brash ash

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez2 napja
  • is it not pronounced ka-leed?

    PhynnPhynn2 napja

      bssni touirbssni touir2 napja
  • Khalid is pronounced (kuh-leed). Simon sounds goofy af at 17:10

    Yung EZYung EZ2 napja
    • No its khaaa-lidh trust me I'm middle Eastern

      Prathamesh ShrivastavaPrathamesh Shrivastava2 napja
  • Vick was just quite

    Drake RowdyDrake Rowdy2 napja
  • I wanna see how Simon would do on one of these frfr

    JOFROJOFRO2 napja
  • KSI ft Khalid

    mxttzmxttz2 napja
  • anyone notice ksi popping his pecks

    Jeremiah BekeleJeremiah Bekele2 napja
  • Are we supposed to know who evenesence is ?

    Mr AMr A2 napja