Sidemen Among Us 2 - The Animation

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Sidemen Among Us 2 - The Animation

  • These are sick

    Young FizzYoung Fizz17 órája
  • 08:17 josh goes ” is it gonna be me all along?”

    Oscar GarvöOscar GarvöNapja
  • A reaction gets more views than the original. kek.

  • wroetosnort thats what we should call him

    topdogadkinstopdogadkins2 napja
    • I want drugggs - harry

      Alex08Alex082 napja
  • that vikk indian accent killed me 🤣

    bocoy noiubocoy noiu2 napja
  • So sick!💯💯🔥🔥

    Reuben LimReuben Lim2 napja
  • This animation is as Good as the first one

    NinjapoofaceNinjapooface3 napja
  • I can't believe they made this

    Felicity NuttingFelicity Nutting3 napja
  • Everyone: chatting. vikk: SHUT THE FUCK UP. Few seconds later. everyone: that’s enough for me.

    Squashy GamesSquashy Games4 napja
    • Best vid yet

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu2 napja
  • Josh is legit playing warzone

    mahmood hasanmahmood hasan4 napja
  • Finally Josh is the main role

    Alex EAlex E4 napja
  • How many subs can I get from this comment?

    KxrxnKxrxn4 napja
  • If TommyInnit was there he’d be like voting KSI out 1st round and helping vik to win 😂

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu4 napja

    Henry WalkinshawHenry Walkinshaw4 napja
  • tobi didnt drink pee, josh put drugs in tobi's apple juice and peed in a tube and changed it to blue and pretended that was the vaccine

    •Pixel gacha••Pixel gacha•4 napja
  • ngl the "creature was shit " part was a sick ass ending

    Aiden GeronimoAiden Geronimo5 napja
    • Ikr

      SulemanSuleman4 napja
  • This is funny as hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Zack ThebunnyZack Thebunny5 napja
    • @oiuet souiu yap he does 😆😆

      Zack ThebunnyZack Thebunny4 napja
    • harry looking like Simmons chair

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu4 napja
  • Bro if they put deji instead of vik on the swipe they should have put Randy’s song “every time your card comes out declined bro”

    Omar IbrayghithOmar Ibrayghith5 napja
  • Play the 3d version of among us

    Wang OscarWang Oscar5 napja
  • Me:I swear to god they should of done w2s whith his pack face Nobody:

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon5 napja
  • If TommyInnit was there he’d be like voting KSI out 1st round and helping vik to win 😂

    Oliver MurdinOliver Murdin5 napja
    • rouge speed god has to make a sidemen among us ft tommy innit, that would be so epic

      •Pixel gacha••Pixel gacha•4 napja
  • Random fact: May 29 is officially “Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day”

    pida siouypida siouy5 napja
  • Best vid yet

    YeMeNI_NiNjAYeMeNI_NiNjA5 napja
  • that was so good!

    Kar71k15Kar71k156 napja
    • wow

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon5 napja
  • 4:58 LMAO Naughty boi

    Juice on ipadJuice on ipad6 napja
  • ×qewcdwqeqqwfwrewdd×

    EfctEfct6 napja
    • These are the best

      pida siouypida siouy5 napja
  • A few moments later For Sidemen Among us 5 get him to a Million subs...

    RED XRED X6 napja
  • This is insane

    The GOD FinnerzThe GOD Finnerz6 napja
  • Me:I swear to god they should of done w2s whith his pack face Nobody:

    gioyu comigioyu comi6 napja
  • Someone recommend a movie that has 'the big reveal'

    Lorenzo_f2Lorenzo_f26 napja
  • harry looking like Simmons chair

    Abhinav RajeshAbhinav Rajesh6 napja
  • preferred the first one but still sick

    Liam WardLiam Ward7 napja
  • Follow for follow on TikTok @_assaulrifle_

    funkymanfat 21funkymanfat 217 napja
  • Josh: "Welcome to MoreSidemen" Everyone else not noticing: ...

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa7 napja
  • HARREEE never chill on the dids and class A's , your a hero 👐🙌👐 g

    Jenson WilliamsJenson Williams7 napja
    • gioyu comi ayyyy come on big back wys

      Jenson WilliamsJenson Williams6 napja
    • Me:I swear to god they should of done w2s whith his pack face Nobody:

      gioyu comigioyu comi6 napja
  • Absolutely insane

    Mahdi ShamsMahdi Shams7 napja
  • wow

    Gaming Is FunGaming Is Fun8 napja
  • harry looks like simons chair

    TheDudesTheDudes8 napja
    • Imagine sidemen tinder instead of among us animation

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa7 napja
  • These are the best

    Mel MurrayMel Murray8 napja
  • May I say, at the epilepsy warning time, 10:27-10:33. I have epilepsy and I watched that bit and i didn’t have 1 of my moments so it doesn’t happen to all epileptic people. That’s just so us epileptic people don’t be afraid when they watch that bit. Your welcome

    shotfordshotford9 napja
  • How rather amusing seeing little colorful bots playing around

    Irfan the punjabi simpIrfan the punjabi simp9 napja
  • Are they using zoom?

    S Lux LdsS Lux Lds9 napja

    Lip LopLip Lop9 napja
  • This sucks man, please don’t do anymore ‘among us’ vids 🙏🏼

    Quick ReactionzQuick Reactionz9 napja
  • They should do a sidemen reacts with all the sidemen

    hazldn 51hazldn 519 napja
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    bibo dawnbibo dawn9 napja
  • Randy was my fav in this. The one liners

    SJ BCSJ BC9 napja
  • 9:08 "Lets go,my G" 😂🤣

    iSnipe CODMiSnipe CODM9 napja
  • That was actually banging, that was amazing

    Tay _clarksonTay _clarkson9 napja
  • Looks like simon got lights in his room

    Mashfiqur RahmanMashfiqur Rahman9 napja
  • Lol 😂

    Abdullah 2460Abdullah 24609 napja
  • Imagine sidemen tinder instead of among us animation

    Miguel savage127Miguel savage1279 napja
  • This animation was better than most Drama Shows

    SwrveSwrve9 napja

    TheDonCartier 13TheDonCartier 139 napja
  • This is sick

    Hanna OlssonHanna Olsson9 napja
  • This is genius

    Villads AgertoftVillads Agertoft9 napja
  • I watched a german one months ago and it was just way better... the animations are so bad at this one

    I am the NoXI am the NoX9 napja
    • Ok

      Tay _clarksonTay _clarkson9 napja
  • This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    SuperChiko 2.3SuperChiko 2.39 napja
  • They’re only on 51k right now c’mon pick up the pace

    Bar CodeBar Code9 napja
  • Another sick version would be if it was vik instead of josh and the finale was vik killing Jj and saying "split of steal bitch"

    Ali CAli C9 napja
  • This was insane 😳

    Milly WalkerMilly Walker9 napja
  • Gave me oceans 11 through backs

    Breton Buckley Jr.Breton Buckley Jr.9 napja
  • Don't wanna be a nerd but you don't give someone already with the virus a vaccine lol. The vaccine is basically a harmless version of the dangerous virus, so your body learns how to counteract it when the real virus enters. If you already have the virus, then you are just distracting your immune system with fake viruses and it will only negatively affect you.

    Jeffrey WuJeffrey Wu9 napja
  • W video

    Paulo SilvaPaulo Silva9 napja
  • Wow.

    Joshua Hall a.k.a. ControllaJoshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla9 napja
  • One mistake, how did josh put the juice in the room when ksi ws in it?

    bigchungus Onlinebigchungus Online10 napja
  • Donate this guy like 5k dollars, mygod this is so sick!

    Sandro KnoopSandro Knoop10 napja
  • So is Vikk next in line to get covid?

    Viola DavisViola Davis10 napja
  • The beat in the intro is a banger

    QuinnyFMQuinnyFM10 napja
  • That vaccine was the pee and stuff that he convinced Vikk with

    60 FPS Muffin60 FPS Muffin10 napja
  • Do more food wars

    CurseCurse10 napja
  • That is smoke

    Qasim AliQasim Ali10 napja

    Jack Darlo FootballJack Darlo Football10 napja
  • Alternative title for the last sidemen among us animation: the rise of the crewmates Alternative title for this sidemen among us animation: the rise of the imposters

    Uriel ArenasUriel Arenas10 napja
  • Vik is practically Tyler from Dude Perfect Stereotypes in this, as he is always angry. Also, pleease report any bots that reply to this. I don't like them

    Brandon MooreBrandon Moore10 napja
  • The beat drop with the gunshot at the end....gave me chills man

    Treek LowTreek Low10 napja
  • Can you make more of then

    Marcia Ebanks-blakeMarcia Ebanks-blake10 napja
  • Marble Races > Any other Reaction

    Brandon ThompsonBrandon Thompson10 napja
  • He didnt piss in the apple juice he pissed in the test tube and added coke to change the colour to give it the appearance of the antidote the apple juice was just spiked with coke

    Faxe 11Faxe 1110 napja
  • Part 3

    Archy FnArchy Fn10 napja
  • amogus

    АндрефАндреф10 napja
  • No cap the amount of times vik swiped the card was the amount of girls that rejected him

    Banele KhumaloBanele Khumalo10 napja
  • Hi

    AARON -_-AARON -_-10 napja

      AARON -_-AARON -_-10 napja
  • They should do where everyone reacts to it cuz this was mad

    BladeEz Gamer 47BladeEz Gamer 4710 napja
  • Man, fuck 70k. Let's get the legend to 100k! 🙌🏻

    Awry JexAwry Jex10 napja
  • React to mark goldbridge funny moments

    BrunoBrunoBrunoBrunoBrunoBruno10 napja
  • this is by far the best animation/art i’ve seen for any youtuber

    Idan RgoaneIdan Rgoane10 napja
  • react to Andrei Terbea

    Wali AhmedWali Ahmed10 napja
  • The sidemen are pricks

    Luke RobertsonLuke Robertson10 napja
  • Harry with the football 🔥🤣

    Football freakFootball freak10 napja
    • Honestly he fakes all his football videos. He is one of the worst creators and doesn't deserve any of his success. I hope he finally quits HUworld and never comes back

      Scuffed Ari BScuffed Ari B10 napja
  • this is genuinely a good story 😂

    Cpt. VirtualCpt. Virtual10 napja

      OGASHEROGASHER10 napja
  • React to some beatboxers

    Leonardo AlmeidaLeonardo Almeida10 napja

      OGASHEROGASHER10 napja
  • Here might be some tricks for Vikk to learn next time he go skiing ;)

    Michael Bilberg Smith BaunMichael Bilberg Smith Baun10 napja
  • hi

    Flaming DemonFlaming Demon10 napja
  • I'm not joking when I say the plot of this animation was better than many Hollywood movies

    Breno RibeiroBreno Ribeiro10 napja
  • Epic wow

    Cammy aCammy a10 napja
  • Who put ksimon in this ? 🤣

    Cammy aCammy a10 napja
  • 17

    Danny 11Danny 1110 napja
  • sidemen reacts to some rocket league pro highlights?

    Konquerer-KKonquerer-K10 napja
  • anyone else hear a fart sound at 01:42

    Jaden CorkerJaden Corker10 napja