Sebastian Vettel Stops In The McLaren Pit Box #Shorts

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Seb braked a little too early in the pit lane during FP1 in Portugal!
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  • What I love is that everyone is laughing about it, you can see everyone in both pits giggling about it. In such a serious and intense sport of f1, it’s nice to have these moments

    John SmithJohn Smith4 napja
  • Hahahahaha

    szewei1985szewei19855 napja
  • Inspector seb in action (again)

    FirmansyahFirmansyah6 napja
  • 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Frans BadenhorstFrans Badenhorst6 napja
  • It's always the McLaren pit... like in 2013 with Hamilton 😂

    FeRiTYFeRiTY8 napja
  • like Lewis Hamilton in 2013😂

    André FuxAndré Fux8 napja
  • Well, seb just hinted that McLaren should have signed him swapping with sainz 😂

    Ameya GodboleAmeya Godbole8 napja
  • I was wondering why theteRE was nodody there xD

    German Car SpotterGerman Car Spotter9 napja
  • Anybody heard the tiny voicecrack

    German Car SpotterGerman Car Spotter9 napja
  • on second thoughts....yes...seb wondered why he was being served by one mechanic least he got the colour right....

    stratmanstratman9 napja
  • well that says it all......sebs a bit lost these days....has been for quitw a while....shame really....too many interviews and jokes etc.....

    stratmanstratman9 napja
  • Just have to love Seb truly one of the greats in the sport

    Herman SmitHerman Smit9 napja
  • He was in mclaren pit because that is ferrari last year

    Haekal AbdallaHaekal Abdalla10 napja
  • I had the feeling his subconscious mind played the trick due to aston Martin guy at the McLaren pit. So he stopped there just because of him. Yes some sort of confusion.

    Rajender Singh HaritRajender Singh Harit10 napja
  • Pero que rayos pasó aqui pobre 😟

    Mario RodriguezMario Rodriguez11 napja
  • Reminds me of Hamilton in Malaysia 2013

    Matt HMatt H12 napja
  • McLaren Aston Martin F1 team🤣

    Szeto So KaiSzeto So Kai12 napja
  • At least it didn’t happen during the actual race! I remember someone actually pulling up in the wrong pits during a race .... but I can’t remember which driver? 😜

    JanosWalter1JanosWalter112 napja
  • ❤️

    Calogero IngiaimoCalogero Ingiaimo12 napja
  • Vettel shows how profesonal he are...

    Darius ArnasiusDarius Arnasius12 napja

    Shubhojit BoseShubhojit Bose12 napja
  • Don’t u hate it when that happens

    Dynamite PlaysDynamite Plays12 napja
  • est a coté Vettel

    Hom MoiHom Moi13 napja
  • Это юмор такой у Себастьяна ...

    Ярослав СоловьевЯрослав Соловьев13 napja
  • This dude needs to retire, he is embarassing

    THE LOTTHE LOT13 napja
  • Lol

    BarakaCapBarakaCap13 napja
  • Hamilton did this in 2013. One year and a big reg change later, he's a champion. Seb 2022 champion?

    TheOtherNeutrinoTheOtherNeutrino13 napja
  • I guess he wanted to try the experience with McLaren

    Ivan BimaIvan Bima13 napja
  • could of been worst.. could of been mid race lol

    Ago goAgo go13 napja
  • You know i thought he stopped in the red bull or ferrari pit box before someone said mclaren

    GarkKahnGarkKahn13 napja
  • I wondered why there's no one there?

    73cuda340hil73cuda340hil13 napja
  • That's hilarious...

    73cuda340hil73cuda340hil13 napja
  • Hahaha😂

    ZM GamerzZM Gamerz13 napja
  • Vettel já ficando maluco 😂😂😂😂

    Evandro LimaEvandro Lima13 napja
  • And exchanges quali positions with Danny Ric.

    MYKMYK13 napja
  • Me esto haciendo fan de seb a cada carrera

    pablo salinaspablo salinas13 napja
  • hilarious...i love this man.he is very talented and funny.

    Ali AliAli Ali13 napja
  • -zielony koleś stał koło mclarena -green men was near mclaren

    Gilmur718Gilmur71813 napja
  • It were funny if he stopt at Ferrari place

    Jan FCBJan FCB13 napja
  • Spygate 2021 confirmed

    Fahrial HisyamFahrial Hisyam13 napja
  • Even a Pro ... funny reaction.

    Ruben AngelesRuben Angeles13 napja
  • lol

    Abdullahhusnat MuhammadAbdullahhusnat Muhammad13 napja
  • 🤣🤣

    Marcin ŁacekMarcin Łacek13 napja
  • I mean there was a guy of the team standing ahead

    darshil shahdarshil shah13 napja
  • 😁😁😁

    Fatal1tyFatal1ty13 napja
  • Dropping off his resume.....

    Vic De La FuenteVic De La Fuente13 napja
  • Vettel pulling a Hamilton. ^^

    KasmopayaKasmopaya13 napja
  • 0:14 kimi spotted

    LmaoChocolateLmaoChocolate13 napja
  • This was a double agent tactic, he searched for some information and got it.

    NockNock13 napja
  • Last time a former champion did this in a mid-field green car before regulation change, the team ended up winning 7 world championship.

    Jiankan LiaoJiankan Liao13 napja
  • Seb doing James May 'hello'

    Ted DarmaoneTed Darmaone13 napja
  • I like his humor! Silly mistake but finds a way laugh about it!

    hugonubariohugonubario13 napja
  • Vettel should give up his seat. He was once a great driver...but has lost his hunger

    Mark LedoMark Ledo13 napja
    • He is still on of the best in the grid!

      jnxjnx13 napja
  • Vettel cannot even find his own team in the pits. This would be funny if he would run for a podium but running for 18th is pathetic and Lawrence Stroll should fire him on the spot.

    mowglines85mowglines8513 napja
  • I didn't see anything wrong here, just a spy doing his job properly.

    elfaro elelfaro el13 napja
  • Vettel want mclaren

    10OTKP2_ 07_Frans10OTKP2_ 07_Frans13 napja
  • when you forgot your home

    Anggermuni StudioAnggermuni Studio13 napja
  • Headlines tomorrow: "Rumour - Vettel approaching McLaren for 2022 seat!"

    DarthJFDarthJF13 napja
  • Actually just ask the last 5-6 driver to spin their kart into mercedes pit and crash most of the mercedes parts and karts :) then redbull will win the championship easily

    Zohar ModifierZohar Modifier13 napja
  • Gg

    Mivaan SrivastavaMivaan Srivastava13 napja
  • The coolest slowest car!

    Blackmore AvenueBlackmore Avenue13 napja
  • Cant really blame him. There was a green dude standing

    Cydonia SiriusCydonia Sirius13 napja
  • Vettel trying Hamilton mercedes steps to be successful again

    LeclercLeclerc13 napja
  • Ffs vettel......messing up already......race ain't even started

    Adil ChaudhryAdil Chaudhry13 napja
  • I think he was just mocking Lewis hahahah.

    Captain MonopolyCaptain Monopoly13 napja
  • Why tf was the Aston Martin mechanic at the mclaren pit anyway 😂

    AverageKingAverageKing13 napja
  • The McLaren pits are in Ferrari's familiar P3 in the constructors' championship spot, aren't they?

    Stefan ReichenbacherStefan Reichenbacher14 napja
  • Diós que cochazo

    Victor Dìaz OrtegaVictor Dìaz Ortega14 napja
  • Imagine McLaren's garage is a Barrack in Red Alert franchise. "Training..." ti ti ti ti "Spy unit is deployed"

    Anna TsukiyaAnna Tsukiya14 napja
  • I have the feeling this will be another bad season for Vettel

    Robert WarrenRobert Warren14 napja
  • Aston Martin are definitely look for clues to McLaren's pace this season.

    Open KeyzOpen Keyz14 napja
  • Was seb on the wrong pit box or the crew on the wrong pit?

    Clifford UngerClifford Unger14 napja
  • Che ci faceva il meccanico Aston davanti al box Mercedes?

    Raimondo FranceschinoRaimondo Franceschino14 napja

    Pompey Fitness JamesPompey Fitness James14 napja
  • 🤣

    Josh GandyJosh Gandy14 napja
  • Хорошая попытка, но нет )))

    Oleksandr PlavanOleksandr Plavan14 napja
  • why does every f1 champ loves the McLaren pit?

    Sefa Batuhan CicoSefa Batuhan Cico14 napja
  • Lewis be like: i did it better, I did it in the race... 😀😀

    Maja ŠpremMaja Šprem14 napja
  • Seb moves from Ferrari to be at a better team but moves to a worse team

    Ganapathy subramanianGanapathy subramanian14 napja
  • Last time when this incident happened. The driver then went to win some WDCs

    Anshul ShahAnshul Shah14 napja
  • Nothing lightens up a race weekend more than vettel talking ✌️

    Fabled_Ninja285Fabled_Ninja28514 napja
  • Old age gets to everyone

    Andrew GurneyAndrew Gurney14 napja
  • Clearly his head is somewhere else right now.

    ThomasLaangThomasLaang14 napja
  • Sebastian visited Ricciardo's pitbox because Ricciardo wanted to return his Vettel-face towel back to him from his Red Bull days

    SilverRonald ClipsSilverRonald Clips14 napja
  • Sebastian Vettel penalty cu 20 pozitions the grid

    Mitrut BurduhosMitrut Burduhos14 napja
  • 2013-Lewis entered Mclaren's pit box 2021-Seb enters McLaren's pit box Hope he follows the same trajectory

    Avinash ThakurAvinash Thakur14 napja
  • Sebastian is the best

    agarwaen06plagarwaen06pl14 napja
  • 😬

    Nurul Wahida JaffarNurul Wahida Jaffar14 napja
  • Aston boys are spies, especially inspector vettel ... All part of master 🅱️lan

    The Dark KnightThe Dark Knight14 napja
  • seb really wants in mclaren now since how a giant joke am was lulw

    MistMist14 napja
  • Netflix DTS-4: INTERESTING...!!! 😏😏😏

    Naazmul HussainNaazmul Hussain14 napja
  • Why is it always merc powered cars that pull into the wrong pit

    Mysterygamer26 0000Mysterygamer26 000014 napja
  • That guy working on the rear left tyre looks like a young Kimi Raikonnen at 0:14

    TheUncommonPersonTheUncommonPerson14 napja
  • His accent is becoming less and less german, prob moving towards british? 😂

    CaesarBhirawaCaesarBhirawa14 napja
  • He definitely wants to drive for Mercedes. 😂

    MichaelSiroshtanMichaelSiroshtan14 napja

    윤성민윤성민14 napja
  • Why does this stuff always happen to Mclaren?

    Mihály BálintMihály Bálint14 napja
  • He was wondering though😁

    Pujan PPujan P14 napja
  • His career is over. He doesn't sound like someone who will stop at nothing to win, and he's a 4 time world champ that shouldn't be making mistakes like he does.

    C RoC Ro14 napja
    • kinda poor bait ngl

      Troll486Troll48613 napja
  • Lewis: first time?

    Kevin Clyde HayagKevin Clyde Hayag14 napja