SCP-990 Dream Man (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-990 Animation.
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SCP 990, also known as Dream Man, is generally a human male dressed in a Cold War era business suit who appears to Foundation personnel through dreams.
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  • Me in eastern Asia Asean 👁️👄👁️

    Deolan TanDeolan TanÓrája
  • Ayo this is a huge stretch i might be considered an acrobat but 990 might just be someone from the foundation personell wether its a d-class or an 05. The reason i say this its because he only appears to foundation members.

    āehēcamalacotlāehēcamalacotl2 órája
  • Love every scp to win

    Lamban KumbangLamban Kumbang3 órája
  • Oh dreammmmmmmmmm

    Rudra BGRudra BG3 órája
  • "According to the foundation sleep schedule, only 63% of you have met me in your dreams."

    Just SangJust Sang5 órája
  • *"Listen kid, I don't have much time. The things that'll come in 2021 are-"*

    PricelessPriceless5 órája
  • part two?

    Ali AliAli Ali6 órája
  • i doubt he wants to cause a broken mask situation

  • Uh is it weird I had a dream about this man before waking up and watching this video 👀

    TheamazingsamuelTheamazingsamuel6 órája
  • So scp-001 might be the one behind the foundation origin...... cool

    Peika沛佧Peika沛佧7 órája
  • Scarlet king...... 4:47

    ed limed lim8 órája
  • Omg

    Merry ClarkMerry Clark13 órája
  • The motionless toe philly prevent because kayak continuously coil worth a meaty shame. innate, recondite fish

    Dirk CoffelDirk Coffel14 órája
  • Joe schon?

    leon springerleon springer14 órája
  • So, is the original 001, Love?

    Nicholas PersadNicholas Persad14 órája
  • I would call her the scarlet princess

    Vortex WarpersVortex Warpers16 órája
  • Hmmm im starting to think I should have listened to that man in my dreams

    abrady0abrady017 órája
  • The mystery of 001 keeps coming in.

    DragonCardGamerDragonCardGamer17 órája
  • Maybe Scp 990 aka the dream amn is telling us that the wolrd will end and humanity will be left with pain a misery.

    Luka JovanovskiLuka Jovanovski18 órája
  • Is this crap even real -_-?

  • The containment procedure is elementary do not wake the sleeper.

    Retptilius VaticanusRetptilius VaticanusNapja
  • I am 990 I have a body in every world.

    Retptilius VaticanusRetptilius VaticanusNapja
  • I’m glad I’m scandinavian don’t need to worry about nukes in Central Europe as it is called the 14 year old kid that wrote this should have payed attention in geography class.

    Retptilius VaticanusRetptilius VaticanusNapja
  • Cold War era buisness suit? So anything from the 50’s to the late 80’s?

    Retptilius VaticanusRetptilius VaticanusNapja
  • nà ní

  • So love is an scp?

    The WolfPlayz69The WolfPlayz69Napja
  • So it's the same type of stand as death 13

    OliOOPS - GamingOliOOPS - GamingNapja
  • Hey rubber try search dream in youtube

    No Names_MCNo Names_MCNapja

    Steven DemelSteven DemelNapja
  • Uh.... hee hee???

  • When I was six he was in front of my bedroom door And dream

    Learne MeleLearne MeleNapja
  • Dream man: tells me the future Me in 2020: No

  • So a strange man sitting on a bench with a child watching the stars and talking about love and stuff. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM .hell no to the no no no hell to the no

    Lint EdgybunLint EdgybunNapja
  • After a great deal of research I've decided to warn those who frequent this page. The Rubber is currently being studied as an SCP, likely classified as a Euclid class, but possibly Keter class anomaly which has been causing SCPs from other dimensions to appear in our reality. It is believed these entities appear when The Rubber's HUworld views on an anomaly surpass 500000. I encourage you all to discontinue viewing videos posted by the anomaly immediately! The Foundation is actively working on containment procedures, but this may be one situation where humanity must save itself by avoiding The Rubber videos at all cost! This HUworld account has, of course, been spoofed, but I will attempt to reach out to you all again soon.

    Jason CarrollJason CarrollNapja
  • Lucid dreamers have no effect on him I guess

  • If someone says this is just a legend I have a quote for you (the thing about legends is sometimes their true)

  • Could I ask who the voice actor is? :)

    Bounty HBounty HNapja
  • 9:26 love? is he talking about scp-999?

    techno gamertechno gamerNapja
  • 'Dream Man' *C'MERE GEORGEEE*

    *insert first name* *insert last name**insert first name* *insert last name*Napja
  • i had a dream that the earth is full with zombies and there are only 2 countries survived and built a wall and has more traps so the zombies wont come in the country and i was bitten at the hand and i was the hospital and i was being injected with a cure and it worked.

    Billy June OrdonezBilly June OrdonezNapja
  • That last part might explain 5000 "why"

    atome 365atome 365Napja
  • ohh the tickle monster

    Carlos BenitezCarlos BenitezNapja
  • 001 is the SC or when day breaks

    Edward WaringEdward WaringNapja
  • So Keter SCP’s are like the most dangerous ones?

    Astro Bot 532Astro Bot 532Napja
  • do a vid SCP-6789 siren head

  • Well u did unlondon last time

    M EM ENapja
  • you should make a video about SCP-055

    Eliseo CornejoEliseo CornejoNapja
  • What does Keter mean

  • I can’t get enough of these videos!!! I love your art style!

  • i...i've seen him before...somewhere i can't remember where..

    Demon Deadpool ClanDemon Deadpool ClanNapja
  • 2:14 AFTER THE FLASH *lately I try fall asleep but I strug-* **the bombs drop**

    Cüneyt ErsezerCüneyt ErsezerNapja
  • Wow omg big green man

    crystal _ c r u n c hcrystal _ c r u n c hNapja
  • There may have been a bit of an audio quality issue

    Rick JohozenRick JohozenNapja
  • SHINEI KAKUIM ok i dont know if I spelled old man's name right but I think I said it right. Had to say it because of the Jojo reference in the first art the rubber showed

  • Scp 990 is talking about scp 054 about the little girl

    1R0N W0LF1R0N W0LFNapja
  • i have dreamt about that guy, wed prolly be best friends if i could find his physical form tbh hes so smart

    Who's ToxicWho's ToxicNapja
    • i used to think he was god tbh

      Who's ToxicWho's ToxicNapja
    • he told me his name is ethan and weve talked multple times so yall gotta get ur fax straight but he does usually have the same face as my buddy ethan so it might just be that he likes to be called ethan by me because it makes me more comfortable talking to him because he is a lot like ethan and he kinda scares me sometimes lol

      Who's ToxicWho's ToxicNapja
  • Scp foundation:it was a dream calm down 2020:The hacksmith make it real

    Masimo MarchiMasimo MarchiNapja
  • 0:19 lol his dancing make funny and cute.

    I hate impostorI hate impostorNapja
  • It's the Hat man... is there a Night hag scp?

    Joshua AlexanderJoshua Alexander2 napja
  • Hows the Idea? You can make these thing as an SCP to counter SCP-990 SCP-###(Inf Dream Container) A dream machine: has 10 beds each connected to the machine, the machine has 4 Screens and you easily move through the area of the dream of the 10 people who are in the 10 beds, each screen has its own controller. Commands are depicted as like a wish to be granted on the people inside the dream; or you can give them anything range to things or buildings, In the dream are Infinite but has negative effect towards the user who inputs the command depending on the scale of the Command.

    Janson GabuyaJanson Gabuya2 napja
  • I want to use dream man as a thing to make me sleep after I set up a afk farm in games.

    Vibe checker3524Vibe checker35242 napja
  • I wonder if they do the zoo zipper

    Komodogirl5Komodogirl52 napja
  • I am soooooo sleepy now it’s night yeah am waching at night

    zhian Pengzhian Peng2 napja
  • basically the person from an anime or show who goes in your head says you have a vision and he or she just says wise stuff and shows you destiny or future.

    DLNK I love scuba divingDLNK I love scuba diving2 napja
  • I think I know what "SCP" it might be referring too. SCP 231 The Seven Deadly Brides, When each baby is born something catastrophic happens in increasing scale there's only one unborn child who supposedly if born will cause an XK class end of the world scenario. What if the final baby is the SCP it is referring too?

    PlutoMayhemPlutoMayhem2 napja
  • *sees wolfo at **9:35* AGGRESSIVE CLICKING

    DrLukiRudakaDrLukiRudaka2 napja
  • Can you do scp 5- Oh no I forgot the number Lemme go check Edit : scp 524

    Stellar The wolfStellar The wolf2 napja
  • Can you do SCP 524 pls Walter the anonymous rabbit ? ^w ^

    Beef NoodlesBeef Noodles2 napja
  • Thanos in disguise (hiding the infinity gauntlet!!)

    Blueblood1270Blueblood12702 napja
  • Im pretty shure 990 is talking about 999

    Leon-Louis KammerzellLeon-Louis Kammerzell2 napja
  • Jeez, the paper work in this foundation must be insane

    Bryelle SeaBryelle Sea2 napja
  • When he says that the thing that can stop SCP-001 is love, he means that it’s SCP-999 that can stop it, just as it will have to face his/her father, the scarlet king. (I think).

    Joshua CalabrettaJoshua Calabretta2 napja
  • Lali ho

    Mr. DoovadMr. Doovad2 napja
  • plz, notice dr. bob, he is working hard on SCP animations like yours

    Killer PastaKiller Pasta2 napja
  • 10:04 my first sweeeeet piece of fanart ever drawn in a challenge!! Its on he upper right.

    ooidc soundtrack loverooidc soundtrack lover2 napja
  • This seems heavily connected to SCP 1678 "Unlondon:

    Tomas PesqueiraTomas Pesqueira3 napja
  • "Eastern asia" Hopefully its not in Philippines

    gooderf raridgooderf rarid3 napja
    • We are south east

      LIGHTSIDE 240LIGHTSIDE 2408 órája
  • Scp 990 looks very familiar to me ...

    Lee Bee huaLee Bee hua3 napja
  • Fred Krueger just with class 😂

    Green ArrowGreen Arrow3 napja
  • In the 3rd thing he told the foundation personel to remembre : Only way to defeat 001 is love, may be hinting that the only thing that stands a chance against 001/scarlet king is 999

    _Mi_ch_a_el_ __Mi_ch_a_el_ _3 napja
  • SCP 990 looks like offenderman from the slenderman brothers

    alyssa viañaalyssa viaña3 napja
  • 5:02

    AmirGamerTubeAmirGamerTube3 napja
  • 5;02 SCP 231???

    AmirGamerTubeAmirGamerTube3 napja
  • Bogeyman: Am I A Joke To You?

    AmirGamerTubeAmirGamerTube3 napja
  • I have an idea to contain him touch some scp that puts u 2 sleep 4 a long time but keeps u alive.

    virtual donkeyvirtual donkey3 napja
  • please do 001

    Lorenzo VillagomezLorenzo Villagomez3 napja
  • the Foundation: classifies 990 as Keter SCP-990: just trying to help

    Noble2552Noble25523 napja
    • iirc classification in scp is just classification in terms of containment class, scp-990 is keter because its a "anomalies that are exceedingly difficult to contain consistently or reliably, with containment procedures often being extensive and complex."

      Fahri MFahri M2 napja
  • The SCP Foundation is trying to *Pursue* the head doc- I mean SCP-990

    JRDevelopmentJRDevelopment3 napja
  • Its the finger heart for me

    Carrie LaribaCarrie Lariba3 napja
  • When I saw the title I thought of Bill Cipher, and thought "...Different form, Different time..." Maybe?

    Dakubou4217Dakubou42173 napja
  • What scp did 990 said

    Naresh SankanapornNaresh Sankanaporn3 napja
  • What is scp 001

    Jeremy RodriguezJeremy Rodriguez3 napja
  • He's just a nice guy.

    I am CuthuluI am Cuthulu3 napja
  • Why the fuck are the Captions on Dutch

    Jeff1234 JeffyJeff1234 Jeffy3 napja
  • If you do watch out for the 11th player called???

    Angela FosterAngela Foster3 napja
  • Mr rubber do you still play Among US?

    Angela FosterAngela Foster3 napja
  • wait, wasn't the last revelation referring to SCP-999?

    Angel DelgadoAngel Delgado3 napja
  • Basically he is freddy krueger

    allmightallmight3 napja
  • He's a smooth criminal

    allmightallmight3 napja
  • Why the thumbnail looks like Micheal jackson sitting in hell

    allmightallmight3 napja