SCP-4975 Time's Up (SCP Animation)

2021.jan. 2.
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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Euclid class object, SCP-4975 Time's Up Animation.
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SCP-4975 is a vaguely humanoid entity with various avian attributes, the most notable of which is its beak. Its body structure is long and thin overall, and its limbs taper off into formless extremities, lacking distinct digits. A thick, hardened skin layer covers the entirety of its body, including its beak. SCP 4975 continuously rotates them one vertebra at a time, from back to front, ending with its head, in a rhythmic fashion. This produces a clicking or cracking sound with each movement. SCP4975 only stops moving its neck in this manner when it is preparing for an attack.
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This video, being derived from written by Scented_Shadow, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.
Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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  • This thing looks like malnourished cross between a crow and a vulture

    the king of jestersthe king of jesters2 órája
  • I love it!. From Libya.

    الدخس ؟الدخس ؟2 órája
  • The clicking belongs on r/mildlyinfuriating

    Dolfan 2Dolfan 22 órája
  • Gorillaz

    Name Not IncludedName Not Included2 órája

    *Angry Noises**Angry Noises*3 órája
  • This is work of enemy stand!

    kagaruki nagarukagaruki nagaru3 órája
  • I will kill this scp

    DallasDaggerDallasDagger4 órája
  • Anyone know what the song is that plays when 4957 attacks the guy at 3:50? I don't see it in the description.

    Jackie AvocadoJackie Avocado4 órája
  • Fuuuu- hMmMm I saw the jumpscare coming howEvEr I didn't think it would sync with my Transformers G1 transformation sound/notification of my phone jedhajhsua WhAt pErFecT timing

    Jetfire-ismsJetfire-isms4 órája
  • "You're in the middle of a late night study session." "But then you hear something." *plop plop plop* 😳

    ArtsyiArtsyi6 órája
  • How do you avoid SCP-4975, it seems that is impossible.

    Unai Eguzkitza MartinezUnai Eguzkitza Martinez7 órája
  • When you turn off the clock but the click still sound

    MarcosGamer el rey de los gamersMarcosGamer el rey de los gamers8 órája
  • Mario's Enemies when The time reaches at 100 :

    Kurtis Sebastian RomanKurtis Sebastian Roman9 órája
  • Very

    Sassytassie1Sassytassie19 órája
  • Uhhh

    Sorcha MackaySorcha Mackay10 órája
  • this scp is metal asf

    Upper Spoon 1Upper Spoon 110 órája
  • Me as a young child: *Sings nursery rhymes and songs* Me as an adult: "What the heck was I singing before? Welp... time to make an SCP from this"

    EidenEiden11 órája
  • Guys the video has stoped but I can hear the clicking still help

    Gamer Boy 4646Gamer Boy 464612 órája
  • Scp-4975 works like a V-1 Rocket *As long as you can hear it you’re safe*

    Coffee BeanCoffee Bean14 órája
  • How did they catch it? I don’t know why the narrator skipped over something so important.

    David ETWDavid ETW15 órája
  • Vertebrates are connected by backbone

    Rajkumar lamaRajkumar lama15 órája
  • I’m happy scps are a fan made thing

    MysticForce09MysticForce0915 órája
  • When I watched scp 4666 and this one I can never sleep anymore

    Mohammed AbdiMohammed Abdi15 órája
  • bro I looked at the document while watching this video and the moment he starting reading the nursery rhyme the clicking started. I paused the video to make sure it was coming from the video, and the clicking continued. Of course I realized it was coming from the foundation website but lemme tell you, those few seconds were I couldn't figure out were it was coming from. my god im in shock

    eater of Christmaseater of Christmas17 órája
  • Video- did you hear it's sound? Me, who is currently hearing a bird chirp- *y e s*

    DavidDavid17 órája
  • If I was the founder of the scp containment I would terminate that scp

    Puro.Puro.17 órája
  • When you hear the clicking noise it’s a wrap for you and basically your fucked

    EdgeLordAlexEdgeLordAlex17 órája
  • The scp is also known as the Big bird

    Puro.Puro.17 órája
  • Now this one gives me the chills!

    brian leebrian lee18 órája
  • *100% I will be so terrified*

    daven 3A sdkpnkdaven 3A sdkpnk18 órája
  • 99% I will be so disturbed by the click noise 1% *Play games and staying calm*

    daven 3A sdkpnkdaven 3A sdkpnk18 órája
  • Th bird really went oop-

    Brian JonesBrian Jones18 órája
  • Soundproof headphones might work

    A dead mans gameA dead mans game20 órája
  • 0:11 lol gorillaz

    depressed-daydreamer-69depressed-daydreamer-6921 órája
  • Wow he just got eaten alive by that humanoid scorpion thing

    AndromizerAndromizer22 órája
  • He won't show he's face until he reaches a milestone

    AndromizerAndromizer22 órája
  • Your videos or by for the creepiest scariest and most unsettling of all the youtubers who make SCP videos and I hate them and I love them and I never want you to stop

    Jade PowellJade Powell22 órája
  • 0:10 lmao demon days

    Apple Juice ArsenalApple Juice Arsenal23 órája
  • When the guy sais you turn your music on, is it just me or is the foto on the device the band gorillaz?

    A smart Google userA smart Google user23 órája
    • Demon days

      Apple Juice ArsenalApple Juice Arsenal22 órája
  • Everybody gangster until the video ends and you still hear clicking

    Jon MJon M23 órája
  • I think the point is you have to spend your life time when it stops ticking your life ends?

    Eli AlcantaraEli Alcantara23 órája
  • Quite ironic how the victim can't remember what vertebrae are connected by, when this same answer is exactly what SCP-4975 does not have.

    BunnalexBunnalex23 órája
  • Lol he was listening to the gorillaz in the beginning of the video

    liam ellisliam ellisNapja
  • Who came from tiktok??😅

    Moumo hiiMoumo hiiNapja
  • Haha no sleep for me. And now im terrified of clicking noises, thanks Dr bob

    totally legit Of realtotally legit Of realNapja
  • how many people saw this and instantly get scared by the thumbnail?

    Jason TolerJason TolerNapja
  • Who Else thought of the xenomorph from alien when you saw it

    Marco PeterMarco PeterNapja
  • Me: turns off video Also me: still hears clicking Also me: wait...

    Nikki JohnsonNikki JohnsonNapja
    • Me copys top comment Also me pastes comment Also me changes the format into a 14yo reddit kid commet

  • You spin me right round baby right now like a record

    Dread DarknessDread DarknessNapja
  • 2:08 Humans:its gone! covid is no more! Covid:bbeehhiinndd yyoouu

    dark matterdark matterNapja
  • Dr boob ajajajaj

  • I saw that the music he turned up was Gorillaz' Demon Days. I respect this man's taste.

  • Yo petshot's horus vibes anyone?

  • hears mysterious clicking sound, sticks head out window

  • one has to feel bad for the strike teams. They witness most if the paranormal events first-hand and can do NOTHING to save anyone afflicted by them.

    James KargJames KargNapja
  • bro why havnt i heard of this scp until now? this thing cool asf, way cooler than some plague doctor or an orange blob

  • nature is brutal :/

    Judah DavenportJudah DavenportNapja
  • Me wow that was a cool video EXITS:STILL HERES THE CLICKING

    Chicken Noodle ProductionsChicken Noodle ProductionsNapja
  • Is scp 4975 real?

    • Nah but imagine if the scp foundation was real tho

    • No

      Just some Karen with internet accessJust some Karen with internet accessNapja
  • Deaf people dont die... *rips ears out* ah that's better

  • I Hate u now I can't sleep bc a tree hits my window all the time O.o Hell Nah

  • I'm hearing random clicking and I feel this boi gonna happen.

  • Imagine if this happen with a deaf people

  • So it’s just a shoebill stork?

    Doge Coin KingDoge Coin KingNapja
  • Huh a choo choo bird

    Nissel ArroyoNissel ArroyoNapja
  • Bro the music cover was gorillaz

  • Everybody gangsta till you close your computer and the clicking sound won't stop

    bag headbag headNapja
  • That's terrifying what the fuck

  • This scp produces the same audio phenomena that you experience when stretching in the morning

    Axel EntrosAxel EntrosNapja
  • This is really high quality and an awesome breakdown of an scp. Plz do more!

    Art WatchArt WatchNapja
  • Scp getting more popular. A dream come true.

    Art WatchArt WatchNapja
  • i like that he just falls down and dies in the dark souls game

    Good Guy BjornGood Guy BjornNapja
  • Nobody : Times up eye sight while his head is spinning: spin cycle spin cycle Times up: WELL DAGNABBIT

    Jacob MeisterJacob MeisterNapja
  • What was that guitar rift during the attack?

    Xephyr 1235Xephyr 1235Napja
  • Dude this one makes my skin crawl..

  • ducks from chernobyl be like

    xPolar PlayzxPolar PlayzNapja
  • me with a gun licence, depression and sociopathy: time to turntables...

    xPolar PlayzxPolar PlayzNapja
  • 0:00 That actually happened to me before. I was studying then i heard a clicking noice, then I Turn on the music, I hear clicking sounds again. (FYI: Theres actually a window behind me)

    Maximilian Ananta XavierMaximilian Ananta XavierNapja
  • The clicks actually triggered me throughout the video

    Cheese NuggetsCheese NuggetsNapja
  • These stories are actually pure fiction, but they sound so real

    Panzer VIIIPanzer VIIINapja
  • Beeeennnsss

    KksGaming ChannelKksGaming ChannelNapja
  • Attack

    Uzmee LkhamjavUzmee LkhamjavNapja
  • It didnt attac or anything

    Uzmee LkhamjavUzmee LkhamjavNapja
  • Ive seen that thing in real life and in my dream but that thing didnt chase me it just kept staring at me

    Uzmee LkhamjavUzmee LkhamjavNapja
  • If Doom guy was being stalked by this scp he would just straight up pull a reverse uno card on him ngl

  • There only be 1 because I don’t want to go thought this whole deadly thing

  • Me:pauses video Clicking:doesn't stop Also me: EVERY THING IS NOT OKIE DOKI

    awesome pawsomeawesome pawsomeNapja
    • Whew though the same thing

      Walter WhiteWalter WhiteNapja
  • Me: Hears clicking The bird: -Appears- Me: -does some naruto hokage shii- Bird: -dies-

    Darkness MemeDarkness MemeNapja
    • Nonsense.

      DavidDavid17 órája
  • The whole time I was shaking,thinking,what I’ve this thing is coming for me.Do while they read the poem of this creature,I PIT MY VOLUME TO -0%

    NotSoSweetEllieNotSoSweetEllie2 napja
  • I swear I heard a clicking noise, like, 3 days after this.

    Antonio AndersonAntonio Anderson2 napja
  • Noice

    J KJ K2 napja
  • so i can kill it by snapping his neck when it reaches its limit?

    Mikado sannojiMikado sannoji2 napja
  • The scp guards ain't no joke they was trying to punch big bird without feathers

    Primal mega Chardon XPrimal mega Chardon X2 napja
  • Scp-4975:*clicking noises* Me:hippity hoppity you are on my property*cocks shotgun*

    Warhammer TitanWarhammer Titan2 napja
  • Looks like a chicken lol

    ExquisiteExquisite2 napja
  • Love that the albums the guy was listening too was Demon days by Gorillaz lol

    Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin2 napja
  • This scp sounds cool but like in your last moments of death, that would be so awkward. My first thought would be, was that bird watching me change clothes, bathe, and even use the restroom. Like oh boy >.>

    Lucifer RiveraLucifer Rivera2 napja
  • “And!.. nothing.” XDDD THAT MADE ME LAUGH.

    Lucifer RiveraLucifer Rivera2 napja
  • Me when I pause the video but the clicking is still there:

    angelic demonsangelic demons2 napja
    • Me when I steal the joke from a top comment

  • Me: casually listening with headphones And then out of nowhere *UpGrAdE tO yOuTuBe pReMiUM!*

    EVPOPEVPOP2 napja