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Cody Ko

  • its the fake punching the clown for me

    Abbriella MicholsAbbriella MicholsNapja
  • what the facts 💀

    Albian BarakatAlbian BarakatNapja
  • When you think about it Cody ko making fun of you tubers is basically doing a shout out

    Thanos ZinosThanos ZinosNapja
  • I fuck with that Tupac picture tho

    Chadrick JohnsonChadrick JohnsonNapja
  • holy shit i’ve been on that trail it’s in lake placid it was way to long but near the end there was a waterfall pool which was cool

    Lame LiamLame LiamNapja
  • 14:48 am I the only one that noticed that on the left

    Random PersonRandom PersonNapja
  • for a sec i thought he was gonna say florida and i thought that was completely valid. 9:14

    Julia BuntonJulia BuntonNapja
  • guarantee that drone footage isn't live, probably recorded prior and then the reaction next.

    EmmettEmmett2 napja
  • I promise you Canada is not like this

    omar Elsayedomar Elsayed2 napja
  • some poor jugalo was havin a beach day, expressing themself, and some jackass attacks them.

    MadiMadi3 napja
  • "hey what should we make our kids horror video about" "oh, how about that thing from 2009 that kids wont remember because it stopped being scary in 2012 and completely died in 2014" "yeah that makes sense" but seriously, do kids even know what slenderman is?

    MadiMadi3 napja
  • That’s just moonlight beach it’s always crowded

    Lizzie BurgonLizzie Burgon4 napja
  • What happens when they get it caught in the tree

    EK PlayzEK Playz4 napja
  • i came

    qlevbqlevb6 napja
  • dude whats his outro music, its epic

    Space MarineSpace Marine6 napja
  • wait, this honestly looks like such a dope hike to do for fun. Does anyone know what it's called?

    HikerGrrrlHikerGrrrl7 napja
  • In the thumbnail why would there a clown on the beach?

    chris cordenchris corden8 napja
  • they're clearly not using a drone for most of it... best part

    Tobias TonarelyTobias Tonarely8 napja
  • Anyone else see the clown on the beach wearing yeezys

    Fritz MezgerFritz Mezger9 napja
  • i remember i used to be terrified by these types of videos as a kid.

    rylan blayrylan blay9 napja
  • Why do they scream so fucking loud it’s 3am for god sake

    Acea NevahAcea Nevah10 napja
  • 14:48 peep the huge schlong.

    squ izzsqu izz10 napja
  • Cody: *this is also so easy to fake* my annoying ass: *you know this is fake right?*

    paula huberpaula huber10 napja
  • B! B! B! That's the shoot button!

    maddeninglymaddeningly10 napja
  • My mind literally just got blown finding out Cody is Canadian.

    SeanSean11 napja
  • actually jumped when he said ‘boo’ at the beginning

    robbie skywalkerrobbie skywalker11 napja
  • I thought it was Maddie smokes trying new content

    Swagggy SwiftSwagggy Swift11 napja
  • Gosh dang it Cody why you gotta scare me twice

    Flamingo PlayzFlamingo Playz11 napja
  • Where is Noel Miller? Why don’t you do videos with Him anymore?

    Nathan NeufeldNathan Neufeld12 napja
  • For Halloween Cody should react to actual scary videos

    Angelo ShanthakumarAngelo Shanthakumar13 napja
  • 14:47 na fam I can't believe Cody didn't notice the lil Easter egg from my dawg clown g

    Still A WeebStill A Weeb13 napja
  • How does he know it’s an actor

    MosesMoses13 napja
  • *Don't let siren head smoke a blunt at 3 AM!!!*

    LoganLogan13 napja
  • 5:57 🤟NAH BRO!🤟 🤟NAH BRO!🤟 DUDE! 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

    Pink AbominationPink Abomination13 napja
  • *cause mahh boii cammMMERONN ISS HERREE!!!* 👌👅👀 turn up turn up turn up

    RaeRae13 napja

    Bailey ShayBailey Shay14 napja
  • Cody needs merch that says "Frazzled"

    McKenna RishMcKenna Rish14 napja
  • My fav is the one were sponge Bob, barnia, and a teenage mutant ninja turtle kicks the suit out of a spooky clown

    Jamey WanerJamey Waner15 napja
  • all these youtubers really say: 👇🤜👇🤜👇

    Gio ScaccoGio Scacco16 napja
  • Woah that’s me !!! I appreciate u cody

    DKDK17 napja
    • *get outta here stinkie* 😟😒😒

      RaeRae12 napja
    • its the fam bro like fax

      stefani!stefani!16 napja
    • Peepee poopoo

      Ray the guyRay the guy17 napja
  • y'all I've been screaming for an hour, this guy posted a video like four days ago about a CLOWN sighting at an ABANDONED waterpark in the UNITED STATES! I deadass worked at that waterpark for three years... I'm Canadian........

    melmarchmelmarch18 napja
  • I hope that one day Kody will join them

    Moth_BugMoth_Bug18 napja
  • My tablet froze at the beginning it didn’t scare me 😆😆😆

    Xd DramaticzXd Dramaticz19 napja
  • You’re seriously my favorite youtuber😭😭

    savannah houstonsavannah houston19 napja
  • Update your pfp ur not 12 anymore

    The Stripper Life Of PiperThe Stripper Life Of Piper19 napja
  • 1:22 he said fucked

    • nico •• nico •19 napja
  • I'm actually disappointed these guys are from Toronto.

    Eric TzogasEric Tzogas20 napja
  • dude I wanna go and dislike all of this guy's videos but I don't want to give his videos clicks or views.

    Luke TjalkensLuke Tjalkens20 napja
  • 5:03 to 5:11 of Cody's video is scarier than the other guy's entire video. And Cody is a flippin comedian.

    Luke TjalkensLuke Tjalkens20 napja
  • Bro matty smokes jr. i called it before he even said it haha

    Israel PirschelIsrael Pirschel20 napja

    just some guy with bow and arrowjust some guy with bow and arrow20 napja
  • I meanbi know im not the only one who is sure this was staged but did you see those weak ass punches

    Hunter HallHunter Hall21 napja
  • I like it when you pronounce Slenderman as "Slendermin"

    ToruKun1ToruKun121 napja
  • They are too pushy to do it at night

    Ahmad IslamAhmad Islam21 napja
  • that was insane

    honkhonk22 napja
  • why did translation available pop up on my phone before this started

    HoneyDewHoneyDew22 napja

    it's chwabbieit's chwabbie23 napja
  • 14:57 look to the left

    FerbalisisticFerbalisistic23 napja
  • The slender man is tall and that slender man is not lol

    Unknown BurgerUnknown Burger23 napja
  • i’m shook , when he was saying come on bro’s let’s get airborn i got an add for airborn

    Isabel AkersIsabel Akers24 napja
  • How does kody ko manage to Segway into express VPN in every video?

    Blair RichardsonBlair Richardson24 napja
  • Scarizona

    S p a c e d O u tS p a c e d O u t24 napja
  • lol not me watching all his videos over again just to enjoy the transition to the sponsors

    Claire CookClaire Cook25 napja
  • no ones talking about how he actually got scared by his dog during the parody....

    parker whitesideparker whiteside25 napja
  • maybe the real slenderman was the friends we made along the way

    PersonPerson25 napja
  • I had to turn on my fukn lights during this one.

    kalob huntkalob hunt25 napja
  • dude i almost pooped my pants when u opened that door

    jw hughesjw hughes26 napja
  • Imagine s Ender man just naruto ran towards the dorne

    TurtleTurtle26 napja
  • Is cody bumping on logic's young sintra

    Tahila MokwenaTahila Mokwena26 napja
  • you know what i just realised, JayStation and this guy don't have the same "slender man forest"

    ICan't CareEnoughICan't CareEnough26 napja
  • Your humor is clever lol it's FACTS

    John MillerJohn Miller27 napja
  • *Boo* ston, *Fear* izona

    Nad DNad D27 napja
  • I was just think that he was like matty smokes and you said it

    Dylan IsbellDylan Isbell27 napja
  • i share a name with too many weird white men

    Kam AyannaKam Ayanna27 napja
  • when he said what the facts was that i lost it

    naz toptasnaz toptas27 napja
  • All the titles sounds like they were generated by a bot or an equation

    Makenn GillenMakenn Gillen27 napja
  • Anyone else see that guy give fake ass punches to the clown lol. Who watches these fools?

    Willie WhopperWillie Whopper27 napja

    Lenny Is beter than carlLenny Is beter than carl27 napja
  • You don’t even burn

    Corey HarrisonCorey Harrison28 napja
  • I mean, they're not wrong. They said in the title we wouldn't believe them.

    InfernoBeetleInfernoBeetle28 napja
  • Did anyone see the d*** drawn in the sand when the clown was chasing dude? 😂😂

    Jeremy GonzalesJeremy Gonzales28 napja
  • That dog is a paid actor

    Mya Da GreatMya Da Great28 napja
  • It makes me sad to know that I probably would’ve been scared of these videos at like 9 yrs old

    quiploquiplo28 napja
  • I was sertain it was that, eeh clud dude whu puffs in his car unyill Cody said he looked like him..

    Mati mizfitMati mizfit29 napja
  • How does anyone on planet earth get any enjoyment out of these garbage videos or believe its real. Like stromedys 1,560,000 must literally be 1,560,000 8 year olds

    Frankie MermaidFrankie Mermaid29 napja
  • U can also use a vpn on school WiFi and access anything on the internet

    CatbratCatbrat29 napja
  • i cant believe you said "fear-izona" when "scare-izona" was right there dude

    kee -kee -29 napja
  • The reason all this content comes from Toronto is because Ontario is the shithole of Canada and Toronto is barely a part of Canada

    eddie byrneeddie byrne29 napja
  • Did no one else see the penis in the sand

    Jada WilsonJada WilsonHónapja
    • How?

      Ivan qtIvan qtHónapja
    • Who?

      Ivan qtIvan qtHónapja
    • When?

      Ivan qtIvan qtHónapja
    • Where?

      Ivan qtIvan qtHónapja
  • Why does the clown on the beach remind me of idubbz fighting on the beach in content cop

    Waste Not AustinWaste Not AustinHónapja
  • damn this some good slendy footage

  • 0:00 Replay it like 40 times

    The Spark ManThe Spark ManHónapja
  • Faaaax

    Rachel KlinkhamerRachel KlinkhamerHónapja
  • i laughed so hard at the clown writing: "clown" in the sand. "What is he a pokémon? They couldn't have thought of anything else for him to write? How 'bout 'Death'?"

  • Yeah

    Blue GreenBlue GreenHónapja
  • I want to see what he thinks of simply nailogical cuz she’s from Toronto too not just because of that but yea

    Cecilia CameronCecilia CameronHónapja
  • This video is fax.

    Estelle GettyEstelle GettyHónapja
  • you know what else is scary, @t

    JTGall wTJTGall wTHónapja
  • you should react to the videos I can remember the channel name but they do the hiring a blank of the dark web like a mom or a clown

    Brent HillBrent HillHónapja
    • I meant can't oops

      Brent HillBrent HillHónapja
  • facts, bro like bro, facts.