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Cody Ko

  • I feel bad for Cody’s HUworld feed.

    Christian DangerfieldChristian Dangerfield7 órája
  • These videos are just so dumb that it makes it funny.

    ZaChonkoZaChonko10 órája
  • mr mime looks great in the new pokemon go update


    It’s Meme timeIt’s Meme timeNapja
  • These guys have very punchable faces

    Maartje GoedeMaartje GoedeNapja
  • Best scary clowns actually run away

    H FH FNapja
  • “Everything that’s bad starts good”... dude described his own video

    Kaive YKaive Y3 napja
  • It’s weird how this is recommended to me after he beat Bryce

    lewangoalskilewangoalski3 napja
  • More of these!

    Franky ContiFranky Conti4 napja
  • At the begining I got scared shitless cuz I was watching in vr mode.

    Logan GoddardLogan Goddard4 napja
  • in state pennsywiseia... i'm sorry

    emilie's corneremilie's corner5 napja
  • slender man is not real so stop lying okay😂😂😂😂

    Khan ZadranKhan Zadran5 napja
  • 13:35 for some reason I was thinking he should have wrote death too before you said it lol

    Harry AzcrackHarry Azcrack6 napja
  • yo its fuckin stromedy no way lmao. whos here after he was scared to fight bryce hall?

    Harry AzcrackHarry Azcrack6 napja
  • Why didn’t they just fly the drone into his face? Would it not do something?

    Garrett DormanGarrett Dorman7 napja
  • WHAT’S UP GUYS!? Representing CENTRAL Canada, about to START UP a SCARY 3AM challenge video channel, with my FAM Jaystation and that other ANNOYING guy from T dot.

    Wisdomatic1Wisdomatic17 napja
  • For anyone wondering Clown State Beach is actually Sunset Cliffs

    Chill The GamerChill The Gamer7 napja
  • Facts

    Alex MobleyAlex Mobley7 napja
  • Was that... was that a fascist symbol on his shirt

    GlibertTheFrogGlibertTheFrog7 napja
  • Im sorry Cody but I do know what a VPN is, I’m mean come on, let’s be real, I follow you

    Team T-rexTeam T-rex9 napja
  • Lmao that’s Carlsbad beach, I was just around there

    Gerry MartinGerry Martin11 napja
  • It’s matti smokes and jay station rolled into one.

    GraceAnne0235GraceAnne023512 napja
  • This was Cody's hair's prime

    arcosuarcosu12 napja
  • OmmG sOoO sCaRYyYyY

    Zarlasht SiddiqiZarlasht Siddiqi12 napja
  • 9:21 you really missed an opportunity to say Fearnix Scare-izona.

    Seth Last NameSeth Last Name13 napja
  • This guy looks like he delivers for domino's

    Daniel ClayDaniel Clay14 napja
  • This is why i love cody

    Squanch BurgerSquanch Burger14 napja
  • It’s sad that it’s not even a drone.

    Joe MammothJoe Mammoth15 napja
  • ko fam that dog might be a killer shape shifting killer slender man clown so i think you need me in there because i'm also from the west side of Canada and 2 wacky guys is better than 1 wacky guy so like hit me up or something so we can team up

    Teletubby9Teletubby915 napja
  • FAX

    Cody JCody J15 napja
  • I know this is random but you have a nice nose

    CousariCousari16 napja
  • Yo i like this guy he’s funny

    Charles HenriquezCharles Henriquez20 napja
  • I was on autoplay and the "BOO" actually scared me

    Chris KnappChris Knapp20 napja
  • spooky

    Deadly ForceDeadly Force20 napja
  • Praise God

    BentoBento20 napja
  • 14:48 left side of the screen....

    Bruce StrackBruce Strack21 napja
  • its the fake clown punches for me

    rhea paulrhea paul21 napja
  • This stuff stuff scared me so bad 5 years ago😂

    The tax peopleThe tax people22 napja
  • 17:21 lmaooo

    fingersfingers22 napja
  • The fabulous mile subsequently bomb because clock independently precede atop a willing meteorology. brown, lyrical furniture

    Evalyn KirkpatrickEvalyn Kirkpatrick22 napja

    imthem4nimthem4n23 napja
  • the clown beating the shit out of the civilian while beachgoers watch shot in 3rd person just looks like GTA V footage

    Tyler Jeffrey BrownTyler Jeffrey Brown23 napja
  • I do weird self challenges and I have one where I try to mimic Cody’s hair XD

    The monkey ManThe monkey Man24 napja
  • Why do you have just a random ass mugshot of a black man

    Black WhiteBlack White24 napja
  • framed mugshot of tupac next to da bathroom fo today

    kizfykizfy25 napja
  • The rewatchability of these videos is amazing

    Red LimitsRed Limits25 napja
  • Why do all those men look exactly the same😭

    Alice GallagherAlice Gallagher26 napja
  • wow so scary i pee my pants 😰

    school mathschool math26 napja
  • The salad fingers reference with smooth though.

    Katelyn ScarlettKatelyn Scarlett27 napja
  • I want a show about two idiot boyfriends going to haunted places, just chaos and comedy.

    KeroKero27 napja
  • hunnnn

    I II I27 napja
  • If you see codys face he actually got scared 😭💔

    WzsxWzsx28 napja
  • 14:49 anyone else notice the giant penis on the far left

    PEytoN ThwaiteSPEytoN ThwaiteS28 napja
  • fax bro

    Cat ManCat Man28 napja
  • kody

    TheBumpETheBumpE29 napja
  • Okay you actually scared me at the beginning.....I’m unsubscribing you’re gonna give me a heart attack

    Margo-Sophie HawkinsMargo-Sophie HawkinsHónapja
  • 1:30 Stromedy is literal ass

  • sick thumbnail

  • Cody better be careful reacting to these horror videos...he might come across one that could give him a heart attack due to his old age

    Emma BeaniackEmma BeaniackHónapja
  • I like rusty spoons.

    Scott MeleadScott MeleadHónapja
  • the intro jump scared me. Im watching this at 2am keep that in mind fuckows

  • Ahhhhh scary slender man

    Mmmm MmmmMmmm MmmmHónapja
  • no one talked about the penis on 14:49

    Abder SousanAbder SousanHónapja
  • this guy is cringy and he even pauses and thinks hes funny

    snipes 16snipes 16Hónapja
    • @snipes 16 you would probably be way better at doing these videos than him, because your way more funny than he is right?

      elgoog watersonelgoog watersonHónapja
    • what????

      snipes 16snipes 16Hónapja
    • i bet ur way more funny

      elgoog watersonelgoog watersonHónapja
  • The 🐕dog

    Elise MuellerElise MuellerHónapja
  • The Clown had yeezys

    SumLukySum1 12345SumLukySum1 12345Hónapja
    • 😂😂 I didn’t notice at first 😂😂😂

      Kayleigh’s FriesKayleigh’s FriesHónapja
  • Damn that ground and pound though 🤣

  • Oh my god the slender man reveal. I lost my shit. I thought it was gonna he edited in or something; I was not expecting a man in a party city Halloween costume. And god the stance looks like a video game avatar in a character selection screen

    Andrew HarrisAndrew HarrisHónapja
  • literally nobody: Cody: FAX THATS FAX

    Malak NegmMalak NegmHónapja
  • “Everything bad starts good”, that’s bull shit

    Saxon JenkinsSaxon JenkinsHónapja
  • Jesus Christ you scared me

    Mr. NamelessMr. NamelessHónapja
  • i accidentally clicked on the video and said " oh no" then you jumpscared me and i screamed lmao

    Expandapants IIExpandapants IIHónapja
  • Is Cody and Kelsey still together?

    Tyrone von BeneckeTyrone von BeneckeHónapja
    • ye

      elgoog watersonelgoog watersonHónapja
  • It’s me, I’m the vpn

    Parker NoesenParker NoesenHónapja
  • man this video's way to mature for me, I can't handle how many times theyre saying frickin...

    Altoguy SupremeAltoguy SupremeHónapja
  • 14:52 there’s a huge peen in the sand

  • This might be completely unrelated, but I just realized when our favorite youtubers die, we'll have millions of digital footage and memories to look back. That kinda makes me sad.

    Jacqueline AminuJacqueline AminuHónapja
  • its so funny how Cody always likes the videos he’s talking bad about 😂

    Zack MendesZack MendesHónapja
  • anyone notice that its a pre recorded drone footage. they werent looking at the drone when they were looking at each other

  • You didn’t scare me cody

  • Imagine walking through the trail and see two random dudes putting a piece of paper like sticky note on top of a tree, I mean sorry excuse me the creepy people. 🙈😂😂😂

    Billie is my wifeBillie is my wifeHónapja
  • that clown fight was someone wwe crap

  • Clown state beach is literally just a beach in Oceanside California that’s so dumb

    Jacob ReissJacob ReissHónapja
  • as a lad from Canada, I'm disappointed that Canadians are like this. I promise that's not all of us.

    Evan GibbonsEvan GibbonsHónapja
  • Is it just me or is Cody ko always monotized by 805

    Wyatt NeebWyatt NeebHónapja
  • i saw that ad coming miles away

    Zack KluverZack KluverHónapja
  • Woah that intro scared me. I’m unsubscribing and disliking all your videos.

  • I can punish 3 mcdoubles like it’s nothing

    Cameron HurstCameron HurstHónapja
  • Oh shout out to xtremegames. They pretended they were both dying. 1 was dieing from CROOOKED NECK

    Matt StylesMatt StylesHónapja
  • He wasn’t writing that he was saying what they are

  • Whisclownston

  • Cody is literally just a Reaction channel but it’s always interesting

    my guymy guyHónapja
  • Lmao no way. I had that same slender man morphsuit in 5th grade for halloween

    mason mooremason mooreHónapja
  • Cody reminds me of the guy from New Girl. Just me?

    Trevor LiftonTrevor LiftonHónapja
  • I die when you start in on your Express VPN spiel. Perfect segue.

    Tabbi MeekerTabbi MeekerHónapja
  • I like how there even an eye hole on “slender man”

    Mr boss dog7441Mr boss dog7441Hónapja
  • facts

  • I’m watching this six months after this was posted and holy crap Cody looks so bare cause his hair is short

    K DK DHónapja
  • “You think he saw the drone?” You mean the drone that the clown jumped and waved at when you first saw it?

    Carallena AndersonCarallena AndersonHónapja
  • Out

    Austin franksAustin franksHónapja