Russian holiday feast - Cooking Kulebyaka with Boris

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Russian salmon log, the Kulebyaka (Кулебяка/Coulibiac) - Cooking with Boris
A coulibiac (from Russian: кулебя́ка, kulebyáka) is a type of Russian pirog usually filled with salmon or sturgeon, rice or buckwheat, hard-boiled eggs, mushrooms, onions, and dill. The pie is baked in a pastry shell, usually of brioche or puff pastry.
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400g flour
5g dry yeast
half teaspoon salt
2 teaspoon sugar
some cooking oil
250ml milk
1 egg
200ml milk
90g flour
1 egg
half teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
some cooking oil
The filling:
2 boiled eggs (1 use one)
100g rice
500g salmon
green onion and dill
6-9 mushrooms
1 medium onion
50g butter
salt, pepper
Background noise:
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  • Komrade Boris! I highly recommend to wash rice before cooking in pot to remove as much arsenic and other pizdec that is often found in commercial rice. Also give a much better texture to the rice! 😊

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    Παναγιώτης ΡάμμοςΠαναγιώτης ΡάμμοςNapja
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  • Sitting here in my couch, drunk on a Sunday.. what to do? Just chill att watch Life of Boris :D

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  • 8:30 I paused the video and went onto do something else and that stupid song kept playing in my head, so I started thinking I was possessed by the spirit of Home Alone. Finally I’m at peace knowing where the earworm really came from!

    LiusilaLiusila3 napja
  • You are a good soul, Boris. Not like Igor, he is Urod.

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  • This tastes like shit not even lying.

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  • Screw the Merrovingian. No cursing sounds as flavorful as eastern European cursing.

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  • 2:00 "not that basic" HowToBasic: Am I a joke to you? (no offence).

    Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking*Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking*4 napja
  • Seed oil called " zolotaya semechka"( golden seed)

    Crab RaveCrab Rave4 napja
  • Boris... lol. That salmon can be cooked in 12 minutes @350 farenheit. Yes it will get softer because of everything else but, softer does not mean tender lol. Blyat!

    TheGodshatterTheGodshatter4 napja
  • use tilapia if you can't afford salmon. if you want the oiliness of a Salmon, add some anchovies.

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  • Привет

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  • NOO!, not the cabbage.. My cabbage is gone...

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  • Boris can you make a shepherd's pie???

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  • This would be perfect to serve on December 26 a lot of Russians would understand what happened on December 26 1991

    wildestQusar47wildestQusar478 napja
  • I am just here for the soothing voice

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  • Looks amazing tho

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  • Alumininium

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  • Chicken device

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  • Blyat, this looks like the most tastiest food I ever saw, cheers from India

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  • Are those books he talked about actually real and made by him?

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  • 6:23 "Add one chicken egg." Me: the fuck is a chicken egg? He must mean chicken produce.

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  • No I follow these videos just so I can see what crazy BS you spit out next Never disappointed

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  • Instructions unclear, my house now looks like what remains of reactor 4 now.

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  • This should be what masterchef should show how Kulebyaka is made. A perfect creation by Boris

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  • A funny thing Americans call it by the last 5 letters

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  • Who need to measure rice to water ratio? Just use finger! Wash rice, put water, measure with first joint of finger, not with measuring jug. Aiya.

    Yuuki KuroutarouYuuki Kuroutarou24 napja
  • Cooking channels : use some fancy rare ingredients that no one can get and probably never heard of and the most expensive equipments that no one has Boris : if you don’t have salmon use mince meat, you can use potato if its end of month, you can use cabbage if you are completely desperate

    abood amakabood amak25 napja
  • Boris: This is commonly done in holiday season Me in a place where i can celebrate christmas during september UNTIL december: GIMME MORE PLEASE

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  • I dont like mushrooms so I replaced it with Mayonaise

  • Wait.. there are other food than sawdust? meaby a new profession IS in order :O

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  • 10:46 same

  • Thank you Boris, keep up the awesome videos. :)

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  • 6:59 No no no Comrade Boris, it’s not One part rice two parts water Blin. It put how much rice you need And Water up to First Joint, I hope you’ve cleaned your rice blyat.

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  • He deserves more patrons,but my broke ass can't do shit

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  • Made the thing, but I personally prefer it with minced meat, por/beef - mix to be precise =)

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  • Boris with eggs is like that guy trying to explain a birch tree, "you can see it is a chicken produce because of the way that it is"

    Just Another IdiotJust Another IdiotHónapja
    • @Extrascript662 ah fuck I'm retarded yeah it was

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    • Wasn’t it an “aspen” tree or something?

  • there goes boris again, making me hungry ;u;

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  • Salmon is literally my favorite food ever. I don't get to eat it very often because it's so expensive and my mom hates the smell. This video makes me so hungry!!!!

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  • **Looks through comments** No one? Really? All right I'll be *that* guy: 250 mL of milk does not equal 250 g of Milk. That only works with water which, at room temperature has *almost* 1 g/mL density (it's a bit lower, but for all intents and purposes, and assuming some metals/inorganics present in it, tap water in most parts of the world will be almost exactly 1.0 g/mL). Milk on the other hand has a lot of high density solutes in an emulsion that push it's density higher, compared to water (997 kg/m^3), milk is ~1040 kg/m^3, meaning that it will weight more. And more importantly, the logic is unsound: volume and mass are intrinsic properties of a substance and do not rely on one another at all; volume can change irrespective of mass (water->ice), and mass can change without altering volume (bleeding off pressurized gas), so for some substances, with very, very high or very very low densities, their mass and volume will not be remotely similar even in metric (for example a mL of material from the Sun's core weighs millions of kg). *AND* this all assumes you are on Earth, as weight, which is really what you are talking about, is not strictly the same as mass, which is essentially a small-unit method of describing the number of mols of a substance is present. The 1 mL = 1 g trick when thinking in terms of weight works even worse in low gravity/high gravity environments.

    • I’ve been thinking that as well, but for a recipe like this I don’t think it would matter to have an extra millilitre or two of milk

  • I live in Canada, can I use a moose egg or is that going to cause problems?

    Yandere ValkyrieYandere ValkyrieHónapja

      Andrey PaninAndrey Panin12 napja
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  • You know a recipe is good when it says "Add a mysterious amount..."

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  • 3:17 "Take one of chicken device. Now, you see, you will know that this is chicken device, because it is..." *Slav bear noises*

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  • On the salmon can you leave it in a marinade to add another flavor and for the greens can you replace it with spinach I have top much spinach from my garden

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  • ive spent all this time trying to find a gf that makes slav food but now i am becoming the gf that makes slav food

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