Rule 34 artists when they find Friday Night Funkin'

2021.febr. 7.
994 776 Megtekintés

Nothing can be sacred anymore.
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  • What’s the game called for education purposes

    King VenomKing VenomNapja
  • Hey remember when you said black Men and our friends are FUCKING our mother

  • Oh no..

    OoFOoF2 napja
  • The song for Mommy must Murder is literally called MILF it was easy bait.

    Danny DangGangDanny DangGang2 napja
  • ew

    NESSNESS2 napja
  • Her names literally Girlfriend what did you expect?

    Kaynafan 2567Kaynafan 25672 napja
  • Any person that draws porn of video games needs therpy or locked in a mental asslayum

    David VillegasDavid Villegas3 napja
  • Cute girl: *Exist* Rule 34 artist: Hey sweetie, I know how to make you popular... Are you Interested?

    Issam ChebIssam Cheb3 napja
  • Two things new grounds was like the hub for a bit and I’m not complaining 😳

    The Lightskin asianThe Lightskin asian4 napja
  • Typical Newgrounds shit. And also I mean Gf IS 19 so it's pretty much legal. If you still wanna be upset then blame ninjamuffin and his team for making Gf so THICC

    The Fazbear RockfrightThe Fazbear Rockfright4 napja
  • Litarally every fondom has a rule 34

    Mr. BombsMr. Bombs4 napja
  • When Deltarune came out, people started making porn of it IN THE SAME DAY.

    The TruthThe Truth4 napja
  • *The GF exists Rule 32: “Let me introduce myself”

    Cool_Guy_EliCool_Guy_Eli4 napja
  • I haven't even seen the game but once it came out r34 artists came quick

    çýbęř ñęøçýbęř ñęø4 napja
  • This is a dark day

    Samuel TuohySamuel Tuohy5 napja
  • I’m passed the point of being surprised. I literally expected this to happen, it’s all a speedrun at this point.

    How are you TodayHow are you Today5 napja
  • search friday night munch on youtube.

    Nick MeelerNick Meeler6 napja
  • _Runaway*_

    [Creator of Secks] Rule 34 Artist[Creator of Secks] Rule 34 Artist6 napja
  • sauce pls

    B3nCastle OMGB3nCastle OMG6 napja
  • dang, my man went from satire to Great content, never thought i'd say this, but.. Keep up the good work!

    Temmie the AWAWAsomeTemmie the AWAWAsome7 napja
  • Yo is that jmg in the thumbnail

    Tyson AckerTyson Acker7 napja
  • Rule 34 has no all

    CameronBallZCameronBallZ8 napja
  • just imagine the perverts rewinding the video to when the r34 drawing pops up and start drooling at it Edit: just to clarify I am not one of those people (you guys might think I am since I brought the topic up but y'know)

    Cole RogalinerCole Rogaliner8 napja
  • Any% speed run?

    Supreme Lego manSupreme Lego man8 napja
  • rule 34 artists: Oh, neat game. *frantic searching for female character*

    Soulless TomatoSoulless Tomato9 napja
  • bruh all of the r34 artists of fnf is bad cuz they dont draw bf with blue balls smh

    teuszitoteuszito9 napja
  • This is why can't have nice things

    Sandwich with kolbasaSandwich with kolbasa9 napja
  • Well i mean some of us want to nuke the site and the pepole making the drawings we vomit to out of pure disgust to these pepole

    Alert CristiAlert Cristi9 napja
  • rule 34 in a nutshell kids

    Master TopHatterMaster TopHatter9 napja
  • NOT SLICK BOi I want you to Hate more videos.

    Satan Slayer UnknownSatan Slayer Unknown9 napja
  • that’s disgusting! where?

    Marcus_AlohaMarcus_Aloha10 napja
  • we as humands are designed to ruin/sexuallize ANYTHING that we like

    mememporer 11mememporer 1110 napja
  • I mean what do you expect

    Sebastian JohnsonSebastian Johnson10 napja
  • epic

    Used Paper TowelUsed Paper Towel10 napja
  • This is why we can't have nice things like all the time ¦(

    Kobe ._.Kobe ._.10 napja
  • wait......... that doesnt say Funk........

    BrandBrand10 napja
  • O_o

    Shuichi SaiharaShuichi Saihara11 napja
  • At least they are 19

    B4ngFargl3B4ngFargl311 napja
  • I was afraid this could happen

    Sava OnlineSava Online11 napja
  • No fucking link this is ridiculous

    Nabit CNabit C11 napja
  • Uh wow thats not spooky its S C A R Y

    KeithKeith11 napja
  • Well, what do you expect?

    KinkoKinko11 napja
  • Ah yes, Very Pog art

    LOL MANLOL MAN11 napja
  • I dont understand why people make such a great fuzz around it if its literally a rule of the internet

    DeetectiveDeetective11 napja
  • we just can't get a break

    jessie chaneyjessie chaney11 napja
  • You are never safe from the grasp of some horny internet user with an art degree

    Sushi RabitSushi Rabit12 napja
  • Don’t hate me but hey if it exist there is p*orn of it

    Cody _12 3Cody _12 312 napja
  • Browsing for some games on new grounds in a school must be bad the front page had a game called clean up all the coom

    Zaneta jeziorskaZaneta jeziorska12 napja
  • Browsing for some games on new grounds in a school must be bad the front page had a game called clean up all the coom

    Zaneta jeziorskaZaneta jeziorska12 napja
  • I mean, it’s rule 34 what do you expect

    Mr. KaiMr. Kai12 napja
  • I know I had fun

    • Kagi •• Kagi •12 napja
  • Ah yes, God bless the Internet

    Er GastoloEr Gastolo12 napja
  • Apparently there was supposed to be an intro where Bf wants to go ⬆️ ⬇️with Gf before getting cockblocked by the father and then the rap starts

    karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORDkarimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD12 napja
  • I just love that stutter at the end of that.

    Original AriOriginal Ari12 napja
  • I mean it already is kinda r34

    _Scratching-Post626 __Scratching-Post626 _12 napja
  • COCK

    Bingus manBingus man12 napja
  • ok

    Said CabreraSaid Cabrera12 napja
  • a

    Said CabreraSaid Cabrera12 napja
  • Unpog

    AmazingMaćkAmazingMaćk12 napja
  • WTF

    Boy friendBoy friend12 napja
  • Aaand thrr alrd rl thirrdddor uu eeeh

    Rabbit SelfieRabbit Selfie12 napja
  • 0:12

    bowser man99bowser man9912 napja
  • I'm not too surprised. The original concept for the beginning was going to be of bf and gf about to do the nasty before they're stopped by the dad.

    Remy is disappointed in youRemy is disappointed in you12 napja

    DetailedDetailed12 napja
  • FnF will never be the same in my view

    Eggs BenedictEggs Benedict12 napja
  • Bro, there was hentai on newground and there's Zone-tan cameos in it... You're... really surprised?

    Mathieu LMathieu L13 napja
  • I think y'all are forgetting that this is a Newgrounds game LMAO

    the edgiest edgelord that has ever edgedthe edgiest edgelord that has ever edged13 napja
    • @AmazingMaćk And it's funny that people are surprised and even appalled that porn of it exists like it was ever some pure game The guy literally put Zone-tan in the background

      the edgiest edgelord that has ever edgedthe edgiest edgelord that has ever edged12 napja
    • Ok and...?

      AmazingMaćkAmazingMaćk12 napja
  • I mean like,Phantom Arcade did confirm that BF and GF are 19,most of the top rated things on newgrounds are rule34,the name of the game is a sex pun,the planned intro is implied rule34,theirs a M.i.lf in the game and a song with the same title,most of newgrounds top rated creators make rule34,the Gf is a cute character,so is it really that unjustified that people draw porn of it?

    Feyisayo OdunladeFeyisayo Odunlade13 napja
    • Dude you know kids play this game too...

      AmazingMaćkAmazingMaćk12 napja
  • You make it sound like it’s a bad thing

    max lanemax lane13 napja
  • I personally don't mind the r34 that much-

    Achickenw1ngAchickenw1ng13 napja
  • i see a dreamer

    Jayden SmithJayden Smith13 napja
  • its a game on newgrounds, the fuck did you expect

    Cheshire SmileCheshire Smile13 napja
  • Horny bastards couldn’t resist

    Salty SaladzSalty Saladz14 napja
  • aand theres already rool threethurunit

    WaanWaan14 napja
  • the thumbnail is hot

    HelloHello14 napja
  • What the fuck is the thumbnail

    Da ClownDa Clown14 napja
  • eating👅 a burger🍔 with no❌honey 🍯 mustard

    Eezy EughEezy Eugh14 napja
  • When he said there is already rule 34 of it i was like "What did my mans say?!?!" Legit sounded like gibberish i ain't getting into tribe right now

    XxgamerLxX 527XxgamerLxX 52714 napja
  • Why can't anything on the internet remain pure

    random protogenrandom protogen14 napja
  • Dude r34 and Newgrounds are like cousins

    Just Jazz NowJust Jazz Now15 napja
  • If it exists, there's porn of it. I hate to say it friend, but it's rule 34 of the internet.

    MadameWalkersMadameWalkers15 napja
  • How many times do I have to hit the don’t recommend channel button

    Oof My ballsackOof My ballsack15 napja
  • I hate R34

    Xzombiekilla13XXzombiekilla13X15 napja
    • Same

      69 is a great number69 is a great number14 napja
  • well, u horny

    name namename name15 napja
  • Hey can you add me back on discord? I got a question to ask you

    S71ngS71ng15 napja
  • there was originally gonna be an intro where it's just boyfriend and girlfriend getting freaky on a friday night but then the dad steps in and stops them, so i'm not too surprised

    BulletdozerBulletdozer16 napja
  • And of course, as always, people go out of there way just to make art like that, welcome to the internet.ತ_ತ

    RandomDudeRandomDude16 napja
  • 0:13 yes sir😈😈😈😈

    goblinkvigoblinkvi16 napja
    • No, sir

      69 is a great number69 is a great number16 napja
  • Let’s say hypothetically, I wanted the thumbnail sauce

    How when me the what is youHow when me the what is you16 napja
  • friday night fuckin

    TheBestLettuceTheBestLettuce16 napja
  • There’s gay art

    Thetalentlessimpostor 1Thetalentlessimpostor 116 napja
  • It is impossible to to stop the force known as the h o r n y

    chiccennuggetchiccennugget16 napja
  • Rule 340: thou shalt not create thine porn of adorable and cute things just because thy wanted to

    Depressed EngineerDepressed Engineer16 napja
  • Nothing will ever be safe with rule 34 artist

    Goku BlackGoku Black16 napja
  • this games premise is literally just "you have a hot gf" what the fuck did you expect?

    ArrArr16 napja
  • damn they're mad fast

    TxndencyTxndency16 napja
  • Welp looks like FNF just got the rule-34 virus

    ventvent16 napja
  • Sauce ;)?

    ManManManMan16 napja
  • R34 : im speed

    Adhitya Muhammad MaryadinAdhitya Muhammad Maryadin16 napja
  • If it exists

    Zero Origin421Zero Origin42116 napja