Rudy's Elite Strike Force Continues To Fail Spectacularly On Behalf Of Their Client, The President

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As advisors press the president to prepare for the conclusion of his term, presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani looks like he's melting under the pressure of trying to overturn the election for his client.
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  • I am looking forward to 4 years of impeachment. Let's start with voter fraud then move on to Hunters laptop.

    shawn paulshawn paul7 órája
  • You ignorant jerk, wait and see the evil and corruption unfold. It’s all being exposed as well you should be. Our nation is in dire need of some honestly and not a stolen election,

    Christine FeroliChristine Feroli9 órája
  • "Have yourself another spoon of gravy... let your heart just die." That will live rent-free in my head for literally the rest of my life.

    javier munozjavier munoz17 órája
  • Colbert - you are Sweating. YOU and your Network management have reason to pay attention. The Vote Certifications will be set aside when the Vote Fraud proof from the recovered Dominion Servers is presented (now discovered to be owned by Chinese CCP). Whistleblowers are now raising their IN ORDER TO TURN STATE'S EVIDENCE - to avoid Prosecution for TREASON. "Whiskey for our WarFighters & Treason for All Cheaters" #IamQ-USAPatriot

    M MastersM Masters18 órája
  • 0:50 it was said on public tv

    Angelo MalongAngelo MalongNapja
  • Enjoy your time while you have it Steve...have you seen the CNN dumps? You can be charged with treason.

    deer speakdeer speakNapja
  • Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!

    J dugJ dugNapja
  • I love that his wife laughs at his jokes. It’s wonderful that she still thinks he is funny.

    Carol TacconiCarol TacconiNapja

    Albert&Kayla CookAlbert&Kayla Cook2 napja
  • So how is that standing thing going?

    Dan MillerDan Miller2 napja
  • I feel like Stephen got way funnier when Evie unofficially joined the show.

    Jon JoeJon Joe2 napja
  • Hannukka. Steve, you nailed it!

    mrzeegrrmrzeegrr3 napja
  • It’s pretty adorable how his wife is sitting there just off camera laughing at all his jokes. The best kind of relationship🥺

    Julie PhillipsJulie Phillips3 napja
  • Colbert - invite any of our WarFighters to come on your show for a live debate and you will see how silly they are? These proud men sacrifice their entire lives to protect this nation and you should not insult them. DUMB

    M MastersM Masters3 napja
  • "Whiskey for our WarFighters & Treason for All Cheaters" #IamQ-USAPatriot .

    M MastersM Masters3 napja
  • It’s pretty adorable how his wife is sitting there just off camera laughing at all his jokes. The best kind of relationship🥺

    Dawne MilsteadDawne Milstead3 napja

    Neural Stimulus RecordingsNeural Stimulus Recordings3 napja
  • Being single during a pandemic is not the most fun. Stephen and Evie are inspiration for when dating is a viable option again. And a great reminder to never settle.

    MirandaMiranda3 napja
  • dont bring up any real facts lets do the 3 things ,, laugh , oppose ,, accept you will accept

    john smithjohn smith4 napja
  • how about all the voting anomolies ,, wonder if he was on the private plane to the island ,, conspiracy theories ,, awww the trademark discredit line .. colbert you a runner ,,

    john smithjohn smith4 napja
  • By now Trumpy has paid 3 mil for a recount in Wisconsin just to find that Biden got even more votes. 😂😂😂

    rationalguyrationalguy5 napja
  • Here you go people. More to come. Check that link.

    Marian IureaMarian Iurea5 napja
  • This guy!!is a nobody! Trump Won ! STOLEN ELECTION .

    Christine MaherChristine Maher5 napja

      George AldersonGeorge Alderson5 napja
  • I find this hilarious, MSM is only telling you what you want to hear, so when reality hits you in the face, you're going to wonder what the hell happened.

    MgtowpiaMgtowpia5 napja
  • Just as corrupt as Biden is.

    Gator DarlingGator Darling5 napja

    Estoy Hasta LaMadreEstoy Hasta LaMadre5 napja
  • His hair is like Georgia, it's in a Run-Off.

    Schroeter LablancSchroeter Lablanc5 napja
  • Sidney Powell mighrt have discovered that the Mars Rover Curiosity detected a crater on Mars filled with uncounted Trump ballots. Republicans want an investigation of how the ballots ended up in the crater. Giuliani is expected to use this as definitive proof of voter tampering. what is distrubing is the leftist media is not reporting this new revelation. Defintely a deep state plot to hide voter fraud. What is outrageous is I posted this on the many U-Tube shows pushing the conspiracy that Trump will be reelected and here are some of my surprised responses: 1. Mr. Clark I have doubts that what you posted is true. 2. Could you provide any resources to verify that. This tells me our country is in a world of s&%#

    david clarkdavid clark6 napja
  • Rudy is one of the Best Get popcorn it's going to be Great Watch and Learn

    Leo RamosLeo Ramos6 napja
  • It’s pretty adorable how his wife is sitting there just off camera laughing at all his jokes. The best kind of relationship🥺

    Niamh CampbellNiamh Campbell6 napja
  • Mr. Colbert do you know or have you ever met a navy seal, comedy is fine, but your crossing a line, a line you should stay behind.

    Jerry BennettsJerry Bennetts6 napja
    • @Jerry Bennetts Yes, I am sure soldiers are the ones who defend people from police brutality and corrupt justice systme, who fight for equal rights for women and minorities, who fight for freedom of speech. I am sure they never commit war crimes.

      The Stammering DunceThe Stammering Dunce4 napja
    • @The Stammering Dunce with every comment of yours I understand more fully why your called the Stammering Dunce, has a ring to it but, i think your giving yourself too much credit. I'll LEAVE YOU with this, do you enjoy your freedom? Thank a Veteran I doubt if you ever have.

      Jerry BennettsJerry Bennetts4 napja
    • @Jerry Bennetts This is a first time that I encounter someone who openly admits being a giant snowflake.

      The Stammering DunceThe Stammering Dunce4 napja
    • @The Stammering Dunce you just answered my question.

      Jerry BennettsJerry Bennetts4 napja
    • @Jerry Bennetts Jokingly. Are you seriously really that offended? Are you really that giant if a snowflake?

      The Stammering DunceThe Stammering Dunce5 napja
  • Tax payers and private money paying for all those lawsuits. Not a word said about it.

    Max MacMax Mac6 napja
  • wow > ?

    minh tuanminh tuan6 napja
  • Why do you call it a pardon it's not a pardon the Turkey never did anything wrong to need a pardon what you mean is the Turkey has got a reprieve not a pardon, now i know Americans are not very good at English but this takes the biscuit haha haha lol.

    Rikki FureyRikki Furey6 napja
    • I can never understand how people in UK are given a pardon when they have been jailed (or in the former years, executed) for crimes they did not comit!

      George AldersonGeorge Alderson5 napja
  • u r the funniest man alive

    A J RussoA J Russo6 napja
  • CONFIRMED: Trump pardoned Flynn to put him back in play at the DoD with Chris Miller and Ezra Cohen-Watnick in preparation for mass ARRESTS of treasonous deep state actors Situation Update - Nov. 26th - Flynn in place, DoD aligned, rendition flights ACTIVE

    M MastersM Masters6 napja
  • Holy shit... daytime tv is worse than I thought and so misleading. No wonder your ratings are plummeting.

    Elliott BradshawElliott Bradshaw7 napja
  • What about now, have you seen the news, you will have a funny show like this talking irresponsible about the President of the United State. Pennsylvania, Georgia are recounting votes. and after Trump's victory your next funny show will be about the losers. Then I am going to see your face

    Marais PerezMarais Perez7 napja
  • U r killing me with laughter 😂😂😂

    paulalan262626paulalan2626267 napja
  • Fanthom of the sex shop. Brilliant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    paulalan262626paulalan2626267 napja
  • The president deselect Make way for president elect Your reign of idiocy is over

    Alan O BrienAlan O Brien7 napja
  • What has comedy come to? Is the election the only thing this show talks about. Nothing on this show is funny.

    Clinton Van BiljonClinton Van Biljon7 napja
  • cranberry sauce

    Teal MullinsTeal Mullins7 napja
  • Thank you for making me laugh!

    Carol Mc LainCarol Mc Lain7 napja

  • Bro you literally used to love this guy & now you suddenly turned on him. Joe Biden blatantly cheated that's why I switched to liking Trump you make stuff up about him & do all this crap which is the reason most people like me switched. I can't believe people actually don't think Joe Biden cheated. I've heard people who love Joe Biden admit that he seems suspicious.

    Adam SoyerAdam Soyer7 napja
  • My Cousin Vinny, really

    Chico PicoChico Pico7 napja
  • I love the way his wife laughs at his jokes. Lucky man. He is funny but after so many years of being married you think his wife wouldn't really find him so funny. She truly loves him.

    wheresmyhosewheresmyhose7 napja
  • His hair is like Georgia, it's in a Run-Off.

    Le Quoc HoanLe Quoc Hoan7 napja
  • Colbert was brilliantly ridiculed by Jimmy Dore few weeks ago.

    T.S WallgrenT.S Wallgren7 napja
  • Whose boat is this boat?🤣

    NPRGAdmin 2015NPRGAdmin 20157 napja
  • Evie being there is precious. They need to give her a job :)

    Braden ScottBraden Scott7 napja
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    Николай ЗаколотневНиколай Заколотнев7 napja
  • Elite strike force team= more contributions to trumps defence fund 60% of which goes into a slush fund he can do what he wants with knowing how he fails to pay bills it all goes into his pocket.

    Edward MyersEdward Myers7 napja
  • Laughed myself right into a subscription

    Dodgy GrizzlyDodgy Grizzly7 napja
  • I'd buy that Thanksgiving carol album in a heartbeat...Jon Batiste is a Legend! Cranberry Sauce...Cranberry Sauce...Cranberry Sauce.. Lmao

    thedirty530thedirty5307 napja
  • No one can Nerd like Stephen can! It really has substance..Lol Thank the Gods for this man!

    thedirty530thedirty5307 napja
  • Gore didn't "lose" well into mid December back in 2000...there is a lot of comedy to be seen, its unfortunate that the establishment won and now most people are pro some establishment and can't see that both the candidates were racist sex offenders, but hey here we are ignoring history and taking the low ground.

    harmmany214harmmany2147 napja
    • harmmany214 also even though they’re both pieces of shit Biden actually still somewhat cares about the U.S. even if it’s for only a specific group of people which is messed up to think about as I come from an immigrant family but honestly there isn’t a thing Biden can do that trump hasn’t already done, he rode off the economy that Obama built up after the crash and the proof of that is when a pandemic hit trump essentially started self destructing

      ViewsfromthesixViewsfromthesix6 napja
    • @Viewsfromthesix Honestly I am not sure if you are talking about Biden or Trump. I voted Biden because I like his environmental policies more than Trump, but Biden is a complete racist misogynistic sexual assaulting swamp creature. I just find it shocking that most people who vote for him seem to want to ignore that he is actually everything Trump gets accused of being.

      harmmany214harmmany2146 napja
    • People aren’t ignoring just think of it this way, would you wanna stay with a toxic person you’ve been with for 4 years that keeps constantly abusing their power or your other ex’s buddy who used to be a big piece of shit but changed his ways but he still can’t be trusted?

      ViewsfromthesixViewsfromthesix7 napja
  • FY

    Peg La FrancePeg La France7 napja
  • Lame duck rather tweet than facing reporters and journalist cause he's got zero iq also high on cocaine

    Gatula MuasauGatula Muasau7 napja
  • Piss off Stevie.

    charles cachiacharles cachia7 napja
  • even after all this time im still stumped how anyone can like matter the political beliefs, he is a horrible person.

    Eric HagenEric Hagen7 napja
  • I live in Hawaii and I can confirm that’s what I mean when I say Aloha.

    Ronald DeeseRonald Deese7 napja
  • I can’t wait to see him in a suit again

    Daniel IgnatovDaniel Ignatov7 napja
  • Humour is sorely needed right now, and I appreciate Colbert, but I am TERRIFIED. Our world has had terrible "leaders" before, but not like this. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DEAD! One person dies EVERY MINUTE. And there are STILL human beings caught up in some sort of mass-hysteria-mass-suicide-denial-pact in which THEY not only die, they want EVERYONE ELSE TO DIE, TOO! At this rate, by Jan. 2021, the USA will be digging and filling MASS GRAVES/CREMATING---> 24/7. I'm thankful to live in WA, AU. Our premier closed our state borders when things started going pear-shaped. We recently opened (for now), but I know he'll slam the door again if needed.

    Tracy LFTracy LF7 napja
  • Oh, hey. That latest U.S Covid color map is looking more and more like Plague Inc... with the colors going closer and closer to black.

    Jessie HogueJessie Hogue7 napja
  • This pandemic and social isolation has not been easy for us with addictions.... having said that I sure would love what ever “idgaf drug” Rudy and trump are on... I mean, they might melt and get cofefe-19, but at the end of the day they are old I’m healthy-even if I don’t have direct access to cofefe testing and treatment

    Matthew SloanMatthew Sloan7 napja
  • Are we forgetting that in that movie joe pesche wasn’t ever a real lawyer? That he conned the court. I remember the movie Rudy... “which two fingers am I holding up? How many thumbs am I holding down? Didn’t u start trying to get it up with borat’s fake daughter with no success (I mean to your credit viagara doesn’t work as fast as the meth or cocaine you’ve been doing since you figured out how to siphon away trumps corrupt and I’ll-used ‘campaign funds’). Just saying.....

    Matthew SloanMatthew Sloan7 napja
  • Seal Team Sux...brilliant! 😄

    Meredith AnneMeredith Anne7 napja
  • 2:06 That lady behind Rudy just nodding like a kindergarden teacher. 2:44 YES PRO-NERD SHOUTOUTS! "Just for Henchmen" "Rudy dyed his hair and his hair is protesting the results" 5:40 BANG. That Chanukah burn! 7:08 This is one my favorite things about Colbert's humor. Is to take utter nonsense as formal and serious. After the Colbert Report, Stephen was, unfortunately, uniquely suited for this administration. Also, make sure to give #Thanksgiving to our mighty lord Cthulu, dead and dreaming, to one day be resurrected to benefact slaughter and ecstasy here on earth. 10:27 BAHA "Let your heart just die~!"

    sailtheplainssailtheplains7 napja
  • 5:12 he actually switches hands with and then puts down an imaginary cell phone. 🤣

    Shane HutchinsonShane Hutchinson7 napja
  • "Have yourself another spoon of gravy... let your heart just die." That will live rent-free in my head for literally the rest of my life.

    Oscar WongOscar Wong8 napja
  • I see the dictionary definition of moron has been shortened to 'Rudy'

    Martin S.Martin S.8 napja
  • Her age is 40, IQ is 14

    kevin reistkevin reist8 napja
  • I almost feel sorry for Rudy...

    Richard JonesRichard Jones8 napja
  • Maybe the BS was trying to escape!!

    Fred WaldsmithFred Waldsmith8 napja
  • WHHOOOOO we did lovecraft< borat< now LLCOOL J AND FOO FIGHTERS!!!! WTHELL YEAR IS IT!!! I didnt think it was Time warp till NOW!!!

    SeagoatsundaySeagoatsunday8 napja
  • "Have yourself another spoon of gravy... let your heart just die." That will live rent-free in my head for literally the rest of my life.

    Nerea MartínezNerea Martínez8 napja
  • His wife’s laughter is so refreshing. Who needs a studio audience when you have Evvie??!

    Christopher MillerChristopher Miller8 napja
  • That's not hair dye, that's embalming fluid. Rudy's looked dead for a couple years now. NOT the undead, but the VERY dead.

    Oscar WongOscar Wong8 napja
  • I loved that film, its now forever besmirched by this poundshop Nosferatu.

    Marina EMarina E8 napja
  • The Covid silver lining is that a large majority of the latest cases are likely to be supporters of the Super Spreader In Chief. Maybe it will result in some sanity... but I'm not holding my breath.

    The-TrusteesThe-Trustees8 napja
  • Jon Batiste can make anything into a masterpiece

    Terry StrayerTerry Strayer8 napja
  • The coconut shill on the piano is a disgrace to his race.

    RichardichardRichardichard8 napja
  • Cofefe is quite a powerful demon, LOL.

    Briguy1027Briguy10278 napja
  • Ghouliani is a freak!!! Go back and make sexy time with Borat's daughter! Hahahahaha

    Cindy KlenkCindy Klenk8 napja
  • "Rudy said he couldn't see the counting", it's lucky the old bastard can see 2 feet in front of his face.

    HellwyckHellwyck8 napja
  • 🤣🤣

    Renee LemkeRenee Lemke8 napja
  • Hey Trump... You are fired It's better to count how many graves you have done in the Hart island Shame On Trump Jail is ready to receive you 😁😁

    Roger NguyenRoger Nguyen8 napja
  • Colbert is a criminal.

    HSHS8 napja
  • Hahahaha sweating Merlot 🍷 . That giggling is hilarious 😂

    steve jessemeysteve jessemey8 napja
  • Elite Strike Force? Is that the successor to Call of Duty?

    Cor MalumCor Malum8 napja

    Clemson JohnClemson John8 napja
  • Trump Legal Team Nicknames "The dreaded Knights Who Say "Ni!""

    Ivar TangenIvar Tangen8 napja

    Clemson JohnClemson John8 napja
  • NO

    Alice F BloodAlice F Blood8 napja
  • Pardon a turkey: Oh no, he's talking about himself in code!!! 😳

    ccwkex sccwkex s8 napja
  • Maintenance time! ⚙️ We got some fixes (Lou was crashing the game 😱) 🗺 Added some improvements to the Map Maker 🤗 And a warm buff to Lou You can read all the changes on

    Amanda MartinsAmanda Martins8 napja
  • Your honour may I approach the crotch? Absolutely not!!

    oily oily2%oily oily2%8 napja
  • My fellow democrats and republican all these election rig was done by both party they are the establishment we must unite as American even we are not the same party for the future of our nation it is good to have two party so there is check and balance I understand this but they rigged the election even whose side your on this will result civil war and will destroy us all, so we better fight together for a fair election and hold democrats and republican accountable for the crime they created we must unite for a clean election my fellow American for the good of our country.

    Jhune GualbertoJhune Gualberto8 napja
    • 6:30 that's a butt tweet if I've ever seen one.

      dcoog anmldcoog anml8 napja