Romain Grosjean Walks Away From Dramatic, Fiery Crash | 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Please be aware that there is some graphic footage included in this video. We are so incredibly thankful that Romain Grosjean was able to walk away from this crash in Bahrain on Sunday. A reminder of the bravery and brilliance of our drivers, marshals, and medical teams, and of the advances in safety in our sport.
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  • What in the heck happened? His car just swerved to the right and literally blew up! Did his steering have a critical failure or something?

    Jonathan J.Jonathan J.5 órája
  • As much as I'm glad to see the driver walking away from the crash, I can't help but notice how little is mentioned that this accident was all Grosjean's fault in the first place. What he did was akin to crossing 3 lanes in the highway out of the blue. The man only had himself to blame. He was a danger to himself and yet people are patting him in the back for having climbed out of the fire like some hero. His driving license shoulda have been revoked after this!

    Urd7777Urd77776 órája
  • This is the worst crash F1 has seen in decades, luckily the safety these days prevented this being what should really have been a fatal accident.

    DarudeF1DarudeF121 órája
  • Why can't FIA introduce or embed sensor activated fire exstinguishers around flammable components of F1 car such as fuel cell n Li-battery.


    G.I. JoeG.I. Joe2 napja
  • “Romain Grosjean’s car impacted the triple guardrail barrier behind the run-off area at 192 km/h and at an angle of 29 degrees, with an estimated yaw of 22 degrees to the direction of travel and a resultant peak force equivalent to 67g,” 😳

    Darren BostonDarren Boston2 napja
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    القناة الرسمية لنشر اليوتيوبات المنوعةالقناة الرسمية لنشر اليوتيوبات المنوعة2 napja
  • The official report says he survived a force of 67 G and a 119 mph (191 kmh) impact. And then an orrendous fire of nearly 30 seconds. A miracle if there ever has been one.

    Lukas FontanaLukas Fontana3 napja
  • Boring sport.

    Jemma CortinaJemma Cortina3 napja
  • 67 G-Force... I am glad he is okay

    Francesco ZanolinFrancesco Zanolin3 napja
  • WoW!!! Glad he made it out and hope he heals quickly

    Jasonups5Jasonups53 napja
  • If you no longer go for the gap, you are no longer racing driver

    Dylan McKinleyDylan McKinley3 napja
  • I lost count how many Haas cars Grosjean has destroyed, dude is on a mission.

    Osan ShouoOsan Shouo3 napja
    • not funny

      KSDKSD2 órája
  • He turned into him

    OkOk4 napja
  • 1:17 is crazy to watch

    Wanted797Wanted7974 napja
  • gave me flashbacks to Gordon Smiley

    Crazycars81Crazycars815 napja
  • His tire came off during the crash, the Stewards will probably give him a 10 grid penalty for the next race.

    Spiral XSpiral X5 napja
  • Can we also take a second to take in how selfless the medical delegate is, who helps him over the barrier. He has no face protection, yet he still leaps towards the flames, as soon as he sees movement without thinking twice. Absolutely amazing.

    PrettyMuchTheApexOfHumanEvolutionPrettyMuchTheApexOfHumanEvolution7 napja
  • 2020: Romain Grosjean's fire crash 2021: Alex Lynn upside down crash Me: Ouch!

    Diether SantosDiether Santos8 napja
  • Absolutely amazing he survived!

    JayJay9 napja
  • The halo. The suit. The barrier. The helmet and HANS device. The fact that the car split in half by design. And of course, the brave marshals who performed the rescue/extraction.

    jvanegas14jvanegas149 napja
    • You forgot the most important element.

      Ilena uuIlena uu4 napja
  • This is the first time i cried watching sports

    Christian PetterssonChristian Pettersson10 napja
  • I can’t imagine what kvyat was feeling the second after the explosion

    gycy gvuftigycy gvufti14 napja
  • HALO saved his life

    Demer PIquetDemer PIquet14 napja
  • It’s crazy how far technology has come for F1 and NASCAR to be able to save lives in these high speed collisions

    Alessandro OrtuzarAlessandro Ortuzar14 napja
  • POV: You came from the highly detailed animation of this crash on the Tok

    DavidHatezEggsDavidHatezEggs15 napja
  • It's that frame build that saved him

    everever15 napja
  • Isn’t that head guard thing new

    Ian HansonIan Hanson15 napja
    • @a oh

      Ian HansonIan Hanson13 napja
    • It’s 3 years old.

      aa13 napja
  • I m glad he didnt buy UAV instead of Selfrevive

    Nananana BatmanNananana Batman16 napja
  • Safer Barriers prevent cars from going through guardrails. Just saying for something the FiA could look into

    M.C.Martin Official ChannelM.C.Martin Official Channel17 napja
    • @M.C.Martin Official Channel safer barriers might have prevented him going through it but the main factor in him going through it was angle and the area he hit had a weaker point. Safer barriers aren’t the answer in f1

      Obi-DavieObi-Davie7 napja
    • @Russo Tusso it’s not that it’s too expensive, safety always comes first no matter what the cost. Safer barriers would have prevented him going through it but the thing is a crash happening like that at the angle it was contributed to him going through, if it didn’t happen at that angle he would’ve bounced off as we normally see in f1 but it was just bad luck it happened at that angle

      Obi-DavieObi-Davie7 napja
    • @Russo Tusso It’s still better than guardrails that we see and Bahrain. That part was very poorly equipped for a wreck.

      M.C.Martin Official ChannelM.C.Martin Official Channel9 napja
    • They are way too expensive to be placed at every spot, that's why Armco is used on places where chances of a crash are one in a million.

      Russo TussoRusso Tusso10 napja
  • He was so lucky, he could have won the race if he wanted to.

    MaidenMaiden17 napja
  • lol funny moment

    Nathan DsouzaNathan Dsouza18 napja
  • Why the car blowed up?

    Yavuz D. GültekinYavuz D. Gültekin19 napja
    • Because the car split in half by the hard impact. The fuel tank is placed near the cockpit, and that is where the car split in half.

      JonesJones19 napja
  • Glad to see that he was able to walk away from this horrible crash

    KevinKevin21 napja
  • Make no mistake. Divine intervention saved his life that day. No chance he could've survived that otherwise.

    The Snowflake MelterThe Snowflake Melter21 napja
    • Look, I am religious person myself, but only reason he is alive is because of engineers who make these cars so safe.

      Russo TussoRusso Tusso10 napja
  • Im here looking for reasons but he was actually at fault Im still so happy hes alive

    Nichlas FoldagerNichlas Foldager21 napja
  • I still can't believe he survived that wreck. Even a couple years ago, he'd be a goner. Credit to F1 for really stepping up the safety of their cars.

    HUEHUE22 napja
  • 2020 took so many people. and Romain Grosjean wasn’t one of them.

    Shatter SucksShatter Sucks22 napja
  • Wow unbelievable

    ZathresZathres22 napja
  • There was Berger's Crash in imola 1989 that caught fire and he survived.

    Gabriel LacetGabriel Lacet23 napja
  • That is the second time this year I thought that someone had died but walked away with minor injuries

    EpicastromanEpicastroman23 napja
  • Groshjean

    Emma CutforthEmma Cutforth23 napja
  • thequartering

    mike trangmike trang26 napja
  • why it always france driver who fatal crashed this decade

    Ple 21Ple 2126 napja
    • He didn’t die tho

      aa13 napja
  • plot armor

    Diego MoDiego Mo27 napja
  • "And if you no longer go for a gap in the barrier that exists..." :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    jakubkrcmajakubkrcma28 napja
  • Aquele momento que o piloto pensa: podia ser eu ali.

    Andre PachecoAndre Pacheco29 napja
  • Romain needs to learn how to drive

    Tony MyersTony MyersHónapja
    • Except he did what any racing driver would do in that situation. He was approaching guys in front way to fast, he had two options, let off the throttle or move to inside, every racing driver would choose latter if they couldn't see anyone in their mirrors, and Grosjean couldn't as Kyvat was in his blind spot.

      Russo TussoRusso Tusso10 napja
  • 2021(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore:

    The Man w/No NameThe Man w/No NameHónapja
  • 🙏🙏🙏

    Antonio Rios DomingueZAntonio Rios DomingueZHónapja
  • Jesus christ the car was literally cut in half, how did it even explode?!

    • @Trenton Kingsley props to the people who designed the safety mechanisms, grosjean managed to walk away from that crash

      yesyes28 napja
    • The answer is in your question. The fuel tank was cut also. All that fuel just needed something to ignite it

      Trenton KingsleyTrenton Kingsley28 napja
  • i heard the crash when i was outside the grand stand it was like a big bang and i was with my friends also they got scared

    Abhishek SahityaAbhishek SahityaHónapja
  • 휴,,,,,, 다행이다 ㅠㅠ 정말 다행이야 ㅠㅠ

  • F

    Gonzalo ParrillaGonzalo ParrillaHónapja
  • I hope every single person who was whining about the Halo when it first came out, looks at this video and feels some amount of shame.

    Nix Ryu The SergalNix Ryu The SergalHónapja
    • no, they shouldn't be ashamed. I get their sentiment that it was a little more exciting back then, and it messed with the traditional idea of an F1 car. But after seeing this, everyone should be convinced that the HALO system is worth far more than any of the gripes it may cause.

  • This remembers me like Nikki Lauda in 1976

    Luis Fernando García RodríguezLuis Fernando García RodríguezHónapja
  • entendible

    Jorge RexJorge RexHónapja
  • Romain’s second birthday right there. Get the chills watching this again.

    Jesper MøllerJesper MøllerHónapja
  • He is so lucky that he did not get trapped in that guard rail. Romain is such an underrated driver.

    Ruben MarquezRuben MarquezHónapja
  • it was a very scary moment that almost ended in tragedy but im still standing strong with the opinion daniel ricciardo had with the constant repeat of the crash on tv, that it was very disrespectful to just repeat over and over the scene of the crash

    Varder playerVarder playerHónapja
    • It might be for some drivers but some people like seeing how far this amazing sport has come with technology and safety that a driver can get out of that with only burns to his hands. A decade or 2 ago he wouldn’t have survived and that’s why it’s important for people to see that he was ok and also some people wouldn’t have seen the first replay I know my friend didn’t but because they kept showing it he couldn’t believe he survived

      Obi-DavieObi-Davie7 napja
  • unbelievable that Grosjean survived in that burning F1 Car

    Julius LakemanJulius LakemanHónapja
  • I should have turned down the volume before pressing play


      aa13 napja
  • にしてもGrosjean何故あそこで大きく右に?...

  • When I saw the injury on Twitter, it was more than I expected, but I'm glad Grosjean was safe. Thanks also to Halo.

  • when i see this my hands turn very cold i thing im seeing one pilot die again.

    Nicolas the wolf óÓÒòNicolas the wolf óÓÒòHónapja
  • I’m extremely glad that he’s OK but what honestly upsets me about the sport is that the higher up people of that brand we’re probably More concerned about the car and the win

  • Grosjean:Tis but a scratch

    Jio LorenzoJio LorenzoHónapja
  • 1:21映画のワンシーンのようだ

  • Holy Halo!!

    Isaac MaquedaIsaac MaquedaHónapja
  • I've watched F1 all my life never before have I seen a crash this bad and see the driver walk away practically with no harm

    Pop FictionPop FictionHónapja
  • In that day, i had an accident too 😔

  • the halo saved grosjean from suffering the fate of helmut koinigg

    insolent insomniak / metarealityinsolent insomniak / metarealityHónapja
  • And u guys better not complain about the halo. Now u understand why f1 uses this

    Kiyiya ShirayukiKiyiya ShirayukiHónapja
  • It seems like Grosjean has used 7 of his 9 lives... dude was LUCKY... happy that he's ok

    Gene SongGene SongHónapja
  • He almost had to die for everywone to love him

    Emma CutforthEmma CutforthHónapja
  • This hits differently when he said "You're not paying your life here" to Steiner during the USGP

    Shukti SarkarShukti SarkarHónapja
  • Kubica in Canada 2007, impact at the same level or maybe more violent, diference, there was no fire.

  • F1 needs SAFER Barriers for high speed sections of tracks.. Hey, it works at ovals

    The Anonymous AcclerDewThe Anonymous AcclerDewHónapja
  • 1:17 What is the guy on the left doing? They need training.

    • The fire extinguisher was empty. It’s the tracks fault not the marshalls fault. They’re trained firemen.

      aa13 napja
    • He's scared of fire maybe Also he's too far from the crash

      Kenny Kent KenkenKenny Kent KenkenHónapja
  • 0:50min That's not Grosjean, in the middle, right? His hands don't look burned.

    hurtig heinzhurtig heinzHónapja
    • The burns are on his palms. He burned his hands on the halo because it’s titanium.

      aa13 napja
    • its cos i think they were 2nd degree burns which are hard to see from that distance especially on camera

  • First i didn’t like the Halo. But now i take it all back. Thank you Halo for saving his life.

    MikuFan 3000MikuFan 3000Hónapja
  • @1:17 someone needs some fire extinguisher training.

    • The fire extinguisher was empty, it’s the tracks fault. They’re trained firemen.

      aa13 napja
  • Grosjean 🙏🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪💪💪

  • Everywhere I’m looking now I’m surrounded by some flames Baby I’ve been saved by halo You know you are my saving grace - Beyoncé Grosjean

  • 1:22 coño

    Felipe LopezFelipe LopezHónapja
  • Anyone still complaining about the halo?

    Nosakhare EkeNosakhare EkeHónapja
  • I thought the Alonso crash was bad few years back, but geeez splitting an F1 car in half

  • I wanna like it but It also feels weird liking a video about something bad happening

    S. BrumbaughS. BrumbaughHónapja
  • Polska siła

    Don VexcerDon Vexcer2 hónapja
  • He is lucky that he didnt lose his consciousness while getting pressured by 50 G force

    Zachary SunZachary Sun2 hónapja
  • I saw it live I had a real heart attack

    Faze_Gumgum 60Faze_Gumgum 602 hónapja
    • I’m also lucky to be alive

      Faze_Gumgum 60Faze_Gumgum 602 hónapja
  • Can we call it Fenix Grosjean

    Davemr edo d mxDavemr edo d mx2 hónapja
  • "And its big fire there!" Worst crash in F1 I have ever saw.

    Maciek AranowskiMaciek Aranowski2 hónapja
  • Torpedo went CRAZY

    WaffelWaffel2 hónapja
  • If anyone ever shows hate towards the halo, just show them this video

    Duck MasterDuck Master2 hónapja
  • This and Ryan Newman’s crash are the 2 crashes I will always remember. Both of those crashes I thought I watched someone die. Thankfully all the safety technology did what it was supposed to do and saved lives

    Alex WallaceAlex Wallace2 hónapja
  • I bet you can't brake through the wall Grosean: Hold my crossant

    Streetenemy GöttingenStreetenemy Göttingen2 hónapja
  • 1:17 "Firefighter" on the left wasnt willing to risk anything.

    RoachLokRoachLok2 hónapja
    • The fire extinguisher was empty, it’s the tracks fault. They’re trained firemen.

      aa13 napja
    • It's called staying a safe distance away from it. Wind may carry the suppresants to the fire, but lets see what would happen to someone who tried being the hero for getting way too close to a fire. Bit of a poor show from you to criticise his efforts. Most people would run the other way

    • From another perspective you could see fuel all over the ground. He first sprayed on top of it to prevent it from catching fire. So he was not really in a safe position.

      SternfaustSternfaust2 hónapja
  • Yooo! I literally just finished watching formula 1 drive to survive on Netflix. Really happy he got away safely.

    Gabriel CastilloGabriel Castillo2 hónapja
  • It's scary how fast it all happened. It's less than 2 seconds from Grosjean making contact with another car to being in the middle of a fireball.

    billygowhoopbillygowhoop2 hónapja