Robert Lewandowski - All 250 Bundesliga Goals

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The Best FIFA Men's Player of the Year can't stop scoring
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On Matchday 12, FC Bayern München's very own Robert Lewandowski became the third player in Bundesliga history to score 250 goals - just to top it off a few minutes later, he reached 251. So we had to make sure to put this clip out before he gets the chance to score again! Because, let's be honest here, that's exactly what he is going to do - over and over again. And we all love it. What do you think? How many goals will he score in 2021? Let us know in the comments.

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  • He makes them look so easy, but show me the other player with instincts and abilities like Lewandowski ....and this guy has been doing this for years. So, I guess he must have scoring goals in his blood, Hey!!! probably he scores them when he sleeps too in his dreams LOL Is he even human ?

    Albert ZeeAlbert ZeeNapja
  • The sad europe uncommonly flash because pain phytogeographically collect by a endurable christmas. sophisticated, macabre titanium

    Miguel RogelMiguel Rogel2 napja
  • He is incredible he shot 200 goals in 21 minuts

    MaskaytMaskayt2 napja
  • Szczerze czym się tu zachwycać gdy by tak on grał w reprezentacji :D ten cud natury ale to człowiek :P taki sam jak inni

    Paweł LisowiczPaweł Lisowicz2 napja
  • Supreme effort from #20 here 6:05 and 6:10

    Billy MaysBilly Mays4 napja
  • The little +1 in the corner looks cool lmao

    Maxym SadlowskiMaxym Sadlowski4 napja
  • Lewy jesteś najlepszym piłkarzem świata ...POLAKIEM

    BONIEK1972BONIEK19725 napja
  • He should legally change his name to Robert lewangoalski

    Collin StyronCollin Styron5 napja
  • Robert wracaj do zdrowia !

    Milan 643Milan 6436 napja
  • guys its LewanGOALSKI

    Przemek NakoniecznyPrzemek Nakonieczny9 napja
  • ding ding ding x 250 times. Jesus, I am gonna have nightmares about that ding sound.

    rollercoaster478rollercoaster47810 napja
  • lewangoalski

    AndréAndré10 napja
  • Kiedy Robert zagrasz we włoskiej lidze lub 🇫🇷 🇺🇸 🇵🇱. Zostaw już tego hitlera

    Kris kKris k11 napja
  • Meiner Meinung nach ist er der beste Ponder der Welt und auch der fitteste Spieler der Welt. ES IST EINE MASCHINE

    Bedirhan GelturanBedirhan Gelturan11 napja
  • And just 3 months later, including the winter break, he scored 20 more just in the league . That's enough league goals to consider a good striker has had a succesful season, and he still has 8 more games, unreal.

    IgorIgor11 napja
  • From good player to one of the best in 21th century

    Łączy nas pilka football loverŁączy nas pilka football lover12 napja
  • Aż miło zobaczyć jakiego mamy dobrego piłkarza

    FeXsirFeXsir12 napja
  • His wife is Karate Blabk Belt and won many medals in european and world championships

    Tupac ShakurTupac Shakur12 napja
  • Thomassist Muller+Lewangoalski ♥️

    Łączy nas pilka football loverŁączy nas pilka football lover12 napja
  • This video isn't aging well. It's 3 months later and Lewandowski now has 271 Bundesliga goals. I'm writing this during the FIFA 2022 qualifiers to make sure that Lewandowski doesn't score a goal in the Bundesliga, before I finish typing (he scored 2 today for Poland).

    Roland TobiaszRoland Tobiasz13 napja
  • Jakież to proste, prawda?

    Adam FiedziukAdam Fiedziuk14 napja
  • Hamburguesa, Frankfurt Ñam Ñam

    Alberto Aguilera MoyaAlberto Aguilera Moya14 napja
  • a w reprezentacji - dziadostwo! umie facet nogę dostawić i dokończyć akcję innych. przereklamowany! są lepsi. znaaaacznie lepsi.

    przemko72przemko7214 napja
    • Idź oglądać Świątkową polaczku

      NoldiNoldi5 napja
  • Dobrze opowiedziane

    Waldemar DomańskiWaldemar Domański15 napja
  • hi too you all ... Robert is kicking it all , play it all , love u guys... keep it on winning

    Bart WieckowskiBart Wieckowski15 napja
  • ehh lewy lewy naj naj lepszy

  • il a ete bien meilleur avec le bayern

    TiJoeTiJoe16 napja
  • mensonge

    TiJoeTiJoe16 napja

    KudiKudi17 napja
  • lewandowki😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💓💓💓💓

    mateo juaresmateo juares17 napja
  • pager do pagerka

    JeffJeff17 napja
  • Jeebany szacun

    Dariusz ZmudzinskiDariusz Zmudzinski18 napja
  • Coincidently it's also Muller's assist compilation.

    Lynx lynxLynx lynx18 napja
  • To jest mistrz w Mistrzowskiej drużynie!! Na Bayern nie ma rywali. Dzieki mistrzu

    mario77sdmario77sd18 napja
  • Robert Lewandowski is a legend already. I can not believe just how underrated this unbelievable player is. When he retires he will be rated higher than Henry or Shevachenko.

    Heyyy ChssjHeyyy Chssj19 napja
  • Goat

    Goracydelfin34Goracydelfin3420 napja
  • Its crazy that 3 months later he has 271 goals. Absolute goal machine

    Bla BlaBla Bla20 napja
  • 271

    Cezary PileckiCezary Pilecki20 napja
  • 300*

    Mateusz MakośMateusz Makoś20 napja
  • 🔥🔥🔥🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤✌✌✌😍😍😍✊✊✊🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🦁🦁🦁

  • at 161 u forgot the tiiiinngg sound :)

    Rika SuryaniRika Suryani21 napja
  • Robert Lewandowski and his wife Anna are Polish Jews

    Jan KowalskiJan Kowalski22 napja
  • 5:25...... nice

    That One guyThat One guy22 napja
  • This was so fun to watch

    MHMH22 napja
  • Wtf Goal number 8 and number 9 did he make with shirts of different numbers? Was it the same game?

    Droanle CharoDroanle Charo22 napja
  • 2022: Robert Lewandowski All 300 Bundesliga Goals 2023: Robert Lewandowski All 350 Bundesliga Goals 2024: Gerd Muller is crying

    horatius65bchoratius65bc23 napja
  • I love it this striker💪❤✊

    Rashida RashidaRashida Rashida24 napja

    Daniela XuDaniela Xu25 napja
  • Poland górą

    jakub Frączekjakub Frączek25 napja
  • 🇵🇱

    Woogie BoogieWoogie Boogie25 napja
  • машина

    Fantasmagory RedFantasmagory Red26 napja
  • 🇵🇱

    Zenia KowalikZenia Kowalik28 napja

    jacekjacek28 napja
  • Robert jesteś najlepszy 👍🙋

    Michał PaszkowskiMichał Paszkowski29 napja
  • Not long ago he celebrated 200 goal in Klassiker - now he's 1 goal from joining Klaus Fisher second scorer in history of bundesliga. He's scoring like crazy maniac. 98 goals to Gerd Muller.

    Arminiusz MazowszaninArminiusz Mazowszanin29 napja
  • the most beautiful 31 minutes in my life

  • Lewan of 2020-2021 is like messi of 2012

    Dramatic scenes from movies and AnimeDramatic scenes from movies and AnimeHónapja
  • Lewandowski to Pele w Bundzelid nie ma mocnych na nirgo. To artysta na boisku stworzony do tego !

  • 7:44 9minute 5goal

  • Lewandowski! 👌🏻

    Jonathan KrechJonathan KrechHónapja
  • 200 gols com style

    Diogo ApolinarioDiogo ApolinarioHónapja
  • weird this only has 478 149 views ....every haaland video has above one million ....people dont seem to understand how good lewandowski is

  • RobertlewanGOALski

    Chacho CarreraChacho CarreraHónapja
  • If he gets paid $1 or €1 then that's not fair he is so useful I salute you lewenSKILLSKI

    Bola LawalBola LawalHónapja
  • Future :: Erling Braut Haaland - All 100 Bundesliga Goals

    Akmal DikaAkmal DikaHónapja
  • Goal levandowsju 5 goal 9 minutes 250 goals 31 minutes

    Zofia WaclawskaZofia WaclawskaHónapja
  • Fatamorgana Tomasz Frankowski ;)))

    emi lbieremi lbierHónapja
  • 5:10 👌🏻

    Kjeld M.Kjeld M.Hónapja

    Marek xyzMarek xyzHónapja
  • omg

    Daniela RosatiDaniela RosatiHónapja
  • 74 Goals with Borussia Dortmund !.

    Bit FrostBit FrostHónapja
  • Wait 250 cool

    mix upmix upHónapja
  • His best performance was against realmadrid 4 goals against Ronaldo in champions league 😜😜😜

    Aadil ShaikhAadil ShaikhHónapja
  • If he score like this then he can overtake Ronaldo or messi's recordin future if he score like this

    Aadil ShaikhAadil ShaikhHónapja
  • The right man at the right place at the right moment. And a good guy...

    Claude AlainClaude AlainHónapja
  • Polska gurom

    WP ME MaksiuWP ME MaksiuHónapja
  • I am Polish and I love Lewandowski and his Bayern :)

    Maksymilian GuckiMaksymilian GuckiHónapja
    • Thank you Bundesliga for ❤

      Maksymilian GuckiMaksymilian GuckiHónapja
  • Which of all these 250 goals was the best?

    Alessandro LelliAlessandro LelliHónapja
  • LEWANGOALSKI the the players berebet

    Sandy ZmabruriSandy ZmabruriHónapja
  • RL9 the machine gol 🔫

    Gawi AllwaysGawi AllwaysHónapja
  • That was put on youtube 2 monnths ago. Now heas probably approaching 400

    Underwater ValhallaUnderwater ValhallaHónapja
  • im addicted to this guy

    Gavin ClarkGavin ClarkHónapja
  • Bayern. Im from Poland

    Robert MasiRobert MasiHónapja
  • Polska duma

    Game PlayerGame PlayerHónapja
  • 13:26 look at that keeper jump a mile off his line. If Lewy didn't score they should have done a re-do

    Emmett GEmmett G2 hónapja
  • Królem strzelców jest Robert Lewandowski, a królem asyst jest Thomas Müller.

    Nikodem JagiełaNikodem Jagieła2 hónapja
  • I'm a table tennis enthusiasts, but Robert Lewandowski was my top favorite to watch among sports videos here in HUworld...

    WorldclassttennisWorldclassttennis2 hónapja
  • KING

    Tomasz CzaplickiTomasz Czaplicki2 hónapja
  • Lewandoski is a traitor who should go to heal

    Diogo TeixeiraDiogo Teixeira2 hónapja
  • goal 89, 7:12, puskas???

    ISAAC TVISAAC TV2 hónapja
  • It's an art

    Kamil KwiecińskiKamil Kwieciński2 hónapja

    Kryspin KryspinowiczKryspin Kryspinowicz2 hónapja
  • have you seen the ginnes record?

    MaciejoMaciejo2 hónapja
  • That's the kind of player we all want to see every time he's in field and that we does best....scoring magnificient goals....just for the pleasure

    Mhamed BenkebailiMhamed Benkebaili2 hónapja
  • Score machine !!

    fiodor991fiodor9912 hónapja
  • iam active man see you i wish for best season in inshallah how is your situation keep doing my best friend

    Kubad C.rashiidKubad C.rashiid2 hónapja
  • your uncle Abdiqadir fat boy

    Kubad C.rashiidKubad C.rashiid2 hónapja
  • mash allah allah bless you i wish foryou all the best things in your life best player in the world thanks alot i wish for you all long life & good health and safetysee you take care for you nevergive up my best friend

    Kubad C.rashiidKubad C.rashiid2 hónapja
  • 1:23 dortmund 8 Schalke 0 (:::::

    Matin GMatin G2 hónapja
  • 11:12 song? thanks!

    Mikołaj JustynaMikołaj Justyna2 hónapja