Riot Destroyed a Massive Fan Project

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And they're completely in their right to do so.

  • Riot is still a fantastic company. The legal thing was a misstep, but that's not on the backs of riot as a whole; That's on the backs of the legal team. Stop saying that the entire company is rotten just because idiots sometimes slip through the cracks.

    SkoochSkooch18 napja
    • We all know you only say that since you work with Riot. We all know that Company sucks.

      M. MuradbasicM. Muradbasic17 órája
    • @Randomness Gamer wrong its the top 1% of the company that sucks, there is a lot of honest workers are just get screwed off

      d4s0n yod4s0n yoNapja
    • Are you kidding me bro. Unless they pay you a shit ton there is no reason for you to defend riot. The company sucks and they suck

      Randomness GamerRandomness GamerNapja
    • @d4s0n yo A little extra is fine, sure, have fun. Valorant they're literally rocking 70-100 euros per skin. AND they have MULTI-TIER UNLOCKS that you can ONLY unlock via A) By BUYING their battle pass or B) Dishing out MORE MONEY. Imagine it. 50e skin and you need to pay MORE to unlock for the rest of it. OF 1 SKIN. PER WEAPON. And when people called out on it? Riot went "bruh our devs been making these skins for a year before the game came out!" All the while dishing out more skins literally every week. Do i need to mention the artificial scarcity mechanics or other manipulative bullshit they're pulling? Rune pages, server transfers, multi tier skins, skins within skins, paid heroes etc. Riot has a shitton of players, a shitton. And instead of supporting the playerbase with reasonable systems and prices - they instead add these meme-worthy stupid ass jpop (which is a genre of music i enjoy btw) only to cash-out on a certain type of demographic. But yes, otherwise cosmetic only effects etc? Best ever. If only there was a MOBA that would have all the heroes unlocked from the start, a chance to unlock skins which then you can sell to other players and buy actual video games off their platform. With 0 server-transfer fees, 0 other account-service payments, 0 anything. Just log-in, install and play. If only.

    • @Torrdog bruh for entirely cosmetic effects, and sure some skins gives advantages but they are litterally not intended to do that, and if people would pay for a extra cosmetic feature, why not? its not that unreasonable,

      d4s0n yod4s0n yoNapja
  • Just goes to show that, against all odds and what you might think can't possibly be real, some things can indeed be real and not just conspiracy theories or random people on the internet just pretending to be from Riot.

    ThunderThunder3 órája
  • Just because it was within their legal rights doesn't make it reasonable. The project has been going on for many years now, they could've sent a cease and desist since the project started but waited until it was almost complete, and then try and claim the code to the project. Chronoshift thought they had the thumbs up from riot, or at least the "I'll turn a blind eye", because who leaves a project deemed *IP threatening* for several years until it's near completion, THEN files a cease and desist? If not just to leech off of others hard work. What Riot has done is essentially let a homeless child into their home, but without explicitly stating that the child was welcome, letting the child live there for several years until they turned 18, and then shotgunned the kid for "trespassing on property". But even worse, because now gramps then also sucks the life essence and experience out of the kids brain and takes it for himself.

    cybirdocybirdo5 órája
  • one of the chrono devs worked for valve at one time. and the dota team is now looking at riot and league because league was developed with dota in mind and dota didn't do anything about now dota and valve is within there legal right to do the same for league...which would shut league down completely.......and have to pay dota everything they are should ask them about that. because dota was made from world of warcraft.....blizzard said nothing....league was made from dota....and dota said nothing....the dominos are falling :)

    Saoirse BlackfangSaoirse Blackfang6 órája
  • "Riot is still a fantastic company" in the pinned comment. What the fuck. No, Riot isn't in the right, here. They may be in their legal right, but Riot has been making fucked decisions like this. They ARE a bad company.

    ASA ASAASA ASA6 órája
  • Not excited to see you shill for a billion-dollar corporation. Skipping this.

  • I cringed so hard at "chrono break"

    AonirAonir2 napja
  • Riot is so dumb they dont realize they can pay these guys and help with the project and release chronoshift as a league alt game and get money lel

    rpkrpk2 napja
  • It isnt as simple as “riot did one bad thing” most people have been playing since 2013 we all remember how riot handled the renegades situation, or the import rule debate, or franchising, it’s more of like “wow another thing riot’s doing to just make everyone not want to play league”

    WakaWaka2 napja
    • Also the debate for classic servers with wow that was so controversial was skipping monthly subscriptions, where as league is a free game, to assume they are losing profits from people playing on classic servers would be assuming those people would buy skins in the first place

      WakaWaka2 napja
  • I think Riot is in the right, but I think they could've taken an opportunity with it. If they partnered with them they it would be a low risk low/high reward for Riot depending how they go about it, it could be something like the PBE in how it runs

    evanluckevanluck2 napja
  • I just want The Crystal Scar back, I miss playing Hide and Seek. :(

    Displeased SorakaDispleased Soraka2 napja
  • Fuck this. I actually remembered this one time where a game called Skullgirls Mobile decided to reference Annie from League of Legends as a skin for their new character called Annie of the Stars. And apparently, Riot decided to ask them to remove it with a "friendly discussion". Some game companies didn't care that their game characters were referenced. Heck, even Star Butterfly from SVTFOE were referenced as a skin pallete in that game but it was for some reason fine. And Ganondorf was also referenced as a skin pallete. Which that character is OWNED by Nintendo, the king of cease and desists. But for some reason they let that slide as well. Riot has a LOT of issues and I feel that this thing I mentioned and Chrono Shift is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Mist SGMMist SGM2 napja
  • All my homies hate riot games.

    Vehicles of Peace Limited EditionVehicles of Peace Limited Edition3 napja
  • This why the maker of fnaf approved fan made games because it's free advertisement

    Earl MagtangobEarl Magtangob4 napja
  • Rito** Also, just host the server on China. What they gona do? Sue you in china? Lol

    XexomaruXexomaru4 napja
  • Cease and Desist is broken Government pls nerf.

    RocketBullets123RocketBullets1234 napja
  • LOL skooch licking Riots boot by doing their PR for them. No Riot is not a fantastic company. They are insane.

    BibeeekBibeeek4 napja
  • taking a wild bet they will impliment a game mode like "classic warcraft" but old un changed champions and items, like urf mode one for al etc

    Ano NymusAno Nymus5 napja
  • I miss old aatrox...

    Since The Fawn of TimeSince The Fawn of Time5 napja
  • I honestly hate rito

    Saki NikaidōSaki Nikaidō6 napja
  • This is one of the rare events where, I dare say, I'm on Riot's side. Not just because they are objectively on the right, but also because of how majority of the players reacted. Yes Riot did a f*cking bad execution, but the community is just as sh*tty as them. I asked a friend that have never played league before on what he think about Riot Games and the playerbase. He said that Riot is a pretty good company for marketing their games well and keeping their active players stable. On the other hand, he thinks the players are mostly made of angry adults who yell at each other and complain to just about everything. According to him "The game must be nice if t can maintain such huge following. I want to try it myself but I've heard that the players aren't the nicest". Opinion on this matter is pretty divided. The players think Riot is bad but outsiders think otherwise.

    That Dinosaur from Paris.That Dinosaur from Paris.7 napja
  • Uff

    GamerxdGamerxd7 napja
  • Honestly with everything you presented, personally idc about riot or the project, but the way it was handled is shit. This random dude contacted them on DISCORD asking for everything they worked on just randomly and threatened a lawsuit if they don't comply lol. They could've offered them to join riot and develop it independently or even adding some team members to help and see how it turns out, they could've offered to buy the project or ask to shut it down since it's official riot IP, they could've sent a proper mail like you said and let them think it through not this random dude that was threatening them lol. And everything you said later could've been assessed in a different way and resolved by riot in different ways. This just seems like they didn't care enough to properly deal with it or wanted to cash in the project without doing it themselves. tl;dr They are in their right to do so but there were many ways to solve the problem that didn't escalate to a lawsuit(if the creators of the project were reasonable) and that kept everyone happy. This was handled unprofessionally and inefficiently.

    InfernoVortexInfernoVortex7 napja
  • Riots corporate culture is NOTORIOUSLY bad within the industry.... I say this as someones who's worked within the gaming industry. They're known for their frat-boy atmosphere, bad internal decisions, and the top-down 'do anything and everything to sell digital bs to teens' initiative... Sure, all companies suck in some regard. But riot... riot takes it to a new level. Now, am I saying everyone in RIot is shit? god no. their actual art teams and creatives are great. but thats the caveat, not the rule... as a rule Riot has the WORST internals of any gaming company, and I include EA, Blizzard, Naughty Dog, etc. When this tweet broke, I was NOT surprised... I was having my morning coffee, read the tweets and was like... "yeah, this tracks". The reason you've probably had good experiences with Riots staff is due to them using handlers with social media/gamers. You'll never be allowed to see the grimy shit that goes on when HR isn't breathing down everyones neck to make a good impression. It sucks but... this is the reality of that company.

    Purple PumpkinPurple Pumpkin8 napja
    • Ok finished, good video man, but I gotta hard disagree. Plenty of people are going to shit on riot out of malice, but I personally know people who have worked for Riot, and some who still do. It's a shit-show. Also as to emulators, I DO kinda see what you're saying here... but its a gray area. It was the same with Blizzards classic servers. they decided to incorporate them but only after MASSIVE fan backlash. League of Legends has an artificially inflated player count right now due to Covid. Before that they were losing players by the millions due to how they've handled the meta, fun in game, their Community toxicity. trolls, etc. There's a lot of reasons. People are missing the earlier seasons due to their love of the game, and if Riot doesn't embrace 'classic servers', this is just going to happen again because there's a market for it.

      Purple PumpkinPurple Pumpkin8 napja
    • Oh PS, Im halfway through the vid at this point, but wanted to note, that Riot exists solely due to a WC3 game mod lol... I'm sure you know this, but... this is all ironic af.

      Purple PumpkinPurple Pumpkin8 napja
  • Riot is such a trash company. While there are people who work on games with a lot of passion, Riot as a company is a company as bad as Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft or Bethesda. They dont care about their community. They dont care about their games, they just care about the money they can get out of them. At this point there is no way to defend riot. It's almost like they want us to hate them.

    DreamLikeUrsiDreamLikeUrsi8 napja
  • The truth is that Riot doesn't actually care about the server itself. Cronoshift was going to have its own client. Can you imagine how bad Riot would feel if a group of friends would make a client that works better than Riot's 200 years of crashing and bugging out every game?

    Juan Pablo ArteseJuan Pablo Artese8 napja
  • I believe part of the upset is that riot said it would be impossible to recreate old league, but a few indie devs did it and Riot's response was to just shutdown what to league of legends is the equivalent of what league was to DoTA

    TheNoneAndOnlyTheNoneAndOnly8 napja
  • This might be an unpopular opinion, but I never like Riot because of their lack of originality. From my perspective they only like to copy other's success and fear innovation, the whole company starts with a dota rip-off with Tencent backing it up so it can barely survive. They had the luck to gain an enormous amount of players which made a shit ton of money for them but they have no desire to develop any new games. Until 5-6 years later, they decide to make another rip-off which also related to dota, this time with even more similarity. Seriously? I don't know what's wrong with riot's daddy issue with dota but I've lost all hope on this company when TFT came out.

    Kali MaeKali Mae9 napja
  • Isn't league of legends a game that used to just be a warcaft mod? Gotta protect your stolen assets from being stolen again

    mark rossitermark rossiter9 napja
  • Just from seeing the name, I knew it was about Chronoshift

    Chill DuckyChill Ducky9 napja
  • Right, people need to stop playing devil's advocate for Riot. At this point, we all need to admit Riot is not out for PR, they're out for money. Sitting there and saying "Well, ahem, they're in their legal right to do so" doesn't mean it's correct, nor is it the right way to go about things. If saying "They're in their legal right to do so" was all you needed to say to dismiss a counter-argument, boy howdy do you got issues

  • If it was free with donation goals to pay servers, it's just scummy. Shows how the decision making of the top brass

    Akai KisekiAkai Kiseki9 napja
  • Riot used Warcraft, the IP of Blizzard, to create their game but they don't allow people to do the same. So what do I expect ? Them to not be the hypocrite they are.

    Rayane HRayane H10 napja
  • Well skooch... you done goofed.

    Austin MickAustin Mick10 napja
  • Just a reminder to never treat companies like people. Corporations do not care for your feelings, nor your passion, nor your hard work. They do not have everybody's best interests in mind. Because they *cannot* feel. Companies are not people. There can be good people or bad people in a company, but a company can only technically be *successful* or *unsuccessful.* Don't expect anything from a company. Treat the corporations like the faceless entities they are, and respect or disrespect the individual people who keep the machine running instead.

    ArceusShayminArceusShaymin10 napja
  • I feel like skooch is taking a way too relaxed view here. This situation is very similar to the situations Nintendo has. Do they have the legal right? As they're using the IP, yes. I think it's clear to most people however that the situation has more to do with Riot's moral right to take down a fan project's hard work, especially if there were very straight forward profitable alternatives such as just hiring the people to include a new rotating game mode to league. Also, even if you think they had the moral right to do so, they way that they did it is a very poor way of doing it. It's also extremely questionable as to why they didn't just send a cease and desist in the first place. This situation reminds of the internal resolutions they did with sexual harassment accusations. Skooch also says that Riot is still a "fantastic" company. He says that this is the fault of the legal team, not Riot as a whole. However, the legal team is still another part of Riot and should still be considered when evaluating Riot as a whole. Therefore, I find Skooch's statements much too lax and optimistic. The tone of the video also seems to be more defensive of Riot. While Skooch does fault riot for this in the end, they fact that he brought so much focus on the sheep of the internet and reminding people that Riot has the right seemed unnecessary, resembling that of damage control. A more unbiased view that focused on what Riot could and couldn't have done would've been better imo.

    EdenEden10 napja
  • For me, whatever company that slaps fans to death instead of hiring them for future projects, is just a shitty company, clearly fans have more love for "your game" than yourselves, that's why i love Bethesda or even take two recently with the modder that fixed GTA online loading on PC, they (take 2) have him like 10k for his work and bethesda while they don't give money to modders, at least they let them do whatever they want, a group of modders are literally merging morrowind, oblivion and skyrim into 1 game and bethesda knows that and its gucci about it

    Rodrigo SanayRodrigo Sanay10 napja
  • In all fairness, aside from the Zed bullshit, they did say a while ago that they did not want them continuing the project as soon as they were informed. Despite this they carried on. They actually communicated it (albeit through a reddit reply) rather than nintendo where they legit take it down no questions asked.

    TyTy10 napja
  • "Hundreds if not thousands of dollars" that's a nice joke. Stop defending this company lmfao

    GrandZGrandZ10 napja
  • Their employees are equally toxic as LoL players, nah but really, what is this poor profesional behaviour.

    Angelo De La RiveraAngelo De La Rivera10 napja
  • Cease and desist can force you to shut down, sure. But threatening a lawsuit unless they hand over the SOURCE CODE?? That's now super illegal, extortion for one, legal action taken in ill will can be shot down on that alone, the problem being a small team, or a indie dev simply can't afford the legal battle in the first place

    Thorium MammetThorium Mammet10 napja
  • i think that they just want is just to people dont go out of LoL, because at least 30% of the players of league just play because of nostalgic or something like that, so, if u do a lol game of s2 or something riot is gonna lose too much players.

    NicolasHK26NicolasHK2611 napja
  • I was apart of the LoM/chronishift community too :(

    CowardleyCowardley11 napja
  • yes bad thing...

    Kaneda DuskbladeKaneda Duskblade11 napja
  • Can't wait for them to just get some modals, change the names up, tell riot to go F*** themselves and keep on keeping on. Truly the Rito spirit if you think about it. *cough* *cough* Dota *cough*

    The Main CharacterThe Main Character11 napja
  • Well, wows community made their free to play pirate servers and shit. I believe its a possibility this would happen here too.

    123 321123 32111 napja
  • Honestly it’s ironic because they started from using other peoples assets and whatever the fuck.

    DrakeTurtleDrakeTurtle11 napja
  • Man, this comment section is full of man children who has to use memes and stereotypes to get points across while ranting about emotional value acting like some triggered twitter brat trying to cancel someone.

    Zack RoseZack Rose11 napja
  • to be honest I have NEVER heard of ChronoShift at all, and I think it's better that way so I won't cling to it. Also, 'Chrono Break is coming' would've been a very badass lines for an actual character but not in a fucking legal talks in Discord.

    Black Iron TarkusBlack Iron Tarkus12 napja
  • Imagine being so butthurt about an IP that was stolen from Dota and renamed. Not to mention Teemo and numerous other champ ideas that were stolen and simply renamed or had a single skill changed on their kit from the original that was posted. They didn't want to bring back the old league, but many players have asked them repeatedly to add a legacy mode which tbh wouldn't be hard to do for them. They were just scared of the money theyd lose, and instead of working on their own idea, they rather take the hard work others did, most likely use it for themselves and save money / time. Just a lazy company overall and it's really went downhill since their overlords bought them.

    Naonic GamingNaonic Gaming12 napja
  • If riot respected the and was threatened by the fan project that much, if the project was all that to riot, they probably would have done it already and found ways to milk money from it.

    Sam GibsonSam Gibson12 napja
  • Lol clasic will happen

    uros komnenovicuros komnenovic12 napja
  • This hurts, I've been missing some of the old champions really badly over the last few years and had to accept that I'll never get to play them ever again and now that the first thing I hear about this project is that it's canceled, I've got this depressing feeling wash over me as if something died and came back to life just to die again..

    Patrick KellyPatrick Kelly12 napja
  • 6:00 PBE players: Don't mind if I do.

    MEE5MEE512 napja
  • If riot know what's best for everyone, they'd simply hire these guys, license chronoshift and fund the project while taking the money for the project themselves if they wanted

    Crimson SpiritCrimson Spirit13 napja
  • I don’t like the idea of chronoshift, if they said they’re doing chronobreak why even get mad with them

    Jumpscare RodentJumpscare Rodent13 napja
  • U sure have some toxic people in your comments yeesh

    WowzzerWowzzer13 napja
  • Riot isn't in the legal right to shutdown chronoshift (no code is stolen, textures and other assets come straight from riot's CDN, chronoshift is just a server emulator). Yet since riot has a billion dollars and the chronoshift devs do not, they can afford to stonewall a case forever until the chronoshift devs go bankrupt. Being able to force your opponents to negotiate out of court or bankrupt them =/ being in the legal right.

    Skill OrbSkill Orb13 napja
  • The thing that makes me suspicious is all the information that Zed guy was threatening for. Like it made it seem like Riot not only wanted to shut down Chronoshift, but also maybe steal the work they had done to just do it themselves. Especially since Riot said they wouldn't do it because they didn't want to pay for the development of it.

    Jeffrey SykesJeffrey Sykes13 napja
  • It's not that surprising that some rep part of a "gaming company" is acting like a teenager in the seat of power. That's kinda the whole etiquette in gaming these days. And these.... mature.. representatives can indeed write everything legal, formal, and make it look legit; but, why do that when they can live out their cliche fantasy. : )

    Vince ValentineVince Valentine13 napja
  • I'm here just based on the description. Yes, they are in their right to do so. But fuck them. They have said they don't want to do a legacy style server for League due to it being too hard and time consuming, and taking away resources from making new and cool features. This was an opportunity for Riot to work with Chronoshift and have an official branch, or give these people jobs at riot and just have it be built into the main league client, etc etc. Absolutely immoral for them to do what they did. This is the problem with live service games, the game many people loved doesn't exist anymore, and any attempt at making it playable again, like chronoshift, get shut down by vile corporations. Thats what's fucked up. A not insignificant amount of people who were interested in Chronoshift don't even play League anymore, so it would not have hurt Riots bottom line as much as they may insinuate or imply. Just because a corporation is in their legal right to do something does not mean in any way shape or form they should be defended on that basis alone. EVERYONE knows they're in their legal right. It still doesn't make it right to do. Fuck riot. And as a lot of people have pointed out in various comments, League only exists due to an allowed adaptation of another IP (The original dota mod) so for them to get so up in arms about something like this, when this type of thing is the whole reason their company exists, is just disgusting. DOTA used a whole bunch of copyrighted IP from Warcraft 3, then League copied the idea and even a couple straight up champions. Now someone wants to use their IP to revive a version of the game they killed, while refusing to take even donations for their work, and Riot throw a hissy fit. It's fucked up, and I think you know that.

    AryaArya13 napja
  • Riot Bimmercake will always have a spot in my heart for the help i got. ❤️

    Knut Ennio PelagalliKnut Ennio Pelagalli13 napja
  • I would be fine with them shutting it down if they proceeded to open their own classic server but riot already said they don't wana do it because it cost money....and don't forget that orn skin raised 7mil in one year.....clearly riot is lacking funds to be able to fund it....

    mnmtwomnmtwo13 napja
  • season 2 of league got me hooked . . . . and all the reworks and balance changes and some new champions well the game lost its charm for me and i was supper excited about chronoshift (and i am hoping that riot did this because they want to do this aswell) but i understand why riot does not want chronoshift to exist . . . so bottom line i'm sad that this happend but i am still hoping that we will get the chance to play season 2 again

    Crazy BirbCrazy Birb13 napja
  • Zed is a reflection of riot as a whole.

    RawRezTheWalrusRawRezTheWalrus13 napja
  • i dont play lol now for 4 years but if they can do server season 2 or season 3 i will sub even if i have to pay for sure

    Илия ЖтИлия Жт13 napja
  • Riot are within their right to stop the project but to us who were excited about it, it's baffling that they didn't just approach the team and ask to collaborate on making this an official product. A lot of us who were gonna play Chronoshift are no longer invested in League as it is today so the loss they would have taken on skin sales and the splitting of the player base, in all actuality, would have been fairly negligible. It's just a shitty move that pushes your older fans away even further.

    DigggyyyyyDigggyyyyy13 napja
  • Just like Blizzard taking down the great vanilla private servers. LoL classic coming soon? Pfft yeah right

    JooJ TDPJooJ TDP13 napja
  • As another guy said already in the comment section, Riot should've just hired the Chrono Shift team to work for them and fully develop "League Classic", making everything legal and profitable for both parties. They have no idea of how much money they just lost by not making a business move a 5 year old could've figured out

    Pablo PenaPablo Pena13 napja
  • Riot is correct. They used Riot's IP without permission and Riot should've warned them. It's different with emulators. Final Fantasy Dissidia is an old game which no one plays now. So SE won't care if someone emulated it. But league is a game which STILL EXISTS and have a lot of people playing and paying for it. It's just, they shouldn't have asked Zed for this. Lux with her light puns would've been far better.

    K/DA AhriK/DA Ahri13 napja
  • I mean, assuming the code really interacts with riots API (meaning all the parts of the game comes from an official source) and there's no revenue for chrono shift from the skins, riot has absolutely no legal right to take the project down, if players go from your game to another it's called competition, this is literally how capitalism works. Also, if they really were worried about chronoshift being a competitor, they could have just agreed on hiring those developers to implement the project onto the game itself, and thus implementing a new mode to take the place of the 3vs3 and the dominion. They wouldn't even have to balance the vintage mode, they already did the patch notes X years ago.

    Luca GalliLuca Galli14 napja
  • No shit, everyone knew it was real. Riot is trash

    Jesse McCreeJesse McCree14 napja
  • Can’t just steal their IP because you feel nostalgic

    Lasse R.Lasse R.14 napja
    • And Riot can't just steal their code and website because they're feeling greedy.

      SnowpegasiSnowpegasi14 napja
  • Riot could of bought Chronoshift, yes it is their original IP, yes it is something they have already done in the past, 8 years ago, but with a following Riot could of done what World of Warcraft did and release a "Classic" version and hired that team to do so who already had the project going instead of strong arming them to hand over the code, like wtf? Is Riot Games broke? Can't afford to hide a clearly motivated and passionate team that would probably add value to their current team?

    mokamokasusuamamokamokasusuama14 napja
  • I think that riot is in their right to stop this, but they should have taken it for themselves or something purely because current league fucking sucks, the champions the release suck, the items suck, everything is just one shot one shot one shot one shot to the point where nothing is bearable in this piss pit of a game

    Shnarl lShnarl l14 napja
  • I wouldn't stop Chronoshift if I was part of the developing team, because that message can't hold up in court. There is simply no way, I am very sure Riot would lose solely based on that document

    Tycho der KommentatorTycho der Kommentator14 napja
  • Imagine cucking out to a company that doesnt give a fuck out about you THIS hard. Holy shit this is cringe.

    Ant Eater KingAnt Eater King14 napja
  • 10k people work for Riot but they can't make 1 good game??

    PontonPonton14 napja
  • The biggest reason people are so angry is not because Riot does dumb things, it's because they never listen to their audience. They are not as involved as for example the oldschool runescape team, who put countless hours trying to actively listen to us. For Riot, we have to either somehow get everyone in the community to say something for them to notice anything, or they just don't listen.

    Filthy gnomeFilthy gnome14 napja
  • Riot CEO: Guys there is a new Project ongoing, which might attract some of our playerbase. Employee 1: We need more skins and unbalanced egirl/boy champions! Employee 2: Destroy this project in the edgiest way possible. Employee 3: Maybe balance your game and make it fun for og players again and listen to the community, instead of putting all your investments in PR, especially for the asian market. Riot CEO: >:( Employee 3: *flies out of window*

    Ben JoBen Jo14 napja

    High Tier GamerHigh Tier Gamer15 napja
  • I mean you just did an ad for wild rift so I get it, but professionalism hasn’t been riots strong suit ever IMO

    maxrivera38maxrivera3815 napja
  • I just started the video and it sounds like the Warcraft classic incident

    Isaias Saravia BuendiaIsaias Saravia Buendia15 napja
  • Guys can vs stop buying skins just to troll them a little

    BannerBanner15 napja
  • Riots are kinda in the right but in terms of professionalism they always look wrong, they are always acting like some fucking edgelord weebs and that makes me hate them even if they are right

    יואב מגידישיואב מגידיש15 napja
  • maybe they will do a classic league? like blizzard shutting down nostalrius and them coming with classic wow.

    Clep TheRetardClep TheRetard15 napja
  • they’re in the right but like, this was probably THE worst way to go about it, whoever that Riot employee is not a good one for sure

    Blindfold 10Blindfold 1015 napja
    • I wouldn't say completely in the right, demanding the Chronoshift team's code and website is actually illegal because the Chronoshift team made all that from the ground up because league doesn't back up the code from previous seasons.

      SnowpegasiSnowpegasi14 napja
  • They should take the code and make it a gamemode inside league like urf. It's as easy as that.

    NannoFKNannoFK15 napja
  • From Riots perspective they need to do something. However that something dosen't have to be a CnD. They could just do like Microsoft with Age of empires and hire them to make the product.

    Mattis AnderssonMattis Andersson15 napja
    • Hell they could have just still given them a CnD but offered to buy the code and website off of them instead of illegally trying to steal it.

      SnowpegasiSnowpegasi14 napja
  • Honestly yes they are in their right to stop the game but at the same time the way it happened was just not right and was very unprofessional. Also I dont think it was because they would lose players I believe they probably have something in the works for a classic LoL because even if they lose abit of players it wouldn't really hinder them all that much LoL is one of the most played games ever and they keep gaining more players everyday.

    Jacob PotempaJacob Potempa15 napja
  • Once again shows how generous it was for Valve to accept Black Mesa into the official Half Life family. Praise Valve.

    David KimDavid Kim16 napja
    • I'm holding my praise until they finally remember that TF2 isn't just Mannpower mode.

      SnowpegasiSnowpegasi14 napja
  • Wtf is wrong with you’re face ?

    Death09Death0916 napja
  • Well. Interesting.

    Karl MountsKarl Mounts16 napja
  • Riot are peices of shit??? Woahhh nooo wayyyyyy

    ResonatingResonating16 napja
  • Makes sense for them to do this, but the way they went about it was horrendous. If riot wants to not lose money from something like this, why don’t they just make a legacy mode that’s like an LTM

    FrannieFrannie16 napja
  • Just wanna play s&34&5 PLEASEEEEEE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

    Adesh GrewalAdesh Grewal16 napja
  • When you have the opportunity to make even more money by hiring choronoshift devs, but instead shut them down because you are worried about losing money....... Riot games lacks intelligence, seriously, sad pathetic losers.

    Everything RiggedEverything Rigged16 napja
  • this is how big companies do things

    uwuinyourhooduwuinyourhood16 napja
  • Riot is turning into Activision-Blizzard and will probably make a wow classic equivalent to league of legends when they find a way to monetize it

    Sylveighty: Absolute DegenerateSylveighty: Absolute Degenerate16 napja
  • Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. - Ian Malcom, Jurassic Park

    Magnus WeaverMagnus Weaver16 napja