Rich Vampire vs Broke Vampire

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Being a rich vampire is undoubtedly more enjoyable than being poor. However, rich vampires also run into trouble. And what - watch our new video!
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    • I'm your craziest fan

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    • Rich Resilient

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    • Following a crime that is a crime

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    • you should guys watch the twilght saga on HBO And Its pretty

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  • For nobody that has not seen it Vampires hates the sun Lol why they do that I mean why? Like if u saw it 👇

    Bea AngelaBea Angela4 órája
  • I like evelny apartment is so cool and the the vampire gold teeeth

    thea and trixiethea and trixie7 órája
  • I feel bad for Draco.

    Sarah AlshegaaSarah Alshegaa7 órája
  • True

    Sarah AlshegaaSarah Alshegaa7 órája
  • I like the rich vampire and the rich vampire is silly

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  • pretty gay ngl

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  • This is the place they use to make among us videos. 4:06

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  • i like vampires 😍

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  • The rich vampire is so cool

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  • Wow so cool

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  • The poor one I like it

    aiseia I love minecaft reyes so beautifulaiseia I love minecaft reyes so beautiful23 órája
  • I like rich vampier

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  • Avelyne is my name😀

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  • This is the type of video on troom troom that you can’t be like ThIs Is FAkE1!1!1!1!1 because it’s not a life hack video Btw: I don’t think there life hacks are fake. Like if you agree

    Jenny McDonaldJenny McDonaldNapja
  • That rich vampire girl looks like toga from mha-

    Moza LolimasimpMoza LolimasimpNapja
  • Ok stop make fun of some one because there por

    Linnet HawthornLinnet HawthornNapja
  • Draco is better dan emails

    Marcos Rosado coraMarcos Rosado coraNapja
  • I like evalins house, it soo me lol

    easy crafts and moreeasy crafts and moreNapja
  • Ok but how does the ‘poor’ vampire have $300-$400 glasses- 😭

    Chlli The TakaKinnieChlli The TakaKinnieNapja
  • My name is Evelyn And do you spell Evelyn like Evelyn or Evelin please reply me troom troom please please please 🙏

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  • I would like to be Evelyn but not a vampire

    Ken HughesKen HughesNapja
  • I eat blood too just like vampire Evelyn.

    Esther NicholasEsther NicholasNapja
    • Ester Nicholas are you a vampire

      govinda bistagovinda bistaNapja
  • I like Evelyn cause she sooo rich im rich to. She soooo beautiful and gorgeous.

    Esther NicholasEsther NicholasNapja
    • @vidhya karthick no ones asking u hun

      Kenisha RebelloKenisha Rebello15 órája
    • Don't tell like this if you are rich means ok or poor means ok what for us plsdont tell us you your rich or poor whatever means keep with you ok

      vidhya karthickvidhya karthick18 órája
  • Where did you get the idya

  • Haha

  • Allen's name is draco

    Bibha SinhaBibha SinhaNapja
  • Woah woah woah did u just steal the name of Allen? In itsfunnehs vid

    Bibha SinhaBibha SinhaNapja
  • I was sad when dracula is poor

    The oof kidThe oof kidNapja
  • I like her fangs alot...

    Autumn SmithAutumn SmithNapja
  • 🏣🔝💄

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  • I Love the rich girl

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  • I like draco

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  • I feel bad for draco 😞

    jeixie21.phjeixie21.ph2 napja
  • Fun

    Nora DavidsonNora Davidson2 napja
  • Seriously vampires hate gold

    Kamini MistryKamini Mistry2 napja
  • 3:25 my blood is b-positive

    wreshad zamanwreshad zaman2 napja
  • I Like both

    Tina DenningTina Denning2 napja
  • Rich and Bork 😈👹👺👿

    selina felanselina felan2 napja
  • The poor vampire should be named dracula

    Jairyll4kidzJairyll4kidz2 napja
  • Not being mean or anything,but I never knew gold and silver, or shiny things

    Owethu TshangelaOwethu Tshangela2 napja
  • This this is real nice video

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    • Why would you why would we subscribe subscribe

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  • Says random stuff about humans treating vampires Me:idk vampires were real and I’m surprised that the vamps haven’t eatin the hums and I’m surprised the hums aren’t scared of the vampsO..O

    Kamal HussainKamal Hussain2 napja
  • I like the poor one he is funny😃😂😁

    Deborah AdamikDeborah Adamik2 napja
  • Icf i was a vampire I would bé exited

    Alexander JacksonAlexander Jackson2 napja
  • Wait don't vampire die if they go to sun?

    darkgaming dgdarkgaming dg2 napja
  • Can't he kill some rich and take money?

    Jess MukkadanJess Mukkadan2 napja
  • Love you.

    Fsiesissi ToddpaiFsiesissi Toddpai2 napja
  • The only thing I disappointed in this video is....the name of the poor vampire😂😂😂as a potterhead Im kinda offended lol,By the way no hate on the video

    Its._ GachaNekoIts._ GachaNeko2 napja
  • Drocos room is dirty 🤢🤮

    Uly EvangelistaUly Evangelista2 napja
  • I just want to point out that really photoshop looking pigeon that was in the video at 1:23. And the bat.. and the rat

    EEE Bts fanEEE Bts fan3 napja
    • Yah-

  • vampires doesnt go out when its morning

    angel elagoangel elago3 napja
  • язательно

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  • Да

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  • I feel bad for draco

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  • •~•

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  • B- thats my blood type

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  • Feel so bad that the poor boy

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  • Can't download and we don't really like that in a yes but it's all I could go wrong way

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  • dude don't be mean to Scotland ok is amazing here in Scotland ok.

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  • Peple who saw the water bottle

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  • The rich vampire! 👇

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  • If drako was poor then how does he have gold glasses??

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  • Wait is Draco poor he has a iphone at the start

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  • You should do rich Vs broke Devils or zombies

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  • that was totle fake the tea pot

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  • May I have some Murch

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  • Hi

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  • Why don't you do rich ghosts and poor ghosts

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  • Is it just me or did some of there things look siviler

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    • Ok this is an underrated comment lmfao

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  • Rich vampire

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  • this is soooo weird

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  • Put 2 episode

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  • i like rich vampire

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  • Me too

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  • I feel bad for the poor one but he’s creative

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  • Bat rat

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  • Kskjndosuhdkeizbxdiusbxjedbznrhhdbsjjjsbdkidjhdjsjsjdnekhzhdjsjzhdjwjdbejjxhejzjxdjjsjzjxdjenjsdjdjdjndndjdjxjxjxjxnxjxjdjdjdjdjdieieurhrhdbxnxbxbxbxnxnxnxjxkxkskslaoaowierururueooaxbxbxskoshdureiwojdbdjd

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  • Wait vampires don’t have a reflection why did Draco have one?

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  • My sister is a vampire!

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  • Vampires don’t like sun

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  • I'm not rich but I'm not poor I'm in the middle random fact

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  • I ship them Like if U agree

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  • 2:38 its almost midnight time for breakfast xD💀

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  • The poor vampire is ,rich, he is smart he made a kettle out of cardboard and water came out

    Amanda O'NealAmanda O'Neal4 napja