Return of the Karen

2020.szept. 9.
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  • Hilarious!!!

    Ayesha MaanAyesha Maan5 órája
  • "He's doing illegals... in my neighborhood" - Cody Ko

    Hugh TranHugh Tran22 órája
  • I havent laughed this much in a really long time 😂

    Jessica MercierJessica MercierNapja
  • 2:00 to 2:06 sounds like donald trump

    Abby KileAbby Kile2 napja
  • that person very obviously went into google docs and typed out that letter, printed it out, and made a tiktok for the smallest ounce of tiktok clout and it worked smh

    dirtyhit187dirtyhit1872 napja
  • Karen’s call the police as if they are customer service for the country

    DizzleDizzle3 napja
  • Oh my god. When that guy was like "it's not a doberman" and then some other guy came over and also said "it's not a doberman" when the lady was screaming because she was "bit" 1I freaked the fuck out for no reason.

    your motheryour mother4 napja
  • The dislikes are Karen's😶

    Naaz KothariNaaz Kothari5 napja
  • honestly if i met a karen who called the police I would stay just to see the polices reaction

    tiggers344tiggers3446 napja
  • People don’t hate me for saying this but the girl on 10:45 is like trump like if you agree or leave a comment dislike this is you don’t agree

    EnderDragon _28EnderDragon _286 napja
  • Marry me and let’s take Karen’s down together

    Megan GravesMegan Graves7 napja
  • SORRY IM WITH CODY I don't believe that these are fake ..I've meet many people like this ....and if some are it's reinactments then :)

    Olivia AlbertOlivia Albert7 napja

    Arionne TindallArionne Tindall8 napja
  • 9:23 as well

    directorjacobdirectorjacob8 napja
  • And 6:20

    directorjacobdirectorjacob8 napja
  • Except 4:13

    directorjacobdirectorjacob8 napja
  • They are allll fake! Damn dude.

    directorjacobdirectorjacob8 napja
  • The second one was 100% sketched

    directorjacobdirectorjacob9 napja
  • I have my rights to be on YOUR property. Me wait whattttttttttttttttttttttttt??????????????????????

    Jenell KuehneJenell Kuehne11 napja
  • I do not like this Cody and Co guy. I’m sorry I clicked this video and gave you an extra view. You do have potential though. Please get better. Like, can you be funny maybe? Are you sure you shouldn’t be working some kind of administrative corporate job for some company that sells sandals and beach towels to surfers or something like that?

    Space JellySpace Jelly12 napja
  • Fake karen compilation!!!!

    Night Murd3rNight Murd3r12 napja
  • “You can’t take my temperature, that’s against the law” She’s taking ur temperature, not assaulting you...

    Taina NicoleTaina Nicole21 napja
  • The one at 5:00 is fake. There is another video with her and her anctics in a bowling alley

    D. B. LevittD. B. Levitt23 napja
  • idk if thats true or not but after seeing this my only conclusion is: AMERICA IS WEIRD.

    Tanishq KumarTanishq Kumar24 napja
  • I just get angry seeing this. I really hate people that are this toxic

    William LyckeWilliam Lycke25 napja
  • Imagine calling the police so much for perfectly normal, legal things that they ignore you one day as your house burns down

    I am definitely a human And don't question thatI am definitely a human And don't question that25 napja
  • No one: Trump to Mexicans trying to work: 1:55

    Fuck you BitchFuck you Bitch27 napja
    • Best comment by far 😂

      Princess T'anyiahPrincess T'anyiah25 napja
  • 5:22 she didn’t slap herself, her sunglasses fell off

    Avery DentAvery Dent29 napja
  • Ma'am you have to wear a fursuit to enter this establishment. Now please calm down and tell me whats your fursona.

    Ricardo MoralesRicardo Morales29 napja
  • This is why police get my respect, cause nobody knows the amount of bs they go through because of Karen’s alone😂

    Vlog FanVlog Fan29 napja
  • Cody... These r mostly fake

    Moldy_Pineapplez YTMoldy_Pineapplez YTHónapja
  • I don’t wear my mask going into a store, however, if someone asks me to, JUST PUT IT ON!!!!!!!!

    Swedish MetalSwedish MetalHónapja
  • Hello professor this man is doing illegals

    Eira LEira LHónapja
  • I think I’m noticing a pattern. The videos where the Karen’s are talking right into the camera are most likely fake because if they weren’t, they would’ve pushed the camera off to the side or barked at the owner to stop filming or something.

    ALLY SALLY SHónapja
  • KARENS 🤣

    I eat people You swineI eat people You swineHónapja
  • I practically own your house... reminds me of someone else “I am the Senate”

    Dane StewartDane StewartHónapja
  • They're not even remotely believable. Wait, the Verizon lady was legit I think.

    Dee GeeDee GeeHónapja
  • 1:56 lol

  • Damn cody you old af

    Shade.n AgathaShade.n AgathaHónapja
  • propeller hat

  • He do be doing illegals

    JAWSH GillerJAWSH GillerHónapja
  • Dobermans can be friendly too


    amit daphnaamit daphnaHónapja
  • When he was fucking slapping his side mocking her I literally almost peed myself

  • That woman with the dog she will make a very good actor let’s just say that

    Chris JohnsonChris JohnsonHónapja
  • Karen culture is cringe

    Ann MarieAnn MarieHónapja
  • watching this literally triggers ptsd from my grocery job i swear

    Nory LandNory LandHónapja
  • If the woman who is angry with the loud car is a karen then i'm a mega karen ... I hate this too and i find it absolutely understandable ...

  • Cool it, David Spade!

    Josie PaarsmarktJosie PaarsmarktHónapja
  • these need context for the real ones tho

    Cole BarnettCole BarnettHónapja
  • 7:40 ah yes, we must silence our human children for brainless animals now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 10-15 mins of outside time is less than prisoners get

    emma jonesemma jonesHónapja
  • Hi Kody, what's a glizzy

    Gael O’ConnorGael O’ConnorHónapja
  • Stop with the commentary. It’s boring asf.

    Ron GillaspyRon GillaspyHónapja
  • Fine, I’ll take a video of you then. Her face:👁👄👁

    Moe-The -DogMoe-The -DogHónapja
  • Ok! Sorry but the verizon one hit close to home. People that is mentally ill exist and NO she may have not realized it was her the problem...and to be hinest maybe she wasn’t...the system is fucked, but she may not be able to deal with this kind of stuff on her own...and know how USA handles mental health...well you should think on giving them a hand instead of laughing at them...

    Magui MafMagui MafHónapja
    • I agree, I think these videos need to add some sort of context, we will never know why some of these ladies are really upset.

  • the outro song has no business slapping this hard though.

    Cris DimaCris DimaHónapja
  • The second Karens phone looks like paper Lol

  • The one a the Verizon store sounds like a demon is coming out of her😭 she’s the satanic one

    Jasmine kuwonuJasmine kuwonuHónapja
    • This one sounds the most realistic too

      Lissa A.Lissa A.Hónapja
  • there so fucking scripted

    George munsonGeorge munsonHónapja
  • What causes white women to think behavior like that is acceptable

    MR. BuffalloMR. BuffalloHónapja
  • *cody reacting to fake karen videos*

    mike jonesmike jonesHónapja
  • Guys cody ko doesnt know better leave him alone

  • I agree with the second karen to be honest. Some cars are insanely noisy, just because they literally want them to be noisy

    Miguel NicolásMiguel NicolásHónapja
  • The home that this HUworldr buys is extremely out of his means. That’s more of a sad story to watch than any of these videos.

    Eileen O'DonnellEileen O'DonnellHónapja
  • About the Karen who blocked the guy I’d drive full speed into the car, she’ll move eventually lol

    Apok The Thicc NeckbeardApok The Thicc NeckbeardHónapja
  • I don't understand why Karens deeply believe in their hearts that they are exempt from abiding by the law.


    ava marie schaefleava marie schaefleHónapja
    • Proof?

  • My name Karen.

    Karen McCormickKaren McCormickHónapja
    • Im so sorry

      Antonio ExistsAntonio ExistsHónapja
  • okay but theres no where that pisses me off more then a cell phone store

  • The first one is fake

    jAde wEstjAde wEstHónapja
  • cody is the only creator id let crash my zoom call

    selcouth stunnerselcouth stunnerHónapja
  • Karen: Hello police yes my 2 dogs a my bird like to sit and watch my naighbor through the windowin their backyard but his kid laughs to much. Police: sorry maam i can't do anything about that Karen: WHAT WHY NOT!? police: because the kid nor their parent aren't doing anything elegal *hangs up* Karen: UGH!!!

    Makenzie ScottMakenzie ScottHónapja
  • I feel like a lot of these women just need attention

  • cody it’s not verizon it’s at&t 😐

    i miss 1Di miss 1DHónapja
  • so much bad acting

  • Unmasked people piss me off!!!! I don't want your covid douche!

    Saving felv kittiesSaving felv kittiesHónapja
  • Hey Cody you laughed bro

    Inigo HawkingsInigo HawkingsHónapja
  • He's trolling us for sure

    Nourollah AmrNourollah AmrHónapja
  • Imagine Karen talking to a cop and saying shes going to call the cops😂😂😂

    Ahmed AaqilAhmed AaqilHónapja
  • Cody knows that these Karen freakouts are fake and he is trolling ?????? right ??????

    abed shehriabed shehriHónapja
  • Karens big mad. ALSO I uploaded a Karen commentary vid on my channel. I know, self promotion lol

  • I don’t understand why people go on about Cody’s age XD

    Pretty QuackPretty QuackHónapja
  • pov: your actually illegal

    Gabriel GomezGabriel GomezHónapja
  • There was like 3 that were actually real

    Wangnan JaWangnan JaHónapja
  • The first 4 or 5 are fake and whack af

  • Plssss cover/do a that’s cringe for the acting challenges on TikTok, particularly the ones by Chris Barnett

    Smalls 9005Smalls 9005Hónapja
  • cody it’s okay we get it you’re old.. very entertaining video nonetheless

    Ariana PersaudAriana PersaudHónapja
  • 1:09 Children are cowering in fear each day, it's so loud, it must be horrible- to grow up with such horrors as a lamborghini driving by.

  • @ 7:05 Cody does the Debby Ryan

  • you sound like trump when you say illegal

    Lily NormanLily NormanHónapja

  • omfg i im dying

  • Hello professors I mean officers this man is doing the illegal

    Frankie CFrankie C2 hónapja
  • The last video is actually real. She used to go to my store all the time 😅

    Jc ChecoJc Checo2 hónapja
  • 1.1K dislikes are from karens

    Charlotte CharltonCharlotte Charlton2 hónapja
  • Me:does the finger guns at lady. Her:HE SHOT MEE HE SHOT MEE AAAAAHHHHHH AHHHHHHH *makes gun noises with mouth*AHHHHHH

    Elian R.MElian R.M2 hónapja

    Elian R.MElian R.M2 hónapja
  • Dobreman brothers when

    Shooter Rat KingShooter Rat King2 hónapja
  • I don’t know to feel..... I drive a Subaru... I’m....

    Maria PerezMaria Perez2 hónapja