Rekkles Penta Denied! | LEC Spring 2021 Week 4 Moments

321 306 Megtekintés

Wunder brought the TP plays, while Jankos dropped a nuke in champ select. Luckily, Rekkles secured a quadra on Senna to take the dub against Misfits. After Caps and Mikyx warmed up with ping pong, we won a 50 minute banger against Rogue and went 2-0 this week!
What did you think of Jankos' Nidalee? Let us know in the comments!
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  • ahhh we won draft because Grabbz lose all responsability of it, now all makes sense

    Micaela AlvarezMicaela Alvarez13 napja
    • @Havok So more lose, more wins for G2? Lesson learnt.

      Red Roses101Red Roses10112 napja
    • The funny thing is that those were both losing drafts anyways but k

      HavokHavok12 napja
    • Less GrabbZ, more wins

      G2 EsportsG2 Esports13 napja
    • caoneSZNcaoneSZN13 napja
    • Good one xD

      Metáfora InfinitaMetáfora Infinita13 napja
  • Levi: KENNYYYYYY!!!! Rekkles: KOBBEEEEEE!!!!

    Chibi OfficialChibi Official2 napja
  • jankos playing singed

    Luiz Alves de AbreuLuiz Alves de Abreu8 napja
  • People are sending death threats to Kobbe cause he denied the penta btw.

    Northern GaijinNorthern Gaijin10 napja
  • G2 tyler1 3:05

    xdeusxdeus10 napja
  • Rekkless looks happy in G2 tho ❤️

    Pags 123Pags 12311 napja
  • The female fertile freckle admittedly guarantee because ukraine ostensibly develop but a rhetorical fireman. womanly, black-and-white dragon

    Kyle TurnerKyle Turner11 napja
  • Both matches were amazing. Misfits really holding on for a long time. And rge had that comp that kills 2 of you in a splitsecond if you are out of position. It took g2 really long and they did make mistakes put they pulled it off. Both matches were really great

    KaitriKaitri11 napja
  • razork deserve to win , he play graves perfectly

    TenseiTensei11 napja
  • I think Kobbe is actually gay

    Kristóf KőszegiKristóf Kőszegi11 napja
  • fuck, ping ponk game xd

    Kamil GrzywnaKamil Grzywna12 napja
  • I actually love the idea that Rekkles was a secret Gremlin and Fnatic warned G2 not to feed him after midnight but little did Fnatic know: The G secretly STANDS for Gremlin. And they have been feeding after Rekkles midnight ever since.

    Lucy LothianLucy Lothian12 napja
  • You guys meme even when you lose, but it's so much better when you guys win!

    Ramon Tavares da CruzRamon Tavares da Cruz12 napja
  • Just wanted to let you all know. We should all appreciate the moment, seeing those 5 together and make the best of it because all things come to an end and some day when the roster changes completely, we will lose all those personalities and I dont really want to see it happen ;-; Have a good rest of the day/night everyone.

    JoyJoy12 napja
  • full vid of caps and mikyx playing pingpong pls

    ZiestZiest12 napja
    • vouch

      Mikyx23Mikyx2312 napja
  • i wish you could include the whole caps recaps at the end

    baked fishbaked fish12 napja
  • Can we all appreciate the happiness on rekkles face at the end. It just shows how much of a good vibe G2 has.

    RazorLordRazorLord12 napja
  • easy boysssssssssssss!

    PcSPcS12 napja
  • T1 audio, built diferent

    Emiliano SaenzEmiliano Saenz12 napja
  • 3:06 i'm fucking dying lmao

    Devili7yDevili7y12 napja
  • Rekkles Penta denedi diye okumayan varmı yaa

    Oğuzhan SargınOğuzhan Sargın12 napja
  • Rekkles: Penta!!!... 2:10 Kobbe *rushing to base, press P and searching 4 stopwatch*: Cha Ching! No pen for u today my boiz!

    Nguyen Ngoc Thinh ThanhNguyen Ngoc Thinh Thanh12 napja
  • 03:06 lmao KEKW

    DeepTerrorDeepTerror12 napja
  • My heart got broken during the game when I noticed Kobbe buying stopwatch just before fountain dive

    E WQEQE WQEQ12 napja
  • Jankos - the fart boy

    HowlateHowlate12 napja
  • Rekkles hack off pls XD

    La Mita Silva NuryLa Mita Silva Nury12 napja
  • That "get this shit of me" edit tho

    Soumanasya DuttaSoumanasya Dutta12 napja
  • as a fnc fan (fanatic?) i love g2 2

    Mahat 'ma nigga' ndhiMahat 'ma nigga' ndhi12 napja
  • Hold on, Jankos hasnt miss spears :o

    Youtube PremiumYoutube Premium12 napja
  • Yo G2 just a tip, remove these subscribe banners in midst of games, it is annoying and if u put like this, people will usually not subscribe only(Reverse psychology)

    Sanjay .T.SSanjay .T.S12 napja
  • An Happy Rekkles is all that we need BOIIS

    John SmithJohn Smith12 napja

    Denise GailDenise Gail12 napja
  • Simple explanation, that guy is not a true gamer

    Eldee Charles ApelitEldee Charles Apelit12 napja
  • please give a raise to the editor...

    Ulquiorra CiferUlquiorra Cifer12 napja

    The JaysterThe Jayster12 napja
  • LEC Casters are the best. None of region have such energetic casters

    Huy ThắngHuy Thắng13 napja
  • dear g2... today on lolreddit i found a thread of perkz saying he knows that jankos wants to go to na next year aswell. is this true? :(

    KaitriKaitri13 napja
  • The tyler1 scream xD Love him

    ToxicpgmToxicpgm13 napja
  • i love Rekky

    Obsidian DollObsidian Doll13 napja
  • Man i just love Rekklees he's the reason i'm here

    YoneYone13 napja
  • the sub spanish??? when, i want sub spanish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    isra quisisra quis13 napja
  • tobiwan should try casting for league, I wanna hear that accent again

    cosmixxiecosmixxie13 napja
  • How did rakan die to senna at 1:55

    Tom HumphriesTom Humphries13 napja
    • Elder

      Lanel Rose CordovaLanel Rose Cordova13 napja
  • 4:51 when Rekkles said "conclusion" i was expecting a "get f*cked* follow up lmao

    RaddyRaddy13 napja
  • I loved that the Penta was denied. lol

    shiv_ringshiv_ring13 napja
  • Jankos is Great 😊 he deserves more respect ✊

    Kexin ChenKexin Chen13 napja
  • Is everyone just gonna ignore the failed 4th shot of rekkles at 03:10 ?

    Youssef HarrachYoussef Harrach13 napja
  • ضضذ

    anirxx anirxanirxx anirx13 napja
  • CLAPS ping pong will save G2 this year

    Paulo AlmeidaPaulo Almeida13 napja
  • Look at the flash, look at the auto! WUNDER

    AliAli13 napja
  • You should take a pause break to give the commentaries time to catch their breath. It would make for a funny part of the video, they sound like they are at a auction house

    Zach IceInMyVeinsZach IceInMyVeins13 napja
  • I watched it live and I saw kobbe buy the stopwatch and I'm like LAAAME

    CrowsmithCrowsmith13 napja

    guisteh11guisteh1113 napja
  • Broke: Jankos Nidalle Spear KEKW Woke: 4:19 4:24 4:42 Ngl he hit way more than the meme would have You believe, especially the elder fight, Inspired was out of the fight before it started AND he got Hans used heal on him

    assassindb9assassindb913 napja
  • Rekkles with a happy face looks so fresh, man ♥️✨

    CeeCee13 napja
  • I'm here for Wunder's memorable TP 😂

    gintoki sakatagintoki sakata13 napja
  • 0:41 LMAOOO

    Martin KaradjovMartin Karadjov13 napja
  • Love you guys but why does it take 10 weeks to get your jersey?

    25Bayor25Bayor13 napja
  • don't let the standings fool you into thinking that the finals will be anything but fnc vs g2.

    David RamosDavid Ramos13 napja
  • love it

    Plutonek12Plutonek1213 napja
  • MVP Miky

    Stefan RabensteinStefan Rabenstein13 napja
  • Thanks god public health is a thing in Sweden.. That music.. my ears!

    ignacio della maggioraignacio della maggiora13 napja
  • I suppose that I'm better in ping-pong than Caps

    Wiki MatyjaWiki Matyja13 napja
  • this kid bought a stopwatch i smell some salt

    Jason RojasJason Rojas13 napja

    anonymouss kdakdaanonymouss kdakda13 napja
  • quality content

    SchnaufeltierSchnaufeltier13 napja
  • voice comms pleaseeeee

    SailSail13 napja
  • The tyler one sound bite was so unexpected yet so perfect, newfound love for the pro play, Kudos G2

    neonoyd LVneonoyd LV13 napja

    Kool-Aid ManKool-Aid Man13 napja
    • Don't forget about 4:25, where he lands a MAX RANGE Q, threading the needle onto Ham Sama

      Mr. Jimmy EqMr. Jimmy Eq13 napja
  • Pay respect for Rekkles penta. F

    Sayo NaraSayo Nara13 napja
  • win or lose G2 seems to always have fun. This is why they are undoubtedly the best team in league of legends.

    Hosea MathewsHosea Mathews13 napja
  • Im so glad to see Reckful this happy. He is like a new Person since he joined G2. It had such an impact on his personality it seems like. This looks like a team now, which can win the worldtitle in my opinion. My fingers are crossed for you next time!!!

    TheSystemerTheSystemer13 napja
    • @AmirOida My bad... i love reckful too but i meant rekkles ofc... R.i.p. to our beloved brother. Reckful was a great man!

      TheSystemerTheSystemer10 napja
    • @GD BlueFirre He was one of the first of his kind, I really hope he's in a better place now.

      AmirOidaAmirOida12 napja
    • @AmirOida Honestly, I have so much respect for him, I never watched his livestreams or anything cause I was too late for the party but I see the amount of influence he had Hope hes happy now

      GD BlueFirreGD BlueFirre12 napja
    • Reckful.............

      RichardRichard12 napja
    • Rekkles, not Reckful. I'd give a lot to see Reckful again.

      AmirOidaAmirOida13 napja
  • The cut on the moment when Caps was about to int into Inspired gave me a chuckle :D

    Stephan GromovStephan Gromov13 napja
  • Kobbe selling and buying a stopwatch was legendary mechanics

    Guido SanguinettiGuido Sanguinetti13 napja
  • Loco subtitulen al español, POR FAVOR

    Joaquin GuevaraJoaquin Guevara13 napja
  • Who else is here from Nicmercs saying this: "I get more views than your entire team" G2 esports is such a clown

    Saumitra DasSaumitra Das13 napja
    • @Arken you don't even know what I'm taking about so why don't I just stfu because G2 started this story in fncs know if facts before u talk shit

      Saumitra DasSaumitra Das13 napja
  • Drakos is so fucking good

    QubecheckQubecheck13 napja
  • When the editor is into the meme culture

    SeiferTheEvilSeiferTheEvil13 napja
  • Jankos timing on GA’s are beautiful

    lucas clarkelucas clarke13 napja

    MarvMarv13 napja
  • I have newfound respect for Kobbe

    Sunny MacwanSunny Macwan13 napja
  • N I C E !

    I BaiI Bai13 napja
  • Banger

    Kacper KędzierskiKacper Kędzierski13 napja
  • Smiling Rekkles is my spirit animal.

    RakiRaki13 napja
  • MikyX is the coolest guy in this team bcs he is the one best guy in other things

    SysiuSysiu13 napja
  • Only Baus can do Solobolo G2 scumbags

    JJ MMJJ MM13 napja
  • jajajjajajajajjajajaja just jajjaajjajaaj

    HistorymaniacoHistorymaniaco13 napja
  • wp gg 😁 joking 😂 We shilling 😎 Solobolo 😱

    Zawissius de GarbowZawissius de Garbow13 napja
  • Why does Rekkles have painted nails? xdd

    AbgarAbgar13 napja
  • 2:12 Kobbe buying stopwatch KEKW

    NotranceNotrance13 napja
  • Fnatic fan here, but I have to admit Rekkles looks so much happier and healthier since he joined G2. Really glad from him, it looks like he's found a home

    Maxim VauterinMaxim Vauterin13 napja
    • And you have to say that the new players and coach brought new vibe to Fnatic too! They seem to be happy as well and they are enjoying the game as much as G2 is.

      Adam WAdam W13 napja
  • Damn G2 Vunder played really nice there

    p1mp lulp1mp lul13 napja
  • Ese es mi G2 :3

    Melien GMelien G13 napja
  • Is there a new Martin ranking? I think Jankos should be Martin 7 after his nuke

    Phil MayrPhil Mayr13 napja
  • Rekkles AA at 2:04 is basically the same distance and damage as Nidalee Q but it never misses. I think he only farmed souls to show off to Miky and steal him from Jankos :'(

    Redwan ShahidRedwan Shahid13 napja
  • Friendly reminder to not be one of those guys harrasing Kobbe over the stopwatch,

    111111hakar111111hakar13 napja
    • Shove ur reminder up ur

      Fire BoltFire Bolt12 napja
  • Good to know Caps self worth is actually tied to ping pong!

    SicklilSicklil13 napja
  • :)

    Tomek :3Tomek :313 napja
  • Why is the english so broken in comments? I am very confused.

    ThePlayThePlay13 napja
  • 3:07 why are they surprised that rekkles is alive they should be surprised it's that close like wtf the Rene was so behind just dives under turret a fed adc

    Ilay RomIlay Rom13 napja