refunding cyberpunk ft. zalinki, somethingelseyt & circletoons

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cyberpunk more like cyberpoo!!!!!!!!!
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  • you sound like bombastic's sister.

    Bruce WashingtonBruce Washington3 órája
  • Um, Skyrim was fucking great. Best game of the decade, honestly.

    TheVikingDoctorTheVikingDoctor6 órája
  • No, ... No, No! Please, No, I Don’t wanna Forget, I don’t want to disappear, No!

    Роман Анатольевич СемёновРоман Анатольевич Семёнов13 órája
  • It's funny even tho I never bought any of the games that are shown in this video lmao

    YouTube 101YouTube 101Napja
  • My legs shivered so hard when everywhere at the end of time played, i thought someone was freezing me

    SuchyBoberSuchyBober2 napja
  • Wait wait wait wait wait... no mans sky is actually an amazing game now!

    Fett FamFett Fam2 napja
  • I mean, no man's sky made a neat comeback

    Fiend HerdFiend Herd2 napja
  • i was vibing until the dementia music came along

    candiidoggiecandiidoggie3 napja
  • Oh god no no not that album.

    Javid MirzayevJavid Mirzayev3 napja
  • HEY, hey, No man's sky got really good with updates.

    Neo Conker626Neo Conker6264 napja
  • Is it bad I have all of those “disappointments of a game” except for Duke man Forever

    VRgamerVRgamer4 napja
  • OI!!! No mans sky is getting really good! They’ve really improved the game

    SvienceSvience5 napja
  • Skyrim is perfect shut up.... it's perfect... perfect... perfect... there's nothing wrong with it nothing at all! Bethesda doesn't just re realse it for money and let the community fix everything. ITS PERFECT BETHESDA IS A AMAZING COMPANY THAT CARES.

    TheDuckSCPTheDuckSCP7 napja
  • The smirk on the employees face, the way the line was delivered, the horrified look on the consumers face, the music, and the red tint creeping up the screen combined made me experience true terror I have to share it with my friends

    Re- BlitzRe- Blitz7 napja
  • Bruh that ending made me want to turn away and run away and I don’t even know what the music is from

    Re- BlitzRe- Blitz7 napja
  • For anyone who isnt chilled by the song at the end, it's part of a series of albums depicted on how the memory of a song would sound in the 6 stages of dimentia, go search up (on youtube) the caretaker everywhere at the end of time. Dont discard it for the length of the video, just listen...

    AdamAdam8 napja
  • I just realized that he press keys on a phone with no keys

    Micah NeoMicah Neo8 napja
  • Skyrim wasn’t a disappointment IMO

    Certain WordsCertain Words8 napja
  • Why with the music

    puggerthemuggerpuggerthemugger8 napja

    sylvie_loves_frogssylvie_loves_frogs8 napja
  • Hey no man’s sky got good.

    Inter Dimensional GooberInter Dimensional Goober8 napja
  • Never buy this game with glitches

    [REDACTED][REDACTED]10 napja
  • im sad no man's sky is grouped into this

    SchlaughtSchlaught11 napja
  • Yeah fallout 76 no man sky and all those were super disa- is that Skyrim did you put Skyrim on the wall (inhales) *REPENT SINNER FOR YOUR CRIMES HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE HOLY TEXT YOU HEATHEN YOU SHALL BURN FOR YOUR CRIMES*

    StitchStitch11 napja
  • Dementia hits hard

    ShadowstalkerShadowstalker11 napja
  • Skyrim?

    Gabriel SilveiraGabriel Silveira12 napja
  • So at the end of the vid, I'm I the only one who liked skyrim?

    VideogameeVideogamee13 napja
  • Thanks for the Vietnam flashbacks ma’am

    Kid GamerKid Gamer13 napja
  • No man's sky is bad?

    Decal TyrDecal Tyr15 napja
  • Alright, Skyrim was not disappointing and No Man's Sky made a massive comeback but everything else is definitely that!

    AFoxNamedSeanAFoxNamedSean16 napja
  • i never hard anything about Skyrim, i just one day in 2014 bought it on steam, and i have not been disappointed since, but yes FO76 is trash filled with even more stinky trash

    WorraWorra16 napja
  • Fallout 76 Skyrim all got really good over the years

    ExoticbreadbunsExoticbreadbuns17 napja
  • What’s the ending song called

    It’s Me ToadIt’s Me Toad17 napja
  • I liked Skyrim lol

    Elway 09Elway 0918 napja
  • honestly why don't you destroy the game

    Diego MoraDiego Mora18 napja
  • The music at the end gives me chills

    It’s Me ToadIt’s Me Toad18 napja
  • I went to the comments to make sure it wasn't just me Uhh _safe to say it wasn't_

    BatBoiBatBoi18 napja
  • POV: you are 12 and you realize that Cyberpunk is 18+

    NinSwitch82NinSwitch8218 napja
  • Nah, borderlands is never disapointing cyber punk on the other hand...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Hybones DXHybones DX19 napja
  • cyberpunk more like cyberpoo!!!

    Mateo LopézMateo Lopéz19 napja
  • skyrim a fucking good games

    I’m a duckI’m a duck19 napja
  • zalinki is cool. i got banned on his server for telling the mods "ban me no balls"

    Ludvik TholenLudvik Tholen19 napja
  • honey, get the shotgun, another person called Skyrim a disappointing game

    4llusive4llusive20 napja
  • but no mans sky is not anymore

    portalite oxideportalite oxide20 napja
  • What in the hell is no man sky doing here

    School KidSchool Kid21 napja
  • Wow! :0

    Aurora BassaniAurora Bassani21 napja
  • Skyrim being a disappointment? I thought it was praised outside of the media. I feel like I was out of the loop.

    Mad LinkMad Link22 napja
  • Why does everybody hate cdpr so much

    Wiliam SwidrakWiliam Swidrak22 napja
    • Crunch - For one thing.

      TraustiGeirTraustiGeir21 napja
  • No man's sky does not deserve to be on that wall of disappointing games because it actually had a REALLY strong come back!

    Vincent FurzeVincent Furze22 napja
  • I was gonna comment something, but my brain is too smæll

    Ray _01Ray _0124 napja
  • Hey no mans sky is good now😡😡

    SwankifiedSwankified24 napja
  • I thought I was moving forward but everywhere at the end of time is just so...

    Big AquaBig Aqua24 napja
  • Wait that voice look like Arthur morgan

    FokFok25 napja
  • no not that song anything but that song

    Gunnar 17Gunnar 1727 napja
  • No Man's Sky is badass now....

    Asylum of GamesAsylum of Games28 napja
  • This reminds me of no man's sky But not with missing textures to rng stuff and funky looking plants and animals

    Axolotl the GreatAxolotl the Great29 napja
  • meanwhile i havent played 4/5 of those games, 2 of them i havent even seen gameplay of, none of them I own, and the one i have played was from a gaming thing in a mall edit: i also dont own cyberpunk. so.

    Isabelle / Aka GalaxIsabelle / Aka GalaxHónapja
  • Fucking Andromeda... How the fuck do you fuck up making humans look like humans? What road did you travel to make them look like preschool play-doh sculptures?

    Call me ScottCall me ScottHónapja
  • Nooo Take away No Mans Sky, it improved since release

    Jason RodriguezJason RodriguezHónapja
  • Why is Skyrim there

  • Circle is always incredible ngl

    Phinn of EvansPhinn of EvansHónapja
  • please someone tell me what the music's name in 0:40 is.

    • The Caretaker - Back there Benjamin

    • Everywhere at the End of Time

    • you don't want to know

  • Yee thats polish

  • Helpful tip fellas, when you want to buy a new game but aren't sure of your platform's specs, always remember: *_Post Awareness Stage 6 is without description._*

    One Bizarre BoiOne Bizarre BoiHónapja
  • Circletoon’s ability to have such a innocent voice to main antagonist in high budget video games astound me just perf

    Naofumi Shield heroNaofumi Shield heroHónapja
  • Funny, but Skyrim was a good game

    Dat Mooshie boiDat Mooshie boiHónapja
  • Everywhere at the end of time plays My brain: PTSD MODE ACTIVATED

    Animations & AsmrAnimations & AsmrHónapja

    Krispy oatsKrispy oatsHónapja
  • Why Skyrim on the wall?

    Russian RobinRussian RobinHónapja
  • That EatEoT music was perfect. I've yet to watch it entirely, but I know i'm gonna fuckin die by the end of it, so I'm at least going to watch it with friends.

    Andrew SAndrew SHónapja
  • Wheres anthem


    Keira BrodskyKeira BrodskyHónapja
  • Skyrim wasn't that disapointing.

  • O o f You caight me off guard with the caretaker

    Chuy DHMChuy DHMHónapja
  • What the fuck is Everywhere at the End of Time

    • look it up and listen to it.

  • Goddamit not again, I'm not ready for stage 3 again! 😪

  • -_- did you just call Skyrim, a MASTERPIECE, disappointing?

    Kyra LaBarKyra LaBarHónapja
  • Well no. No Man's Sky redeemed themselves. Remove that poster now.

  • No Man's Sky is actually pretty good now tho, they did right by the fan base.

  • Error

    Crèu Cat クル猫Crèu Cat クル猫Hónapja
  • Oh god now cyberpunk is part of the sinister six

    Emil CEmil CHónapja
  • skyrim not bad

    Cross RhodesCross RhodesHónapja
  • Wait but, Duke Nukem Forever was a masterpiece...

  • Music?

  • .....nglivenevercrashedplayingit..... but i do get A LOT of visual bugs so i think its better now :)....hopefully...

  • At least minecraft portal among us incredibox and human fall flat arent disappointing

  • What part of stage 3 was that

    Lmao UELmao UEHónapja
    • back there banjamin

  • 0:33

    jest jestjest jestHónapja
  • everywhere at the end of time makes this video hit different, if you put in anything else it would be average good job.

  • i actually have hope in 76.... god was i wrong

  • Man, what's that song that starts playing? I actually want to do something with it.

    • everywhere at the end of time stage 3, back there benjamin

  • No man's sky is actually pretty good now

    Isaac BIsaac BHónapja
  • Hm, why Skyrim?

    Julio LJulio LHónapja
  • skyrim isint that bad... right..??

    It’s MARCUSIt’s MARCUSHónapja
  • The customer looked like arin hanson while the employee looked like Scott the woz lol

  • No Man's Sky is actually really good now

  • *Sees Skyrim up on the wall* Ok that was just fucking Rude.

    Danny CaraccioloDanny CaraccioloHónapja
  • you really needed to play EATEOT

    Maxel GamerzMaxel GamerzHónapja
  • Jesus it's like fallout 76 again

  • DUKE NUKEM FOREVER LETS GOOOOO also everywhere at the end of time ._.

    ʙʀᴇᴀᴅ in Mossʙʀᴇᴀᴅ in MossHónapja