Redrawing Art we made as Kids w/JaidenAnimations

2017.nov. 8.
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I was drawing like Picasso when I was 7 years old.
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  • Who is watching this in 2021

    Stephen McnallyStephen Mcnally4 órája
  • Cool thanks for the video

    cookie monja 123 okcookie monja 123 ok11 órája
  • I remember Sailor Moon Very well

    ¿DėmønTrîxx?¿DėmønTrîxx?20 órája
  • You have a dog named flood

    • Floof

  • Randim person: i can only draw like lame bubble pepole James: eherm... that's my job ;-;

    KibbyCake Art'zKibbyCake Art'zNapja
  • i thought of britney spears too-

    ꧁Gacha Ivy꧂꧁Gacha Ivy꧂Napja

    CorpseHusband fanCorpseHusband fanNapja
  • What drawing program do you juse

    Ward PeetersWard Peeters2 napja
  • lol

    Igneel EnryūōIgneel Enryūō2 napja
  • Aww I have rats !! There all girls called Luna Sandy and pebbles !!

    quirkxxquirkxx2 napja
  • WHO GOT THIS IN 2021 IN RECCMENDED why did i dislike this

    Isabella GachaIsabella Gacha2 napja
  • I like sword art online and still watching it :>

    Midnight Horror of heavenMidnight Horror of heaven2 napja
  • One time I went on stage and said “I’m the red power ranger” I was scared of a guy ina suit call Charlie bear

    Big bum head eats youBig bum head eats you3 napja
  • look, james. i love your content-- BUT SWORD ART ONLINE IS THE 2ND BEST ANIME EVER WRITTEN (after attack on titan, of course)

    Shea FrenchShea French3 napja
  • Are y’all sisters and brothers

    Dragon KingDragon King3 napja
    • Nope, but it does seem a lot like it

      Sunset SkyeSunset Skye3 napja
  • I love this. I know this is a super old video but.. You have inppired me to start animation! 💕💕💕☺️

    Teens & DollsTeens & Dolls3 napja
  • jade: the purple guy is bad Me:OMG PURPLE GUY

    Kylie HughesKylie Hughes3 napja
  • 4:45 racicict

    talha sharieftalha sharief4 napja
  • Who else knows the end of the sentence “girls go to Venus to get a _____ “

    Focus PhantomzFocus Phantomz4 napja
  • Hey! I can only draw stickmen!

    Joe MergenerJoe Mergener4 napja
  • Let’s see how many subs I can get on this comment Current: 27

    Nicholas GaulkeNicholas Gaulke5 napja
  • Dogs: hey why cant we go out yet God: because the sun is a deadly laser 1:00

    DanboycDanboyc5 napja
  • I’m sorta a yellow people...

    Glossy #2Glossy #25 napja
  • I have rats to!

    Victor gillenwaterVictor gillenwater5 napja
  • SAO is the best anime

    Anime is cool SAOAnime is cool SAO5 napja
  • Jaiden: “A dogs”

    Iceki UwUIceki UwU5 napja
  • Woof that’s hi in dog language

    Legendary dogo PuppersLegendary dogo Puppers5 napja
  • I smell racism either from sailor moon or from james and jaiden Ahhhhh F**K RACISM

    no oneno one6 napja
  • Clap on clap off is a clapper

    R AbrilR Abril6 napja
  • The mammoth stamp arespectively announce because shallot beverly add out a jittery t-shirt. chubby, coordinated ex-husband

    skyler huskyler hu6 napja
  • Does anyone seeing this just happen to know what app he draws with?

    Salmon MuffinSalmon Muffin6 napja
  • This video would have been easy for James to make because of content in his screen recorded video

    Krish SahniKrish Sahni6 napja
  • I like sort art arnlin

    T rex The kingT rex The king6 napja
  • Jame: draw Jame as his own Way Jame:Draw Jame in her own way Me:Wow you Just did that What do you mean oh is it because a Copyrighted

    Villain Neito MonomaVillain Neito Monoma7 napja
  • James: I didn’t like sword art online :everyone that liked sword art online has there feelings crushed I did :(

    Aqua GirlsAqua Girls7 napja
  • sometimes i look back at my old drawings and im kinda imbarist

    Evan StottsEvan Stotts7 napja
  • Clap on doo doo clap off doo doo

    Mason BlairMason Blair7 napja
  • AY, IM A KID.

    XxStrawberryxXx XxJuiceXxXxStrawberryxXx XxJuiceXx7 napja
  • 8:59 regular show

    Lilyplayz12tree CovertLilyplayz12tree Covert8 napja
  • Sword art online is a good anime :(

    Phillip KingPhillip King8 napja
  • I just draw dream and stuff till I get better I hope I have an animation channel too. (Btw I love your drawings and vids)

    Carter MerinskyCarter Merinsky8 napja
  • Sword art is the best anime I watched in all my years boi

    Riaz RehmanRiaz Rehman8 napja
  • The sun is a deadly laser.

    pay me in baconpay me in bacon8 napja
  • “this person is supposed to be somebody..” nice hints

    BlameItOn_Tod2BlameItOn_Tod28 napja
  • the clapper

    its a gamer connorits a gamer connor8 napja
  • Me hearing James doesn't like sao how dare he 😡

    steelalot the theifsteelalot the theif9 napja
  • So. Went from watching animal jam being hacked videos to watching people redraw old art (I love redrawing old art)

    Cupcake KittenCupcake Kitten9 napja
  • 4:44 Jaiden... Thats kinda racist

    GoldGold9 napja
  • Jaiden and james i like your vidios

    Dharyelle PorcionculaDharyelle Porcioncula9 napja
  • Because of Jaiden, now I always say hi hi hi to my friends

    C MrlaC Mrla9 napja
  • You watch anime!? Yay!! Me too!

    Ocean RiseOcean Rise9 napja
  • How dare you hate sao

    Theo The weebTheo The weeb9 napja
  • What did you use to draw is it an app or is it a website

    Two ChallengersTwo Challengers9 napja
  • Don’t be embarrass I like sailor moon to🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌓🌔

    Kitty LpsKitty Lps9 napja
  • Jaden: is this guy a vilian?? James: you think so? :Jaden Yes hes brown me: WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN JADEN!

    ZeroWasTakenZeroWasTaken10 napja
  • theoddonesout: i wanna kill me:me too

    super gamingsuper gaming10 napja
  • what app ya using to draw?

    de boii and de other boiide boii and de other boii10 napja
  • @theodd1sout wut app did u do this on?

    wisestviperwisestviper10 napja
  • I don’t brag ever (never did!)

    Brady funandgamesBrady funandgames10 napja
  • Hi jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames

    Tory EideTory Eide10 napja
  • Teach me how to draw TeAcH mE pLeAsE

    Kruz HolderKruz Holder10 napja
  • Welp i guess jaiden doesn't want to be in this video she wants to be in Minecraft but im on half a heart XD

    The LovelyCheeseThe LovelyCheese10 napja
  • SAO is the best animae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me wondering what happened to the rats.

    Chanelle McClellandChanelle McClelland10 napja
  • Dude SAO is fire (SAO = Sword Art Online)

    poinsenopspoinsenops11 napja
  • Idk why but it makes laugh when James is playing Tetris and his just abusing his keyboard in the backround *Omega lol*

    Isai IglesiasIsai Iglesias11 napja
  • what is the drawing downlode link?

    Anil sucks in life OOFAnil sucks in life OOF11 napja
  • I thought sword art online was a good anime

    Xavier StahlXavier Stahl11 napja
  • Everytime someone mentions tetris I think of chiaki....

    Kaitlyn DeckerKaitlyn Decker11 napja
  • sabes hablar español James?

    Pamela ParradoPamela Parrado11 napja
  • I got rats recently when I said that I mean like a year ago

    PokeTuberPokeTuber11 napja
  • Poor SAO😅

  • The sun looks like it’s pulling the leash with it’s pp

    KapeeshKapeesh11 napja
  • The grateful gratis text immunohistologically thank because steel primarily crack among a measly tin. legal, standing secretary

    mori lindamori linda11 napja
  • Hhhhhh hhh hahahaha

    alex ortegaalex ortega11 napja
  • single book i read the entire set of books of a wimpy kid

    Fallon SmithFallon Smith11 napja
  • 'insert the Sailor Moon theme song now' ad: imma just- y'know- play me: NOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Ava KingAva King11 napja
  • bro im brown u dont have to be racist

    EpicLittleGamerEpicLittleGamer11 napja
  • what app do you use to draw

    F in the chatF in the chat11 napja
  • I watched this video on the way to vacation and the next day after we arrived my friends told me I was singing the sailor moon theme in my sleep dang it James

    The SenateThe Senate11 napja
  • James can you do a video of your childhood

    Mc. AstroMc. Astro12 napja
  • Girls rule,Boys drool Me: it's boys rule and girls DROOL

    Georgina SheldonGeorgina Sheldon12 napja
  • i love rats i had some

    Sophie BeveridgeSophie Beveridge12 napja
  • James: sings the sailor moon themesong terribly Me: SaIlOr JuPiTeR sAiLoR mErCuRy

    I am tickedI am ticked12 napja
  • When they said sa o was bad 😡😡

    Dory MachiDory Machi12 napja
  • James:*Plays Tetris* Me: NO NOT CHIAKI

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  • You sent me like these.... potato head things? You mean me and myself?

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  • potatatoe moon

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  • My turtle nam3d daisy

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  • what drawing software do u use? I usually draw on paper but I wanna draw on computer for once

    Glitch StarGlitch Star13 napja
  • I love the subtitle writer

    Inese VoikaInese Voika13 napja
  • It happened to me again

    Little LilyLittle Lily13 napja
  • 3 years ago

    Jayden LatailleJayden Lataille13 napja
  • I'm sorry But Sword Art Online is one of the best anime in the word

    DakuDaku13 napja
  • What did you use to draw?

    Max’s WooflesMax’s Woofles13 napja
  • I love them both...I have the. same sign as jaiden

    no nunyano nunya13 napja

    Jade CowieJade Cowie13 napja

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  • 0:42 or something around that: James: Like 20 dogs. Me: *counts them* Its 12 -.-

    A lonely DuckA lonely Duck13 napja
  • oof

    mike's xdmike's xd13 napja