Red [ Full Album ]- TAYLORSWIFT

2021.febr. 4.
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Red [ Full Album ]- TAYLORSWIFT
Red [ Full Album ]- TAYLORSWIFT
Red [ Full Album ]- TAYLORSWIFT
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  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 29:46

    Samuel AttiasSamuel Attias3 napja
  • Look at the grace of the album cover 🙏🏼 this will remain my fav no matter what, no matter what will releases next.

    Artist of the Decade stan DamlaArtist of the Decade stan Damla4 napja
  • Cant wait for 15 minute All Too Well

    Jay BonnJay Bonn4 napja
  • Best album. It's really a culmination of a new sound that comes from 2 different sounds. Not necessarily a marriage but the product.

    Jay BonnJay Bonn4 napja
  • 22

    Samuel AttiasSamuel Attias5 napja
  • Shirel Likes it

    samuel attiassamuel attias5 napja
  • It's my favorite music album red 🖤💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🥰🥰💖💖

    Magda ZetMagda Zet8 napja
  • You are always the best Taylor Swift....a gifted singer, artist and composer❤❤❤

    Ma Chingbee CastillejoMa Chingbee Castillejo11 napja
  • Taylor is good medicine

    DehlanniDehlanni12 napja
  • 1:34:00 which song is this? Not one from Taylor I guess

    Carlos CarrascoCarlos Carrasco14 napja
  • im listening here because i don't want to give s-word money

    Kervy SanjeKervy Sanje14 napja
    • i have some bad news: YT remits revenue to copyright holders. the rights holders are identified in this video, so rights are being paid (Btw, Taylor gets some of them too: she’s still the singer and songwriter)

      Thoughts R’UsThoughts R’Us11 napja
  • ♥️♥️♥️🐸🐸

    Magda ZetMagda Zet16 napja
  • m

    Michel lagacéMichel lagacé17 napja
  • This album deserves a grammy.

    Vũ Quỳnh LanVũ Quỳnh Lan20 napja
  • I am so excited for her to re-release Red, Speak Now, and Fearless. Fearless is coming out on April 9th I am so excited.=D

    G MarchG March22 napja
    • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Dani CerrilloDani Cerrillo22 napja
  • no one: no one at all: me: replaying the video when it ends over and over again

    Dani CerrilloDani Cerrillo23 napja
    • @Riley Me too!!! (and yes i am listening to this today again)

      Dani CerrilloDani Cerrillo21 napja
    • cant wait for this to be re released again!!!!!!!!!!!

      RileyRiley21 napja
  • 1:39:00 1:39:00

    다연다연26 napja
  • bae❤️

    Evelyn CooleyEvelyn CooleyHónapja
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    Cassie OgBorn LilibabyspicegirlCassCassie OgBorn LilibabyspicegirlCassHónapja
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  • *This album can be good, but I hate your generica voice !!!!*

    *Drica Dri Andrade**Drica Dri Andrade*Hónapja

  • 0:00 - State of Grace 4:55 - Red 8:36 - Treacherous 12:38 - I Knew You Were Trouble. 16:20 - All Too Well 21:49 - 22 25:40 - I Almost Do 29:46 - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 33:00 - Stay Stay Stay 36:25 - The Last Time (ft. Gary Lightbody) 41:24 - Holy Ground 44:46 - Sad Beautiful Tragic 49:32 - The Lucky One 53:31 - Everything Has Changed (ft. Ed Sheeran) 57:38 - Starlight 1:01:18 - Begin Again 1:05:17 - The Moment I Knew 1:10:04 - Come Back... Be Here 1:13:49 - Girl At Home 1:17:30 - Treacherous (Original Demo Recording) 1:21:30 - Red (Original Demo Recording) 1:25:17 - State of Grace (Acoustic) 1:30:34 - Outro Music

    Dare to ReadDare to ReadHónapja
    • @Teacher Jayson, Your Science Buddy yeah me too!

      Dani CerrilloDani Cerrillo23 napja
    • wow. It's my first time to hear the Red (Original Demo).Very nice

      Teacher Jayson, Your Science BuddyTeacher Jayson, Your Science Buddy25 napja
    • I loveT-Swift’s music!❤️🤩

      Hannah ShawHannah ShawHónapja
    • ty

      Evelyn CooleyEvelyn CooleyHónapja
  • I have all Taylor Swift albums with me, from her debut album to Folklore and Evermore and I don't even like her. of course I like her. I like her since 2009. Why would I collect all her albums if I don't give a fig about her? also, I've been called "gay" by my classmates when I was a kid because I listen to her, truth is, I'm gay so I don't mind being called one.

    Elijah MandevilleElijah MandevilleHónapja

      RileyRiley21 napja
  • This channel is a gift from God lol, they're the only ones on HUworld that play the original songs in a playlist instead of cringey covers lol xoxo

    Welcome To New YorkWelcome To New YorkHónapja
    • Yh 😂

      Hannah ShawHannah ShawHónapja
  • Hi Platinum Songs, please do a video for the Taylor Swift and 1989 albums

    Jiha NazariJiha NazariHónapja
  • This is my favorite Taylor album next to Speak Now, folklore, and evermore. It's so complex and has so many different genres of music and that's the perfect metaphor for all the emotions she was feeling. Like she's said so many times in interviews about this album, she felt jealousy, heartbreak, lust, and anger and in her mind all of those emotions are red emotions ❤ P.S. WHO'S READY FOR THIS ALBUM AND THE OTHERS TO BE RE-RELEASED WITH BONUS UNRELEASED SONGS I KNOW I AM JDJDJSNDH 🙋

    Alison KayAlison KayHónapja
    • I am am so excited for her to re-release her album! my favorites are red evermore and reputation!

      Dani CerrilloDani Cerrillo23 napja
    • I am so excited for her to re-releases all of HER albums. Yes Red is one of my favorite of her album with Speak Now too. =D

      G MarchG MarchHónapja
  • 🌹❤🌷⚘💌💝🌺💐🥰 I love this records badly , I love you Taylor swift ..

    tieqah tieqahtieqah tieqahHónapja
  • Thank you soooo much for uploading this one

    Endless Passion POPEndless Passion POPHónapja
  • genuine

    محمد عبدالرحمنمحمد عبدالرحمنHónapja
  • 🙃Yes

    محمد عبدالرحمنمحمد عبدالرحمنHónapja
  • This artist is a pure example of one that grew and developed ; all she worked from ; and all accomplished is role model material.

    Megan LaneMegan LaneHónapja
  • they gotta start playing All Too Well at divorce court

    Nicholas OFFICIALNicholas OFFICIALHónapja
  • Hey Platinum Songs, How can I contact you? I have something to ask.

    Gheline TolentinoGheline TolentinoHónapja
    • what do you want to know ?

      Platium SongsPlatium SongsHónapja
  • here bc fuck scooter

    Sofia RojasSofia RojasHónapja
  • of course you r better i am working to arrive like thatowwww....uhhh

    wallace brooks woodwallace brooks woodHónapja
  • PAIN SUX WE rock n should

    wallace brooks woodwallace brooks woodHónapja
  • hey i love ur sad songs & ur new jamzzz TS ME+WW=TS TS \------------------/ TS o o REAL LOVE TS!!!!!!!!!! I want to know what U want to know.

    wallace brooks woodwallace brooks woodHónapja
  • WHATS UP BEBE???DR XXX ZZZ YYY HOW LIFE TREATING YOU AFTER MY LETTER??? 0101010111110011101011100000001111001100110110000110011111001100110001100101001000101001011011110000001011111111111100000001111111000000000000000000000000000000000000000101111111111111111111111169?JK

    Kevin DoanKevin DoanHónapja
  • I remember seeing you in Nashville Buss station you were in the studio you played me a song my name is c

    Charles LeeCharles Lee2 hónapja
    • Charles

      Charles LeeCharles Lee2 hónapja
  • This was the very first album CD I ever owned. I’ll never forget the moment my mom handed it to me for my birthday.

    Asairi's Art GalleryAsairi's Art Gallery2 hónapja
    • Same!! It was my first album CD i got

      raine potatoraine potato29 napja
    • ,

      Cristian portilloCristian portilloHónapja
    • You have one sweet mom, ❤ one and only 🌹

      tieqah tieqahtieqah tieqahHónapja