Real 12k HDR Dolby Vision

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Amazing combination of 12k sensor and one of the sharpest lens in the world Zeiss Otus in addition of HDR brings image to life!
High Quality 12k Footage for Video Creators
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Technical Specs:
Camera: Ursa Mini Pro 12k
Resolution: 12,288 x 6480
Blackmagic RAW Constant Bitrate 12:1
ISO 400-3200
Zeiss Otus 55mm f1.4
Tokina 100mm makro t2.8
Venus Optics Laowa 24mm Probe Lens
Edelcrone SliderOne V2
Edelkrone Headone
Apurture 300D Mark II
Video Editing Software:
HDR Display:
Music by: Tony Anderson
HDR Playlist:
What is HDR video?

  • Please subscribe to support this channel! Video was shot in 12k resolution and mastered in 8k PQ ST2084 tone mapped in Dolby Vision As of now HUworld does Not support Dolby Vision. Title is based on the way video was originally shot and mastered. Dolby Vision version available for licensing only.

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    • So far the best 4k+ Content I have seen on HUworld.

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    • @Majký VanHouten thanks

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    • @Alan AA Tony Anderson & Chris Coleman - Eschaton

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    • @PandaZ44 just download the video

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    • how i watch this in HDR Dolby Vision?

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  • Ultimately playing in 1080 not more than that.Lol

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  • Looks amazing on my toaster.

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  • Telefonda 1k izliyom yaaAAAA

  • Watching this in 2160p HDR on my Sammy 20 Ultra 5G (tho it only goes up to QHD on the screen but just wanted to see the buffering)... Over broadband: *buffering* Over 5G: loading bar go brrrrr

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  • This just makes me wanna buy LG even more and upgrade everything to Dolby vision, this beats HDR 10 by loads.

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  • Looks great on my LG G7 Thinq

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  • Playing this video on TFT LCD screen

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  • My non HDR 1440p Display have done this shit

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  • The sound is captivating

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  • Me using a phone with an ips lcd screen. QwQ

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  • Watching this in 4k on my Samsung phone, so stunning and calming video. Can't imagine the experience watching in big screen and surround system.

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  • Our Photos Taken From Past 💗 Ones Are Better Than This All Dolby Vision And HDR 8BIT ,HDR 10Bit ,HDR 12Bit ,IMAX, Ultra HD Versions

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  • Meu celular esquentou 46° mas valeu a pena, gozei

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  • How the fck did u edit this clip..i9 is also gona die to render this thing in 12k resolution...

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  • Me on a Amoled 1440pHDR screen + video enhancer

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  • Omg! This looks great on oneplus 7T pro

  • Нафига это 12к нужно если его как и 8к нету на чем смотреть

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    • @Eugene Belsky именно черно белый с 4к

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    • Ну если у тебя черно-белый телевизор, то конечно до 12к тебе ещё далеко! Ну а видео было снято на 12к сенсор и загружено 8к

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  • Haha HUworld Vanced overclock go BRRR

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  • I'm on 2160p smartphone

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  • Can we see kamala harris impeached in dolby vision

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  • Im watshing on 1080p HDR10 amazing just u are in video

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    • Thank you!!!

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  • 667

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  • stunning!

  • Im on phone with 2160p

  • Beautifully done... great imaging and lighting.

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    • Thank you!!!

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  • Me watching in hdr 2160p

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  • To cool go in 2160p it looks amazing

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  • My phone's not supported.

  • Watching this video on Galaxy S10 and Asus Va27ehe IPS monitor

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  • Who said this video is fake ( they phone is potato)

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  • This looks amazing on the iPhone 12

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  • Looks nice on realme 5.

  • 2160 hdr

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  • And my S8+ is just showning green screen on all these 4k hdr videos in recent updates

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  • СУПЕР سبر $UPER

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  • 6mb/sec +speed

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  • Me 2160p on s7edge

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  • I screen recorded this

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  • So far the best 4k+ Content I have seen on HUworld.

    Vinny Santorini ;]Vinny Santorini ;]Hónapja
  • still looks amazing in 4k

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  • How it feels to Wear Glasses for the First Time


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  • internet 🥲 have to be 100000 mb speed

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  • Title: 12K Thumbnail: 8K Video: 4K Internet 800p

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  • Redmi note 8 and 4k nice

  • I'm watching this on my 1080p phone display and still think it looks insane!

    • Hello mate support me

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  • Watching in 2160p HDR on iPhone 12 Pro Max

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  • I’m watching from my IPhone 11 This is incredibly good

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    • You must watch using Samsung smartphone, bro.. not iphone.

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  • już widzę tu 12K

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  • Now I could die peacefully

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  • Title: 12K Thumbnail: 8K Video: 4K Gives sense

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    • And dont vorget youtube 1080p

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    • It was shot in 12k

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  • Watching in 1440p on my Lg G7+ thinq awesome🔥❤️

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    • Hello mate support me ❤❤

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    • You wish

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  • I feel like 10 bit is more important

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    • @Adam Grant why bro😓😓

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    • @Dream Music- No Copyright Music no

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  • 12k=12288 x 6480 + Dolby Vision = 3840 x 2160 Dolby Vision be like -8k (8448 x 4320)

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  • it wernt even 8k me upset

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  • 8K works

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  • its 4K

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    • @Nvidia RTX2080ti ASUS ROG PHONE?

    • @AribEpic Oh I see. Personally don't like samsung budget smartphones but their flagships are cool. I think mine is cheaper than yours but has 6000mah battery,64mp camera and I think the snapdragon 732G.

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