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we're heading back to hogwarts! What's better than a two hour commentary on all eight harry potter films?

  • My favorite is number 4 or 5😊

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  • i cant believe dylan didnt talk about that scene in gof where cedric talks about the weird bathroom and then myrthe shows up

    Isabela PrestesIsabela PrestesÓrája
  • Misoa standing up for hufflepuffs really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I love her

    ErikaErika4 órája
  • I’m gonna be honest here, I personally never saw Harry and Hermione as a couple. Growing up watching these films, I always saw them as almost like siblings and I still don’t see it as an almost 19 year-old adult. But that’s just my opinion. I will admit now that I’ve looked into book Ginny, they did movie Ginny so dirty. Also, my favorite Harry Potter film growing up was either Prisoner of Azkaban or Goblet of Fire, because I thought Harry looked especially good in those two. But I think if I had to choose my top three now, it would be Prisoner of Azkaban, Order of the Phoenix, and then either Goblet of Fire or the Half-Blood Prince.

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  • The movies didn't give Harry and Ginny justice. The books did.

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  • “there’s has to be fanfics about these two...” me with my 50+ finished fan fic list with just dramoine and just coming from rereading manacled and bm/bs for the 20th time: 👩‍🦯👩‍🦯

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  • omg the way you say dragon! is annoying me hahah

    Heidi(:Heidi(:13 órája
  • The shots of the outer castle and inside. That castle is from Scotland

    The Sully Wolger ShowThe Sully Wolger Show15 órája
  • Fav = 3 or 4 Worst = 5

    Georgia MooreGeorgia Moore16 órája
  • Can you react to another Amanda Bynes movie. “What a girl wants”. “Sydney white” or even chick flick “confessions of a shopaholics

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  • harry could be like “DIE-O”

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  • something about the death spell: not just anyone can cast it. you have to be powerful enough and practice it. like i think someone mentioned how moody said when he was teaching it that if the students tried on him, they would at most give him a nosebleed. For punishment im pretty sure you go to azkaban. but it also damages your soul since its such an unethical and immoral spell. side note: i loved this marathon thank you dylan

    Audrey HamiltonAudrey Hamilton22 órája
  • I’m just adding this as a separate comment: the fixing up the house is a scene in the book. It’s not just a screenwriter ploy...

    •❲「Ꮙꫀꪹꪖ Ꮥꪖƙꫝꪖꪹ」❳• 『დ』❲ᎮᏒᎥᎷᏗᏝ❳『დ』•❲「Ꮙꫀꪹꪖ Ꮥꪖƙꫝꪖꪹ」❳• 『დ』❲ᎮᏒᎥᎷᏗᏝ❳『დ』22 órája
  • Wow this hair here is horrible

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  • would never dream of sitting through a 1 hr 45 minute HUworld video, but cos it’s Dylan I did. can I just say credit to Dylan for not only sitting through all the films but editing hours and hours of footage so we can enjoy the video?! Mad respect❤️✨

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  • damn i dont know how i lasted

  • My favourite movie is the 3rd one :D

    Waifu no KnifuWaifu no KnifuNapja
  • "There has to be fanfics about these two" oh well actually....

    Ariana HolbrookAriana HolbrookNapja
  • I LOVE the 4th and the 6th film

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  • Fun fact: I have never watched or read Harry Potter

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  • favorite: order of the phoenix least favorite: the half-blood prince

    • Why do you think so many people hate OFP?

      KhadidjaKhadidja23 órája
    • Book or movie?

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  • I have been rewatching this video like it's a movie😅

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  • poor Ginny she is like the best character in the books but like the pretty shallow popular bish in the movies

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  • My favourite movies are the third and fifth one (because I have a huge crush on Sirius ;-) ). I don't like the forth one but that is mainly the case because of those stupid hair cuts. However, the forth book is my favourite out of all of them.

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  • I disagree. Draco isn’t even that much of a character so I don’t even care if he got the arc he deserved And to prove my point he only has 1 line in the fifth movie And I went back and checked he only has 1 line in the order of the Phoenix

    Wyatt BurchellWyatt BurchellNapja
  • In the book, it states that Harry won some money as a prize from winning the Triwizard Tournament. But, he has plenty of money from his inheritance from his family, so he gives his prize money to the Weasley twins to help them open up their shop. :)

  • I just woke up I’m one hour into this

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  • I think it’s important that Heromine and Harry stayed friends and still cared so deeply about each other to show that they can have such a deep relationship and remain friends or really, family.

    Quarantine It sucks.Quarantine It sucks.Napja
  • But the paper is binding though😂 at least in the books

    Quarantine It sucks.Quarantine It sucks.Napja
  • this movie series will forever hold a special place in my heart

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  • Not sure if i want him to know abt Drarry or not

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  • The thing about Draco’s dad, he didn’t try and bring Voldemort back. In the 4th movie, Voldemort yells at Draco’s dad about never trying to find him after 12 years. He says that the rat guy, Peter, only found him out of fear so he’s pissed at his followers. I think Draco’s dad got punished or lost like his high up position because if it. Voldmort set up camp at the Malfoy manor and so Draco had to have all those death eaters constantly around him. I understand him a little better now. Could you imagine going home to that. Horrible. Draco’s dad and him are just bullys honestly, not murders I think. Draco redeemed himself a little in the scene that was cut in the last movie. Also Harry had to be placed with Lily’s closet family for her spell of love and protection to keep Harry safe. That’s why he had to stay with that abusive family. Since Harry was a horcox some people think that it upset people around him and made them bad, kind of like how the necklace upset Ron. So it explains a bit of the abuse he suffered.

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  • Misoa: Another reason to hate her, she kills dogs and hates children me: who doesn’t hate children!!??!

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  • I’m new to this channel and I have to say your commentary on films cracks me up lol. I think you should check out the films Les Miserables and Red Eye with Rachael McAdams and Cillian Murphy lol. Those are a few of my fav films and I’d love to hear your commentary on them.

  • People: I love the Goblet of Fire! Me: I mean The Deathly Hallows Pt 2 is good too-

    _Phantom_ Of_ _The_Oprea_Phantom_ Of_ _The_Oprea2 napja
  • In the books the paper list of members has a hex on it so if they nark anyone out it writes out nark in pimples on their head and it the book it wasnt cho

    Amanda MarieAmanda Marie2 napja
  • Oh wow it’s been two hours. I got confused when we got to the last film. I was PIST when JK killed one of the twins and Harry’s uncle. Yes, pissed with a T lol. I refused to read the last book and watch the last movie because that’s how deep my petty runs. So haha spoilers 😆 I won’t be finishing the series now because she’s a transphobe and Hagrid defended her 🙄

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  • Doctor Mike + Shayne Topp = Dylan lookswise

    Emmi KiuruEmmi Kiuru2 napja
  • Me watching this for the 5th time. I'll be back!

    Linde EisingLinde Eising2 napja
  • Prisoner of Azkaban has always been my favorite movie- or half blood prince, that one was good too

    nelly antiquinonelly antiquino2 napja
  • Dylan is definitely a version of Draco

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  • One major reason why Dumbledore left Harry with his aunt was because if he were raised in the wizarding world he would get exposed to being famous at a very early age which would obviously play a huge role in shaping his personality. Staying in the muggle world away from all of this would keep him grounded (something that was beautifully explained in the book). if he were raised in the wizarding world , he might have turned out to be arrogant, with lust for power and recognition (something that would come in his way of conquering the deathly hallows in the end) , would have been a slytherin (and even a friend of draco’s)... I guess this decision of Dumbledore is what made Harry what he was - grounded, lovable and brave which ultimately led to the demise of Voldemort.. In other words, Dumbledore is sooo cool! 😎

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  • GOF is the worst movie only cos it’s so so different to the books (the director was so bad), but COS is the most boring in my opinion (+ in HBP they focus way too much on romance and not on important stuff)

    Lucy NewmanLucy Newman2 napja
  • listen to 52:39 in 0.25 speed

    Nell Stuckey HowardNell Stuckey Howard2 napja
  • You should do a video where you read Draco Malfoy fan fiction (read the fan fic called “Possessive” by ”yasmineamaro”

    Bianca La TerraBianca La Terra2 napja
  • So, sixth movie. In the books, Harry gave the Weasley twins the money he earned from the Tournament in fourth year to start their joke shop, because he thought (after Voldy's return) that people would be needing the smile they'd provide. Also, HOW IS YOUR MEMORY THIS BAD??? Like, are you ok?

    Cassie WillisCassie Willis2 napja
  • You MUST try some fanfiction, because there is Harry/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Hermione/Draco, Harry is dark... I digress. Idk if you'll see this, but in the fifth movie you asked why their secret club was writing their names on a piece of paper and how unsafe that was... In the books Hermione put a charm on the paper without telling anyone and the person that betrays them (who was not Cho in the books, but her friend) get the word SNEAK in pimples on their forehead. There is SOO much that was in books that isn't in the movies that you would have found HILARIOUS. And Harry was 100% a sassy bitch in them for starters.

    Cassie WillisCassie Willis2 napja
  • U litterly said you would watch Star Wars Im still waiting

    Sigrid ChristensenSigrid Christensen2 napja
  • i have never been more happy to be a huffelpuff. and that’s only because of misoa

    Gabi QuinnGabi Quinn2 napja
  • snape is amazing

    Rhys EvansRhys Evans2 napja
  • drAgon. dr-A-gon

    Amy WangAmy Wang2 napja
  • Just to let you know Dylan, you know when Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, Fleur etc turn themselves into Harry to protect him on the way to the Weasley's house to confuse the Death Eaters (when Moody dies...), Snape was the one who killed Hedwig (the owl) because she was flying next to the real Harry which was giving him away. So that's another way that Snape protected Harry from dying, he killed Hedwig so that his identity wouldn't be shown.

    Julia Aveline-RabenjoroJulia Aveline-Rabenjoro2 napja
    • omg i never thought of that

      Audrey HamiltonAudrey Hamilton22 órája
  • I love how he talks about Dramoine, it's literally my favorite fanfiction

    Amy WangAmy Wang2 napja
  • I don't know why, but you kind of look like young harry

    Amy WangAmy Wang2 napja
  • StarKid fans will die of laughter @ 7:26 🤣 Good job Dylan LOL 😆

    JokecrowJokecrow2 napja
  • fave 4 least fave 1

    Trista WebsterTrista Webster2 napja
  • Why does it sound like this is Dylan’s first time watching them lol

    sophie gonzalezsophie gonzalez2 napja
  • They got the funding for their buisness because harry gave the gold he won from the triwizard tournament, because he didn't want too keep it and cedri'cs parents didn't want the money so he gave it to em

    OwlOwl2 napja
  • Not "it takes two to make a thing go right?" 🎶 1:23:00

    SabrinaSabrina2 napja
  • My favorite part is 31:01

    Khelia StukesKhelia Stukes2 napja
  • My favorites are definitely 4-6, I just love those three so much.

    jessica evittjessica evitt2 napja
  • I love how you commit when you say you’re gonna watch something (no pressure tho it’s fine if u mention somet and never get around to it we understand ) ✌️💘

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  • you talked about the alternate universe of Harry Potter, it exists, my dude. there are multiple versions

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  • 58:25 It is binding, just not in the movies. To make sure no one would snitch Hermione added a jinx so whoever would snitch would have the word 'Sneak' boiled into their face.

    Mango JuiceMango Juice2 napja
  • Mad eye moodies real life son confirming his death 😭

    Jasmine MurphyJasmine Murphy2 napja
  • When Dylan was saying 'give Harry protection' (order of the phoenix) I was like... He is, like there is a spell for wizards up to a certain age that as long as they are around family they are protected or am I miss remembering

    Jasmine MurphyJasmine Murphy2 napja
  • I ship Harry and Draco

    Xxcupcakes XxXxcupcakes Xx2 napja
  • I aspire to look at myself the way that Dylan looks at his old self talking about Ginny and Harry’s kiss. Idk just a thought

    Olivia MennemeyerOlivia Mennemeyer2 napja
  • My favorite for sure is half blood prince

    Yana NazarenkaYana Nazarenka2 napja
  • The term rat is used as snitch in Ireland

    Jasmine MurphyJasmine Murphy2 napja
  • These scene ✨ turned ✨ me ✨ on..

    Yana NazarenkaYana Nazarenka2 napja
  • Where did you get these? I cannot find HP on any streaming service

    Jasmine MurphyJasmine Murphy2 napja
    • @BoomDipity thank you 🥰

      Jasmine MurphyJasmine Murphy2 napja
    • He started on Peacock but it was poor quality so he justed rented them on HUworld. But they're also on Disney Plus although I don't think the 7th movies are on there.

      BoomDipityBoomDipity2 napja
  • To answer the “who won the game?” question: it was Hufflepuff! Cedric Diggory caught the snitch, but didn’t realize that Harry had fallen off of his broom. When he found out about it, he offered to replay the match so that Gryffindor could have a fair chance at winning, but Oliver Wood (the Gryffindor captain) declined.

    Molly ThorpeMolly Thorpe2 napja
    • I thought the teachers declined bc Oliver prolly tried to drown himself after bloody Hufflepuff won

      MusicCenterMusicCenter4 órája
  • the fix the place because it was a muggle house .

    Jenny RuziJenny Ruzi2 napja
  • “He gives her the time stone right?” Is dumbledoere the sorcerer supreme??

    Anneliese HillAnneliese Hill2 napja
    • is this infinity war??

      Audrey HamiltonAudrey Hamilton22 órája
  • Honestly, the seventh is my least favorite, and it’s the one I’ve watched the least, I even forget that some things happen, this is coming from a person that can tell you what happens scene by scene in each one of the other movies by memory

    Sarah SantoroSarah Santoro2 napja
  • Cho Cheng is the worst character in this series. In any scene that she’s in, she could and should have just been replaced by either Ginny or Hermione or even Luna. And I hate to say this, because they‘re the only other non-white characters, but the same is true for the Patel twins.

    Guido GuidoGuido Guido3 napja

    Aisory MizyAisory Mizy3 napja
  • dylan getting confused at “tosser” made my day

    emma edwardsemma edwards3 napja
  • Dylan trying to figure out the names of people and things in the series is hands down my sole provider or serotonin it's literally the funniest thing

    Grace IbrahimianGrace Ibrahimian3 napja
  • I love the 3rd one and the 5th and 6th ones suck. Though there’s a lot of information that the books have that the films don’t have.

    B GillettB Gillett3 napja
  • @54:08 Dylan: in the white space, he has such a good line (but doesn't remember it) Me: *jumps in glee* *squeals* omg, omg, he's talking about.... Harry: Tell me, professor, is this real? Or is this all in my head? Dumbledore: Of course it's in your head, Harry. But why should that mean that it's not real? *calms down* I'm such a nerd....

    sushi0513sushi05133 napja
  • Dylan: they tried to come up with jokes in this, but they haven't landed Dylan 30 seconds later: laughs

    Neil MehtaNeil Mehta3 napja
  • Me wearing a sheet mask while watching this didn't work out well..

    Swadha SinghSwadha Singh3 napja
  • I love Harry potter

    Erin DixonErin Dixon3 napja
  • how did i never notice they call it "the dark forest" in the movies, not the "forbidden forest"? was it magic

    YvaiaYvaia3 napja
  • You two are so adorable, no homo.

    DylanDylan3 napja
  • 58:29 in the movies it was stupid to have a list but in the book, hermione explains that the list meant that if anyone tells umbridge, they would get boils all over their face

    Neil MehtaNeil Mehta3 napja
  • Favorite is and will always be the 3rd one UwU Least favorite would be probably be chamber of secrets 🤔

    Moonlight_PixieMoonlight_Pixie3 napja
  • A little fact in the chamber of secrets at the Dumbledore's office when dracos dad says something like "lets hope mr. potter is there to save the day" and he responds that was actually improvised they didn't tell the actor Daniel (Harry) about this it was planned by the directer, dracos dad and Dumbledore to see david's response and when he responds with "don't worry i will be" it was all improvised and i thought for a 12 year old that was actually impressive considering he didn't even get told that there was gunna be improvisation

    Mary-Katherine WebbMary-Katherine Webb3 napja
  • Best film and book goblet of fire

    Italia PonticorvoItalia Ponticorvo3 napja
  • man, you don't have to ship hermione and ron, but why you gotta do the bland thing and ship hermione with harry?

    Kate HillardKate Hillard3 napja
  • Hate to break it to you Dylan, but the basilisk isn't a snake. It's a Sheltopusik. Or legless lizard for you non-reptile nerds.

    Emily ThainEmily Thain3 napja

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