RAYE, Rudimental - Regardless (Official Video)

2021.jan. 8.
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RAYE x Rudimental - Regardless (Official Video)
Taken from the mini album 'Euphoric Sad Songs' - listen now Raye.lnk.to/EuphoricSadSongsID
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I hate waking up alone
Call me when you’re heading home
I’ve got things I need to say
That I can’t say to you over the telephone
4/5 glasses all alone
Boys and girls just come and go
Haven’t seen you for a minute
I don’t like it not at all
One thing that I know
Is As hard as I try
I can’t face the thought
Of you not being in my life
Regardless of the tears
I cried for you today
Regardless of the words
You think but never say
You’re always on my mind somehow
Whether we’re up or down
Regard la la la la
La la la la la la
Regard la la la la
La la la la la la
No this house is not a home
When I’m sleeping all alone
I’m yours to have
but I’m on hold
And I can’t touch you through
The phone mmm
Even when you treat me cold
I still got your t shirt on
I haven’t seen you for a minute
And I don’t like it not all
One thing that I know
As hard as I try
I can’t face the thought
Of you not being in my life
Regardless of the tears
I cried for you today
Regardless of the words
You think but never say
You’re always in my mind somehow
Whether we’re up or down
why what you wanna make a girl
Make a girl feel so crazy
The things that you do to me ooh
It’s as if you don’t rate me ah
baby don’t play me ah
this ain’t no game to me ahhhh
Regardless of the tears
I cried for you today
Regardless of the words
You think but never say
You’re always in my mind somehow
Whether we’re up or down
#RAYE #Rudimental
Music video by RAYE, Rudimental performing Regardless. A Polydor Records recording; © 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited

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