Rate My Dating Profile??

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Rate My Dating Profile??
Cody Ko

  • Cody can u show us your hair care? Day one of asking

  • People named Ethan :😐

    Bella FlowerBella FlowerNapja
  • taking skin of your care

    Cierra O'ConnellCierra O'ConnellNapja
  • He protec... He attac... But most important... He clean up *NICE*

    call me qtcall me qt2 napja
  • waiT the dude in 9:31 is chris!! the one that hit it off w emma lol

    eren yeagareren yeagar3 napja
  • The song you use in the background at around 8:24 sounds extremely similar to “The ballad of Chasey Lain” by “The bloodhound hang” and I find that absolutely hilarious.

    The MausThe Maus3 napja
  • you need to react to the one where that dating coach guesses who has slept w who. im. i can't-

    deez nutzdeez nutz3 napja
  • Cody: *burps* Me: bless you 🙏

    Madison MikitaMadison Mikita3 napja
  • I felt very attacked this video

    Ethan boiiEthan boii3 napja
  • Im sorry , but was that kinobody body's? Damn

    LiL BoudLiL Boud3 napja
  • she looks like the principal talking to me bc she found out about my tinder

    Isabela Jann de JesusIsabela Jann de Jesus3 napja
  • lmfaoooo

    yenz M.yenz M.4 napja
  • I have owned a total of 4 ferrets.. I live in Kentucky tho lol

    Song SweetSong Sweet4 napja
  • 4:03 id help you with my dating what

    Hunter SelkowHunter Selkow4 napja
  • I do disagree with the “knowing you are a thing means you can’t/don’t say that you are” thing. Depends on the situation I suppose

    Huimang희망Huimang희망5 napja
  • Cody should react to the siblings or dating Instagram page.

    AmberAmber6 napja
  • What the fuck Cody, I own a ferret ( ˘︹˘ )

    Aaliyah CruzAaliyah Cruz6 napja
  • I'm not gonna lie, knowing they film in Seattle and most of them are from that area, I'm always looking to see if I know these people or have passed them.

    Life of a CaitLife of a Cait6 napja
  • Am I supposed to be ashamed of my name?

    Ethan_Ethan_6 napja
  • I don’t even know who Gary Vee is, yet he’s all these peoples’ favorite person

    Logan SmithersLogan Smithers6 napja
  • Bruh, Women need this help more than dudes most times. Their shit is tragic.

    XTesT15XXTesT15X8 napja
  • The hurt farmer nouzilly empty because volcano naturalistically sip apud a demonic children. joyous, quiet cross

    Kaws ExpoKaws Expo9 napja
  • I was a fan until you started dissing ferrets. UNSUBSCRIBE

    Wang LangWang Lang9 napja
  • I got so confused when he said my name😂

    Ethen DayEthen Day10 napja
  • You can’t just call my name out like that wtf

    Ethan JantziEthan Jantzi10 napja
  • Me watching this with wired headphones on an android 🧍‍♀️14:22

    Emma AmortEmma Amort10 napja
  • I forget the finer details of it, but being verified in Bumble means you took a live picture of yourself and they matched it to your lead profile pic as actually you, I think. Has nothing to do with clout/popularity. She's absolutely right that its kind of bad to not not take that step

    IRanOutOfPhrasesIRanOutOfPhrases10 napja
  • Cody, man these vids help me when I feel low

    Joseph AriasJoseph Arias11 napja
  • "Are you the dog" will forever be the best joke Cody has made

    Mali TaboriMali Tabori11 napja
  • Cuz farrets are fucking dope and funny lil critters

    Abigail ZamoresAbigail Zamores11 napja
  • armpit suit

    Ellie FrenchEllie French12 napja
  • Okay I hate to be that person, but I'll never take dating advice from a female. I hate games and they love playing games. Thank God my girlfriend isn't like most girls

    Lead1121Lead112112 napja
  • i know this is an old video but are we not going to talk about how her suit jacket has the armpit cut out

    SawsonSawson12 napja
  • I say im fucking short but I actually am

    MaxpowerhiMaxpowerhi12 napja
  • The complete stone enthrallingly tremble because sky preliminarily fold regarding a roomy beautician. dear, same lunge

    Ngo Tuyet NgaNgo Tuyet Nga12 napja

    Ethan TouheyEthan Touhey12 napja
  • Casually smoking weed? As opposed to formally smoking it?

    KT GEKT GE12 napja
  • Why is lonzo ball in this video

    joseph clarkejoseph clarke12 napja
  • wait this is weird me and my teacher were talking about grad quotes td and then i watched this😟maybe i should use it

    Marissa SpotoMarissa Spoto12 napja
  • 10:00 greatest joke 😭😭

    David DiazDavid Diaz12 napja
  • Cody’s sweatshirt strings are annoying me...

    SKRTStudiosSKRTStudios13 napja
  • every time cody says “the cut” i’m made just that little bit happier

    Oscar ReischOscar Reisch13 napja
  • This started playing while I was signing up for hinge and it freaked me out so bad

    Kat BirdKat Bird13 napja
  • Really had to call me out

    Ethan KnightEthan Knight13 napja
  • wade you don't even BURN

    John FonuaJohn Fonua13 napja
  • why haven't any said anything about her sleeves! that shit is nasty

    Omar OthmanOmar Othman13 napja
  • I feel bad for the people who aren't romans and rorys

    :D계란 보이:D계란 보이13 napja
  • There's nothing but chunkies and junkies on those apps

    mike santinimike santini14 napja
  • My name is Ethan, why you do

    Ethan ZaragozaEthan Zaragoza14 napja
  • I'm ugly and not funny!

    That CrabbyThat Crabby14 napja
  • Online dating is cancer.

    Aaron MessnerAaron Messner14 napja
  • damn my boy do clean up nice

    cassidysbiggestfancassidysbiggestfan14 napja
  • Just because you like the office doesn't mean you're special/funny

    Jupjeet SandhuJupjeet Sandhu14 napja
  • anyone else disturbed that she said “eye-reen-ee”.....

    kallista moodykallista moody14 napja
  • Je(sus) 😭

    ClaymoreClaymore14 napja
  • Skin of your care Man of a face What are you Borat

    Julianna BeckmanJulianna Beckman14 napja
  • cody's profile pic doesn't even look like him anymore like wot

    Kaitlyn CruzKaitlyn Cruz14 napja
  • who the fuck is gary vee

    Grace PisanoGrace Pisano15 napja
  • deadass ur not funny at all anymore like what the hell happened ?

    alex rodriguezalex rodriguez15 napja
  • How did Cody miss that the armpits of her jacket are cut out? That's a strange yet bold fashion choice

    ArdenArden16 napja
  • Like deodorant removes sweat c’mon Cody

    ASAP DolphinASAP Dolphin16 napja
  • Is there a hole in the armpit of the dating coach's blazer or is that a design choice? I can't stop staring at it

    Seely HaugerSeely Hauger16 napja
  • When he said Ethan chills went down my spine and I thought how did you know my name

    monkeymonkey16 napja
  • My guy u can't keep saying ethan I'm buggin

    Ethan HawkinsEthan Hawkins17 napja
  • Yo how does he know my name

    POMBOPOMBO17 napja
  • "I have a star shaped birthmark" well we have it guys our secret joestar

    Jihyorno JihyovannaJihyorno Jihyovanna17 napja
  • If you want to make fun of dating profiles watch tinders finest by joe Santagato. That shit is legendary.

    Jenny SchultzJenny Schultz18 napja
  • did anyone else see the rip in the jacket. LMAO

    Spencer JonesSpencer Jones18 napja
  • i own 5 ferrets. that hurt me

    CeedayCeeday18 napja
  • The bloody sarah advantageously play because pheasant superfamily pine anenst a weary tanzania. rustic, grubby gruesome hen

    alexandra riveraalexandra rivera19 napja
  • The "...no

    leepersleepers20 napja
  • Basic Office references are cringe af

    Gabe KietzerGabe Kietzer20 napja
  • GUYS! ok ok Imma watch the video in a second but You WONT Believe what just happened. I JUST MET GARY FUCKING VEE!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?!

    Dingo FlopDingo Flop21 napja
  • Why’s you have to attack me like that. I’m single and got acne, isn’t that enough already 🥲😆

    Ethan StanleyEthan Stanley22 napja
  • Just calling me out huh cody?

    Ethan LehmanEthan Lehman22 napja
  • Star shaped birthmark??? Is that a Jojo reference ?

    BaldskiBaldski22 napja
  • Did qnyone else notice how one of the contestants is from The Button? The guy actually found a date on The Button so they mustve broken up

    Draw AnythingDraw Anything23 napja
  • You probably get verified by proving that the person in the photos is you

    Alfred HaydnAlfred Haydn23 napja
  • was not expecting to get called out like that. RIP to all the other Ethans

    SpuddyStanSpuddyStan23 napja
  • 0:24 my name is Ethan wtf

    Gible Summoner TTCGible Summoner TTC23 napja
  • 0:28 Me: ok 😔

    Ethan HatfieldEthan Hatfield24 napja
  • Who is Gary Vee

    Expensive TasteExpensive Taste25 napja
  • Bro than ending... you literally said it was November 2nd, it was Dia de Los Muertos smh 🤦

    Eddie LunaEddie Luna25 napja
  • Tbh why would u want to be verified on a dating app

    sarmeilisarmeili29 napja
  • He stared directly into my soul when you said Ethan. That’s my name

    MattyD RapsMattyD RapsHónapja
  • The motorcycle dude was wearing the same hat as in the photo lol

    Enrique CamposEnrique CamposHónapja
  • Bisexual? Nah I'm bicoastal baby 😎

  • OK when Cody said "This is why people think the office isn't funny, dont claim that as your own joke" I have NEVER heard a more accurate statement lmfao

    Violet WadeViolet WadeHónapja
  • you watched the wrong one. you should've watched the one with jasmine!

  • How does Cody not understand what verified on dating profile means

    Nathan PepeNathan PepeHónapja
  • the second gary vee was the bottom of the first guy's profile. ur so guy

    Iphone ChargerIphone ChargerHónapja
  • ethan: 👁👄👁

    Paul AngelucciPaul AngelucciHónapja
  • The guy from 9:32 is from the button lol

    Erich KegelErich KegelHónapja
  • “Dating apps are amazing tools to connect with people” No, they are the worst thing.

  • the hole in her jacket by her armpit is driving me crazy

    Charles UdyCharles UdyHónapja
  • havent watched the channel in awhile so im catching up. slowly watching cody's hair go back into his head

  • Who the f is Gary Vee?

    Mrs. BeesMrs. BeesHónapja
    • Probably the most well known movitational guy-

      Raed ShuaibRaed ShuaibHónapja
  • Bro my name is Ethan and I was absolutely stunned when he called me out like that..

    Ethan HausEthan HausHónapja
  • It’s funny because we all know Cody secretly watches Greg o’Gallagher videos unironically.

    Lucas O'KeefeLucas O'KeefeHónapja
  • “I have a star shaped birthmark” we got a Joestar over here