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  • Is it weird I ship these 2

    Robby KotomineRobby Kotomine16 órája
  • Nike is Greek though lol

    Kryo Ruler of the Ninth Circle of HellKryo Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell2 napja
  • Твой Английский, всё ещё лучше чем у меня...(

    Константин ГоломозовКонстантин Голомозов2 napja
  • 4:09 lmao 🤣

    David GavrunDavid Gavrun3 napja
  • Cykaaa, not boris checking subreddits

    WitheredBoneWitheredBone5 napja
  • Can someone explain me how they started doing videos about each other? CAP?

    Nilton dos AnjosNilton dos Anjos6 napja
  • me watching this my neibour:starts drilling (idk why) me:vadim blyat

    pitu tiszapitu tisza6 napja
  • Boris is no mere man I beleve he is a scientist experiment to create the perfect slav

    MaxChaiotic The One Inch PunchMaxChaiotic The One Inch Punch9 napja
  • Do a nose reveal

    меня зовут тимменя зовут тим10 napja
  • Хахахахаха. ДА!

    Mr. DuckMr. Duck10 napja
  • Hilp

    Hey AppleHey Apple11 napja
  • 2:12 boris says the n word

    Royale dejdmlvrRoyale dejdmlvr12 napja
  • Boris, the honey case is when you go catch honey in the woods the bees don't like too much, get it?

    N0b0dy 0N0b0dy 013 napja

    Motion CellMotion Cell13 napja
  • Nikey? Whats that blin i only know NIKE

    Lish_the_catfishLish_the_catfish14 napja
  • 420k view

    long yaplong yap18 napja
  • I hate how you in your other videos that gopniks are cool, Gopniks rob you and break in to your house and beat you up

    Max SebasYTMax SebasYT19 napja
  • This is the only HUworld drama I'm interested in.

    Ian the jupiter probeIan the jupiter probe22 napja
  • @2:17 boris and aloona sitting on the ground, this is slav way of f***ing arround

    Don DottaDon Dotta22 napja
  • Wait Aloona is a Nun? I need to go to confession now.

    Fredrick RourkFredrick Rourk23 napja

    ben smithben smith24 napja
  • Can anyone explain Aloona's humour because I watched a few videos and could not find a single funny "joke" in there. Is there something I'm missing? Does everyone just like her because shes hot but, dont want to admit it? She makes reaction videos but calls them "original content"? 🤔 and is the attention-seeking at the beginning of every video where she says how shit she is also supposed to be part of the comedy, or not? Very confusing. Not at all the same type of slav humour as Boris nor my Polish grandparents. Blyat, I'm obviously getting too old for these attention-seeking and self obsessed youtubers. (Even tho I'm only in my 20's lol). I thought millenial humour was supposed to be the worst humour, but this kind of stuff definitely takes the blin! It's funny that Boris has such a huge following because hes the exact *opposite* of that stereotype; how ironic that he doesnt even realise this 😂

    SlightlyOddishSlightlyOddish24 napja
  • Realising that the "how do i know its real honey" guy picture is actually a picture of the guy who picked the honey got stung by multiple bees

    Puteri ShahiraPuteri Shahira25 napja
  • HEY. I have info that real slav pronunciation of Boris puts emphasis on the "i", so it really should be like Bor-ees, not Bor-is. Are you Western Spy?

    Sean DowneySean Downey27 napja
  • He's so good with bits

    Electro ADRNElectro ADRN29 napja
  • Play SCP secret Slavotories

    Pleb PlaysPleb PlaysHónapja

    Kushagra TiwariKushagra TiwariHónapja
  • You know what? I'm sure Masha is Aloona who changed her name.

    CK ChanCK ChanHónapja
  • Aloonas redit cover: pops up Aloona Boris: OPAAA

    Pablo MenjivarPablo MenjivarHónapja
  • Boris: it's like reading someone else's book for money Pre k teachers: -_-

    Edmundo RamirezEdmundo RamirezHónapja
  • 2:12 holy cyka!!! Boris said the n word!!!

    Abdullah HawaryAbdullah HawaryHónapja
  • Now I want boris also to make a fictional character like adloona or brad-ad

    Shikhar SaxenaShikhar SaxenaHónapja
  • Russians take over the internet -2021

    NOTEZY GamingNOTEZY GamingHónapja
  • Twice the content for none of the work! -Disney making live action remakes

    Ruby FoxRuby FoxHónapja
  • Aloona: Привет Boris: Привет Здравствуйте supa Добрый день

    FHD yukihiraFHD yukihiraHónapja
  • отсутствие русских субтитров делает меня грустным медведем :(

    Space MeatSpace MeatHónapja
  • How many pairs of glasses are you wearing?

    Ulna the CatUlna the CatHónapja
  • ah my comrade that in the first 5 seconds ur litteraly pewds

    tall nuttall nutHónapja
  • ah my comrade that in the first 5 seconds ur litteraly pewds

    tall nuttall nutHónapja
  • Luv boris ❤❤😂😂

    ilias menilias menHónapja
  • I still dind't get what he is doing. Is he reviewing memes? Is this a person? Wtf?

  • From what I know, women can be monk too, well at least for some Buddhism branches

  • Now this is what called plan Or lets just call it taktiks

    Blyat manBlyat manHónapja
  • the way he says "links" is cute ngl

    Cheeky BoiiCheeky BoiiHónapja
  • Is Boris SIMP?

    NSA Watchlist BaitNSA Watchlist BaitHónapja
  • Hope one day Boris would play TF2 and main Heavy

    Pc-98 FanPc-98 FanHónapja
  • 2:12 Oh no boris you said the n-word

  • i bet youll marry her boris... mark my words comrade youll have 3 children....

    Gopnik AwarderGopnik AwarderHónapja
  • Nike is pronounced *"Ass Pounders 2"*

    Jack SwaggerJack SwaggerHónapja
  • Hailing from the city of Nike’s origin. It is pronounced Nikey. Fight me Boris

    Cody KlewsCody KlewsHónapja
  • Boris simp?

    Foolish GrapefruitFoolish GrapefruitHónapja
  • Alright boris

    Elijah BatesElijah BatesHónapja
  • Отличный Английский

  • I ship them

    Jakub SzyburaJakub SzyburaHónapja
  • Don't tell me he is simp.

  • Boris is faking his heavy accent or its real

    K 248K 248Hónapja
  • Boris is more positive than Aloona

    Weaboo NationWeaboo NationHónapja
  • need the title of the online classes animated

    1968 Ford Mustang California Special1968 Ford Mustang California SpecialHónapja
  • Boris da eyehawk

  • 2:00 Да не, это бред у нас в стране 70% людей носят паль с рынка, так что им всеровно на распродажу в официальных магазинах. Хотя это просто мем, что я здесь рассуждаю.

  • Gordon Ramzanov 😂😂😂💀

    Rico MansosRico MansosHónapja
  • Ah, blagg I forgot to watch this

  • 0:22 Hmmmm

    Filip JovanovicFilip JovanovicHónapja
  • Tell me I'm not the only one that's noticing Boris getting more and more high energy. Like damn, I want what the Shashlik King is cooking

  • babushka

    Mr, Legendary20Mr, Legendary20Hónapja
    • we need this man to live forever

      Mr, Legendary20Mr, Legendary20Hónapja
  • Duuude! Just today i started reading Metro, did you call Artyom after Artyom 🙃?

    kar omakar omaHónapja
  • Ха-ха-ха! Это было весело!

  • El viejas ruso

    カ ガCRISゑ を んカ ガCRISゑ を んHónapja
  • Привет

  • Who the fuck is Aloona?

  • Boris: this video was sponsored by... Me remembering the Boris that said "This video was sponsored by... NOBODY, HA!": No please no Boris: mayonez Me: alright then

    Bart AllenBart AllenHónapja
  • demonetization blyat

    Christopher SamaanChristopher SamaanHónapja
  • ship?

    Emerald ProsEmerald ProsHónapja
    • Wtf

      Mr.Guigo GameplaysMr.Guigo GameplaysHónapja
  • what this is? a second russian civil war?

    Zidane MahendraZidane MahendraHónapja
  • You have the patients of a slav _naan_

    · Dickbooster ·· Dickbooster ·Hónapja
  • Was it me or did you all see Boris fling that yellow phone

    Adam BeesonAdam BeesonHónapja
  • Hi gut

  • Nobody: Every tryhard TF2 Soldier all the time: 2:04

    Antonio ManuelAntonio ManuelHónapja
  • Boris vs Aloona in War Thunder. We are waiting.

    For The Greater GoodFor The Greater GoodHónapja
  • Boris make face reveal pleace!

    Марк ШаренковМарк ШаренковHónapja
  • Is Boris Wadim because hes wearing vadims film team shirt

    _ Arviza_ ArvizaHónapja
  • what if these guys are dating

  • The best sponsor that i will never skip. The sponspr of mayonez

  • 4:30 That noise sounds prooves that Boris can make any noise he wants and voice

    serban daliaserban dalia2 hónapja
  • How do you do Russia Accent

    Reptide PlaysReptide Plays2 hónapja
  • obligatory STAN LOONA

    forLOOΠΔheejinforLOOΠΔheejin2 hónapja
  • I clicked on Russian Boris's video first because that's how I thought it would go watch a video first then watch Aloona's

    LENNY!LENNY!2 hónapja
  • Блин хоть субтитры включи , не чего не понимаю кроме,( а ,Борис, сука, блин, и тп) причем без акцента )))

    plurplur2 hónapja
  • 2:11 nigga

  • He know it is real honey because he is stung by beeeezz!!0

    Jimiel BolasaJimiel Bolasa2 hónapja
  • хорошее видео дружище.

    Greazy FriezGreazy Friez2 hónapja
  • Slav simp

    Lord KeKLord KeK2 hónapja
  • Ебать, даже я не понимаю его акцента без субтитров, как это понимают нормальный англоязычные люди? 😂

    Кай РейнКай Рейн2 hónapja
  • Hey...this girl reacted to pewdiepie then he reacted to her and then she reacted back. That’s how I found her anyway, she’s super cute

    Junie DeeJunie Dee2 hónapja
  • Я превращусь в славянина, если захожу на канал Алуна? также привет из Чили страна не мексиканская еда

    Anibal MachadoAnibal Machado2 hónapja
  • Thanks so much boris for giving uamee a shout out, asa VERY LONG term subscriber i very much appreciate

    Pizza UniversePizza Universe2 hónapja
  • I'm a Slav because I have an adidas set and I'm invading Western spies land

    Piotr ZielińskiPiotr Zieliński2 hónapja
  • i tyake MAYONEZ für Spyhagetti for byuild a chouse tyake i MAYONEZ for MAYONEZ tyake i MAYONEZ my myake yup i tyake MAYONEZ i have this processed right ... CHEESE

    Kori SterlingKori Sterling2 hónapja
  • This is depressing

    Life Of VadimLife Of Vadim2 hónapja
  • I don’t watch Aloona lol :-3

    Abhishek RobertAbhishek Robert2 hónapja