Race 1 - 2021 Porsche Carrera Cup North America At Sebring International Raceway

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Check out the action from the Round 1 of the Porsche Carrera Cup North America at Sebring International Raceway.

  • Are all the cars exactly the same in each class? As in, same components/setup? (engine configuration, suspension etc.) Also how are the specs different between the classes? Can't find any specific information online.

    Aziatic _Aziatic _11 napja
    • Sorry for the previous reply. Here you go: Every single car competing in Porsche Carrera Cup is identical. Same make. Same model. Same generation. With no technical advantage between cars, driver talent and team are what claim the podium. Learn more here: porschecarreracup.us/documents/Porsche-Carrera-Cup-North-America_2021_schedule.pdf

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  • 7:12 Start of The Race 36:02 First Yellow Flag 48:10 2nd Green Flag 52:22 End of The Race

    Gtr2 DriverGtr2 Driver12 napja
  • Thank you IMSA for hosting such an iconic class.

    John TaylorJohn TaylorHónapja
  • Amazing content, what a race!!! Love it!!!

  • It's great to see motorsports without the social proclamation nonsense. Just cars and drivers...and Sebring!

    Randy CRandy CHónapja
  • lmsa is back I love the racing

    leandro souza souzaleandro souza souzaHónapja
  • Are half these guys newbies? Most the collisions seemed so stupid, side by side around a corner and just completely try to cut through the side of the other car, 0 peripheral vision, I'm just glad the ones that initiated the collision were the ones who spun and got damaged.....

    Gabe GabesGabe GabesHónapja
  • Congrats on the astounding success on this new series IMSA.

    Damar FadlanDamar FadlanHónapja
  • 4:31 - 4:40 Every time the drivers are turning the steering wheels to warm up the tires, for better grip, the car's entire body is wobbling. Now put that wobbling at 70 to 100 mph. If Porsche wins many races then they proved me wrong, if not then "F" Volkswagen.

    colan powelcolan powelHónapja
  • The new cup car looks so good 👌🏻

  • Amazing race to watch but that final restart was absolute crap! Super cheap way to gain an advantage in the final moments.

    Leo CharbonneauLeo CharbonneauHónapja
  • Fantastic IMSA, Thank you all! Stay safe!

    Maria PiresMaria PiresHónapja
  • Those old Carrera Cup USA cars are worth an absolute mint. Good to see Carrera Cup car racing actually happen in North America!

    Scott FieldingScott FieldingHónapja
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  • I love Porsche ♥️

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  • Hey Guys! What does that (J) mean next to the names ??

  • IMSA racing is fantastic. These cars look great. Would love to race one.

    George DyerGeorge DyerHónapja
  • This is always exiting to watch... Congratulations on the very first Carrera Cup, wow, history is being made. What a way to start, at Sebring, very technical track, great stuff, thank you IMSA 👍🏻

    Frans BadenhorstFrans BadenhorstHónapja
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  • Found this by accident, but as a motorsports fan I was happily surprised. Amazing to see some good racing in corona times and the new GT3 racing cars look amazing. Thanks IMSA! Greetings from Holland.

    Ricardo HernandezRicardo HernandezHónapja
  • Message Now: (Eight

    laura katelaura kateHónapja
  • The new 992 look sexy as fuck

    Xavier SandsXavier SandsHónapja
  • the track has become so bumpy!

    Andrew FallonAndrew FallonHónapja
  • Good new 992 gt3 cup XD

    Dobre MihaiDobre MihaiHónapja
  • Was für Deppen....

  • Love

    nasos nasosnasos nasosHónapja
  • Slap for 57

    Mike RodriguesMike RodriguesHónapja
  • Amateur hour

    Stuart MarshallStuart MarshallHónapja
  • are they driving with abs? i assume not

    De LoreanDe LoreanHónapja
  • The new 992 looks awesome

  • ...that was uncalled for...

    Maurice RoseMaurice RoseHónapja
  • HUworld keeps this video recommended 🤣

    Diether SantosDiether SantosHónapja
  • There’s too many cars for that track. Looks like a traffic jam.

    Frank LyFrank LyHónapja
  • I love the new Porsche in this series 😁 waiting for this series again soon

    Diether SantosDiether SantosHónapja
  • Ohh snap yeah I like this new series. The track schedule is nice too, I just wish Laguna Seca raceway was included.

  • Porsche has a good resume at Sebring multi class winners

    Alain BelangerAlain BelangerHónapja
  • 👍👍👍

    Rapidman FireRapidman FireHónapja
  • The 720p video makes me feel like I'm watching a race from 10 years ago

    Justin HydeJustin HydeHónapja
  • My gosh this is some great racing

    Lynske PhuLynske PhuHónapja
  • Great to see the McKenna livery back on the grid.

    Peter LangloisPeter LangloisHónapja
  • 7:05 Race Start

  • What does the (j) stand for?

    Rouven MayenfelsRouven MayenfelsHónapja
  • IMSA at its best

    birel_dd2 ZRTbirel_dd2 ZRTHónapja
  • Great to see racing back, the 992 looks and sounds nice...the quality of racing was pretty poor and looked like open lobby sim racing.... So many spins and mistakes, tho the #58 bunny hop to endo was pretty awesome lol

    David SluteDavid SluteHónapja
  • Great race , love it !

    Carl Thornton jrCarl Thornton jrHónapja
  • I'd love to have a bug in the room when the discussion about Priaulx's restart happens. Other series would have penalized him immediately for any number of those infringements.

    Roger JRoger JHónapja
  • wow the graphic update of iracing looks amazing

  • Many amateurs here, ridiculous.

    Datsun SSSDatsun SSSHónapja
  • And a rare mistake from John!

    GM DanielsonGM DanielsonHónapja
  • Loved this thanks 👍

    Mathew HudsonMathew HudsonHónapja
  • Welcome back hahahaha!!!

    Diether SantosDiether SantosHónapja
  • #57 ...double bone head move 🤨

    tim jeffersontim jeffersonHónapja
    • Yep, his fault both times.

      John D RippertJohn D RippertHónapja
  • Great race, wish i could be there to watch. Looking forward to viewing race 2. Thank you imsa for posting this.

    Tim JabaleyTim JabaleyHónapja
  • Sounds like somebody hit grandpas special sauce prior to the commentary. LMAO ! #slurs4days

    Gene MounceGene MounceHónapja
  • This track is so technical. Any small mistake is amplified.

    William KelleyWilliam KelleyHónapja
  • I want this edition GT3

    • @Art Mchugh Agree, Touring

    • They are friggin nice !!!! Hope the RSR does well in the 12 hour !!!!!😎😎😎😎😄😄😄😄🍺🍺

      Art MchughArt MchughHónapja
  • Thanks IMSA for sharing this!

    Joey MerrymanJoey MerrymanHónapja
  • Is Sebring the roughest, bumpiest track IMSA races at? This track seems to need some care.

    Captain Kent GamingCaptain Kent GamingHónapja
    • It’s widely considered to be the roughest track in the world, it’s legendary for the bumps.

  • 14:14 #57 iRacing driver 10/10 100% confirmed

    John YeJohn YeHónapja
    • @DonZ meuheu plus 10 private messages

      John YeJohn YeHónapja
    • 4x

      DonZ meuheuDonZ meuheuHónapja
  • Go Keen! Solid 3rd! 👏🏽

    Pastor RaudelPastor RaudelHónapja
  • @IMSA Official, thank you so much for the vids. It's a shame I can't be there this year. Amazing coverage, as always!

    Fred NoelFred NoelHónapja
  • Race start at 7:05

    Matthew ZitzmannMatthew ZitzmannHónapja
  • Sebastian needs a penalty, almost caused two incidents by trying to get #3 to crash.

    Jonathan QuinnJonathan QuinnHónapja
    • All on-track activity is closely monitored by Race Control during a race. If you have feedback you'd like to provide them please email info@imsa.com.

      IMSA OfficialIMSA OfficialHónapja
  • 58 car almost Joey Hand'd that access road.

    Dave F.Dave F.Hónapja
  • John Hindhaugh rules

    guifre rius borrasguifre rius borrasHónapja
    • Ikr and Greg Creamer and Calvin Fish sucks

      Diether SantosDiether SantosHónapja
  • faster

    Harrison MapesHarrison MapesHónapja
  • I would rather see this as a class in the Weathertech series than LMP3.

  • What was up with the YT notification for this? "WORLD DIRTY SEBRING 18MARCH2021 CARRERA" ??? LOL Lets see what that was all about shall we.

    Martin BisanzMartin BisanzHónapja
    • You are very welcome!

      IMSA OfficialIMSA OfficialHónapja
    • @IMSA Official thanks for the small look behind the scenes. figured it was something like that, just thought it was funny

      Martin BisanzMartin BisanzHónapja
    • That's the original file name from our media ops crew who probably mistakenly uploaded the video and made it public prior to the title/teaser being edited. Since you are interested, WORLD, means it's a video available globally and DIRTY means it's a video with graphics on it. All good now?

      IMSA OfficialIMSA OfficialHónapja
  • Yeah IMSA is back ... great to have coverage of all the Different racing this season

    Carl SpencerCarl SpencerHónapja
  • "Pronto, Firemonke. 992 GT3 Cup for RR3 v9.4.."

    Arnold TriyudhoArnold TriyudhoHónapja
  • Yes! Thanks as always for being such a great organization that actually cares about the fans and viewers!

  • Are we going to see the reintroduced GT2 Category in the IMSA series lineup 1 day?? I would love to see them be the new GTD category??

    Freedom MachineFreedom MachineHónapja
    • For now I don't think that they will be introduced as they are only for sprint racing. Maybe they will get endurance upgrades in the future but I haven't heard of such plans as of now

  • What's going on with these pulsating overlays?

    • @Skandragon Yes, and it's the same for the list on the top left hand side for the placings. Thank you.

    • @IMSA Official now that im looking closer i can see it too. Its also some flickering in the graphics on the left. Im pretty sure it is due to compression and bitrate because when i turn video quality to max it goes away.

    • @Ark the frames around the numbers scrolling at the bottom of the screen? Thats because a vertical line that is moving horizontally has to jump from one pixel to the next and the HUworld compression and screen resolution make it more visable

    • @IMSA Official Thank you for your kind reply, but it's of course impossible to do a screenshot from a fast changing image. Thank you anyways.

    • No worries. I do not see any pulsating graphics and we're basically duplicating graphics from last year. If you could send a screenshot to info@imsa.com it would be appreciated. I suspect it was an connectivity issue perhaps.

      IMSA OfficialIMSA OfficialHónapja
  • First race for the Carrara Cup, these are beautiful race cars!!!

    Freedom MachineFreedom MachineHónapja
    • *Carrera Cup

      Diether SantosDiether Santos27 napja
    • @Freedom Machine this is so epic.

      Damar FadlanDamar FadlanHónapja
    • Imsa you are the best!

    • @Mike Rodrigues today in about 4.5 hrs

      Edward LackEdward LackHónapja
    • When is the 12 hrs of sebring

      Mike RodriguesMike RodriguesHónapja
  • Nice.

  • Indonesia fans

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