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  • That Huntsman spider is the exact reason Australia had a massive fire across the whole island/country/continent. Didn't matter, the thing likely survived. Another war that Australia lost against its own wildlife, it seems.

    Ghost FlamesGhost Flames11 órája
  • 14:48 Im back now plz clean were u are recording this

    gacha galaxy cookiegacha galaxy cookieNapja
  • 9:59 is so relatable haha

    Red PhoenixRed PhoenixNapja
  • 8:56 I didn't get the joke

    Henry NewgateHenry NewgateNapja
  • nice intro.

    The Orange ZapinatorThe Orange Zapinator2 napja
  • R20 means 20 rand its the south afrucan currency for those who dont know

    Brayden CrickBrayden Crick2 napja
  • First DeeLee and now you. Double fun.

    Beyond Absolute InfinityBeyond Absolute Infinity3 napja
  • 5:26, holdup, didn’t America literally have a war against slaver?

    The DeveloperThe Developer3 napja
  • Kinda sounds like cell 6:56

    Gun _gaming1Gun _gaming13 napja
  • 11:09 He didn’t get it. It’s black smoke. Look at the people on screen. Look at each of their faces.

    Luke MantheyLuke Manthey3 napja
  • Someone please explain 11:16 Can't tell if i'm just being dumb or...

    Kaylee KiwiKaylee Kiwi3 napja
  • Have ever been like holup

    That Anime Guy NameThat Anime Guy Name4 napja
  • Me: gets down on one knee The black man under me: I can't breathe

    mussolini benitomussolini benito4 napja
  • 9:53 What is beheading?, english is my second languaje so i dont know all the words and i dont know this one, but for what i can imagine is someone gettimg decapitaded, if thats the case, im sorry for gobloid3

    Corn GDCorn GD5 napja
    • You are correct

      CloudberryCloudberry4 napja
  • 5:54 "Not real person" Goddammit damien now i have sprite all over my bed because that caught me off guard and i dropped the glass, |:(

    Corn GDCorn GD5 napja
  • Where's Damien?

    Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker CatZombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat5 napja
  • You didn't even compliment the art!! Okay I see now. But they didn't have enough screen time!!

    Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker CatZombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat5 napja
  • 5:28 yea....drop every nuke in the world on australia RIGHT NOW! and summon the Doom Slayer while you are at it! because as long as i know that i live in the same world as that monstrosity I DONT WANT LIVE AT ALL!

    MewTicalMewTical5 napja

    Federico GrebeFederico Grebe5 napja
  • Wait... the spider on the thumbnail is a sand spider so does that mean... its sand paper

    Xavier the creeper kingXavier the creeper king5 napja
  • 4:52 i was not expecting to get aroused by the thought of femboy michal scott today

    sylveon 69sylveon 695 napja
  • Herald keeper of the toilet paper.

    Luis Angelo D. MendozaLuis Angelo D. Mendoza6 napja
  • 8:56 I don't get this, can someone kindly explain???

    Debbie ChanDebbie Chan6 napja
  • First

    froggy bitchfroggy bitch7 napja
  • 3:29 that's south africa and the R is rand

    The lazy AdventurerThe lazy Adventurer7 napja

    DarkshnDarkshn8 napja
  • That first one tho

    Wolfvorine76Wolfvorine768 napja
  • We need emkay merch with every narrator on each one

    Hello SimpHello Simp9 napja
  • That chess joke man I don't how he said that with a straight face I'm flipin dying

    Bloodra draokBloodra draok10 napja
  • I feel like you would voice a point video

    Eliza SchwebelEliza Schwebel10 napja
  • 9:59 lmao same

    gbrl Agbrl A10 napja
  • 11:16 lester is that u? we have pavel now

  • It is honestly insane how many kids, including me, thought that all cats were female and all dogs were male. I couldn't figure out how genetics decide when a cat was born and when a dog was born.

    Sean RuebushSean Ruebush11 napja
  • the spider: if you want tole paper com and get it. ::::>

    Melissa ImmelMelissa Immel11 napja
  • 5:36 holy sh*t man Ive seen huntsman's before but na f*ck that sh*t. Anyone agree?

    liam fordliam ford11 napja
  • 8:50 small price to pay for all these classic games

    alex the memealex the meme12 napja
  • skip to 2:27

    • • •• • •12 napja
  • 4:40 I'll name it borona dirus

    Buster GamingBuster Gaming12 napja
  • Ayo

    patlolgg 51patlolgg 5113 napja
  • Slept so great the other night. Lifted my pillow up yesterday morning and found I had been sleeping on a giant black spider the night before. So glad I didn't get a spider and egg filled ear from it.

  • Please leave, the spider isn't done wiping yet.

    TheBlueGamerGTheBlueGamerG14 napja
  • 3:33 R20 is like a dollar and a few cents Country South Africa?

    Kw1kyKw1ky15 napja
  • 6:51 the account is verified

    Michael JMichael J16 napja
  • A girl just come to my Library Last week and read some Books but after seeing my faces she never came back. Then I realized that he is the same women that I was having a fun night in my dream. I wonder how... I wonder why...

    Tatsuya ReaderTatsuya Reader16 napja
  • Holup-

    Animal tik toksAnimal tik toks16 napja
  • 12:19 pretty birds

    waddle dee boiwaddle dee boi17 napja
  • when the kid sed the man at is bed welll....... he is the one that make shers he not die by killing him

    America's Rabbit HoleAmerica's Rabbit Hole17 napja
  • I just realized that; that "Puppy" or "New Baby" smell people describe when talking about baby animals/humans. Are people just basically saying they like the smell of the womb. HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY!!

    Lunar GamesLunar Games18 napja
  • How do go you from pot to acid chief

    AnvarynnAnvarynn20 napja
  • 11:09 currently losing my shit at the guy on the far left

    Noah BenningtonNoah Bennington21 napja
  • is my monitor off? cause I can't see the fan art

    Sam R.I.Sam R.I.24 napja
  • 1:15 and this is the moment that I learned that jack is an actor

    Jake AshtonJake Ashton25 napja
  • Hol up Where's the ending an art work?

    XmanXman25 napja
  • The huntsman spider is the prime minister? Hmm, how would he run the country?

    aksalaheddine78aksalaheddine7827 napja
  • E X C A L I G A T O R

    Jet SunstriderJet Sunstrider28 napja
  • 6:51 Hey that's where I live

    xenonxenon28 napja
  • I just checked the myspace site. It's a news site now... Well more important information than buzzfeed.

  • Feel the wipe spider

  • how did the cat give birth?!7:58

    Stan MooreStan MooreHónapja
  • 11:09 it’s the guys on the left child

    epic gamerepic gamerHónapja
  • 11:11 The black man's face tho...

  • if a kid sees biden floating in his room then biden is a well alien

    William AftonWilliam AftonHónapja
  • r/holp

    Peak Of EvolutionPeak Of EvolutionHónapja
  • 4:00 I totally read the post in Dr. Degrasse-Tyson's voice.

    Andrew OlsonAndrew OlsonHónapja
  • 11:07 Demon spawn? I thought it was an infidelity joke? Black smoke, and that guy on the left looks like he's screaming internally.

  • 2:27 so I wasn't the only one-

    itsraining 'itsraining 'Hónapja
  • Is being 5,4 being small or being tall i dont know because i am the same hight when i was in kindergarten and i was the tallest

    Kingston CastleKingston CastleHónapja
  • I'm the guy that slays demons for fun... and even I'm horrified of that thumbnail

    Doom SlayerDoom SlayerHónapja
  • Um i love this channel but its not R 20. R stands for Rand its the south african currency ........ Ye

  • If i took a shat and someone put a spider on the paper while i was shitting i would straight up put my pants up and walk out with shit in my pants

    ADSK hoiADSK hoiHónapja
  • 1:28 RIP :(

  • The drawing was good, i thought.

  • WHY

  • 9:59 the...W H A T ? !

    Holy ShardHoly ShardHónapja
  • There are in fact a large number of books in the Yale Library that can't be replaced simply by printing off a new copy.

    Heavenly DemonHeavenly DemonHónapja
  • @11:10 or so -- the dude in purple LOL his eyes say it all

    David ApodacaDavid ApodacaHónapja
  • kids were vaping in the bathroom, I'm in 6th grade

    • Oh........... oh no

      My Chemical Romance's Pet PotatoMy Chemical Romance's Pet PotatoHónapja
  • 5:28 I will not sleep tonight.... OnO

  • 2:28 when i was little i thought that too, i just thought you had it in a bed, i now know what the frick that is and i want to be innocent again please-

    Sleepy MinecraftSleepy MinecraftHónapja
  • Joe Biden is my new worst fear

  • What's it called when someones' subscribing to something they don't like or agree with, just to troll it and false-report-violations and make Copyright claims to the videos? Fresh Hell are being developed to facilitate the growing list of sins.

    noel hutchinsnoel hutchinsHónapja
  • 4:38 i dont get it

    Manuel PlayerManuel PlayerHónapja
  • 3:45 uno reverse card

    Alex RamirezAlex RamirezHónapja
  • S u f f e r

  • Katie's dad is awesome

    Melody AckermanMelody AckermanHónapja
  • The spider on the toilet roll happened to me, but we were in a resort with a pretty much open bathroom (ie no cieling on half of it because it had outside showers) and one time when i went to use the toilet, i thought they put a wooden decoration on the toilet roll that was standing up and the SECOND i picked it up i yeeted it with the spider as big as the toilet roll on it. Im not scared of spiders, but it shocked me so much. Helped him get outside afterwards.

    A wild triangleA wild triangleHónapja
  • * Looks at thumbnail * Me: *B U R N T H E W H O L E H O U S E D O W N*

    x_im_a_weeb_x xx_im_a_weeb_x xHónapja
  • 5:00 count in binary

  • Rook to c3. glock to h3,

    Payton LupoPayton LupoHónapja
  • 9:17 thats actually pretty sad ngl

  • why does he sound like giofilms when he read the first post

  • 11:15 bruh i was doing setups for the casino

    Questionable VRQuestionable VRHónapja
  • 9:50 Jesus fucking Christ that hit harder then corpse husband's puberty.

    Angela CogarAngela CogarHónapja
  • What?

    TPX T-Rex Predator XenomorphTPX T-Rex Predator XenomorphHónapja
  • The spider in the thumb nail:hello human Any non sphyco:nope nope nope we are leaving this place and never coming back

  • Biden stalks children?

    ꧁ᴢɪᴢᴢʏᴢᴇʙʀᴀ-ʜᴀʟғ ɪɴғᴇᴄᴛᴇᴅ-꧂꧁ᴢɪᴢᴢʏᴢᴇʙʀᴀ-ʜᴀʟғ ɪɴғᴇᴄᴛᴇᴅ-꧂Hónapja
  • First one was priceless

  • 11:11 the man to the left knows something is going on

    Murderous EnbyMurderous EnbyHónapja
  • 5:11 hmm did he count on his fingers or his # of hands

    FBI agent 3412FBI agent 3412Hónapja
  • people find you funny?

    James HornJames HornHónapja