Quicksilver Saves Everyone - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

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Quicksilver Saves Everyone From Exploding X-Mansion Scene - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD
As Xavier's Mansion explodes, Quicksilver saves everyone inside single-handedly.
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  • Tmnc! Eu amo esse cara kkkkkkkkkk

    Fredson SousaFredson Sousa15 perccel
  • 2:14 I like how he having fun while saving the whole f*cking school (almost) from the big explosion!

    Axizter OnAxizter On19 perccel
  • Jesus christ this scene is so good

    Jura 4756Jura 475638 perccel
  • what can be said....never gets old....

    Frank ThedukesFrank Thedukes39 perccel
  • R.I.P Alex tho

    BorbzBorbz48 perccel
  • Adoro essa parte

    Miquéias JoséMiquéias José57 perccel
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  • 曲とマッチしすぎでしょ!やっぱり好きだな〜クイックシルバー

  • I can watch this scene like a million times....

    Pewdiepie -sanPewdiepie -sanÓrája
  • Se ve muy bien

    Mavi DMavi DÓrája
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  • Masterpiece

    Sahil 780Sahil 7803 órája
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  • Honestly even though I still think the rest of apocalypse is still a good movie there is no way it would be my favorite x men movie without this scene although I'm one of those weirdos who thinks apocalypse and dark Phoenix were actually good. Either way there still objectively better than X3 and origins wolverine.

    Mystic StudiosMystic Studios3 órája
  • ¿¿¿ pero alguien se acuerda que el los salva o se lo tiene que decir el ???

    alejandropublicitarialejandropublicitari3 órája
  • Is this Maxim from ff

    xd mcsxd mcs3 órája
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  • Пересматриваю, как в первый раз 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Silver JuniorSilver Junior4 órája
  • Do you ever compare yourself to influencers (social media influencers or youtubers)

    jake Pricejake Price4 órája
  • Maxim char free firee

    eren yeagereren yeager4 órája
  • Hes fast, remember its already in slow motion and he still going super fast even in that state.

    Ralph Laurenz CortezRalph Laurenz Cortez4 órája
  • Say honestly, how many times have you watched this scene already?

    Prantik PramanickPrantik Pramanick4 órája
  • time relatives ... time stops faster than light according to special theory of relativity . nice scene 👌

  • "You're so cool, Quicksilver! Great job!" "It's not a job, it's a lifestyle."

    GrasslanderGrasslander5 órája

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  • Best part is the Rush t-shirt

    Amleto UrsoAmleto Urso5 órája
  • He did't save everyone...

    pyro nationpyro nation6 órája
  • I still don't understand how he listens to music.

    BigimeBigime6 órája
    • I think everthing he touches adjusts to his speed.

      weil ichs kann rweil ichs kann r51 perce
  • شباب ممكن اسم الفلم

    AR MYAR MY6 órája
  • The best Part is how Happy he is while saving everyone

    nick gohannick gohan6 órája
  • Why he look like Maxim in Free Fire??

    Allu's Tips And TricksAllu's Tips And Tricks6 órája
    • @um shanker ya its true

      Allu's Tips And TricksAllu's Tips And Tricks6 órája
    • Maybe he is inspired by hin

      um shankerum shanker6 órája
  • why this video always on my recommendation

    TāchiBanaTāchiBana7 órája
  • my mom I hope the house is clean when I come back: immediately xd

    Alexis GLAlexis GL7 órája
  • *QuickSilver saves everyone* Everyone: OmG iS ThAt mYsTiQuE?!?!!

    my safe word rhymes with 'polverine'my safe word rhymes with 'polverine'7 órája
  • I hope he doesn't get shot

    ꧁BreaCch꧂꧁BreaCch꧂7 órája
  • "men with a bigger pp walk slower" me:

    verynaiice boiiverynaiice boii8 órája
  • )28

    Nemat SufievNemat Sufiev8 órája
  • He saved 32 lives not 40

    vishalvishal8 órája
  • Ok... so I haven't seen this movie... But I love this power! If they ever make a quicksilver movie, I would totally watch it!

    Jet BlackJet Black8 órája
  • Fun fact: this is not your first time watching this video

    Tonga BallTonga Ball8 órája
  • Never saved everyone...

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  • Aquí los que hablan español------------+>

    Omar Alejandro SilvaOmar Alejandro Silva8 órája
  • I love this scene

    Gabrysia MartowiczGabrysia Martowicz8 órája
  • The best scene in the whole X-men universe reboot!

    AhadAhad8 órája
  • I think we all agree that he needs his own film.

    •Emma••Emma•8 órája
  • I 💕 the video....so Amazing super speed

    Nia SayamuongboNia Sayamuongbo9 órája
  • After all these years, Quicksilver scenes are still one of the best scenes in movie history.

    Adrian LiuAdrian Liu9 órája
  • I like how no one even acknowledges that he saved them

    Chad KroegerChad Kroeger9 órája
  • But it's been Agatha all along 🎶

    Thejuskb MankaraThejuskb Mankara9 órája
    • nop

      sruel Winesruel Wine9 órája
  • En mi opinión el Quicksilver de x-men supera al de Avengers

    Luis VargasLuis Vargas9 órája
  • Ohh yea


    Ted BonTed Bon9 órája
    • Puede succionarlo a supervelocidad

      sruel Winesruel Wine9 órája
  • Best quicksilver

    D RD R10 órája
  • Soy único que piensa que se parece a máxim de free fire

    Ancrack11Ancrack1110 órája
    • @CRACKER MAXツ si se parece

      Ancrack11Ancrack118 órája
    • Mal

  • Best X-Men scene Ever 😇

    GogetaGogeta10 órája
  • Is it unhealthy to watch this everyday

    rcrc10 órája
    • Bruh your profile picture 😂😂😂

      Yash DaitkarYash Daitkar9 órája
  • I love how he gently saves the dog

    xtinedonly1xtinedonly110 órája
  • *The one Scene that carried the entire movie, even being back wolverine wasn't able to carry this movie.*

    jason4275jason427510 órája
  • Za warudo! Time has stopped

    Farmaci BkFarmaci Bk10 órája
  • Mefistoooo

    ANDER YTANDER YT10 órája
  • Esto es una de las pocas cosas rescatables de esta película

    alanwi :Dalanwi :D10 órája
  • He........ had on black forces.

    Jymaire oconnorJymaire oconnor10 órája
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  • he looks like maxim in free fire

  • Única coisa memorável que a Fox fez nessa franquia :p

    angeloangelo10 órája
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    Carlos PrCarlos Pr11 órája
  • 2:04 You wish that was you hah?

    Maria Clara FlorianoMaria Clara Floriano11 órája
  • Se mamó el hermano falso de Wanda jfksnfkwnd

    Maru PruMaMaru PruMa11 órája
  • One thing that annoyed me was everyone was more like omg mystique and not like wtf how is dis man so fast

    Rowlet BoiRowlet Boi11 órája
  • Cool as shit!!!

    Fredrickson CauseyFredrickson Causey11 órája
  • Jjjajaja me acuerdo que ese era su momento de brillar.. Es csmr... Buen actor.. Se podria decir que de toda la pelicula mas me gusto esa escena

    TRE CETRE CE11 órája
    • De Perú verdad?

      Jesús A. LópezJesús A. López11 órája
  • Pvp o miedo 🤣

  • I’m shook that this scene was uploaded only 3 weeks ago and already have 21 million views despite being released originally on 2016 when it went so viral 😦

    Urbano BlackUrbano Black11 órája
  • The best seen I've ever scene.

    ܔܛܔ χxɪᴀиܔܛܔ χxɪᴀи12 órája
  • x 1.5

    Kevin kevinKevin kevin12 órája
  • And they all should be dead from the extreme g-forces...

    magicstix0rmagicstix0r12 órája
  • He did see that coming 👀

    Gulshad KhanGulshad Khan12 órája
  • So everything is already in slow motion, but he was still able to speed up?!

    Dives PyrunovaDives Pyrunova12 órája
  • Song?

    Akbar NitrateAkbar Nitrate12 órája
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    Netio LopezNetio Lopez13 órája
  • They made him too powerful

    Nova QuinnNova Quinn13 órája
  • chora

    Nethernon G.Nethernon G.13 órája
  • Can´t watch that scene without a big smile on my face! AMAZING!

    Little BITLittle BIT13 órája
  • Don’t get me wrong this scene is amazing but one question I always had was, how did quick silver know where the secret entrance to where ceribo was?

    Rubi the KitsuneRubi the Kitsune13 órája
  • Havoc dies tho...

    Javier AdornoJavier Adorno13 órája
  • ❤️GLORIA A DIOS❤️🙏..

    saul lozada verasaul lozada vera13 órája
  • Imagine how much of a headache the kid had after he slicked his hair back

    Itz FoxoItz Foxo13 órája

  • My favorite x-men:

    CondragonCondragon13 órája
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/loqEzqipoKqaZm8 you have to hear that song

    arderson Herreraarderson Herrera14 órája