"PS5 vs Xbox Series X"

2020.dec. 3.
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Watch two powerhouses battle it out for glory!!
Who won?? You decide.
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  • What other battles would you guys wanna see? Edit: welcome KSI peeps, glad u were able to find my channel. Got new toons weekly and new rap battles monthly, hope ya watch some of my other stuff too :)

    Harvey SeasaltHarvey Seasalt2 hónapja
    • PPPPSSSS555555

      Žiga SpornŽiga Sporn24 napja
    • Xbox series X

      Yamen AljamalYamen AljamalHónapja
    • Seasalt what about xbox series x vs pc rap

      shadow slayershadow slayerHónapja
    • Call of duty ww2 vs battlefield 5

      Filip PetrusevFilip PetrusevHónapja
    • Xbox one s VS ps4 please!

      Matei TureaMatei TureaHónapja
  • My boy x

    GravityGravity57 perccel
  • Ps5

    Layonda neilLayonda neilÓrája
  • X

    AlphaPlayzzAlphaPlayzz2 órája
  • Ps5 is better but Xbox won this rap we have to admit

    kindiba yt brawls starskindiba yt brawls stars3 órája
  • Ps5 all night

    Brock DavisBrock Davis4 órája
  • Ps5

    Zaqiel Ayden HerathZaqiel Ayden Herath4 órája
  • Series x crushed the ps5

    Bryce HoffmanBryce Hoffman4 órája
  • People: PS5 won!!!!! Other people: no it was xbox, the last line was hard!!!!! Person: Wii

    PersonPerson4 órája
  • 0:52 did PS5 just call PS3 lil bro???🤨

    Tobot 6000Tobot 60005 órája
  • Xbox did good at the last line, but playstation had bars.

    rami4470 rami4470rami4470 rami44706 órája
  • xbox for sure

    Blake FarberBlake Farber6 órája
  • Ps5 won

    rami4470 rami4470rami4470 rami44706 órája
  • Xbox nigga

    BloxyTalkingTomBloxyTalkingTom7 órája
  • Ps5 won

    Noor AlbaajNoor Albaaj7 órája
  • FiNgEr My AsS aNd CaLl Me FrAnCiS

    IBZ!! 369IBZ!! 3697 órája
  • Xbox won that

    Jen BenzingJen Benzing8 órája
  • Me and my friend are voting ps5 I played this to him he said ps5

    TO_Cracked XxTO_Cracked Xx8 órája
  • Xbox

    JABARI BroughtonJABARI Broughton8 órája
  • Seiris x

    OliverRobbo11OliverRobbo119 órája
  • 1:12 "UGH"

    Giant TigerGiant Tiger10 órája
  • X

    Hamad AZ3004Hamad AZ300411 órája
  • PS5

    Dalal AjmiDalal Ajmi12 órája
  • Ps5

    King SanchezKing Sanchez13 órája
  • Im a PS fan but Xbox crushed

    ToyzToyz14 órája
  • Comeback mode: my bro is PS3 Ultimate comeback.P=pittyful S=shit 5= how many games ur hard drive can take. *End of story*

    Shinobi ShadowShinobi Shadow15 órája
  • xbox just blew ps5 out the water

    D3m0nD3m0n15 órája

    Game DurzGame Durz16 órája
  • Xbox series x

    Jugularink96Jugularink9616 órája
  • "Goddamn" Appropriate response

    Dr. CoomerDr. Coomer18 órája
  • Ps5 is the best

    Gangster GamersGangster Gamers18 órája
  • ps5 wins

    sebastian costersebastian coster18 órája
  • Ps5 the best my lil bro ps3

    dreamzxdreamzx19 órája
  • Came from jj olatunji

    Eliam MisedaEliam Miseda20 órája
  • people who come from tik tok

    Clipp3X YTClipp3X YT22 órája
  • god ps5 was sick my guy

    Paul PogbaPaul Pogba22 órája
  • Series x won

    Salaar MayaalSalaar Mayaal23 órája
  • PS5

    coole PZ KVKcoole PZ KVK23 órája
  • I vote PS5

    Turbo45's Gaming ChannlTurbo45's Gaming Channl23 órája
  • Ps5 won

    Attah OmaliAttah OmaliNapja
  • I have ps5 and xboxsx but xbox won both ii

    Lolz Studios_BigcatLolz Studios_BigcatNapja
  • XBOX

    alexis haynesalexis haynesNapja
  • What the Fuck

    Fatal AustinFatal AustinNapja
  • Ps5 way better thats why its sold out nd Gay box is easy to find cuz no one trying to buy that trash 😂😂

    Ever PachecoEver PachecoNapja
  • Everyone saying that was a clever line its not even true I can fit way more than 5 games in my ps5 so that line was just stupid

    Ever PachecoEver PachecoNapja

      Tanker L4DTanker L4D13 órája
  • That last line made xbox win tbh

    Gaming JabuyaGaming JabuyaNapja
  • Xbox wons

  • Normally i like play station but x box one

    Jonathan 2kJonathan 2kNapja
  • Ps5

    phantom ghostyphantom ghostyNapja
  • Series x

    Elian BeizaElian BeizaNapja
  • Ps5

    Paxton RosbachPaxton RosbachNapja
  • Cringe

    Fallout GamingFallout GamingNapja
  • Ps5

    silly boysssilly boyssNapja
  • Ps5

    Declan ytDeclan ytNapja
  • Ps 5 is winner for me

    Tapsa gamer500Tapsa gamer500Napja
  • Ps5 ps5 won

    Josiah SanchezJosiah SanchezNapja
  • ps5

    Hunter ClatterbuckHunter ClatterbuckNapja
  • Xbox series x

    Jeremy WhiteJeremy WhiteNapja
  • I can proudly say I kind of own both (ps4 and Xbox 1 s) anyway I say Xbox one

    Some kid named Eduardo H.Some kid named Eduardo H.Napja
  • PS win

    Anton VladimirAnton VladimirNapja
  • XBOX WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 555

    Codrut CodruCodrut CodruNapja
  • I love ps5 but I think series x won with the finishing line

    Firey FlamingFirey FlamingNapja
    • Nah ps5 won, his bars were better. Xbox only had the last line

      rami4470 rami4470rami4470 rami44706 órája
  • ps5 wins

    Brody WellsBrody WellsNapja
  • Xbox

  • Sheeeesh Xbox really went hard

    Reid BReid BNapja
  • Xbox series X won

  • Hilarious😂😂😭

    Elias GustafssonElias GustafssonNapja
  • Ps5 won

    Bradlee McmullenBradlee McmullenNapja
  • Let's be real xbox took the W in this one

  • Ps5

    Alvin CarlströmAlvin CarlströmNapja
  • Bro xbox series my best boy

    polishRafal ,polishRafal ,Napja
  • They both were good but what xbox said i must vote him sorry ps5 ✌

    Eddy VenegasEddy VenegasNapja
  • Francis lmao

    Benjamin RobertsBenjamin RobertsNapja
  • Ok

  • xbox won fair and square nutsacker

  • PS5

    Tharin AhmedTharin AhmedNapja
  • You have to be very unbiased to make this

  • Ps5

    cc ppcc ppNapja
  • Ps5

  • xbox series x won!!!

  • I don’t like the Xbox I like PS5

    zaina bani hanizaina bani hani2 napja
  • Xbox won no doubt

    Rebecca SullivanRebecca Sullivan2 napja
  • We got crash on Xbox too

    Rebecca SullivanRebecca Sullivan2 napja
  • Series x won

    Paulie HarradinePaulie Harradine2 napja
  • xbox got that one in the bag.

    Lionel JonesLionel Jones2 napja
  • ps5 wins.. im literally not favoriting

    Stellar BoiStellar Boi2 napja
  • your Channel is new for me, and i am impressed

    n0ideia ツn0ideia ツ2 napja
  • X box

    GxxtxxAx5GxxtxxAx52 napja
  • ps5💪💪

    Mómen IbrahimMómen Ibrahim2 napja
  • Xbox

    Steven DaboiSteven Daboi2 napja

    Ethan CampbellEthan Campbell2 napja
    • @rami4470 rami4470 no

      Tanker L4DTanker L4D3 órája
    • @Tanker L4D yes

      rami4470 rami4470rami4470 rami44704 órája
    • @rami4470 rami4470 no

      Tanker L4DTanker L4D4 órája
    • @Tanker L4D yes

      rami4470 rami4470rami4470 rami44704 órája
    • @rami4470 rami4470 no

      Tanker L4DTanker L4D4 órája
  • Xbox

    Albert AnythingAlbert Anything2 napja
  • Lol.. xbox all the way.. less u like play in a corner alone mostly, with less power..

    ShaneShane2 napja
    • Nah, ps won that. Unless u play on ur bed 6 hours a day eating doritos with no games

      rami4470 rami4470rami4470 rami44706 órája
  • Xbox definitely won that

    Mario5354Mario53542 napja
  • X box won

    PistolPete_1890PistolPete_18902 napja
  • Ps 5

  • I think series x won but you should do a battel between ps4pro and Xbox 1 x

    carl raycarl ray2 napja
  • X wins

    M8 MARV YTM8 MARV YT2 napja
  • I am a ps person but that last xbox line was🥶🥶

    Ekeruche MartinsEkeruche Martins2 napja