Prometheus Pitch Meeting

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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Prometheus!
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The Alien franchise is a beloved horror and sci-fi staple, so naturally Hollywood tries to breathe new life into it every few years. In 2012, Ridley Scott made his return to the universe of Alien with Prometheus-- a not-quite prequel that follows a space crew as they deal with some scary alien threats called Engineers.
Prometheus does raise some questions though. Like why haven’t the crew been briefed on their mission until AFTER they’ve been in cryo-sleep for several years? Why does everybody take off their helmets in an alien cave? How did they get lost in the cave with amazing mapping technology? Why did they suddenly want to touch that horrifying alien snake thing? Why did David spike Charlie’s drink? What was the point of Weyland plot twist? Why was that Engineer chasing Elizabeth at the end?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Prometheus! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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  • YEEEEAH! This WHOLE time!

    Yoshi DinonoYoshi Dinono5 órája
  • Daft Punk just broke up and saying goodbye is difficult- please do a Pitch Meeting for one of their bizarrely esoteric full length music videos like “Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem,” “Electroma,” or “Tron: Legacy”

    James HanleyJames Hanley6 órája
  • God this movie sucked lol

    Paige ChickloPaige Chicklo9 órája
  • Watching pitch meetings about movies you've never seen is tight

    musokealmusokeal10 órája
  • Could you do a video about the movie: Sphere? Thanks.

    Maurice MooijMaurice Mooij11 órája
  • Seriously one of the dumbest stories ever put on screen.

    Chris BakerChris Baker12 órája
  • Honestly Alien Vs Predator contributed far more to the Alien lore than whatever this was

    Sharp Shot EFXSharp Shot EFX17 órája
  • Hi Ryan... Love your work... Can we have a pitch meeting of Seven or maybe Saw?

    Vishnu KCVishnu KC17 órája
  • This sounds like an _awful_ movie.

    AbelhawkAbelhawk18 órája
  • Could you do the conjuring series

    ascend p7ascend p7Napja
  • There was actually a scene of a young Guy Pearce on a 2020-something TED talk show, which was the only good thing in the movie so of course it’s only natural to delete it.

  • 3rd cousin? That explains why all the scripts got accepted 🤣

    Hanz CuevasHanz CuevasNapja
  • The braindead plots of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant prove that Ridley Scott is overrated, while Tony Scott's films are underrated. Next time you want to make another Alien sequel, rehire James Cameron!

  • "genital space cobra" *noted for title of possible metal album*

    Harqo GamesHarqo GamesNapja
  • A Knights tale would be a hilarious pitch meeting

    TheRandomLife !!!!TheRandomLife !!!!Napja
  • Ehhh... the reason the Engineer wants to destroy life on Earth and chases Elizabeth is pretty clear. No points for making it sound like stuff that gets explained doesn’t get explained.

    Loom BornLoom BornNapja
  • I finally understand the cinemasin joke now

    jay westjay westNapja
  • The prometheus school of running away from things...

  • It's like adding a needless fact to the lore of a series: not needed but thanks, anyway.

    D'angelo JacobHymenShitsD'angelo JacobHymenShitsNapja
  • This Pitch Meeting was better than the actual movie. How many millions were budgeted for each?

  • I fu#&ing hated this movie so much lol

    Nick WoodmanNick WoodmanNapja
  • "So it's gonna be like a big reveal later? 😃" is in the running for a new recurring catchphrase 😂🤣

    Adrian EmanuelAdrian EmanuelNapja
  • They should’ve just named this movie “unclear”

    Jb MayotteJb MayotteNapja
  • I guess casting Guy Pearce as a 104 year old person makes a certain demographic feel not as old.

    Petitio PrincipiiPetitio PrincipiiNapja
  • You should honestly do a pitch meeting about alien: covenant cuz thats a sequel to this

  • You two are very funny men

    David KDavid KNapja
  • Wait, I thought that there was a bit of a romantic thing being hinted at between Scriptwriter Guy and Movie Producer Guy. Like, it's no Luke/Leia in terms of, "um, wtf?" but this twist reveal is still kinda squick.

  • 3rd cousins? Mind. Blown.

    David MayDavid MayNapja
  • "So they die" "Sure I bet they do" Wasn't expecting to laugh more than "cold lets you know when it's cold"... but here we are.

    Bonneville 12Bonneville 12Napja
  • Hey you two look exactly the same, HOW???? One of them : Because Me : It works!! Yeah Understood, super easy barely an inconvenience.

    Rohan DasRohan DasNapja
  • I just watched this without having seen the actual movie and realised that it was a very bad idea. Now I really don't want to watch the actual movie anymore. This was entertaining tho ^^

    Kajetan MazurkiewiczKajetan Mazurkiewicz2 napja
  • Unclear

    Xenos N.Xenos N.2 napja
  • I remember when I saw this movie back in the day it was on theatre and the session me and my friend bought the ticket for 11 pm was empty (I wondered why back then) So before going to the movies we ate some burguer kings, man that heavy belly and 30 minutes of this crap movie was enough for a knockout and we both slept! LOL and we just woke up after credits. we looked at each other and said: did you understand it? LOL until today this is a inner joke between us

    Davikoi koiDavikoi koi2 napja
  • A lot of us saw the third cousin thing coming. The family resemblance is so obvious.

    DefenstratorDefenstrator2 napja
  • Wait.... did he... did he say the thing?

    S. HarrisonS. Harrison2 napja
  • Guy Pearce said in an interview that they originally were going to show Weyland when he was younger and that's why he was cast for the role.

    Dr RedDr Red2 napja
  • Did he say, "Draw-yings" in the beginning at 0:14

    Matthew HanleyMatthew Hanley2 napja
  • Do a pitch for rocketman.

    Kellie FrazerKellie Frazer2 napja
  • K this movie definitely has PROBLEMS, but I've always been fond of it despite how messy it feels. On the same playing field as Alien? Pff nooo, but you could say the same of almost every Alien sequel/prequel. I will say that a lot of the "holes" people complain about in this movie are very easily explained if you pay attention, but yes it's poorly edited and could have used at least a few scene rewrites. But I think we'd all be much kinder to Prometheus as a flawed but ambitious movie if the misleading marketing and subsequent negative response against it didn't cause Fox to pressure R Scott to suddenly ditch everything they were building up to in favor of a comparatively unoriginal Alien Covenant movie. Covenant did to Prometheus what the Last Jedi did to Force Awakens, made it an impossible mess of a franchise.

    Jesse FriesenJesse Friesen2 napja
  • The two that got lost not only left first, but one of them *brought and operated* the mapping equipment.

    C64 StrikerC64 Striker2 napja
  • Big reveal? No. The Movie.

    Brolly5Brolly52 napja
  • I still love this movie

    RR2 napja
  • Dude, on EARTH if I saw a brand 'new' snake I'd take a step back. How are you gonna get that close to an alien snake on an alien planet as a scientist?

    Phred BookleyPhred Bookley2 napja
  • Actually the third cousin thing is a twist that makes senses it explains why most of these movies were created ( off the record. yes I know it’s the same guy blah blah blah)

    The VikingThe Viking2 napja
  • As a fan of how awesome the original Space Jockey looked, this movie bastardizing such a creepy and unique design really pissed me off

    Vincent MarcellinoVincent Marcellino2 napja
  • too funny :D

    No OneNo One2 napja
  • "So should I keep going?"

    Ranger75Ranger752 napja
  • And here I am, still liking that film, rip me.

    FallingForFictionFallingForFiction2 napja
  • The wry nickel phongsaly ski because jogging iteratively dare till a brief cycle. ashamed, abject paul

    Robert LinaresRobert Linares2 napja
  • Prometheus was hot garbage from beginning to end.

    James_ Tiberius_KirkJames_ Tiberius_Kirk3 napja
  • Please do pitch meeting of THE OFFICE

    Raj MinisRaj Minis3 napja
  • I never noticed that the cave painting was Dabbing. Huh. Aliens dabbing is TIGHT

    Ion ForceIon Force3 napja
  • Weird canonical crushes on your third cousin is tight!

    Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious3 napja
  • Can you pitch Ghost in the Shell?

    Au_ScavengerAu_Scavenger3 napja
  • Pitch meeting for Birdemic: Shock and Terror please?

    TJ RequeTJ Reque3 napja
  • Had to subscribe. Funny. Really.

    PhantomPhantom3 napja
  • Ryan George is a national treasure. These videos are so consistently hilarious.

    Bradley AthertonBradley Atherton3 napja
  • Alien covenant next! YES!

    Andrew WoodAndrew Wood3 napja
  • One of the biggest dissapointments ever! Terrible movie.

    CgGoilCgGoil3 napja
  • Prometheus was an interesting idea, with a terrible story and script. Too many plot holes. Likely should never have been made.

    Kenneth ConklinKenneth Conklin3 napja
  • butts. plural.

    markponickimarkponicki3 napja

    Nikkove WolfeNikkove Wolfe3 napja
  • The amount of times he says “why would you do that?” And the response is “unclear” is too many times. It makes you wonder how this movie got past the pitch meeting in reality.

    Jaden EverittJaden Everitt3 napja
  • Plz do Delhi safari it suppose to be a kids movie lol

    Joey FontaineJoey Fontaine3 napja
  • Now if anyone ask me something I don’t want to explain I just go BCUZ and then complete silence

    Akash KumarAkash Kumar3 napja
  • So it going to be a big reveal later No Oh Okay 😂😂😂

    Mindless DroidMindless Droid3 napja
  • They sure are bad at running away from things *Ding Writer: What was that? Producer: I don't know

    Zwickerly2Zwickerly23 napja
  • "So it's gonna be like a big reveal later?" "No." "Okay." LOL. :)

    Brian HartmanBrian Hartman3 napja
  • PLEASE do a Pitch Meeting of "Ad Astra" - its asinine plot is up there with the Alien Prequel Dumbster Dives...

    trakkatontrakkaton3 napja
  • There is 2 lines that you will always here in every Pitch meeting. 1. That's Tight 2. Super Easy Barely an Inconvenience

    MemeMaster45 77MemeMaster45 773 napja
  • Please pitch Tommy Wiseau's The Room

    John WigginsJohn Wiggins3 napja
  • Am i the only one that remembers that the boss said from the “the meg” pitch meeting episode said he got plastic surgery to look like the guy pitching cause he is so rich

    RedLyRedLy3 napja
  • Pitch meeting for WORLD WAR Z

    SoderblomSoderblom3 napja
  • How are they clones as well as third cousins? This pitch meeting makes as much sense as Prometheus.

    gydorackgydorack3 napja
  • How are they clones as well as third cousins? This pitch meeting makes as much sense as Prometheus.

    gydorackgydorack3 napja
  • requesting Tax Collector pitch meeting

    Ché StarChé Star3 napja
  • I want and I care a lot pitch meeting please

    yoric loweyoric lowe3 napja
  • Please do a Greenland Pitch meeting.

    tawanda tanyaztawanda tanyaz3 napja
  • Do Monster Hunter next please

    natznatz3 napja
  • That 3rd cousin bit had me lolling so loud

    sarita tambayongsarita tambayong3 napja
  • How can you think being third cousins changes nothing?! What about the blatant sexual tension between the two of them?

    Lewis MillwardLewis Millward3 napja
  • Pitch Meeting : Annihilation (Alien fairy land adventure)

    Bishop CorvaBishop Corva3 napja
  • Too bad they learned their running away skills from the Prometheus School of Running Away From...wait...

    BuckeyeStormsBuckeyeStorms3 napja
  • Only good thing on Screen Rant, please set up a pitch meeting channel

    D HartD Hart3 napja
  • you know what movie would be great for a pitch meeting? Dredd. (and the 90s stallone version too).

    PelgerPelger4 napja
  • Ryan do fight club please

    bernskbernsk4 napja
  • You should do Scrubs. I LOVE that show!!!!

    Cameron WarrenCameron Warren4 napja
  • ...just got the noti...

    Trenton McMillinTrenton McMillin4 napja
  • 🤯

    The HarmacistThe Harmacist4 napja
  • Why is this forgettable, solid 4/10 stars movie back in our national consciousness?

    Robert WestRobert West4 napja
  • Should'a just called this movie 'Unclear!'

    2Scribble2Scribble4 napja
  • This pitch meeting captured the confusion I felt during the entire movie itself.

    DebDeb4 napja
  • 3:13 why even mention? I dont know.

    Hamzah FazluddinHamzah Fazluddin4 napja
  • Do they do Pitch Meetings for videogames? They should do Pitch Meetings for videogames.

    batmanfanforever08batmanfanforever084 napja
  • Can you do a Wizard of Oz pitch meeting?

    Ian Sanders OFSIan Sanders OFS4 napja
  • While referencing his catchphrases are super easy, barely an inconvenience, my personal favorite is "wow wow wow". It's underrated. I just think wow wow wow is tight!

    Johnny LegoJohnny Lego4 napja
  • Please do a pitch meeting of Dogma.

    Loan KabbyLoan Kabby4 napja
  • Pitch meeting for The Fanatic

    Alain ThibaultAlain Thibault4 napja
  • Pitch meeting for The Book of Life

    Alina HernandezAlina Hernandez4 napja
  • **Third cousin?** I don't need sleep I need answers now.

    Dank PosterDank Poster4 napja