PRIME CUTS 2018 - The best of Life of Boris + Gopnik Gaming compilation

2018.máj. 1.
881 233 Megtekintés

Life of Boris - making something out of nothing and more with less since 2015. Enjoy the compilation!
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  • Анатолий не может приехать в Минас-Герайс в Бразилии или он сойдется с ума от сыра

    João Vitor de Oliveira lanaJoão Vitor de Oliveira lanaNapja
  • Normal people: water Boris: *transparent liquid*

    Gaming With AbdullaGaming With AbdullaHónapja
  • I haven't seen the video But I'm glad he likes Abuelita chocolate

    Edmundo RamirezEdmundo Ramirez2 hónapja
  • Ay, I got Warface, Boris!

    DAOnline 2020DAOnline 20203 hónapja
  • what is dr.disrespect doing in this video?

    Uzumaki9Uzumaki93 hónapja
  • 3:25 this is strong pista (erős pista) ????

    Csirkeboti CsillàmpòniCsirkeboti Csillàmpòni3 hónapja
  • That warface

    Mafozochoro FreedomMafozochoro Freedom3 hónapja
  • 12:30 *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

    RandomGoatOnTheInternetRandomGoatOnTheInternet4 hónapja
  • Anatoli plus cheese - best romance ever.🤣

    Sofija Sofy GrebnarovicSofija Sofy Grebnarovic5 hónapja
  • Пожалуйста братан what is song on 12:20 Гита

    Andres Valentine SantosAndres Valentine Santos5 hónapja
  • We need this intro bacc!

    HellenicHellenic5 hónapja
  • Drink it it tastes like meat!

    Studio 137Studio 1376 hónapja
  • what your game in 5:28 ? pls

    Дмитрий ПетроbДмитрий Петроb6 hónapja
  • 17:51 - 18:00 Fucking hell XD

    Der Deutsche-ScotsmenDer Deutsche-Scotsmen6 hónapja
  • Lost on HUworld please take my soul °-°

    Crk CrkCrk Crk6 hónapja
  • "you know, I like sausage how I like my videos" *well done*

    Tobias KonowitzTobias Konowitz7 hónapja
  • Я люблю секс с бананми I love s🍾x with bananas Enough youtube for today

    DrageusDrageus7 hónapja
  • boris:*gets hit by train* cassie(background app): that is pretty nice!

    mr. sandwichmr. sandwich8 hónapja
  • That into intro XD

    PigeonPigeon8 hónapja
  • Boris you best slav in borislavonia Edit: wtf why not make serious sam 2 gameplay?

    Sami KallSami Kall8 hónapja
  • What's the name of the program to speak like that on beginning of video. Please answer, I laughed so much because of it.

    Broderzz CompanyBroderzz Company8 hónapja
  • 7:15

    ExodiaumExodiaum8 hónapja
  • Receive Weslav track suit jacket, better than all others in world!! More Slav than Adidas, devoid of Capitalist tricks. As tough as Babushka with a Kalishnikov. Perfect for squatting , Lada driving, Kalishinikov shooting or carrying mayonnaise in pouch.

    Dan DittoDan Ditto8 hónapja
  • Igor always a vrod blyat !!!

    pujaan hatipujaan hati9 hónapja
  • 18:16 I'm pretty sure that's actually Boris hair

    Nil VictorioNil Victorio9 hónapja
  • 10:07 nice rifle, wish they sold it readily outside of the Zone

    sampson liangsampson liang9 hónapja
  • Boris is a little chunk

    Aggie 2021Aggie 20219 hónapja
  • 0:13 what game/animation is that from

    ReeMan69ReeMan6910 hónapja
    • That animation is from Boris' video Stalker animation. I know it's month ago, but I hope I helped.

      Broderzz CompanyBroderzz Company8 hónapja
  • Where is the camping with tanks in pockets video?!

    Nick MuffinNick Muffin10 hónapja
  • 3:23 more like professional Slavs

    Grimm GamezGrimm Gamez10 hónapja
  • 10%polish 30% and slav 60% not slav Masno si

    bershibekbershibek10 hónapja
  • BorisDanoff

    Ryan McMahonRyan McMahon10 hónapja
  • 19:47 Now lets get Vasya 19:50 Hah hah hah. The idiots put him near vodka I can't stop laughing👏

    год гевгод гев10 hónapja
  • Anatoli... Put down the cheese No, NO!

    Vsevolod GVsevolod G10 hónapja
  • 0:47 "Anatoli... put down the cheese." *EATING CHEESE INTENSETFIES* "No NO"

    Gia RiderGia Rider10 hónapja
  • Well no wonder Sergei passed from diabetes, the plain lemonade flavor is trash! Use cherry or blue raspberry lemonade flavor next time, theyre much better

    Cherti KinamotoCherti Kinamoto10 hónapja
  • Boris has a very good stove, that rich gopnik

    SanguineusSanguineus10 hónapja
  • "Has the cheese entered your brain , Anatoli?" 😂😂

    Random SlavRandom Slav10 hónapja
  • bok

    A Cat on CatNipA Cat on CatNip10 hónapja
  • In 2:14 what game is this?

    {Serxndipityきよ}{Serxndipityきよ}11 hónapja
  • Hehehe, what the fuck are you doing cousin Urod blyat'

    ѱ オフライン ѱѱ オフライン ѱ11 hónapja

    Jelshen Febryand ValescoJelshen Febryand Valesco11 hónapja
  • what i learned from this video: igor is urod

    oJo FaceoJo FaceÉvvel
  • It’s so funny that he makes food videos, like how does he even get it?

    Orden HartleyOrden HartleyÉvvel
  • Anatoli: Boris:Has the cheese entered your brain Me:Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahaha(wheeze)hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahthisissofunny

  • Is nobody going to talk abaout how cute is Anatoli's laugh? Nah? Just me? K, then keep it cheeky breeki.

    Lonely PotatoLonely PotatoÉvvel
    • Anatoli's laugh brings me joy-

      ScynerrinScynerrin6 hónapja
    • I👏 fucking👏agree👏

      sxddie_rxsezsxddie_rxsez7 hónapja
  • Boris needs to try popeyes biscuit if he wants to try the driest thing known to man.

    Alastriana TeregovAlastriana TeregovÉvvel
  • Has the cheese entered your brain anatoli? Anatoli: O-0

    Clare ʕ•ᴥ•ʔClare ʕ•ᴥ•ʔÉvvel
  • 14:16 boris voice kills me

    J julio MJ julio MÉvvel
  • Sending dynamite to neighbor vadim was best part

    DA BirdDA BirdÉvvel
  • Number 1 thing to learn from video... Igor is urod

    DA BirdDA BirdÉvvel
  • Bok means Shit or poo in Turkish btw lol

    Professor HamsterProfessor HamsterÉvvel
  • 0:00 How I speak when I first wake up.

    Morality HowitzerMorality HowitzerÉvvel

  • Other people: Pan Boris: Circular Heating Bowl

    Suomi Perkele!Suomi Perkele!Évvel
  • whole first section is anatoli and the cheese

    Papa LiamPapa LiamÉvvel
  • I think I missed half of what was said but I loved it all the same

  • 4:55 that comment.. it translates to: i love sex with bananas

    jänkujuss pudelisjänkujuss pudelisÉvvel
  • 8:21 i play

  • Golden AK is Bourgeoisie, you are Western SPy !!!!!!

    Das RaddicheDas RaddicheÉvvel
  • I Have Something To Say. B*tch F**k. (Or Cyka Blyat)

    Nolan The GamerNolan The GamerÉvvel
  • I can imagine Lada flipping while Boris is inside it and he's all chill like "Yep,this is gud" Then Igor comes up and then "Oy cuka"*explodes*

    Jayden ClementsJayden ClementsÉvvel
  • If Boris actually talked like that from now on, I would die


  • 14:19

  • 14:43 North Korean noodles are much better blyat!

    Rimmi PeepsiclesRimmi PeepsiclesÉvvel
  • I want more.

    Ömer Faruk SabırÖmer Faruk SabırÉvvel
  • The Russian mafia wants to know your location... Wait, what the blin! Borris is the Russian mafia

    Awkward RumbleAwkward RumbleÉvvel
  • 16:27 The best clips yet.

    Gabe StrongGabe StrongÉvvel
  • 666,000 views lol

    ded acc not returningded acc not returningÉvvel
  • Waitttt hold on Crotians say bok for hello Turks says bok for shit So if yiur talking to your friends at age 5 in turkey and uour croatian you say bok andddddd parents fuck you up

  • so im starting to think your Ukrainian because you say Igor, Ihor , and not Igar like russians do

    Igor BazylewiczIgor BazylewiczÉvvel
  • 4:55 Виктор, кто не любит это?

    imma glowstikimma glowstikÉvvel
  • slavtube hardbass edition ?

    TuanVN 2007TuanVN 2007Évvel
  • My favourite intro song by far😎

    AlexTakac _AlexTakac _Évvel
  • Boris needs more mayonnaise.

    the Meme channelthe Meme channelÉvvel
  • All my potatoes say idi nahui to me :'(

    Mike BelcourtMike BelcourtÉvvel
  • I freaking love this intro And not just because Boris falls in lake Do you think I am ass blyat

    Generic UnicornGeneric UnicornÉvvel
  • cheeke breeke

    Miller HundMiller HundÉvvel
  • what is the game at 2:45 called?

  • Hmmm Eastern European?

    Don KazDon KazÉvvel
  • Omg... lol, I love Anatoli, he's so funny, mischievous and cute!! :3

    Lina GuevaraLina GuevaraÉvvel
  • Not Ded Moroz gopnik, it's Ayaz Ata! 2:33

    Mehmet Can DoğanMehmet Can DoğanÉvvel
  • *-Rewind-** Prime Cuts 2018*

  • Living the low class-high life

    Christopher LaceyChristopher LaceyÉvvel
  • I love slavsung electronics

    napoleon yongnapoleon yongÉvvel
  • Does Boris have a different gaming account?

    • Nevermind saw its Gopnic Gaming

  • U play warface??? Me too😃😃 wanna play together???

    Karla FitschenKarla FitschenÉvvel
  • I am an onion... notice me

    ONION 657ONION 657Évvel
  • SWISS ARMY BISCUITS?!?!?!! i tried them and they're so dry but delicious. PLUS i live in..... you guess.

    Phoenix WrightPhoenix WrightÉvvel
  • "Please,thank you,next time,cheeki breeki,watching for thank you" :)) xD

    Oliver SimaiOliver SimaiÉvvel
  • What is that game at 2:50

    Mr. XMr. XÉvvel
  • Lol u are playing warface

  • As you said Boris..."What the blyat?"

    Black KnightBlack KnightÉvvel
  • Watched this at school while squatting with some friends of mine before getting in trouble but it was worth it

    Maritza RamirezMaritza RamirezÉvvel
  • Where do I send fan mail?

    Whitekidd uwuWhitekidd uwuÉvvel
  • 9:16 Gnome: im gnot a gnelf. Im gnot a gnoblin. IM A GNOME AND YOU'VE B... Boris: Did i just kill a gnome?

    pp wangpp wangÉvvel
  • 8:15 what game on background blyat

  • The randomness of this comp captures the essence your randomness

  • 21:08 my life right now

    Pizza BoiPizza BoiÉvvel