Pop Smoke - AP (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video for Pop Smoke “AP”, available everywhere now: PopSmoke.lnk.to/APBoogie
Lyric video created by Ian Eager @eager.ly
AP, Spicy
I bust a check in my Nikes
Am I a killa? Might be
Two tone, icy

Talk to me nice or don’t talk at all, ah
I make a call and it’s war
I’m off that Adderall

Get to spraying niggas cause I hate niggas
Fuck niggas I ain’t playing wit em
I don’t really wanna hear niggas
I don’t got nothing to say nigga
I’m with Bear eating steak dinner
Just know he got a K wit em
And my lil mama got it in her purse
All I gotta say is babe get em
If I run down it’s a drum round
All you gonna hear is gun sounds
Niggas know I bring them guns out
I make it hot when it’s sun down
Fever, shorty want act like a diva
Shorty want suck on my Nina
I leave that shit wet, Aquafina

AP, Spicy
I bust a check in my Nikes
Am I a killa? Might be
Two tone, icy

Talk to me nice or don’t talk at all, ah
I make a call and it’s war
I’m off that Adderall

I got 52 shots in this Glock and an infrared up on the opp if he let off
Trey suvy hold the chop, yellow tape when it pop knock his head off
Load up the chop it go dumb, niggas see me and they run
Silencer up on the gun
Niggas will shoot you for nothing
Trey suvy, boy playing with the toolie
I bet he make a movie
Woo, Woo
Pop dripped up in Louis
Couple hundred in some jewelry
Spent 55 on her booty
Touch her ass and niggas shooting

AP, Spicy
I bust a check in my Nikes
Am I a killa? Might be
Two tone, icy

Talk to me nice or don’t talk at all, ah
I make it a call and it’s war
I’m off that Adderall

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  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Bankroll JayBankroll Jay6 órája
  • ramdom guy: YOU WANT TO DIE! pop smoke: ''ah'' btw this a joke R.I.P pop smoke fly high

    the FORD GT GUYthe FORD GT GUY8 órája
  • "I make a call its war" DAMNN

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  • 8.84/10 said ben

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  • He was to young rip🪦😭😭😭

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  • RIP

  • If he is dead then how did he do that movie

    Vick e LeizinhaVick e LeizinhaNapja
    • it must of been recorded before he died

      rio robrio rob21 órája
  • This mana alwaga here he chilling at his party as always see yah soon homie

    April ParksApril Parks2 napja
  • i'm buying the hoodie.

    Donald ScheidtDonald Scheidt2 napja
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    KingdragonKingdragon2 napja

    narekohnarekoh2 napja
  • Please somebody tells me what is"AP" !

    kid cutiekid cutie2 napja
    • *ap spicy*

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  • This shit is absolutely trash buckets bruh

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  • Banger of the year

    CheloursChelours3 napja
  • I can just picture 2pac hitting are verse on this beat he would kill it. AND TO POP SMOKE GONE WAY TO SOON JUST ARE BABY BOY WHO WAS GOING TO BE SOMETHING SPECIAL HES VOICE HES FLOW IS COMPLETELY different to all these mumble jumble whatever u wanna call them fake rappers these days should have been 69 in hes place

    Mohammed El-AliMohammed El-Ali3 napja
  • “the real ones r dying, the fake ones is lit”

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  • Biggest driller of all time.

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  • Talk to me nice or don’t talk at all

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  • He should of stayed in New Jersey 🗽😡😡.....

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    • But R.I.P pop smoke....

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    • Not to L.A. that pissed me off 😤....

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  • Ap spicy you are taking all my Nike

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  • "AP spicy i bust a check in my nike am i a killa might be two tone icy talk to me to nice or don't talk at all i make a call its war" hearing these words killed 6ix9ine's Career

    PlutoPluto5 napja
  • Can anyone see that 50 finished this song sounds like pop smoke here and there but mostly you can tell 50 finished this 😂😂😂🤣🤣

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  • Here after Boogie

    Mauricia WilliamsMauricia Williams6 napja
  • He tried to "Aim for the moon" But only " For the night" Even though he was " Armed and Dangerous" He was also " Something Special" He started a " War" With "44 Bulldogs" He hanged out with "Gangstas" But suffered from "PTSD" He also loved "Dior" And told us to "Enjoy yourself" He even "Shaked the room" And he was from "Zoo York" He loved "West coast shit" And loved to "Make it rain" He even had "Tunnel Vison" And was "Invincible" He was an "Element" But also a " Creature" He had a " Bad bitch from Toyko" And asked her "What you know love" But she told him to " Get Back" Even though he had " Mood swings" He will always be known as " The woo" Rest in peace Pop Smoke WOO 💫

    SwervoSwervo6 napja
    • maaaaan dont start with this sobby soft bullshit

      Mr. No NameMr. No Name6 napja
  • Talk to me nice or don't talk at all

    Ema AustrieEma Austrie6 napja
  • Rap muito quente

  • He has the best adlibs💔💫

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  • high class

    ZEKKER 7ZEKKER 76 napja
  • What if there was a beef between pop smoke and an other rapper

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  • Who else just want to see behind the pics to know if pop land the 3s as curry?

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  • Rest in peace to the woo pop smoke 🙏

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  • I thought he will be the new tupac. Very good sound

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  • And rip

    Rashad UnderwoodRashad Underwood8 napja
  • I got this on my ringtone

    Rashad UnderwoodRashad Underwood8 napja
  • this song is so good he uploaded it an entire year after he died im sorry

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  • That's a lotta adidas, just sayin.

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  • This video is so annoying. it's hurting my brain. All that jittering of the images

    Mad-CyantistMad-Cyantist8 napja
    • u got epilepsy? tf wrong wit u

      Mr. No NameMr. No Name6 napja
  • ❤️❤️💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Daniyal HatamifardDaniyal Hatamifard8 napja
  • Can't believe he got a movie comin out dude was gonna be huuuge

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  • Yes

  • E

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  • "AP spicy I bust a check in my Nikes"

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  • What does it mean the woo

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  • My idol

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    • He has a son ???

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  • huworld.info/to/jFNZGpe_MgLqpiQlwHknDQ pop smoke in free fire

    Gamer s.d playerGamer s.d player10 napja
  • I'm sad bc pop should of been the main char if this his movie

  • RIP to Pop Smoke! His style with the UK drill beat is UNIQUE! Period!

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  • Rip WOOO 💫💫💫

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  • AP spicy

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