Pop Culture Trivia War & Friendship With Shane Is Over - Frenemies #18

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  • Someone please help Trisha with her floating mic

    Valerie RamseyValerie Ramsey37 perccel
  • Elvis recipe did not have cheese

    mariam Hilalmariam Hilal5 órája
  • I can’t believe Trish hasn’t seen Twilight

    Lexi JonesLexi Jones6 órája

    mariam Hilalmariam Hilal21 órája
  • This is my whole life now

    mariam Hilalmariam Hilal21 órája
  • Catching up of my favorite pair🥰

    Allika ChambersAllika ChambersNapja
  • 33:36 that didn’t age well LMAFO

  • Frenemies will not be called Frenemies without fights and storming off moments.

  • I literally think trish would sound so good in a bluegrass band

  • I love MCR but I thought both the last episode and this episode were both Marilyn Manson cosplays holy shit

    S AS ANapja
  • I don't get how Shane and Ryland is being cancelled more than Jeffree.

  • Elvis favorite sandwich is peanut butter, banana, and bacon.

    Very Nice!Very Nice!Napja
  • If you put some jelly in that it tastes amazing!

    Bruno JorgeBruno Jorge2 napja
  • Trisha is so smart she knows so much more then me in those trivia questions. I didn't know most of them. She really does do so much actively too I stan Trisha. 👍

    ShannonShannon2 napja
  • i love how trisha took the crumb on ethan's plate and put it on their plate like i find that wholesome idk omg

    cinnamon gabcinnamon gab2 napja
  • 21:05 for some reason i laughed so hard at them being more invested in the grilled cheese sandwiches while ryland's talking he's like "i love trisha so much it breaks my heart" and trish and ethan are in the background like "SLAM IT??PUSH IT??? IT'S HOT"

  • forgot the bacon!

    Rachel BarrRachel Barr3 napja
  • I think they should also deduct points when they give the wrong answer. It would make it more competitive and fun.

    Sparky's GirlSparky's Girl3 napja
  • Ethan gets so offended by Trisha talking about Jewish anything. Its like dude get some thick skin and get over it. Really Trisha talking about it shouldn't trigger you.

    Timothy WittTimothy Witt3 napja

    Kaya DuranKaya Duran3 napja
    • ethan needs to stop it’s non stop wet mouth sounds

      Kaya DuranKaya Duran3 napja

    lincoln marlborolincoln marlboro3 napja
  • true taurus queen cutting off whoever doesn't like her friends

    Pearl PerezPearl Perez4 napja

    Tanner COKERTanner COKER4 napja
  • Hey! Where are the tater tots?

    Sparky's GirlSparky's Girl4 napja
  • I love the way Trisha just wants the food. lol.

    Sparky's GirlSparky's Girl4 napja
  • I really want to try that grilled cheese sandwich. It sounds like the bomb!

    Sparky's GirlSparky's Girl4 napja
  • I am so addicted to this show! I can't get enough.

    Sparky's GirlSparky's Girl4 napja
  • Ngl my brother ate peanut butter and marble cheese sandwiches almost every day when we were little I wanna barf watching this

    A EdwardA Edward4 napja
  • I'm so late on this, but did anyone else notice Trisha threw Ethan's crumbs on her plate so he could have a clean plate to eat off of? 🥺

    Alex BenavidesAlex Benavides4 napja
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton were not married in the decade. Just saying. Dan gets shit wrong constantly.

    Michael FlemingMichael Fleming4 napja
  • Stepbrothers is easily a cornerstone of cultural norms😂😂

    Call_Me_TetiCall_Me_Teti5 napja
  • Dammit Ian

    Ana BarrosoAna Barroso5 napja
  • Hey the live action 101 Dalmatians came out in the 90s

    Disney Dreaming02Disney Dreaming025 napja
  • all dowop is accapella but not all acapella is doowop

    Lilly DiazLilly Diaz6 napja
  • Trisha knowing *The Toronto Maple Leafs* and choosing it for their Trivia answer made my day ❤🇨🇦🍁💙

    Ally BaileyAlly Bailey6 napja
  • I have always liked Trisha, but her on this show is my absolute favorite! Love how she seems to be having a genuinely good experience with everyone. I hope it continues for a long time, the environment seems to be great!

    Jordan kJordan k6 napja
    • *them

      Ally BaileyAlly Bailey6 napja
  • i am insanely loyal like trish, and i’ve never had a friend stick up for me and ride for me like this. i luv to see it

    biskybisky6 napja
  • "its like you can't play with peoples lives for a vlog" - ethan before all the dirt came out on dobrik 1:47:00

    idk rachelidk rachel6 napja
  • I’m so sorry but the stepbrothers scene is ICONIC

    Lea IrachetaLea Iracheta6 napja
  • I was obsessed with Avi so hearing the tea on him has me 😱

    Kaitlin TolbertKaitlin Tolbert6 napja
  • Am I the only one that was bothered from trisha’s mic jumping up every time she bumped into it 🙃😅

    RisellyRiselly6 napja
    • @Ally Bailey she said she goes by both on her recent tweet go read

      KaitKait5 napja
  • Omfg I love how they like Motown

    Briana MauriBriana Mauri6 napja
  • Hitler wars indeed a catholic

    revliS zalliroGrevliS zalliroG7 napja
    • wait fr?!

      めらとにんめらとにん6 napja
  • The microphone

    Jackson BensonJackson Benson7 napja
  • RYAN LOCHTE not Lashè 😂

    Cassie ._.Cassie ._.7 napja
  • yunglean sad boys has exited the chat

    megan leanmegan lean7 napja
  • Period Trish! Love the Gerard look

    Stream thank you for the VenomStream thank you for the Venom7 napja
  • the laughs in the background are so funny to me

    Vanessa CamposVanessa Campos7 napja
  • the laughing in the background is my favorite!!

    Valerie NovoaValerie Novoa8 napja
  • I presume Ethan meant Birkin and not Burka 😂

    The Boy In The BedThe Boy In The Bed8 napja
  • ethans chewing makes me wanna kms

    Madelyn HansenMadelyn Hansen8 napja
  • so what did mel gibson say to his wife

    Damaris ChavarriaDamaris Chavarria9 napja
  • i wish i had friends like Trish & Ethan ♥️

    Merry MadisonMerry Madison10 napja
  • lmao didn't Trisha not want their tax dollars going to plan parenthood

    MAROKEMAROKE10 napja
    • I know... i was thinking the same thing. (Btw its their, not her)

      Ally BaileyAlly Bailey6 napja
  • In Canada it was called Family Channel lol

    Allyssa MarieAllyssa Marie11 napja
  • Cant believe trisha dont know who Soulja boy is i get not being a fan but hes really out there like her lol

    Claudia NietoClaudia Nieto11 napja
  • The fact she took his crumbs to make his plate she’s so sweet and it’s always unintentional🥺🥺

    cutie12cutie1211 napja
  • Huh. That song wasn't terrible.

    existenceisrelativeexistenceisrelative11 napja
  • Good god Trisha will not stop talking at a million miles per second it's killing my ears!

    CrackedRackCrackedRack11 napja
  • Should add trigger warnings at the beginning of episodes or before speaking about issues such as assault

    Sheer EmSheer Em11 napja
  • Trisha: “thank you for not putting Shane’s name in the title” The title:

    Bob SagetBob Saget11 napja
    • Ahahhahahahhaha

      KaitKait5 napja

    Blue BoydBlue Boyd11 napja
  • I’m glad someone else said something about Ethan’s chewing because my misophonia cannot handle that shit 😭 I had to stop listening to a few episodes because of it lmfao

    savanna joysavanna joy11 napja
  • Honestly so thankful they don't eat stuff like this anymore (and sit farther back from mics when they do eat), I can't stand hearing Ethan smacking his teeth and lips every other second while I'm trying to listen to the convo >.

    CiaraCiara12 napja
  • why did that song slap so hard

    Gigi MWGigi MW12 napja
  • my cheating mind is googling the answers before they are given what tf is wrong with me

    jacob khorsandjacob khorsand12 napja
  • Ethans ah ah ah ah ah 😂😂😂😂😂

    Fergy DFergy D13 napja
  • I listen to this on podcast and then look up the videos on funny parts that I want to see

    Fergy DFergy D13 napja
  • When they sing together

    Fergy DFergy D13 napja
  • Anyone noticed how he said I love u and but continued talking??? 1:31:28

    AyaAya13 napja
  • okay loved the episode and the show but ETHAN... Plannedparenthood support eugenics and was founded by someone who supported it. you can't just say tstuff like that bro not cool. It misinforms women about their babies life cycle so they can abort more kids.

    Addison BaroniAddison Baroni13 napja
  • 2:02:50

    FF13 napja
  • 2:01:24

    FF13 napja
  • 2:00:50

    FF13 napja
  • 1:46:13

    FF13 napja
  • 1:36:56

    FF13 napja
  • I wish I was “I lost 3000 dollars in a purse” rich. I am “don’t throw away those napkins unless we can’t afford toilet paper” poor.

    Molly QueenMolly Queen14 napja
  • I can’t watch the episodes where Ethan is chewing into the mic haha

    Corey PatrickCorey Patrick14 napja
  • I love the song

    Sydney WardSydney Ward14 napja
  • them shitting on TARZAN is ultimate uncultured

    spotfan101spotfan10114 napja
  • Hahaha yessss musicians we can't help but sing and play all day😐 sorry🤷‍♀️

    Blue EchoBlue Echo14 napja
  • Yo escuchando la respuestas de Despacito: 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Rachel TavarezRachel Tavarez14 napja
  • 😂😂😂 Ethan calling Birkins Burkas

    ashley keyashley key15 napja
  • I mean Jason can do what he wants... David isn’t in control of what other people can do

    Creed BrattonCreed Bratton15 napja
  • Random sidenote: Ethan made a comment about Ryland’s hypocrisy and compared it to when a McDonald’s customer suing after burning herself with her coffee. The McD’s customer, 79 year old Stella Liebeck, had 3rd degree burns, fusing her legs together a requiring multiple skin grafts. This had happened multiple times before, with McD’s policy to serve it at that high of temperature. Stella only sued so they would cover her medical bills, but they refused to offer anything over 800$. When the jury heard this, they were appalled and that’s how she got 3 million instead of 20,000. I don’t even know if Ethan meant differently, it was just an offhand comment, I just always want to educate whenever I hear someone talking about that case without clarifying.

    Tracy QinTracy Qin15 napja
    • This is true. I am surprised over how little people knew the background.

      Gentiana GGentiana G2 napja
  • Ethan: “ I don’t think our views are in the market for burkas” Me: *laughing in my Walmart shorts You don’t know me

    Sophia LiuSophia Liu15 napja
  • *trisha moans* AB - “Trisha is stretching!!” lmaooooooo

    Carson RegisterCarson Register16 napja
  • I was brain washed by David to believe trash was a horrible manipulating person but she’s actually the only real one of the vlog squad. Her and Liza r the best ❤️

    sophie maysophie may16 napja
    • It’s crazy how much people would die for him liza got sm hate just for breaking up with him which is a natural thing in life and they all hated on her for it for “breaking his heart” and still do

      KaitKait5 napja
  • That zoom in on Ethan's tummy is shady af and really funny. 🤣 1:23:01

    Yin AranzamendezYin Aranzamendez16 napja
  • Ethan smacking every 5 seconds drives me insane but I love the podcast so this is the only time I put up with it

    TrumpcansuckadTrumpcansuckad16 napja
  • ⚠️TW⚠️ SA MENTION QUOTE FROM STEP BROTHERS “I thought he was going to rape me,he had the craziest look in his eyes and at one point he even said let’s get it on.”

    Rebekah EsquivelRebekah Esquivel16 napja
  • I think step brothers is a corner stone tbh

    maya pottermaya potter16 napja
  • how does she not know who souja boy is lmaooo

    emily carteremily carter16 napja
  • The confusion of Trisha over this panini press is priceless😂😂

    Dylana HammillDylana Hammill16 napja
  • I used to dislike Trisha but ever since she got on this podcast I realized how beautiful and cute she is. I LOVE HER and IM SO HAPPY FOR HER. SHE DESERVES ALL THE HAPPIINESS.

    Ebelin BravoEbelin Bravo17 napja
  • Trish’s music video was actually great!

    Ana LambertAna Lambert17 napja
  • Ethan sounding like my mom “You gotta....” to Trisha 😂 Love this podcast!

    Miss SwannaMiss Swanna17 napja
  • Giving me flashbacks of all the times my BF wanted to help me 'go pro' or at least competitive in like CSGO or something and we'd set up a sleep schedule and make sure I always had and was drinking water and had a breakfast of peanut butter and banana toast because bananas help ur brain connections and peanut butter is a healthy fat (in moderation) so the banana/peanut/water/real sleep combo helps you become a more consistent functioning player. Then we'd start theorizing exercise routines, typically starting with cardio or calisthenics because athletes have a superior reaction time so if you really want to be serious about games you gotta get ur life together lmao.

    CthulAidCthulAid18 napja
  • Lol when Trisha calls Ethan out for not being a socialist. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    erica dodderica dodd18 napja
  • I love watching Trisha cook. It’s so soothing

    Amy BennettAmy Bennett18 napja