Pokimane finally says it...

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  • what do yall think about this? hypocritical or nah? (this video blew up too wtf thanks so much lmao) 👇 Shameless promo if you click read more - don't say I didn't warn you 👇 I make hiphop instrumentals/beats when im boredsometimes - it would mean the world to me if you check some of them out 💜 - huworld.info/to/9jkE8JWLYSVPh44ylqJ_Zg Np if you don't want to or don't care enough to ^^ 💜 Comment "TwitchLyfe" on your favorite ones so I know you came from here 💜 All the best, Pepega

    Twitch LyfeTwitch LyfeHónapja
    • i think 3.4 millions views in a week for this is obscene

      Anthony MugianesiAnthony Mugianesi26 napja
    • I would have said the exact same thing she said cept I don't got an audience to say it too lol

    • i am close to 660 subs and i really wanna get there,sorry for promoting,i Just Have To!

    • I'd say nah. I mean she's not begging for it or anything. Just simps wanting to dump their money. Unless of course it's not a simp and rather a person who just wants to show their support for different reasons.

    • One Day she might actually use her brain before opening that mouth of hers.

      Ian SuttonIan SuttonHónapja
  • ngl i kinda wish it was just pokimane saying "it"

    Rick AstleyRick AstleyNapja
  • I have no opinion on her

    Nick KNick K4 napja
  • 😳

    Pier CPier C7 napja
  • *Not donating money to Pokimane* Simps: Wait that’s not in my dictionary :/

    Alex PanAlex Pan11 napja
  • i have a life

    prod. benvloprod. benvlo19 napja
  • That’s something you would ask mr beast

    oliveeolivee20 napja
  • Hahahahha

    J PJ P23 napja
  • So I'm curious, how many of you simps would leave if she announced she had a boyfriend? Coming from someone who is somewhat attracted to her, I'd still stick around because she makes great content. I don't want any lying, I'm just asking. No judgement either

    La Frosted CookiesLa Frosted Cookies25 napja
  • Holy moly why does this have 3.5 mill

    LiamLiam25 napja
  • E

    DoggyBoyDoggyBoy25 napja
  • But that's how they make money tho

    nemuii -_-nemuii -_-25 napja
  • Is everybody really this stupid? She didn't say stop paying for content you like. She said stop giving people free shit, like not having them pay for stuff you sell. Your hatred really turn you all into idiots?

    BIZEBBIZEB26 napja
    • @Sub Zero Erm, I only know her through Dr. K. What's the word for the retards who put effort into hating someone and only know the word "simp"? I could use that one.

      BIZEBBIZEB25 napja
    • Simp

      Sub ZeroSub Zero25 napja
  • Pls when someone meets her say if she can give you a tip

    XXX VexrusXXX Vexrus26 napja
    • Pls check my edit triple X

      dazoder 360dazoder 36026 napja
  • pPOKIMANE IS *BEAUTIFUL* !! I’m a IT Specialist for the State of California and if I want to give this beautiful woman $50,000 a year then I WILL because she’s a QUEEN! I’m not some simp

    Lee LeeLee Lee26 napja
  • I feel bad for the simps

    hell nohell no26 napja
  • her laugh at the end made me laugh

    Omniverse GamingOmniverse Gaming26 napja
  • It was a dark day for all the simps...

    JKJK27 napja
  • Pokimane: I have a boyfriend Simps that didn’t realize she was streaming: I sense a disturbance in the force

    Noble SixNoble Six27 napja
  • and ask them what? I didn't understand

    1ups_1ups_27 napja
  • This dude just cracked the algorithm

    Betafridge1Betafridge127 napja
  • Alright, next time i meet a famous youtuber, ill ask for a £20,000 tip 😬

    Xility YTXility YT27 napja
  • **goes bankrupt 1 month later**

    RedkidRedkid28 napja
  • likely just a ruse. If she really didn't want donations, especially generous ones; she could disable it all together; set limits; remove tier 2 and 3 subs and rewards, and much more. I bet she got a big spike that day in revenue. I almost bought in to it then asked myself why doesn't she do anything like I listed if she really didn't want people wasting money on millionaires. Also I wondered, why would she say that when a big part of income comes from donations from people for 'certain' reasons.

    Joseph MelladoJoseph Mellado28 napja
  • Do people really give money to Twitch streamers? Because they think the girl is gonna do them?? No way

    Slavic SoulSlavic Soul28 napja
  • She said the N-word. I think she got the pass by paying that mandingo the last time.

    denellesonndenellesonn28 napja
  • good job poki

    Envision SpamzEnvision Spamz28 napja
  • That’s literally what I’ve been saying for agesssssss

    BlacksmithBlacksmith28 napja
  • Holy shit pokimane being sensible? Tf?

    For RareOccasionsFor RareOccasions28 napja
  • The first time I have ever heard pokimane curse Like if you agree😁

  • Pokimane: Stop giving rich people free shit. Tier 3 subs: No, I don't think I will.

    Himiko YumenoHimiko YumenoHónapja
  • no wonder nobody gimme vodka

    Vladimir PutinVladimir PutinHónapja
  • This is why I hate ZHC. He just gives cool things to people who already have cool things.

  • Those simp filling her pocket while her bf filling her hole

    DeCenT GaMePlaYDeCenT GaMePlaYHónapja
  • Donated another 1k to her for saying this.


    RVG JosipRVG JosipHónapja
  • Hey, im a comment with no likes. Please like. Or comment rude things under this Comment :) Love you Redditors.

  • Simps before pokimaine reveals she has a boyfriend: *There are 14 million possibilities*

    Amon KCAmon KCHónapja
  • *

    Anime chicken NuggetAnime chicken NuggetHónapja
  • Total sket

  • Pokimane: I don't need your money. Viewers: SHE NEEDS OUR MONEY!

  • This confused the tier 3 subs

  • Lowkey thought she was gonna say the n word 😭

  • Poki: Uno Reverse

    Diggles sDiggles sHónapja
  • i personally always thought it was crazy that people just give tons of money to streamers. their views alone are worth a fortune. these streamers would get hella paid in other ways even if you just enjoyed the stream. a million people's attention is worth a fortune to those that know how to use it

  • i thought she was going to say the n word

  • Ñ

    Saik EdzazSaik EdzazHónapja
  • PLS MORE POKI MAN CLIP 😍😘❤❤❤💕💕💕💋💋💋💋🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💖💖🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍❣💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟💌

    Saik EdzazSaik EdzazHónapja
  • I mean all the people who are hard simping over her and giving her money randomly need to figure out that you won't get anything out of it in return. She couldn't care less about you in reality.

    Damien DurakovićDamien DurakovićHónapja
  • She makes a good point, give us broke people some free stuff

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a MustacheHónapja
    • @drak Not every video, not even close. I watch HUworld everyday for at least 5 hours and I can say with confidence I have never seen this person

      The Greatest UsernameThe Greatest Username7 órája
    • Who tf is Justin Y and Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      The Greatest UsernameThe Greatest Username7 órája
    • Bruh you history must look like the wizard king's grimore

      愛の悪魔Zen愛の悪魔Zen15 napja
    • @drak Why are you genuinely mad about that lmao

      Joe?Joe?23 napja
    • @Henry Jimenez hes just a loser that doesnt go outside, why do you think hes able to comment on like every video

      drakdrak26 napja
  • happy SUNDAY my friend your video is great. Stay connected with me yeah. Have a great day.

    Hugo GamingHugo GamingHónapja
  • I thought she was gonna say the n word

    Ricardo AlvarrezRicardo AlvarrezHónapja
  • xcuse me what? xD her advice is for us to beg on the rich people lol that made me laugh

    Patrick VillarealPatrick VillarealHónapja
  • money is money

    cool fire ninjacool fire ninjaHónapja
  • i thought this was the video where she says the word from the title

  • Very ironic seeing as thats how she gets all her money??? 🤔🤔🤔

  • There are two types of influencers on the Internet. Pokimane And Boxh_

    Ready Sett GoReady Sett GoHónapja
  • I was hoping this would be another revelation to end the simps! Also, good luck, now she will try to get that video down, it's Pokimane. Lastly, am I the only one thinking her face looks... weird? I don't even know what part looks weird but there's something...

  • Shhhiiiiiitttt why do I suddenly not dislike poki as much

    Callum AshworthCallum AshworthHónapja
  • *hope now simps go away with this.*

  • Why would people donate to her-

  • Is just me or she said the n word

    Roland GuevaraRoland GuevaraHónapja
  • Que Dios nos perdone.

    Fuwozkvx TsiwjzgxxFuwozkvx TsiwjzgxxHónapja
  • y’all needa she speaking some slang type shit that makes it sound like the n word

  • I thot that pokimane was like a greedy streamer, but dam i might just go up to tier 3 now....wait...i mean....

    Fender BlenderFender BlenderHónapja
  • Don't worry I definitely don't give money to people who don't need it.

  • We know where they last twitch thot went when they said shit like this... koo koo crazy town

    Cody AmaralCody AmaralHónapja

    Stampylonghead the IIStampylonghead the IIHónapja
  • smug ass face doe... damn she was soo innocent once

    mr boringmr boringHónapja
  • i came here cuz i thought she was ginna say poggers... disappointed beyond belief

  • this is peak *yes yes yes no*

  • All influencers do at my work is make the bosses nervous... and yeah, they give them free shit and extra attention.

  • ​PogU

  • Hypocrite

    Thomas RoulstonThomas RoulstonHónapja
  • Thought she was gonna say the nword

    Julius EngelsJulius EngelsHónapja
  • reversed psychology

  • Hahahahhahahahah

    LKGD_ flowLKGD_ flowHónapja
  • Gets money by fans and will be because she said a sentence HOW TO GET RICH F

    Zer 0Zer 0Hónapja
  • She got the n word pass?

    Aljezer TinhayAljezer TinhayHónapja
  • HUworld recommends the most random videos, but this is probably one of the best ones.

    Mr WoltMr WoltHónapja
    • @XxHighxy go away

      LiamLiam25 napja
    • You should have stuck to animal fights

      LiamLiam25 napja
    • fax i don't even watch her XD

      E-Sei WalkerE-Sei Walker27 napja
    • @XxHighxy I subscribed to you

    • i am close to 660 subs and i really wanna get there,sorry for promoting,i Just Have To!

  • You had the name “Pokiemane” in your title. You can’t say you didn’t expect the video to blow up.

  • ironic because shes one of those people who ''got money'' but its exclusively because its given to her by people who recocgnise her, wich is the kind of people she says shouldnt be giving money but oh well

    Agus PuigAgus PuigHónapja
  • To be honest, i get pisses when i see MrBeast giving money to influencers who already have it all, or to his friends. I know its is money and he can do whatever he likes with it, but it just goes against the purpose if helping out if you are constantly going to make the life of people whose life are already better better.

  • Don’t be fooled, she played Among Us with AOC.... Talk about clout chasing.....

    Carver WoodsCarver WoodsHónapja
  • Respect

    Az Theweek12Az Theweek12Hónapja
  • At this point pokimane haters are worse than pokimane simps. At least simps dont bring up pokimane every 5 seconds. Both of them are just saddening, why must you whole life be determine by if you do or do not like one popular person? Just have a real fucking personality god damn.

    James On a CrossJames On a CrossHónapja
  • Leafy was right

    • yessir

      Twitch LyfeTwitch LyfeHónapja
  • K then plz give me a gaming laptop as a tip for subbing to u lol

  • *simp army assemble!*

  • No no she got a point.

    ITZ DarkNo0BITZ DarkNo0BHónapja
  • Never heard anyone trying to be humble and sound this much dishonest before...the smirking doesn't help

  • after receved 10 million from simp its so cute

  • The only reason they have money is because of the donations .

  • Thought she was gonna say the n word :(

    Crispy 3Crispy 3Hónapja
  • i dont care that you broke your elbow

    Flurin WannerFlurin WannerHónapja
  • Why am I wasting my time watching this, and why am I wasting my time writing this comment?

    Ethan PowellEthan PowellHónapja
    • why am I wasting my time reading your comment that you typed while wasting your time while watching the video idk

      Twitch LyfeTwitch LyfeHónapja
  • 3.3m simps come together on this video

    Trainer ShadOWTrainer ShadOWHónapja
    • simp gang

      Twitch LyfeTwitch LyfeHónapja
  • She had to say it?...

    Best comment u will ever see in your Gawt damn lifeBest comment u will ever see in your Gawt damn lifeHónapja
  • you always gotta be honest no matter what lmfao

  • pokimane is anti-simp

    Pika QuackPika QuackHónapja