Pokemon but I can only use SHINIES

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Only took several months. The single most patience testing Pokémon challenge.
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    SmallAntSmallAnt2 hónapja
    • Wow

      Luca GamingLuca Gaming6 napja
    • I’m here for one thing and that thing is your shiny pass now give!

      Yes YesYes Yes6 napja
    • Ps5 Ps5 bbhiihiiiiib ib’on’´oonoi. N

      MysticalDawnMysticalDawn12 napja
    • Welcome to the world of Pokemon 😄 Today we will show you how quickly we can build Pokeball from blocks, and the main character will be Pikachu 🙂 We invite you to watch and subscribe to our channel 😁 There will be more Pokémon soon, We'll catch them all !!! huworld.info/flow/vide/vpBqtWzao9jcn3g

      Speed BuildersSpeed Builders14 napja
    • How lucky were you with the Raikou? Very. If it broke out it would have run immediately. No matter what you do, it always runs. Only ways I can think of in keeping it in, either with a Wobbufet with shadow tag, Diglet/Dugtrio with that net ability or a pokemon like Umbreon with Mean Look.

      S SoltauS Soltau15 napja
  • bro this luck tho wtf

    ZtrikeZtrike5 órája
  • Did you do this on an emulator?

    mattmatt5 órája
  • Can anyone explain why he named the totodile 9 inches

    Frankiewantsmoney :Frankiewantsmoney :6 órája
  • Can someone explain why it’s called nine inches

    Frankiewantsmoney :Frankiewantsmoney :6 órája
  • The lopsided screw conversely hurry because goal internationally suspect lest a coherent quart. defective, auspicious pajama

    mariyam mariamariyam maria7 órája
  • Jolteon might be better idk

    Ardi MacaraigArdi Macaraig12 órája
  • 7:36 Poggers 6969 resets epico

    Asphalt RunwayAsphalt Runway15 órája
  • can you make a video of all trainers should have a shiny pokemon (this includes even gym leaders and elite fours too)

    Divith ReddyDivith Reddy15 órája
  • Clover looks like barf

    James AbocadoJames Abocado16 órája
  • are people gonna go "1 IN 7.5 TRILLION BANNED" for this?

    Ryan FreemanRyan Freeman22 órája
  • Will anyone tell me why it's called 9 inches

    Bernard GonzalezBernard GonzalezNapja
  • You know what we want

    Rufus the goat やぎRufus the goat やぎNapja
  • hackeD ROM for sure. Maybe not at the beginning, but for sure you change the ROM during the run..

  • No, choice 4, I'M FUCKING BORED

    Vinny kittyVinny kittyNapja
  • this. is. DEDICATION

    Poops DoopsPoops DoopsNapja
  • #9inches

    Trolling TrollTrolling TrollNapja
  • It just hurts to see him release that Raikou though

    Tomongha JaromTomongha JaromNapja
  • It was amazing!

    Everday IsteaEverday IsteaNapja
  • Ur so lucky my shiny evee in pkmn go evolved to flareon but i wanted umbreon im still sad about this

    Julian ZieglerJulian ZieglerNapja
  • My man has that Dream luck

    A JayA JayNapja
  • ???

  • what a focking legend

  • Yup

    The sisters Good and badThe sisters Good and badNapja
  • Now do this but with nuzlock rules

    Brody HartmanBrody HartmanNapja
  • Hmmmm nine inches

    The waffleThe waffleNapja
  • I love how chat just blows up whenever there’s a shiny.

    Jakurai the Hybrid SaiyanJakurai the Hybrid Saiyan2 napja
  • "My little man, Cream" ok

    Shibe DogeticShibe Dogetic2 napja

    Marielis GomezMarielis Gomez2 napja
  • What's the backstory behind 9 inches?

    Bigg OofBigg Oof2 napja
  • I've watched this about 50 times as motivation for my own shiny locke

    Nelson JovanNelson Jovan2 napja
  • Bro, I have a question, because Im newbie on this shiny thing but... how do I stop a Shiny hunt? Do I have to save? or do I just need to quit the game? do I lose all my resets if i close the game?

    AaronAaron2 napja
  • I actually just saw an ad for a mobile game that uses the clip of ant catching the riaku ot was the weirdest thing

    nic freemannic freeman2 napja
  • Red: I will defeat y- *REALIZES ANT HAS A SHINY LUGIA AND HO-OH* Red: Ah well...

    PurpleProtogenPurpleProtogen2 napja
  • The reason I am watching this is to watch you suffer

    Jeff NelsonJeff Nelson2 napja
  • When he got the dratini someone said CRIKEY😂😂😂

    Jose CintronJose Cintron2 napja
  • i do admire your dedication and patience.

    david willsondavid willson2 napja
  • So we going to just ignore the description game name is ORAS? Yes ok.

    Njproductions7.5Njproductions7.52 napja
  • is it possible to be here for all three reasons?

    Poke koriPoke kori2 napja
  • "ME came back. Was it worried about you?" 🥺🥺🥺 He is a good boy

    Ethan ChaEthan Cha2 napja
  • The 4th reason we are here is the main reason:tos ee you suffer

    R҉e҉s҉u҉l҉t҉a҉d҉o҉R҉e҉s҉u҉l҉t҉a҉d҉o҉2 napja
  • This dude actually listens to his viewers, wow... Even if it takes weeks he still does it, my respect is 1000

    only oneonly one2 napja
  • i think he edited the game files to make the shiny pokemon appear more often. no way he's that lucky.

    Legend GamingLegend Gaming2 napja
  • Te declaro el humano más afortunado del mundo

    nitram gamesnitram games2 napja

    Aidan MauriceAidan Maurice2 napja
  • are you playing on pc and if you are how do you play pokemon on pc

    Thecoolkid12 34Thecoolkid12 342 napja
  • I’m doing this and it’s taken me 10 hours and I still don’t have a starter

    Mikey RogeyMikey Rogey2 napja
  • I am being sarcastic obviously

  • Omg he found a shiny gayradose on the first try😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • why was totodile named 9 inches

    Demonic BanisherDemonic Banisher3 napja
  • The rewatch value on this video is insane. Please do another one of these maybe for Gen 6 (Shiny odds are 2x so it might be easier for you?!)

    Jon LuoJon Luo3 napja
  • The shiny Gyarados was TOTALLY the most impressive shiny encounter, so unexpected

    Maria RodriguezMaria Rodriguez3 napja
  • no 00:01

    Korasagi KaminariKorasagi Kaminari3 napja
  • And i was happy with a shiny charizard

    Evan vince GamerEvan vince Gamer3 napja
  • you beated it faster with 17000 resets than me normal

    Darth MaulDarth Maul3 napja
  • the raikou lmao

    Eclipse GamingEclipse Gaming3 napja
  • This man has the same luck as dream

    GrinchMovieIsNearGrinchMovieIsNear3 napja
  • SmallAnt... more like BigAnt

    Puppycoolioo Roblox And More!Puppycoolioo Roblox And More!3 napja
  • Why 9 inches tho?

    JabrilJabril3 napja
  • Um none of them 0:08 i dont know why

    XD GamerXD Gamer3 napja
  • Am i the only one who looked at chat for a sec 4:27 and saw "GAY RIGHTS" i love that

    The Bees Want MoneyThe Bees Want Money3 napja
  • U r literal legend looooved this vid ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😎😎😎

    Npsp MinecraftNpsp Minecraft3 napja
  • I wanted to watch the ghost story 😭

    Harvey RaiHarvey Rai3 napja

    Xamus RSXamus RS3 napja
  • watched this whilst shiny hunting in pokemon

    The gamers cupThe gamers cup3 napja
  • Petition to make an Ant Pog emote

    Electro CatElectro Cat3 napja
  • While I was watching this video I was shiny hunting Oshawott in Black (A hunt going on 2 years now), I was watching the fucning video, look down, and see I finally got a shiny. Imma start crying im so fucking happy

    QuietQuiet3 napja
  • 13:45 awesomeinvader101 in chat: cri shiny ho-oh doesn't deserve you literally not even a second later: encounters a shiny ho-oh

    jam_xojam_xo3 napja
  • stupid question here but what are you playing on like is it a emulator or ds ? or what ?

    GunOfDeath13GunOfDeath133 napja
  • hey that only took 3 hours longer tban my run of White lol

    EllieEllie3 napja
  • after that Electrode, my man had that Dream luck but actually legit

    ItzKins #0001ItzKins #00014 napja
  • 7 full odds shinies (counting the lost Electrode) in 16884 tries is utterly insane.

    Deranged CultistDeranged Cultist4 napja
  • Your laugh just like dantdm

    Rick RooledRick Rooled4 napja
  • 7:56 i was just crying that he skiped...imagine just resetting for so long and then skipping the one u want...

    TheRatGamerTheRatGamer4 napja
  • Reminds me of when I was a kid and replayed leaf green after transferring all my pokemon. Got the starter went into the grass and the very first wild pokemon I encountered was a shiny caterpie.

    nateking510nateking5104 napja
  • pokemen 7 plays did a nuzlocke with only shines. not impressed

    Gavin LGavin L4 napja
  • 10:47 that was 20 resets

    Changxuan YangChangxuan Yang4 napja
  • wanna kms seeing this shit how fucking lucky is this guy wtf!!!

    KageyagiKageyagi4 napja
  • Bro ive been trying for a Lugia for months.

    HaaxHaax4 napja
  • you got eevee befor my b-day my b-day is on the 6th

    Nicolas UribeNicolas Uribe4 napja
  • Do people like SmallAnt play these Pokémon games on PC or on the actual DS? If on PC, how???

    Chris 5501Chris 55014 napja
  • you can enjoy this by looking at the chat when he gets a shiny beacuse they scream as heck

    Sharknado202Sharknado2024 napja
  • Should have named his garados Doritos. Missed opportunity lol

    N1noverN1nover4 napja
    • @shiny hunter 28 cause just look at shiny garados, Doritos would be perfect

      N1noverN1nover4 napja
    • Why Doritos XD I’m curios

      shiny hunter 28shiny hunter 284 napja
  • The shiny Pokémon Reddit community does this challenge alot

    Super Teddy playing and gamingSuper Teddy playing and gaming4 napja
  • He Used Shiny Cheat

    Ramesh GhojageRamesh Ghojage4 napja
  • Smallants shiny reaction is the new poggers

    Seymour ButtzSeymour Buttz4 napja
  • I just realized that his starter is a shiny FEMALE!

    Nugget PotatoNugget Potato4 napja
  • The shiny gods were sad that u ran away from a shiny electrode so they gave u a quick shiny dratiny

    Aqil ShadowAqil Shadow4 napja
  • Dude, I will pay you if you let me borrow some of that luck

    XodiaqKeyXodiaqKey4 napja
  • Me seeing shiny pokemon in staters and wondering they looked weird. and reset without hesitation not knowing its a shiny. pain

    IcarusIcarus4 napja
  • Pog

    Evil Kermit montageEvil Kermit montage4 napja
  • The story line have a shiny grayados

    Priyanka VishwakarmaPriyanka Vishwakarma4 napja
    • It's obvious that he was faking his reaction at the shiny gyarados

      Nugget PotatoNugget Potato4 napja
  • Covid 13*=Wifi FCC has no health department Use best judgement if you love children and pets

    Nice PinusuiosNice Pinusuios4 napja
  • Why in the god damn fuck are you yelling?

    Anata No SeneiAnata No Senei4 napja
  • I got shiny ho oh first try from a raid and it’s 3 stars to in Pokémon go

    DatOneCoolBoi IsGoodDatOneCoolBoi IsGood5 napja
  • It took me over 12,000 resets to catch shiny Lugia..

    x Tytoryx Tytory5 napja
  • that didint take so long 1565.resets later

    Carl BabonCarl Babon5 napja
  • The reason it’s 9 inches is because that’s how big his hand is

    TritylerTrityler5 napja
  • that OoO face he does every time is great

    lord sivlerlord sivler5 napja
  • Or 4: wanna see if you gon a fail

    David TonelloDavid Tonello5 napja