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  • 5:08 anyone know this song???

    Seang LyhourSeang Lyhour2 órája
  • Pog

    Denise KomodaDenise Komoda3 órája
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    태블스팀태블스팀6 órája
  • 1:14 that voice is so familiar but I do t remember where it’s from edit: I finally remembered. *it’s from Aladdin, the parrot*

    Natsu DragneelNatsu Dragneel7 órája
  • HUG ERP ERP ERP ERP are the choices

    CJ the small gamerCJ the small gamer10 órája
  • I love the Austin powers reference (the steam roller*

    shadow thenekoshadow theneko11 órája
  • If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball! *IF YOU CAN DODGE AN RPG YOU'RE GENIUS!*

    Magenta LizardMagenta Lizard13 órája
  • i dare u to read a story that starts from baby story and gets darker every page :)

    kracc bacc fankracc bacc fan16 órája
  • 1:53 "i like to sing! Dance, pretend! Aaand i like to have- *hair dryer noises*

    SkeeliSkeeli16 órája
  • You need to make a $19.00 fortnite card avatar

    BLOCK-ABLOCK-A18 órája
  • how tf does he make shit like this

    wing wongwing wong20 órája
  • Hey lolathon can you make vr chat another part 2 and scary shot game

    Johnnoah GustiloJohnnoah GustiloNapja
  • Accept my friend request please

    Riley RichardRiley RichardNapja
  • LOL that hug part is fucking hilarious, make more of that

  • Drako malfoy looks like a curse image of Ellen DeGeneres

    ben cben cNapja
  • When Matt Edwards did this on Britain’s got talent it was amazing

    Nathan HughesNathan HughesNapja
  • 13:39 Truth is, the game was rigged from the start.

    canary soupcanary soupNapja
  • This is so funny and hilarious I love your videos so much lolathon

    Amelia Rosalina The HedgehogAmelia Rosalina The HedgehogNapja
  • Poggers my doggers

    Leonardo AmorimLeonardo AmorimNapja
  • You should scare people with the crooked man from conjuring 2


    Edit & GöstaEdit & GöstaNapja
  • Name of the intro music plz xd

  • I could never just *join* vrchat and be funny like everyone else I would freeze up so much I would have to join with like my best friend or something

    Harold ReginaldHarold ReginaldNapja
  • Hi Lolathon. I have an idea about jumpscare avatar for you. Try to make ThinMan or Monster Six avatar from Little Nightmares 2. Or someone from that fandom. I'm sure that this will be really scary and cool. Good luck. You're best!

  • Do lemon demon

    memz boimemz boiNapja
  • bruh

    武士刀口味武士刀口味2 napja
  • 5:08 what is that song???

    Seang LyhourSeang Lyhour2 napja
  • where do u get ur avatars

    brian mcallisterbrian mcallister2 napja
  • Anyone know what the steam for the avatar where you pick a number is called? Edit: I found it, this is the link for anyone wanting to know. www.twitch.tv/videos/910107539

    Alternative ZenAlternative Zen2 napja
  • lola you should come back to recroom

    -BloodMoon --BloodMoon -2 napja
  • If any of ya'll are interested, I'm starting making videos. Swing by and check them out if you have the time. Cheers! x

    James CampbellJames Campbell2 napja
  • That angry cat noise at 10:55 made my day

    Johnson SarahJohnson Sarah2 napja
  • 0:18 algum br mestre em inglês pra me explicar isso? Eu não entendi

    LaminadoLaminado2 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/0a-ZqJmjqtHdrK4 make this character or you are dongle bongle

    momsjax stumpmomsjax stump2 napja
  • why is there dj peanut

    EvoltageEvoltage2 napja
  • Make the "Let me in (Charli d'amelio locked out of the hype house)" meme avatar

    Ariunbat ChinbatAriunbat Chinbat2 napja
  • Can you make dancing triangle with anime song? That will be good jumpscare

    Mateusz 9009Mateusz 90093 napja
  • I'm curious, do you create your own avatars?

    SleepySleepy3 napja
  • will the mini loli in pink have a twitch? 7:33

    andres zunigaandres zuniga3 napja
  • that is new? 2:18

    andres zunigaandres zuniga3 napja
  • What does ERP mean? I don't have the jokes 0:19

    andres zunigaandres zuniga3 napja
  • Next Stop: Scaring the shit out of people using Killing Floor 1/2 zeds?

    SpannerV2SpannerV23 napja
  • 7:18 this is to friggin precious

    Dragon SlayerDragon Slayer3 napja
  • How i rick roll on vrchat

    vector grantvector grant3 napja
  • How do you hide your username?

    Dr. PhilDr. Phil3 napja
  • The first part, what does ERP stand for?

    MiitzyMiitzy3 napja
  • Plz make the teacher from little nightmares 2 as an avatar or something, it would be so funny

    Iky PikyIky Piky3 napja
  • If you want i have idea: Make avatar look like Monica from doki doki literature club and make somewhere that situation when Monica is siting in front of the player and you can make that jumpscare what she can do.

    Bambus GmBambus Gm3 napja
  • What is your out tro song?

    Dustin YatesDustin Yates3 napja
  • ok

    Rift is DepressedRift is Depressed3 napja
  • 1,000th comment

    Mr. ExoticMr. Exotic3 napja
  • nex is world of tanks

    Ismail MahamedIsmail Mahamed3 napja
  • Hi! It's Gilbert Gilroy, and you having no good vibes is not Poggers.

    Emmett BarleyEmmett Barley3 napja
  • 5:06 Glad YourFavoriteMartian is finally gettin some love

    Mike1 and2Mike1 and23 napja
  • 10:48 that looks so bad

    xRecycleBinxRecycleBin3 napja
  • 毎回最高に面白い👍🤣😂

    Ethan TravisEthan Travis4 napja
  • Holy fck 700k :D congratulations

    Gordo DiabeticoGordo Diabetico4 napja
  • Hemoo just keeps getting bigger each time I see her in a video.

    Cyrus HansenCyrus Hansen4 napja
  • 13:49 was pretty poggers

    Kupono BueltmannKupono Bueltmann4 napja
  • Was that douchebag by your favorite Martian? I remember pissing off the bus driving in high school with their music

    B7A1R3B7A1R34 napja
  • Avatar idea a normal one jump scare and after they are possibly down dip dip potato chip

    GldnVlogs And LapisGamesGldnVlogs And LapisGames4 napja
  • 10:34 ROAD ROLLER DA

  • I love your content, Lolathon!

    Nightcore OtakuNightcore Otaku4 napja
  • What if they catch the wreches?

    todorokifan1todorokifan14 napja
  • Would be so cool it lolathon chould make a king crimson from jojo golden wind:P

    Raoul EneskjöldRaoul Eneskjöld4 napja
  • I got scared in VR for the first time today by a headcrab now my neck hurts and I feel bad for the victims of lolathon

    william hendersonwilliam henderson4 napja
  • So like, anyone know where that hella good slam is from ? The one with the kazoo kid avatar

    Dr.DramaDr.Drama4 napja
  • rip moaning murtle am i right

    Simone FawcettSimone Fawcett4 napja
  • What vr do you use?

    Skechartist DJSkechartist DJ4 napja
    • He uses a Valve Index headset with Vive controllers and trackers.

      SniperKingStrikorSniperKingStrikor4 napja
  • Spook gun game 2 with new avatars?

    Just some random guyJust some random guy4 napja
  • What was he doing while he huged? Edit: ahh i know now

    MonkeMonke4 napja
  • Imagine if he goes on omegle, suprises some people, then makes fun of them or SCARES THEM TO HE- -ck.

    Hybrid_HendersonHybrid_Henderson4 napja
  • Loved It!!👍🧡 Keep Up The Good Work!!👍 Thanks For The Meal. 😋 Till Next Time!!👋 Stay Safe. 😷

    PhoenixDragon90PhoenixDragon904 napja
  • Mmhh it feels like it was yesterday :)

  • Today on mythconfirmers we see if you can sexualy abuse a toyota ae86 turneo Grant try's to comit sevral war crimes and tax froud

    Excrement Gaming EGExcrement Gaming EG4 napja
  • people use Midna avatars cool

    JaktruszJaktrusz4 napja
  • how does he turn invisible?

    Jaden ChenJaden Chen4 napja
  • On 1:11 Tasuh’s expression and reaction is adorably hilarious

  • lola prob has one of the cleanest outros on this platform, i never get tired of it

    JajerJajer5 napja
  • The coldones reference was funny

    mahguyapril1mahguyapril15 napja
  • I love how nobody got the douchebag reference Douchebag workout

    DeadDreamDeadDream5 napja
  • what do you use to make avatars?

    Tuba TomTuba Tom5 napja
  • Poggers

    Mr. TieMr. Tie5 napja
  • Baby Lolathon = Lolithon...

    Ye Olde YeetYe Olde Yeet5 napja
  • What kind of VR headset do u use? Been thinking about getting VR

    Aridraindrop90Aridraindrop905 napja

    Damien OkunDamien Okun5 napja
  • What does Erp mean?

    Cage HelixCage Helix5 napja
  • What does ERP mean. :0

    AstroAnimatorAstroAnimator5 napja
  • *P O G G E R S*

    Aryn ZAryn Z5 napja
  • *I can see why he is single*

    HawkSkateHawkSkate5 napja
  • 10:43 Did he just say *"en el nombre del padre, del hijo y del espíritu santo, amen"* ?! XD

    LauDJarLauDJar5 napja
  • cannot believe I've been subbed for 2 years now - you've come so far! Tysm for helping me get through hard days :) ♥

    HadesHades5 napja
  • I love how instead of "Long live the King" it was "I killed Mu-fa-sa" lmao

    Creative Rookie1Creative Rookie15 napja
  • Weeping Angels avatar could be fun :D And Lolathan gets best up a lot in his videos.

    Knight of OathKnight of Oath5 napja
  • Poggers

    Spicy CHICKENSpicy CHICKEN5 napja
  • The number picking game is one of the funniest jokes I've seen on this channel

    SolidKinSolidKin5 napja
  • These are literally some of the only videos on HUworld that I legitimately have to force myself to stop smiling at because my face starts to hurt. Thanks Lolathon for the wonderful videos 👍

    Celebrant OrderCelebrant Order5 napja
  • Lola actually did the douchebag

    Cherry SharkCherry Shark5 napja
  • walker told me i have aids

    Poast ToastiesPoast Toasties5 napja