Playing in every rank from BRONZE to PRO level in one day

2020.aug. 1.
9 740 861 Megtekintés

Playing every Rocket League rank in one day...I finally became a smurf. Here's what it looks like in each rank.
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  • Father forgive me for I have smurfed

    SunlessKhanSunlessKhan5 hónapja
    • As an ex silver, yes, games can be like that. And now as a gold in everything but 3s, yes, games can pretty much start toxic. Also, nice vid

      Héctor AudeloHéctor Audelo5 órája
    • Those platinums were worse than any of the ones I play lol

      Tyler WolstenholmeTyler Wolstenholme2 napja
    • Sunless my brother said he would give me $50 if I got to champ in my 1v1 placements could u help me get to champ pls

      you don't know me yetyou don't know me yet2 napja
    • how dar you

      Aaron McGowanAaron McGowan2 napja
    • uh ok

      Nytro WillMobileシNytro WillMobileシ3 napja
  • im here after it went f2p and wonder why my plats play like high diamond and his plats play like low golds

    killerdragon 444killerdragon 44457 másodpercig
  • "diamonds are actually really bad" **Cries in struggling to stay in gold II**

    DeafKaplanDeafKaplan13 perccel
  • ok plats defense really isnt bad those plats were just kinda not good

    encrypt wowencrypt wow14 perccel
  • Sub t amustycow

    Thorbus WorldThorbus World44 perccel
  • how come the plats he plays against are worse then bronzes but the plats i play would smack him, this isn’t fair

  • "good attempt" first nice person i've seen in 7 days

  • I was bronze bc my teammates dragged me down and i was sweating and going against other sweats

  • If those players are platinum 1 then I’m a grand champ xD

    ツTeeTooツTeeToo2 órája
  • wtf you sold your soul???

    Imran AliImran Ali2 órája
  • Im d1 and I can do a speed flip and philips so I think I should be d3 🤔

    XroniccXronicc3 órája
  • Those where the worst plats I have ever seen 💀💀💀

    Dawson hijDawson hij4 órája
  • U did great as a plat 3

    Mason ZiliusMason Zilius4 órája
  • “Good attempt” wow... what a guy :)

    Lacile City EnsembleLacile City Ensemble4 órája
  • RyanWrektyou add

  • Your Diamond Games Look Like my Plat games

    TobiTobi5 órája
  • Plats are worse then silver and silver can Ariel

    Cheylancomputer YeetCheylancomputer Yeet5 órája
  • Sunless. What about supersonic legends

    Joseph CampoJoseph Campo6 órája
  • What do you mean bronce is not pro lvl??

    AnanasAnanas7 órája
  • I’m gold

    Pixel Playz,Doolzie YTPixel Playz,Doolzie YT7 órája
  • i meann celing shot and i am plat 1 but i mean everyoune does air dribles in plat

    Oliver DedmanOliver Dedman7 órája
  • he was kinda giving the people that own the accounts free ranks

    complexitycomplexity7 órája
  • Woah sir, ok im a plat and I'm a "desent" defender Sunless. Lol

    CoolboyChr1sCoolboyChr1s7 órája
  • How did he go through the ranks tho?

    Vasilis TzevelekasVasilis Tzevelekas8 órája
  • That guy is a smurf, he had a speed flip. Me in plat- evry1 speedfliping

    XXTXY -XXTXY -8 órája
  • Sped flip =no Smurf

    Sanjana JSanjana J9 órája
  • It was all fun and game untill i became silver

    أحمد عبودأحمد عبود10 órája
  • speed kick off is like plat 3 to

    Krissu MängudKrissu Mängud11 órája
  • who’s here sunless switched to the fenec a little bit.

    Zina AlwardiZina Alwardi11 órája
  • Bruh i was freestyling at silver

    operative iceoperative ice15 órája
  • Use me as a here before 10m button!

    zack chodorzack chodor16 órája
  • I can’t be the only one who finds speed flips pretty easy I’m plat 2 in doubles...

    Easton GillEaston Gill16 órája
  • hold up I'm better than the champs and I'm d2

    Joelkiller darknessJoelkiller darkness17 órája
  • I wonder what ranks are these guys 5 months later...

    FaZe_ dxgleFaZe_ dxgle18 órája
  • Got to plat like 2 weeks ago and I’m almost plat 3

    George McLaughlinGeorge McLaughlin18 órája
  • Just because u are a lower rank does not mean ur bad

    Oliver SnyderOliver Snyder18 órája
  • U can air dribble in plat I’m plat 2 doing speed flip and air dribble and redirects annnd ceiling shot dbl taps

    Ver toesVer toes20 órája
  • Those plats staining our community man

    David MocklerDavid Mockler20 órája
  • In siler: good attempt In gold and higher: *What a save! x4*

    Kr!sBoyKr!sBoy20 órája
  • He says plats can air dribble right while air dribbling in gold lol

    Greg MuoioGreg Muoio21 órája
  • These diamonds are dog water. Plat 2 and my games are way faster. How’s my form am I gonna be in a video where I go against them😂

    2smoothdaniel2smoothdaniel21 órája
  • Sunless:gets bad bronze players Me:Get no ranks that play like gcs

    Ꮆp12Ꮆp1221 órája
  • I can d t and I am not gold

    Jose MinchacaJose Minchaca23 órája
  • As a silver 1, I say you imitated a silver good

    Yetga 563Yetga 56323 órája
  • I’m im silver 2 in 3s and from watching your video I saw that your champion ranks are at the same skill as the silvers I go against

    Kahren ZakaryanKahren ZakaryanNapja
  • why do you sound like Luke the notable except rocket league

  • Sunless: plats can airdribble? Me in plat: Lol no

    Ott KõrveOtt KõrveNapja
  • my friend is gold 3 and can air dirbble

  • I’m a bronze and I’m better

    Nicholas MoutonNicholas MoutonNapja
  • Not me being a gold and knowing how to air dribble

    saku likes animesaku likes animeNapja

  • Hold up the gold was diamond season level

    George_on_ 30hrzGeorge_on_ 30hrzNapja
  • Sunless: “He’s literally doing a fast kickoff!” Literally every other player in play: sPeEd fLip

    xd Loqqtxd LoqqtNapja
  • I don't get it was I just unlucky? From your description i should be at least above bronze but i played ranked for the first time and encountered these guys flying through the air long story short i said NEVER AGAIN

    King Jotaro9King Jotaro9Napja
  • "didn't know d1's could touch like that 😏"

  • Nice

  • Well I’m okay and I can do musty air dribble

    Lewis CassanLewis CassanNapja
  • bruh me and my friend are gold 3 plat 1 and we play better than diamonds lol

    Jelle KamphuisJelle KamphuisNapja
  • diamonds are so bad in na in eu they tryhard

  • im bronz and i can of the wall air dribble cuz i dont play ranked

    George FloydGeorge FloydNapja
  • God I was in a game of gold 1 3v3s today. And this guy was air dribbling and just shutting the game down. He thought by scoring on himself that it made it better. Honestly just report those players. Sunless your broad sweeping comments about the ranks was almost baseless as a sample size of one is not even enough to have a theory much less a correlation.

  • Cream 3.14 in plat, cream pi lol

    EXASE _-EXASE _-Napja
  • Bronze are so good now there like the old gold 1

    Lee ridlerLee ridlerNapja
  • this video is a banger

    Its Ma'amIts Ma'amNapja
  • Bronzes can flip

  • am stuck in plat can confirm plat gameplay

  • I didn't know seth rogen played rl

  • 11:22 If only he knew what he'd become

    Cristian QuintanillaCristian QuintanillaNapja
  • golds can arial

  • ‘kidding i’ll never use fennec’ - 5 months later..

  • I can’t even smurf I lost the ability to play on my main because it keeps freezing when I load up rl

  • Me when I watch sunless: I Can do that. Me when I hop on Rocket League: Tries to freestyle and flops hard...

    Anri TerashviliAnri TerashviliNapja
  • You didn’t need to act like a bronze you are one

    Babyderpking YtBabyderpking YtNapja
  • i'm a gold 2 and I play way better than your gold 2 acting

    Alex MagliatoAlex MagliatoNapja
  • I'm plat, but I can airdribbles and ceiling shot musty flicks. Am I a rank to low? Or is it just me

    • Or am I just better at freestyling than at playing normal

  • I’m g old 3

    Divine ScribesDivine ScribesNapja
  • My uncle is platinum 3 and he is great at defence and plays like a diamond

    Divine ScribesDivine ScribesNapja
  • my friends is diamond and has a speed kickoff

  • Tbh I’m plat and you could of been more advanced

  • I am gold and can play better than toughs plats

    Jackson KJackson KNapja
  • sunless I am a plat 1 and I can do a speed flip kickoff but good video.

  • 'We are reverse smurfing' That's called being boosted Sunless..

    2 Inpress2 Inpress2 napja
  • Yo people speed flip in plat

    Darian SmithDarian Smith2 napja
  • I didn't know how to flip until I was in silver😂

    one gaussianone gaussian2 napja
  • I’m a gold 2 and when he played against the gold 2 they seemed really easy I don’t get it

    Sup DudeSup Dude2 napja
  • This kinda get on my never if that’s how you think bronze people play I am bronze and I know somewhat how to Ariel and how to do main machincs

    Eli.PEli.P2 napja
  • I feel like now since the game went f2p, games are a lot harder. My sister is plat 1 and I feel like I'm playing against champ players. (I'm SSL)

    Bojan Simev MilkovskiBojan Simev Milkovski2 napja
  • Even in plat they do speed kick offs now a days

    Drin MustafaDrin Mustafa2 napja
  • I’m silver 3 and I would be better than the two plats🤢

    Nicolas PoirierNicolas Poirier2 napja
  • Just saying I'm a bronze and I can Airel and I'm good so BRUH

    Will Chan-HosWill Chan-Hos2 napja
  • I’m silver 2 and can air dribble and started a week ago I was plat when I played unranked then lost

    LiGh7LiGh72 napja
  • Plats can flick and musty because I can and I am in gold

    E&D gaming YTE&D gaming YT2 napja
  • As a plat 1 no we absolutely cannot air dribble

    BillyBilly2 napja
  • Why no super sonic legend

    sanjay patelsanjay patel2 napja
  • Sunless 😩😩

    hk_ koalahk_ koala2 napja
  • You forgot SSL

    Brendan ColbertBrendan Colbert2 napja
  • It's so triggering seeing him not try

    Philip HolmesPhilip Holmes2 napja
  • Sunless at 1:20, a bronze would miss that. Me, a Gold: I don't know how to attempt to start thinking about how to possibly get close to missing that! I'd probably own goal!

    Lance PetersonLance Peterson2 napja
  • Ok I am a gold but your playing like a silver the same

    Cutler LohseCutler Lohse2 napja
  • Can you coach me please?

    Barcelo SugarriaBarcelo Sugarria2 napja