Playing GTA4 after 10 years

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Niko the SuperSerb
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Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
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  • 10 years...i've been playing...

    DZ GAMERDZ GAMER2 perccel
  • This game made love these types of games

    Let's plays with ShotLet's plays with ShotNapja
  • The Karin Sultan RS is one of my all time favorite cars in GTA, but seeing it spawn many times especially in that road (5:26), makes me very happy in a weird and funny way.

    Ricky AngelesRicky Angeles2 napja
  • Boris when he died: ay blyat, we have lost colour vision

    Odesho AdeebOdesho Adeeb2 napja
  • “If you are good at something, never do it for free.” - The Slav King

    Brian BBrian B3 napja
  • It only game why you have to be mad LMAO

    MMaRsuMMaRsu6 napja
  • In 3 years he can do playing gta 5 after 10 years

    DimitriDimitri6 napja
  • Boris: This is the best car in the game.. 3:33 Infernus: Am I a joke to you?

    ΛLFIΛLFI7 napja
  • Oh He's bothered about the Car With Foreign Music Playing when he's playing a whole Foreign Game?? What else does this life have for me?? More BylAT Please???

    Aaron RawagoAaron Rawago12 napja
  • Am I the only one that thinks that niko needs to take a shit from the way he runs?

    Vinegar DoppioVinegar Doppio12 napja
  • Infernus is the best

    MO7 MASTERMO7 MASTER12 napja
  • Censored Demonetized Family Friendly Why Do I Even Cheeki Breeki

    Captain ShadowCaptain Shadow13 napja
  • GOOD video =) where are u fros boris&

    Нико БелыйНико Белый13 napja
  • Please play this again.

    the flindosmindfurfthe flindosmindfurf14 napja
  • boris you didnt make the U-turns.. thats why the police came

    RE KRE K16 napja
  • I came to city for a different life.

    Nico BellicNico Bellic16 napja
  • Pls make a fallout series love this channel keep it up!

    Brantson SwinehartBrantson Swinehart17 napja
  • Super Serb lol

    DimtiriDimtiri21 napja
  • Ahhh this video still makes me laugh after all these years

    Μηνάς ΚαραΐσκοςΜηνάς Καραΐσκος23 napja
  • No polski tłumacz się tu nie napracował :/

    Lisistan mapperLisistan mapper23 napja
  • I use to play this on ps3

    Sam410 AcciaritoSam410 Acciarito23 napja
  • the way he said "this is my life now" sounds genuine, u okay kamerad?

    Muda MoodyMuda Moody24 napja
  • My name in all game is blyat 2000

    BLITzBLITz27 napja
  • gta spawn logic in a nutshell

    SDRIFTER AbdlmounaimSDRIFTER Abdlmounaim27 napja

    Adarsh yadavAdarsh yadav27 napja
  • 1:48 Mario

    TyurisTyuris28 napja

    shell companyshell company28 napja
  • Ok, but I'm pretty good at bowling!

    Kilo SnakeKilo Snake29 napja
  • Славицк гопни sunflouer mayonnai artuome водка квас хардбас

    its me 4235its me 4235Hónapja
  • Boris = Radal+mask+exaggerated accent

    R. VigneshR. VigneshHónapja
  • 3:49 face reveal?

    Saketh ReddySaketh ReddyHónapja
  • Radal??

  • Tacos bought to end this mans whole life

  • Gopniko bellic

    savage bachelorsavage bachelorHónapja
  • ou shit, chtoby ponimat this akcent need by realy native english level, i dont ponial nothing xD

    Playr OnePlayr OneHónapja

    Vasilije DoljanicaVasilije DoljanicaHónapja
  • 2:20 Nani? Kansei dorifto...

    Taryho FigurkaTaryho FigurkaHónapja
  • Boris have you tried the independence fm? It plays your songs

    Spyros BellosSpyros BellosHónapja
  • anyone gonna mention you can download slav mods to gta4?

    smiley satansonsmiley satansonHónapja
  • Intro: this game is not intended to represent any actual event RADAL:blyat this game represents slav culture like nothing else

    Shaurya RawatShaurya RawatHónapja
  • I still play Gta 4

    Lewis 50Lewis 50Hónapja
    • @Star Dust tais toi

      Lewis 50Lewis 50Hónapja
    • Gae

      Star DustStar DustHónapja
  • So nostalgic

    Senas TaksiorasSenas TaksiorasHónapja
  • "Ah the milk truck has arrived!" 😂

    Davinder Singh NijjarDavinder Singh NijjarHónapja

  • Anybody got torrent link for gta 4 which works

    Moki MokMoki MokHónapja
    • @Star Dust why

      Moki MokMoki MokHónapja
    • No

      Star DustStar DustHónapja
  • I forgot to press the subscribe button... And its done.....

    V AlvinLV AlvinLHónapja
  • Me : gets a nice car NPCs : OUR CAR!!

  • Best video from Boris. Should do more of GTA 4

    Gabriel MüllerGabriel Müller2 hónapja
  • Dude your accent is amazing. So entertaining ❤️🔥

    Anupama DewpuraAnupama Dewpura2 hónapja

    Saba Tazh CzechSaba Tazh Czech2 hónapja
  • 1:55 *cheeki breeki, blyat*

    That one JanitorThat one Janitor2 hónapja
  • does roman have a lot of vodka?

    Gopnik AwardGopnik Award2 hónapja
  • 1:46 did you notice Dom's charger from fast and furious?

    Lovro KovačićLovro Kovačić2 hónapja
  • This was the first gta game i ever played... and i loved it. And i first played this game when i was 4. My uncle always came over with his xbox 360 and i played gta 4 all day... but i never done the story I just messed around murdering people and using that sick swing in Broker. Now i am 12 and i still enjoy gta 4... and I started playing san andreas.

    Epicviolence 123Epicviolence 1232 hónapja
    • Story of my life

      Epicviolence 123Epicviolence 1232 hónapja
  • How to make a word boris-ish add -ism and -(last three letters)

    Team XylexTeam Xylex2 hónapja
  • nostalgia trip

    kumar souravkumar sourav2 hónapja
  • When he got into that fight I thought he was gonna say “the fight has developed not necessarily to niko’s advantage”

    Shoddy PeasantShoddy Peasant2 hónapja
  • Gta 4 epic

    Shoddy PeasantShoddy Peasant2 hónapja
  • Grand Theft Niko: Episodes from moscow

    Tumarka GamerTumarka Gamer3 hónapja
  • this game was released on 2.8.2008. It was released exactly on my sons birthday!

    Branko JakovljevićBranko Jakovljević3 hónapja
  • Me :Finally! I Found my Sultan RS. Liberty City:Our Sultan RS.

    BatDude117 OfficialBatDude117 Official3 hónapja
  • Whenever you drive a car, the count of those cars seem to raise by like 50%

    U Cannot Defeat My ShmeetU Cannot Defeat My Shmeet3 hónapja
  • The car thing is a BIG CLASIC of all gta's, this thing consist in when u drive a car, ALWAYS an infinite number of cars like what u were driving will spawn next to u!

    Nuno MartinsNuno Martins3 hónapja
    • yes i remember when i found an inferno in vice city... then everyone had one. good times.

      Gun TrollerGun Troller3 hónapja
  • Now its 12 years

    3ßðØ3ßðØ3 hónapja
  • Boris: finds hidden car, “aha its my car,” The people: *our car

    Mikey KnightyMikey Knighty3 hónapja
  • The milk truck 😆😆😆

    Gavin BorgesGavin Borges3 hónapja
  • Grand Slav Lada: Illegal Slav Immigrants

    Captain AutismoCaptain Autismo3 hónapja
  • Boris steal faustins car

    Pea SoupPea Soup3 hónapja
  • 3:19 karin sultan rs WoooooWww

    IUSTIN VladaIUSTIN Vlada3 hónapja
  • Verry good

    An Nhiên TVAn Nhiên TV3 hónapja
  • Amuter... AMUTER

    ZyglioZyglio3 hónapja
  • Niko is not russian

    Iyas ZukhrufIyas Zukhruf3 hónapja
  • I though this is gta series videos but this is cheeki bleeki

    Iyas ZukhrufIyas Zukhruf3 hónapja
  • Some say he's still squatting there today

    Torren BlackthornTorren Blackthorn3 hónapja
  • Also is anyone Montenegrin and Croatian (southern slavs)

    That Slavic accountThat Slavic account3 hónapja
  • My favorite voice line in this game is Cabbage and Big Titties

    ThisGalaxyCatThisGalaxyCat3 hónapja
  • omg Boris even knows my favorite Russian hockey meme: Y U HEFF TO BE MAD?! -Ilya Bryzgalov

    Amy BrueckmanAmy Brueckman3 hónapja
  • In russia car steals you

    tuakra yeetuakra yee3 hónapja
  • Gta 4 is the best gta game

    Ducas 98Ducas 984 hónapja
  • In America u play the game but In russia the game plays you

  • I feel like Niko is Russian

    Vaibhav YadavVaibhav Yadav4 hónapja
  • 2:19

    turaziatturaziat4 hónapja
  • "Never bring a gun to a knife fight" *5 seconds later* "uhh the situation has escalated. The other guy now has a knife"

    Danijel ProsenikDanijel Prosenik4 hónapja
  • I love THE RUNNING IN THE 90s when he drifts

    Frs GamerFrs Gamer4 hónapja
  • 2:20 I love that part

    Carlos MarroquinCarlos Marroquin4 hónapja
  • gta 4 haz own a soviet russia ushanka

    r?zQaRr_2007r?zQaRr_20074 hónapja
  • i've created youtube channel and idea for first series to do a gta4 game in style with something like this. i even had this wearing the hat idea, and one dude just show me your channel and this video. im super sad now :////// it looks like i will never ever create my own thing which isnt already here in HUworlds :///

    RoxyDzeyRoxyDzey4 hónapja
  • the accent left the chat

  • 10 years? Make that 11 buddy

    mr. shungitemr. shungite4 hónapja
  • GTA 4 Is An Only GTA Russia Game

    Meow's Production V.1Meow's Production V.14 hónapja
  • Tbf I really liked GTA IV's car physics, especially in TBoGT when they made them a bit more driftable (or atleast the cars added new for that version were), in GTA V they have TOO much grip and now you need the reaction times of a squirrel on cocaine instead of just taking good racing lines to make best use of the reduced grip GTA IV cars had in comparison. Funny thing people don't realise... low grip is not only easier but more fun AND more realistic, it's a win win win situation!

    RWoody1995RWoody19954 hónapja
  • Boris screaming 6:16

    Wolf HunterWolf Hunter4 hónapja
  • 6:10 was the best moment by far... omll boris how u so funny mann

    Redlinegamer //RGK205Redlinegamer //RGK2054 hónapja
  • Me: Waiting for GTA 6 to see Boris play it

    Zech NobleZech Noble4 hónapja
  • When I think gta4 i think jiggly physics and actual fear of driving fast

    NickyNicky4 hónapja
  • GTA SAN Andreas mod slav more good

    Marcel bagaskara 737Marcel bagaskara 7374 hónapja
  • Did ı see family friendly censor in this channel?

    SCP-999 TRSCP-999 TR4 hónapja
  • I still play this on my Xbox 360

    shlappadabassshlappadabass5 hónapja
  • What’s the song at 2:40?

    Big ScooB The MemelordBig ScooB The Memelord5 hónapja
  • Boris play gta5

    v1c3nt3 Razv1c3nt3 Raz5 hónapja